'How I Met Your Mother': Will you be disappointed if the wedding is Barney's?

himym-harrisImage Credit: CBSHere’s a conundrum. By all indications, one of TV’s most notoriously single men is head over heels in love with a woman. Before you ask — no, that in itself is not the issue at hand. In fact, I rather enjoy it when Barney shows emotional growth and evolves as a character. I loved when he silently pined after Robin (though, a large part of me always liked them better as friends, and their interactions last night proved that’s a fair preference). I loved that he suddenly found himself so smitten with a woman that he rejected an offer from Robin to have ex-sex in last night’s episode. (It was a test; not a real offer.) And I think many of us can agree that it’s about time he think about the future of his love life. The problem is that I feel like I don’t know the woman who’s so suddenly stolen my Barnacle’s heart.

Nora seems nice enough. She’s gorgeous, spunky, and had enough strength to decline drinks with Barney. But am I blind for simply not understanding why he feels such a strong connection? Are we supposed to accept this as a simple (or not so simple, depending on your view) case of love at first sight? Call me cynical, but that seems like an easy out in any case — much less when there’s a wedding to be speculated about.

Ah yes, the wedding. The season-long mystery that will — one can hope — be solved come season finale and show us where Ted met the Mother. (As Ted said last night, we know that his relationship with Zoey “didn’t end well at all.”) Until Barney met Nora, it could have really been anyone’s game. Okay, maybe not anyone. Marshall and Lily, who decided this week to put a hold on baby plans while Marshall found a job “saving the world,” were clearly out of the running. But with Robin in a dry spell (18 weeks!) and Ted obviously single at the time of the wedding, we’re on a path that would lead us to believe it’s Barney and Nora at the altar.

One could say that’s being too presumptuous and that it’s a definite fake-out, but you can’t help but wonder if that’s where this is headed. Personally, I’m afraid Barney will end up with this girl I don’t know for the sake of having a wedding that was set up at season’s start. I mean, I like Nora just fine, and I want Barney to be happy. But with less than half a season to go, would a marriage be too much, too fast? If it turns out to be Barney and Nora’s wedding, will you eat that omelet, PopWatchers?

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  • Chancey

    The wedding could be for Ted’s higschool friend, who he has already agrees to be the best man for. Just saying

    • Carmen San Diego

      Yeah. Ted s friend “punchy”

    • Katie

      RIGHT – I thought it was already revealed.

    • Typical Internet Guy

      Thank you! I thought this was over and done with…

    • steph

      why would Marshall and Lilly be at that wedding though? and isn’t that one supposed to be in Ohio?

      • Steph

        It’s not out of the question for them to be there, but I agree, it is rather odd.

      • PMD

        I thought the wedding was Punchy’s as well. Also, Punch does know the NY McClaren crew, so why would he not invite his Best Man’s best friends.

      • steph

        But his friends didn’t even LIKE Punchy.

    • Steph

      I think that was a just a decoy- episodes later Robin asks Ted to be her best man if she ever marries.
      Thus I hold out hope for it to be Robin and Barney’s- even though I prefer them with they are playing cat-and-mouse. I always have wanted them to end up together but think it’s best for it to come towards the series’ close.
      I think now Nora is another distraction. She’s only been in one episode (well technically 2, but last night really doesn’t count much) so the audience really doesn’t feel any ties to her. At least I don’t. Yeah she’s cool, but eh, that’s it. I don’t, well hope, the season finale doesn’t reveal it’s Barney and Nora’s wedding. It would be very out of character for him. Really, I can only imagine him coming close to settling down with Robin, no one else.

      But yeah derailed there- the obvious choice is Punchy’s wedding but I’m willing to bet it won’t be- or why make such a secret of it? How long is this show going to play with the audience?

      • beechnut

        I think it’s Barney and Robin’s wedding as well. Ted is probably Robin’s best man and Marshall is Barney’s.

      • liz

        Not to mention the dress Lilly was in kind of looked like a bride’s maid dress.

      • Joshua

        I agree that the wedding can’t really be Ted’s friend Punchy’s because Marshall and Lily wouldn’t be there. But I also don’t think that it can be Barney and Robin because then why would Ted’s future wife be there? Neither Barney or Robin know Cindy’s (Rachel Bilson) roommate. I think the wedding will be Cindy’s wedding to her girlfriend, but it could be Barney and Nora’s. Nora may know Ted’s future wife for some reason.

      • chris

        I think it is Robin and Barney’s wedding and that is where Ted meets his wife Barney’s half sister carly

      • HIMYM answered?

        -She has dark hair, from the stella senario we can say the mother has dark hair.
        -She wants to settle down as soon as possible
        -She wants 2 kids
        -’People keep falling in love with her’ Barney fell in love with her.
        -She was wearing yellow the first time we saw her.
        -It has been quoted ‘she smells like rain’ -the yellow umbrella
        -they HAVENT actually met, although people disagree, they have however sat in the bar together, not been seen speaking.
        -She said on a first date (with barney) that she wants to get married- Ted told robin he loved her.
        -Ted will of course have to ask barney for permission to ask her out, but Barney dated Robin. They even hooked up without telling Ted.
        -She’s a journalist. But its possible that she was in his class.
        -It hasnt yet stated where she lives
        -Ted meets the mother at the wedding, maybe if things get cleared up Robin will invite Nora, or Nora will turn up and try to get Barney back, ‘Hi, haaave u met Ted?’

    • Kim

      I think it’s gonna be punchys wedding too. He met Marshall and Lily many times according to flashbacks and I would bet Ted would want them to come with him. They do practically everything together anyway, why not go along to punchys wedding.

    • Sydneyg

      No. Ted and Marshall were in matching tuxes. Why would Marshall be standing up in Punchy’s wedding? Also, why would Lily be coming out to tell Ted that he’s being summoned? I think it’s Robin’s wedding and Ted’s her best man.

    • Elysia

      Yeah, I thought this was obvious… I’m pretty sure Punchy showing up and asking Ted to be his best man was the “big reveal.”

    • Sid

      Right, i’d be upset if it’s Barney’s wedding. Personally i love he and Robin together.

    • DJ

      No, it’s not Punchy’s wedding. Marshall is a best man too, and they barely know each other. Lily, looked like she was on a bride’s maid dress, and she and Punchy’s wife aren’t friends at all. I think it’s just a mislead. You know the show. It could be Robin and Barney, I mean, we didn’t see them at the wedding. Thought it’s early to tell.

  • Larry

    Didn’t we already have an episode earlier this year where Ted’s friend asks him to be his best man and his wedding that’s coming up by the time the season is over? I think so. Sure they tend to swerve us a lot on the show but the fact you completely ignore it is really bad memory on your part.

    • Verity

      This was my first thought, but why would Marshall and the gang be at that wedding too? They’re not friends with this guy. Only Ted. That’s the only reason I would suspect it’s a fake-out and it will be someone from the group.

      • Molly

        It’s not implausible that Punchy could invite Ted’s friends if they know each other but are just acquaintances.

      • Greg

        Well if it IS Punchy’s wedding, why would Barney be in the groom’s room when Ted walks in? Has that not bothered anyone. It is either Barney or someone who Barney knows’ wedding. I don’t think Punchy would arbitrarily ask Marshall and Barney to be his best men. Let’s give him some credit for having more friends than that.

    • Mr. PeterBilta

      Wow, way to burn Larry. You tell her Larry! Way to go. How dare someone offend the almighty Larry and his incredible memory

      • cam

        Come one, that’s a fairly obvious thing to forget – that Ted is best man at Punchy’s (?) wedding. And there are all kinds of ways to orchestrate Marshall being at the wedding, even if he’s not friends with Punchy. Also, Ausiello just said Barney is headed for some sort of heartache, but of course we have no idea what/who/where/whatever.

    • Nikki

      Punchy’s wedding is a major distraction if you ask me. It’s too circumstantial that mother would be in New York to be able to be in that class, the party she was at, and everything else then be back in Ohio for a wedding. I’m just not sure I buy that he meets the mother at Punchy’s wedding.

      This Barney/Norah wedding seems a little more likely to me, but not much more. If Barney does marry her, it’s not going to last long. Come on, guys. It’s BARNEY we’re talking about here.

  • Tricia

    Wasn’t there a blind item a couple of months ago that suggested that it would be Robin and Barney’s wedding? I don’t know if I will be able to recover if those two don’t wind up together!

    • Mae

      AND this season robin asked ted to be her best man if she ever got married. could be her wedding (to or not to barney)

      • Alia

        To Barney or not to Barney, that is the question.

      • Greg

        Ok guys, firstly, even if it is Robin’s wedding, Lily would not tell Ted that the “groom” was looking for him. Also, considering the fact that most people believe both Ted and Marshall, and perhaps even Barney, are best men, would Robin really go in with 3 guys as her bridesmaids/best men?

    • Molly

      Except that narrator-Ted has referred to Don as “Uncle Don” before, so it’s almost a sure thing that Robin ends up with Don, unless Don marries some other yet to be named friend that is close enough to be an “aunt” to his kids.

      • Darlene Aguilar

        Wait what? When? What episode was that?

      • Kal

        I don’t remember Ted referring to Don as “Uncle Don”…what episode was that? I can’t believe I missed it!

      • Molly

        I’m preeeeetty sure it was in one of the early Don episodes, but now I can’t find which one.

      • Molly

        I think it was either the one where he becomes her co-anchor or the one where he takes the job in Chicago. I’ll have to watch some HIMYM dvds when I get home tonight and figure out!

      • Stephanie

        That never happened.

      • jen

        it does, it’s one of the early episodes with Don. I remember that too.

      • Molly

        Thank goodness I’m not the only one who remembers that, or at least not the only one hearing things!

      • Nicole

        I just marathoned the episodes with Don. I never heard it.

      • Christina

        I just skimmed through a ton of Don episodes and didn’t hear any “uncle don” in the voiceover…

      • Sophie

        I also remember Don being called uncle Don by the narrator.

      • Caroline F

        I remember him telling the kids something along the lines of “And that’s how your Aunt Robin met Don” while showing drawings the kids had made of Robin. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t say “uncle” Don, but they did put a lot of emphasis on that statement.

      • Adam

        I seem to remember that too, or at least something that made it sound definitively that Robin and Don ended up together. I bet it’s their wedding.

      • Nabil

        I would STOP watching the Show if Robin ends up with Don …. I May sustain Barney ending up with Nora … Time would also heal if Robin turns out to be Mother … (coz i m so in for Barney & Robin), but DON !!!!
        No, NO, NO NO, No, no no no no no no no no NO, NO, No No No NO ….

        Seriously these “NOs” are no where i actually wanna say … but if one ask to me pick someone from HIMYM whom i hate … is DON !!!!
        That would be time to Throw all my DVDs in Trash ….

      • KAY

        i think the only logical answer left is that Don is the mother’s brother. so he is automatically uncle don.

  • Steve T

    I say it’s Ted’s wedding to Zoey. He leaves her at the altar.

    • Sarah

      Ted is the best man at his own wedding? ok.

      • Ann

        The episode never stated that Ted was the Best Man. This is what the audience has assumed. The episode, if I remember correctly, had Lilly going outside of the church to get the “best man.” She, nor the writers, indicated which one was the best man. She could have been referring to Marshall. If Ted were the groom, this would make sense why he was nervous. My theory is that Zoey leaves Ted at the alter. This is the “bad ending” to the relationship that Ted was referring to in this current episode. I really think it’s Zoey that will ditch Ted.

      • Jacquelyn

        Would the writers do another wedding like that??? I mean Ted already had to deal with all of that with Stella. I cannot believe that he would get left at the alter again or that he would leave someone else at the alter. If he does, I have less respect for his character than I ever thought possible. I think that the wedding has to be someone elses but it has to be coming up pretty soon.

      • pfitz

        To Ann:
        Actually, in last night’s episode, Ted tells the waitress that he was the best man…

      • Nicole

        Yeah, we know for sure Ted is the best man.

    • Sid


  • Rich

    I assumed at the beginning of the season the wedding would be Barney and Robin’s (after they get back together). Why would Marshall be at the wedding of Ted’s friend? As Ted’s plus one? I highly doubt it.

  • Sonny

    Never heard of ‘em.

  • Karate Pants

    Lily’s insatiable sex drive is really getting to be too much. It’s always been there, but I find it to be increasingly irritating this season. It’s over the top, juvenile, and desperate. That, and them constantly calling each other “baby”, and the will they/won’t they have a baby flip flopping…they’re really getting on my nerves.
    Oh, and just let Marshall’s dad be dead for crying out loud. His mention last night was unnecessary.

    • Jacquelyn

      Are you kidding? You just forget about your parent that just died suddenly? The whole point of this story line was to do exactly this: Get Marshall back on track to doing what he wants and what he has always desired. These moments in life just dont go away and I am so glad that they took the moment last night to remind us of that. The most touching part of the episode in my opinion was when Marshall and Lily were in the garbage and she called him on it. It was sweet and real…the exact combination that made me fall in love with this show.

      • Steph

        I applaud HIMYM for not being like other shows that spend one episode on a family member/friend’s death and that poof! like it never happened. This show is not putting it back up and center staged but still letting the audience know that this character, Marshall, is still grieving, just like every one of us would be as well.

      • Karate Pants

        I thought the episode in which Marshall’s dad died was touching, realistic, and was handled beautifully. But that was four weeks ago. Time to move on.
        Rather than make mention of it in last night’s episode, I would have considered it to have more impact (and be more realistic, frankly) if he was finally getting back on his feet after grieving and there hadn’t been mention of it for awhile – then the same revelation was made. I think four straight weeks of Marshall’s dead father being part of the central storyline, calls for a breather.

      • Karate Pants

        Oh, and while the matter of the unexpected death hitting a group of people this age is relevant and appropriate, this IS still a sitcom, not your personal life or experiences. So please just lighten up a bit and realize when I say that we need to move the story line along, I’m not referring to real people grieving faster.

      • Molly

        Yes, it is a sitcom, but I think you missed the part where we all seem to love it because as funny as it is, it also showcases real emotions. It wouldn’t be better than your average sitcom if something happened one episode and then never talked about again. Part of what is great about HIMYM is that things don’t just go away.

        Maybe you are the one that needs to lighten up about Lily’s sex drive. It IS a sitcom, after all.

      • Karate Pants

        Maybe you missed the part where I appreciated that it showcased real emotions.
        It’s okay to love the show – I really do – AND be critical of it. It’s okay that you want this to be the season that Marshall’s dad died, and it’s okay that I want them to get back to the other characters. R E L A X…

      • Molly

        You are right, we are both entitled to want what we want from the show. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to come off as a rabid defender of the scene, I just get a little worked up when people seem to brush off things like that. I will enjoy the focus being taken away from the will they/won’t they baby drama though.

    • Molly

      How ridiculous can you get? He died two episodes ago, and so now he should never be mentioned again? Newsflash: That doesn’t happen in real life. One of my favorite things about HIMYM is that they humanize the characters with real emotions like dating anxiety and insecurity and missing their dead parents. It’s real. My dad died five years ago and I still talk about him, should I give that up too? It was a perfectly poignant moment and extremely applicable to the overall Marshall storyline.

    • Aces High

      I agree, Lily is so annoying and childish! Honestly… She needs to learn to control her sex drive…

    • Greg

      I agree, Lily is the worst character on the show and really doesn’t add much to the mix. I find the rest of the storyline good and I think it’s pretty obvious that Marshall has had a crap year. I don’t see why he shouldn’t mention all the crappy things that happened in his life. I know I would during/after a tough year.

  • TQB

    Like others, I had assumed (and secretly hoped) it was Barney and Robyn. I agree, if it’s Barney-Nora, that’s going to be hard to swallow.

    As for Ted’s childhood pal, we’ve seen sitcoms play pretty fast and loose with wedding invites before… ? I agree, it’s a stretch that Marshall would be there.

    • Shey

      Oh my god. If the writers pull a “Rachel and Ross” I swear I will never watch TV again. I’m really hoping it’s Barney and Robin’s wedding, but at the same time I can’t see them as the kind of people to get married, unless it’s in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator. But in the next episode, Barney supposedly “has different views on marriage and children.” Oh god, please don’t be Nora.

    • Greg

      Well this is making this assumption that the wedding happens instantly. Lily does not look very pregnant in the pink dress so, it’s at least 9 months till this wedding happens. Maybe Barney and Nora can develop a relationship in this time and Barney is 35/36, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna start to mature and realize that he should get married. We’ve already seen signs of him maturing. Also, I think there will be a love triangle thing between Barney, Nora and Robin before this wedding happens. Also, there was mention of that one guy during the episode where Barney partied with his dad who Robin liked and he liked her too. I think Ted said more was to come in that story.

      • Greg

        Well not Ted, the narrator.

  • Lily

    In the scene that showed Ted and Marshall outisde said wedding, Marshall mentioned that Ted was the best man. Which means it must be either Robin’s or his other friend’s, unless he agrees to be someone else’s best man.

    • bamalam

      well, Barney has always thought of himself as Ted’s best friend when in reality Marshall is Ted’s best friend. Don’t best friends ask each other to be best men at their weddings?

  • Derek

    I just really hope it’s not Barney and Robin. Like you, I prefer them as friends. They never really had great chemistry during their short stint together. I really enjoyed last night’s episode (and this season as a whole). Keep it up, HIMYM!

    • Shey

      Actually, I think they had great chemistry. That was the reason I started liking them together. I think the writers just handled the relationship poorly. The whole ‘changing for each other’ thing just felt too forced to me, and entirely unbelievable. I think if they gave them another chance, without pressure from their friends and feeling like they HAVE to conform to a conventional couple (which they are anything but), it would work out fantastically.

      • Steph

        I agree- the writer’s completely dropped the ball.

      • Just Jules

        But if that was true… Barney and Robin would likely stay together (ala Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn) and not actually get officially married. So I don’t think they are the wedding.

        My guess is it is the Rachel Bilson character’s wedding to her girlfriend and she asked Ted to be the best man and maybe the roommate (the mother) ends up being the maid of honor.. and they meet cute at the alter.

  • Jamie S

    I hope it’s Barney and Robin….

  • Melissa

    Thank you EW for somewhat recapping HIMYM for the last few weeks, been waiting years for someone to start!

    • Cara

      I agree. Even if it’s not a genuine recap, it gives us HIMYM fans a place to discuss.

    • Carmen San Diego

      Yeah! Thanks Sandra!

    • RyanK

      Yeah, I agree too. Until a few weeks ago, HIMYM didn’t get a mention since last season.

    • Katja

      The “TV Club” section of the AV Club site has weekly recaps of HIMYM and tons of other shows, and they are usually well thought-out analyses that make for enjoyable reading (though the language can be a bit salty occasionally, if that’s a concern for you). Sometimes they have access to screeners and post the recaps almost immediately after the show is done, which makes it especially fun since you can immediately start comment threads and discussions. I still love reading EW recaps, but they don’t cover as many shows so it’s nice to have another place for that.

      • Karate Pants

        Thanks! Hadn’t been there before, but just checked it out and was delighted to find that others share the Nora=Mother theory.

  • Karate Pants

    Maybe Barney’s connection with Nora isn’t strong because SHE’S the mother! It would make more sense that someone that’s just like Barney be with Ted than with Barney.

    • Karate Pants

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think think Ted has met Nora yet…

      • trebornedies

        You are correct.

      • Greg

        Ted did meet Nora when Barney went out with her and lied to her that one night. Barney said he would say embarrassing stories about the gang, including Ted, if they ruined his image.

    • Christy

      The mother is a blond so its not going to be Nora.

      • Karate Pants

        Really? I don’t remember that being revealed. And their kids have very dark hair…

      • Alex

        They’ve already established that the mom is most likely not blonde. When Ted was dating Stella he made a comment that if she were the kids mom they would look like this…then they showed two blonde kids sitting on the couch.

      • Karate Pants

        Yup, thanks for jump starting my memory, Alex.
        Sorry Christy, I think it’s Nora! :)

    • peg

      ooh, I like it!! It’s just the kind of twist these writers would pull.
      I have another theory I’ll propose below, but yours is a definite possibility.

  • JohnIfication

    I doubt it’s anyone in the core group, since his story to Wendy began “I was at this wedding…” Yeah he’s a rambler, but you’d think he’d use a name if it was someone Wendy knew.

    On that note, I guess this is the end for Wendy the Waitress. I’m kinda bummed actually, I always liked her.

    • Alia

      Well, it’s the end of her candidacy for YM, but I don’t see why she can’t still be their waitress, just because she started dating someone.

      • Johnification

        Not finality because of the relationship, finality because when he sees her in the flash forward it seems like she hadn’t seen Ted since the episode or at least era we just watched. “Still with Zoe?” etc.

  • Melissa

    Nora said no to Barney AND she played laser tag…of course he’s going to love her. If it were Barney and Robin, wouldn’t Ted have to be Best Man for both of them?

    And I don’t want Barney and Robin to be together so I would much rather it be Barney and Nora or the high school friend’s wedding…though the way Marshall is dressed makes me think it’s Barney’s wedding.

    • Caine

      Why would you rather Barney marry someone he barely knows and not Robin, someone he can joke and laugh with?

      • Kyra

        Because you don’t always end up with someone you’ve known for a long times as best friends. Falling in love with your best friend is awkward and I think Robin and Barney have too much in common. How are they supposed to help each other grow up when obviously, they’re both immature on relationships? I think Nora is great for Barney and I like what HIMYM is doing so far. Keep it up! :)

      • Hypothesis

        Nora has a british accent – so maybe she will ask Barney to marry her so she can stay in the US… and they all go along with the sham.

    • anonym

      Agreed, I don’t like B/R either. You start out with five characters and in the end, you get two couples…and Ted with the mysterious mother? Not predictable at all. A womanizer who hides his insecurities by sleeping around is finally tamed by an equally independent and awesome girl? Not formulaic at all. When I think of Lily/Marshall or Robin/Ted, I can’t help but to feel that Robin/Barney lacks emotional strength. The couple was funny, attractive and good for Barney’s character development, but they lack something. I can’t imagine him to give up on bimbos, the moment he breaks up with someone, he’ll return to his old self and sleep around again. But once he changes, the show will lose its main appeal, so…yeah.
      I’m not a fan of relationship!Barney, but if the writers really do need to pair him up, then at least not with one of the group. Nora/Barney is okay, but a part of me hopes she will be the mother – I simply love that British English :P

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