Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 8

chris-bachelor-padI’ve said it four or five times and I’ll say it again: I love the hometown dates on this show. The trips to Costa Rica and Anguilla were fantastic, but Brad and the women were happy to stop living in the group dynamic and take this next step. We started in Seattle with Chantal. Brad had never been to Seattle so what was the first thing he wanted to do? Yes, stop at a Starbucks for a cup of coffee, because as you know Seattle is the only place in the country to get Starbucks. The irony of this trip was that it’s rained on us everywhere we’ve been but the weather in Seattle where it always rains was beautiful. Chantal was looking forward to Brad meeting her family, but she was really nervous about him meeting her dog Boca. A couple things stood out to me on this hometown date: Brad really seems comfortable and to fit in with Chantal’s family. They seemed all but ready to have a wedding on the spot. The other thing I noticed is Chantal’s dad’s wine cellar. Wow, I have cellar envy.

After Seattle, Brad and the crew headed to the other side of the earth (at least it felt like it) to visit Ashley in Madawaska. When the travel agent said, “You can’t get there from here,” we should have listened. Our crew flew from Seattle to New York City. From New York it was down to Boston, and then a little prop plane to a place called Presque Isle. That leaves you a lovely two-hour drive to Madawaska. With a small town comes small hotels. The crew had to split up into a few different hotels as I think we tripled the population of the town when we arrived. As Ashley pointed out there are a lot of moose in this town. They warned our crew not to drive at night, as there’s a really good chance you’ll have a run-in with a moose. Brad helped Ashley’s stepdad boil the lobsters. The family messed with Brad for just a bit and made him put on a lobster bib before letting him in on the joke and allowing him take it off. Not sure if you noticed but Ashley’s mom is a big fan of the show, so she was really excited to meet Brad. He was a bit of a celebrity in the house. Overall, like Chantal’s visit it was easy and comfortable. It was a really good rebound for Ashley after what has been a couple rough weeks for her.

Then there was the hometown trip of death, literally. As you could tell, Shawntel is very serious about her job and she and her family mean a lot to the community in Chico, Calif. The conversation Brad had with Shawntel’s father, who expressed his concern about his daughter leaving the city and thus abandoning the family business, definitely weighed on Brad’s mind the entire week. Yes, in the end her dad did say he wished them well and gave them his blessing, but that moment and that pressure of taking her away hung over the date and probably played a factor in Brad’s final decision. Add to that the fact that Brad wasn’t feeling nearly as much for Shawntel as she was for him, and it made the decision to send her home the right one to make this week. Oh, there was one other thing on Brad’s mind — the fact that the guy is a little freaked out by death doesn’t help when you’re dating a funeral director. That’s something he can talk to the therapist about next time. In her exit interview you could really tell she’s an amazing woman and really cared for Brad. There was no bitterness or contempt, just appreciation for the experience and love for him, and that was very cool to see. One last little note about Shawntel’s hometown date: Her mom Coleen loves Mai Tais, so Brad brought all the fixins over and tried to make her one. That was the drink Brad handed her in the kitchen while they were talking. Not nearly as good as the frozen mojitos we enjoyed while in Anguilla.

From Chico, it was time to head east again to Charlotte, North Carolina. This was a very important trip for Brad and he was more nervous about this visit than any of the others. He had made so much out of meeting Emily’s daughter Ricki that the pressure was palpable. In the end Ricki did warm up to Brad and they had a great visit. Ricki actually drew Brad a picture of him with a butterfly, representing the kite he gave her. But there is something about Brad and Emily’s relationship that’s almost awkward. The part where Brad told Emily he wasn’t going to kiss her out of respect for her and her daughter cracked me up. That was spoken like a guy who doesn’t have kids. I loved Emily’s reaction where she said if this works out she’ll be upstairs sleeping every night!  Brad is trying so hard to do the right thing here — it’s very sweet but quite entertaining to watch. I met Brad and the ladies back in New York City for the rose ceremony. We usually hold this rose ceremony in Los Angeles but we figured since we’re heading on to South Africa we might as well keep it on the east coast. Next week we head off on the exotic dates deep in the bush in South Africa. It’s a very interesting episode as the fantasy suite cards arrive. If you haven’t already checked it out you need to see all the great extras we have for you now on our website, and as always, you can find us on Twitter: @thebachelortv or @chrisbharrison.

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  • Nana

    I have to say, I thought Shawntel was going home. And Chris, do you ever have a moment to commiserate with the women as you do with Brad? And if so, can you share what some of those conversations entail?

    • Devon

      As soon as her dad brought up the conversation about the family business, I heard the death knell. It seemed as though this was the first time Brad had heard anything about such a major decision that could truly affect not just the future of Shawntel and him, but of her family as well. I think he made the right choice.

      • RaRa

        It also seemed like it was the first time Shawnet herself had even talked about it with her Dad. Did they never even talk about it ahead of time? Call me sceptical, but it began to seem to me that Shawntel and her family put her on the show for publicity for their business. She never intended to move away, really. Subconsciously she sabotaged the whole thing by being so over-the-top when she made the ghoulish details of her every day life so “in Brad’s face”. That isn’t something a funeral director would ever do to someone who has already said several times he is “freaking out”.

      • Rich

        Knowing the Newton family, I can attest that using this for publicity would be the last thing on their mind. I was wondering if much of this was the producers doing. Shawntel herself, I am sure would have preferred to go to our incredible park, the University, or the Brewery. And I imagine the father/daughter talk came with a bit of prompting as well. These folks are among the finest in Chico.

      • Marylee

        @Rich…Your post about the Newton family was nice to read. Certainly Shawntel showed her grace and class during her walk with Brad to the limo. Those character traits come from a good upbringing, and they’ll take her a long way.

      • Bach-fan

        I’m a little disappointed the show was so focused on Shawntels career. I assume it’s a huge part of her life-I think most of us would agree we spend more time at work than at home, but surely there is more to her than her job. We didn’t see the other girls at work; and I would never consider taking my date to my place of work upon our first visit to my home. That would be lame- and it was. It’s disappointing they weren’t able to enjoy themselves in a more relaxed setting. If it was enjoyable to them both, it’s too bad I was bored out of my mind watching thier wasted home-town “date”. Note to Bachelor: No more “dates” centered around jobs.

      • Katharine

        Rich I respect your opinion about Shawntel and her family as you sound like you know them. But Shawntel did write a letter to Ellen Degeneres requesting to be a guest on Ellen to discuss the family business. So I think they do like publicity, not that they need it as death is an everyday occurance and unfortunately their business is sadly in demand.

      • Katharine

        If they go with a familiar face, I think Shawntel should be the next Bachelorette as she knows what she’s looking for and doesn’t seem to have daily insecurities and she so deserves to be treated like a ‘Princess’.

    • Bella

      I would have loved it if Brad had channeled his sixth sense and said, “I see dead people…” hehe

      • sdemma

        OMG Bella, you made me laugh so freaking hard!!!

      • Beth

        Yeah why didn’t they have ashley clean his teeth? lol…the producers had way too much control on that one. I really thought Chantel O was going to go.

  • Cupcake

    All of the families were so great and everyone’s hometown was beautiful. This has got to be really hard for Brad to narrow down his choices. When he said though that he thought his dinner conversations with Shawntel were going to be about death each night you could kind of tell that he was probably not up for that. Emily’s daughter was so cute, Ashley’s town was gorgeous and Chantal’s family was a perfect fit for Brad. How is he going to choose??!? Okay – He has strong feelings for each one but Brad did mention that he did not want to hold Ashley back from her ambitions so that may come into play and he felt uncomfortable kissing Emily at first so it seems like Chantal is the only one with whom he has no big hesitations.

    It was nice to see the deliberation with you Chris to get to hear Brad talk out his feelings with you. This is really exciting and next week it is going to be so great to see how all of these things play out. All three of these women seem so terrific and sincere. I can’t wait for next Monday to see what happens! Thanks Chris – SUCH a great season.

  • bobbio

    Brad certainly never brought up to any of the ladies the possibility of moving to Texas instead of him moving to their home towns. Why didn’t Chantel’s mom (or step-mom?)interview Brad? Did dad with his mansion and wines and statures solely rule the roost? You could tell Brad noticed the riff between Shawntel and her dad about carrying on the family funeral business. And he sure was worried about “How was your day?” nightly chats. Why would Emily just get there minutes before Brad and not have time to settle her daughter down and spend some time before bringing a stranger into her world? That, if the producers were involved, was cruel to the child since Emily had concerns of even introducing Brad.

    • Kaye

      Totally agree, the most “awkward” thing about this date was the fact that Emily had about 5minutes with her daughter before having to explain that her “friend” was going to arrive. After not seeing her mom for weeks, of course the kid is going to act possessive and shy. This was really, really horrible to watch.

    • iufan

      You do realize that the Bachelor producers edit these shows HEAVILY, right? It’s impossible to show everything that happens during these dates, or before the dates.

    • Nia

      Emily’s child was not cruel . she just a child . She is really shy. she never been with her father . her Father in Heavenly.

      • Kelly

        Uh Nia, no one said Emily’s child was cruel. They said the producers were cruel to the child.

  • Jeff

    Hi Chris,

    How is the order of the hometown dates chosen? It seems like a logistical nightmare to fly from NYC to Seattle to Maine to Cali to NC back to NYC.

    Was this actually the order of the dates?!?! Also, Brad wasn’t really in NYC before the dates, was he?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

    • Ellie

      That’s not the order the trips actually occurred in. That is just to compnay line about the order they were in. Emily was first.

  • Barb

    Chris who are you fooling? We know Emily’s htd was filmed first and showed last. So even after his great day with Emily,he saw Chantal next. You write as if that was the order of the dates. Your viewers are so much more saavy dude. Fake is as fake does.

    • Marylee

      I didn’t know which order the dates were filmed in, and I’m not sure why it was such a big deal to you. What difference did it make?

      • BNuff

        I agree. What difference does it make? If you have something with someone, it doesn’t matter whether you see them first, or last. All that matters is the vibe that you have. Why do haters get on this site???

      • Patti

        Not sure about actual date order. My only thought was why go back and forth from coast to coast several times (not very cost effective!) when they should have shot Seattle and California first and flown cross country for NY, Maine, North Carolina, NY, South Africa?????? By the way Chris, you go UP to Boston from NY, not down.

      • allie

        Thank You Patti! That was driving me crazy too!! …down to Boston. what a dork!

      • R3

        Maybe Chris was looking at his globe from above the north pole!

      • ghostlight

        Chris has a small problem with telling the truth. TMZ reported that he and his wife are still sleeping in separate beds after he cheated on her with a Bachelor producer Ryan Callahan’s wife in New Zealand…

      • RaRa

        @ghostlight – First, do you believe everything TMZ says? How would they know? Second, that is between Chris and his wife. STFU.

      • ghostlight

        @RaRa–Chris is on TV participating in the exploitation of people’s problems. Then he comes here and lies–outright tell lies–about it. Why should he be exempt from the same sort of mean-spirited exploitation? Really, why the double standard?

    • GIGI

      YOU ADDED THE RIGHT COMMENT but you also have to think what is on the floor . what and how we see it. we are smart viewers but we also have to think of what is ‘staged’. the producers still think we are dum! cant wait for the final and see what brad will do< or not do???

  • lloyddabbler

    Shawntel was in love with the IDEA of Brad, not Brad himself, hence her drama-free departure. And she was oblivious to his incredible discomfort in the funeral home so it clearly wasn’t a match. I’d love to see the unedited conversation about the lack of a kiss with Emily. Seems like there was a lot edited out that would have explained why Brad didn’t correct the path and just kiss her already!

    • Stacie

      That whole bit with Emily was for sure awkward, but I don’t agree with Chris when he says that their relationship is awkward. This was the first time it was kind of weird, and it was because he was trying to be respectful, but he went a bit too far with it. I did enjoy that Emily went in for the kiss. Honestly if she isn’t picked she has to be the next Bachelorette, she is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever seen on this show.

      • Jellysquishie

        Blech. I’m sure I’ll head straight to Hades for sayin’ it but I am so OVER Emily.

        Why the heck are you coming on a show to potentially MARRY someone if you’re not over the Race Car Dude?? No Disrespect. He died tragically – I get it – God knows, I’ve heard it ad nauseum on the show, but c’mon – does she have a TV? Did she know what she was getting herself & “Little Rickie” (who quite frankly isn’t just shy, but needs some discipline) into?

        Whew. Ok, I feel better now. But if I heard or read one more poor little Emily comment I was gonna explode!

      • debi

        it was obvious to me that brad is in love with emily…i know that everyone already knows he picked chantal o. but she’s no cup of tea! there’s too much drama there…

      • Kerry

        Emily as the Bachelorette would be thoroughly boring as she doesn’t seem to have much personality. And how does she afford a house like that on her job? Plus, where are her parents? Just because she has a daughter, her parents’ opinion of Brad doesn’t matter? Geez!

      • Terry

        I am an older lady born in NC and raised in the South. Emily genuine? Hardly. We would say saccharin is more like it. AKA artificial.

    • R3

      I kept wondering why Emily didn’t find a den or other room with a DOOR, so she and Brad could have some privacy. I would never feel comefortable making out in someone else’s living room if it was an open area where a parent (or in his case, a kid) could walk in.

      • R3

        Sorry, “comefortable” wasn’t a play on words or a freudian slip. Just a typo.

      • Kathy

        I was wondering if it was even really Emily’s house. Wehn Brad said something about finding his way out, it looked like she had a problem with that as well. She looked around before going in the direction of the door.

      • Halle

        Or step outside. Seriously.

      • JN

        I was wondering if that was even Emily’s house, because it seemed pretty luxurious for someone who works as an “event planner” for a hospital.

        My daughter is majoring in hospitality management in college and unless you own the event planning firm you are earning peanuts.

        If it was her parents home they should have clarified and explained why her folks weren’t included in the hometown date. Several seasons back when Melissa’s parents didn’t surface she at least had the honesty to explain her parents absence in that they were private people and didn’t want to be on national television under those circumstances.

      • homeiam

        Emily can have a nice house, I’m guessing, because Little Ricki’s dad, Ricky Hendrick, was part owner of Hendrick Motorsports, still a big company today. His parents donated $3 million to the hospital where Emily works. I’m sure they help Emily & Little Ricki.

  • Billy Jean

    Why didn’t any of Emilys other family members partake in her htd? And why fly from Seattle over to Main back to Chico then back the Charolette, makes no sense? Waste of air miles if you ask me :)

    • ellen

      I was wondering the same thing…..why didn’t he meet the rest of Emily’s family??????

      • Meli

        My theory is they set it up this way because if Ricki had completely melted down and gone psychotic over Brad, there would’ve been no need to ‘meet the parents’. I do wonder if maybe it was also planned because maybe the Hendricks will also be a part of the family meeting? After all, they are Ricki’s grandparents.

      • dartwoman63

        Me too, I’m sure Emily has parents.

    • Katharine

      I don’t remember Jason meeting Stephanie’s family, other than her daughter either. When Jason was a contestant on Bachelorette, did she meet his family other than his son Ty? I agree, why aren’t the contestants’ families part of the date, unless they are but they’re edited out???

  • Ex New Hampshire Gal

    No joke about the moose, they tower over your car and it they hit you they crush the roof of the car and and the moose always win unfortunately….seriously good advice, glad you all took it cause I knew of three people killed by moose/car collisions, very sad

    • Devon

      I recently watched a nature show that said more than 500 people a year are killed by moose in certain parts of Canada. Crazy!

    • Linda

      I’ve been involved in a wreck with a moose…scary. Seen one where the moose lost its’ limbs and the body of the moose peeled the roof of the car off like a convertible top! I don’t miss the “Swamp Donkeys” of Maine!

      • Lisa

        That is so funny you said “swamp donkey”! I am from Maine and I haven’t heard too many people call them that. My sister lives in St. Agatha, which is actually they town they were in when they were filmed at the Lakeview. It is such a beautiful area and definitely full of moose. :)

  • Marylee

    I want to know why Brad didn’t meet anyone from Emily’s family. It was never mentioned or explained.

    • Stacie

      He did, he met her daughter, who is the most important part of her family. It was probably more important for the 3 of them to be together, rather than her meeting her sister or mother.

    • Julie Sellick

      I was wondering why he didn’t meet Emily’s parents.

      • Kudos

        This is just my take on that idea. Emily has her new family already, which is her daughter. While it would have been entertaining to hear the conversations with her parents, I don’t think it was really necessary to see what her everyday life is like. It’s revolving around her daughter, just the way it should be. Now, if Michelle was still around, I could see her not involving her daughter at all. Maybe that’s wrong but she seemed to not be the same kind of mother that Emily is. Michelle’s world didn’t seem to revolve around her daughter.

      • Ru

        Michelle doesn’t have full custody of her kid like Emily – she shares custody of her daughter with her ex-husband. Michelle didn’t have to worry about her kid the same way Emily does, she knows she was with her dad and a-OK. (Not saying that anyone loves their kid more or less, just that Emily’s parenting burden is bigger than Michelle’s.)

      • Beth

        And no mention of this girl’s job at all…parents should have been there.

      • Terry

        Some families do not want to be on the show. Also, that could have been their house.

    • SLB

      Because ABC chose to exploit her kid instead.

      • RK


      • Kaye

        Ha! Totally!

  • PetWar99

    We never met Emily’s family cause she is another plant. A set up to be the next bachelorette, which is ok by me.

    • R3

      ITA. Notice, they never say “if you want to be the next Bachelorette….” in their promos. That’s because, my guess is, they “test” the audience’s chemistry to each new prospective Bachelor/Bachelorette by making them go through the lead-in season as a contestant. That would explain why Emily gets all the way to the top three, despite the fact that Brad would clearly prefer to enjoy newlywed time (travel, uninhibited physical contact) with a new bride WITHOUT a five-year old in the picture from the get-go.

      • Mary K.

        On the promos, they actually do say, “if you’d like to be/date the next Bachelor OR Bachelorette…”

      • cjr

        @Mary K: I didn’t notice which they said last night, but lately they have been saying “if you would like to date the bachelor or bachelorette”, where they used to say “if you would like to be the next bachelor or bachelorette”.

      • PetWar99

        Well R3, I think Emilys’ little girl is adorable which makes Emily the total package. If I was Brad, she would be my #1.

      • Julie

        How do you know what Brad would ‘clearly’ like to do? There are plenty of people out there who marry the one they love even though they already have children. We have no idea what Brad is thinking about being an immediate step-father.

      • R3

        It looked pretty clear to me that he was uncomfortable – can’t even kiss if she is in the house. But I can be wrong – it wouldn’t be the first or last time….

      • Nancy

        I am so tired of recycled bachelors and bachelorettes!! There are so many great single people to choose from, and Emily has NO personality – nice girl, but just like a flower or tree – pretty, but inanimate. I do not see her providing any fun if she is chosen. Let’s see some new blood – I’m through with the show if they choose Emily for an entire season -

      • PetWar99

        Heck,I won’t watch it UNLESS Emily is the bachelorette !

      • Terry

        Next bachelorette could easily be the funeral director. She is beautiful and graceful and genuine. I would love to see her have such an opportunity to call the shots for herself.

    • minka

      It seems VERY unlikely that Emily would leave her home and family, hers and Ricky’s (fiancee’). I would imagine that his family treasures that little girl and Emily doesn’t seem to me to be the type to break that up.

      • Beth

        No way she would do the show….I think she is as wholesome has she appears and a bit boring. But she is gorgeous.

  • Dawn Zafar

    Chris- Very frustrated as is it only me in Canada with East coast feed that didn’t see Chantel’s home town date??? I watched for 2 hours, but it wasn’t on??? Help anyone with an answer????

    • meems

      I’m in MTL and I saw all the hometown dates.

    • sprite

      Try watching it from the CITY TV website.

    • PrincessP

      I’m in Halifax, and I saw the whole show.

    • dartwoman63

      I’m in Nova Scotia and I saw the whole show.

    • isag

      And Chris, I’d love to see “all the great extras” you have on your website, but we can’t watch the extras here in Canada. :-( Why is that?

    • Terry

      What you missed was Chantel’s very beautiful mother, appealingly outfitted to the nines, and not looking motherly….

  • Cat

    Can we disperse with the envelope reading of the fantasy couple suite? Are they instructed to act like it is a surprise? This is never discussed prior to the Chris Harrison note and key by the couples? Why bother anymore?

    • RaRa

      You took the thoughts right out of my head. Why don’t they just say it going in to the date? “You will have the option of spending the night together on this date”. It just underscores the fact that at least that part of the show is staged. Brooke Smith (on Aaron’s season) acted like she was reading her card but substituted phony words for humor, but she said they re-filmed it with her reading it correctly. I guess they REALLY want those words in there for some reason.

  • To Dawn

    Oh u missed it, try to find it on the internet, I think the most amazing family home ever on the bachelor even Chris was drooling about it all in his recap, my money is on Brad fitting in very nicely with this family

    • Devon

      You’re not kidding. That home was incredible! Maybe they could use it as the next bachelor mansion…

    • SLB

      Yeah, I bet they seemed all but ready to have a wedding on the spot when Brad saw that mansion.

      • Agreed.

        Their money was also obvious by the lack on lines or expression on Chantel’s mother’s face! The mother’s face appeared younger than Chantel…good plastic surgery there.

      • RaRa

        She looked like Karen Black with collagen injections. Did anyone other than me think Chantal’s mom was underssing Brad with her eyes? What guy wouldn’t love the thought of both a hot mom-in-law and a rich father-in-law combo?

      • JN

        @Agreed – yeah, it looks like Chantal’s mother went and had herself nipped and tucked for her national television debut.

    • gazebo

      My mouth dropped open when I saw that house! I’d sure like to know what Chantal’s Dad does for a living. I didn’t catch what he was saying to Brad about how he got started in business. Anyone know?

      • Ashlee

        I believe he owns a car dealership now and used to play NFL football for the Seahawks. I agree, VERY nice house!

      • Ashlee

        I believe he owns a car dealership and used to play NFL football for the Seahawks. I agree, VERY nice house!

      • Rick W

        Chantel’s dad is a a former NFL football player and took all his money and built up car dealerships and other business. He is quite wealthy and like to show off his wealth from that statue to the insane wine cellar. Surprised they didn’t go into his 6 car garage and do another sit down with his Bentley and Ferrari in the background.

      • JN

        If that’s the case then Brad should fit right in; my understanding from a friend who has a relative that lives in the same Austin, TX condo building as Brad is that he owns a string of bars/clubs in Austin and is wealthy in his own right.

      • memo

        I thought Chantal’s house was awesome too..Wonder if daddy bought it?

  • Dawn Zafar

    Thank You who ever replied to me, but how did I miss it?? Was the show longer than 2 hours? I watched it right from the beginning. If I go to ABC or Bachelor sites because I am in Canada I can’t view the show!!!! Ahhhh!!!! LOL!

    • bodhichitta

      Dawn I’m not really sure what you’re talking about — I’m in Toronto and I saw everything. And when I miss the show, I watch in on

    • Mellissa

      Chantal’s was the first date aired.

    • LadyLicious

      You can watch it in Canada on the City TV website

    • Sunny

      Perhaps you should lay off the wine. ;~)

  • Lola

    Silly Chris. It doesn’t always rain here in Seattle. We just tell everyone that to keep them away. On a related note, snow is in the forecast for later this week. See? Not always rain!

    • Lauri

      Is Washington really as pretty as I have heard and seen in tv/movies/pictures? I’ve spoken to people who live there and they all love it. I’m seriously thinking about moving there, and the rain and snow don’t bother me a bit!

      • BeBe

        Washington is beautiful Lauri! And it doesnt always rain

      • Manders

        It rains 360 days a year, the people are rude, and there’s nothing to do here.

      • Lillith

        It’s snowing right now but when it’s sunny out there is not a more beautiful place than Seattle.

      • Rebekah

        Seattle is gorgeous, as is most of the Pacific Northwest! I am from the Pac NW but have lived in Seattle 5 years. We have temperate weather, the ocean, the mountains and of course a lot of culture in the greater Seattle area. If you have a chance to visit or move, I hope it is a positive experience for you as well!

      • Rebekah

        @Manders: Your perception is your reality…perhaps if you had such a negative experience in Seattle it just simply means you have a negative outlook on life. People often treat others the way they are treated. Good luck in life!

    • Cleveland is worse

      Sad fact, Cleveland Ohio has more cloudy grey days than Seattle, another reason we hate living here LOL

    • Therese

      It’s funny you say you want to keep people away, Lola. I used to think the same. I moved there years ago in the beginning of August. Well, it was beautiful for two months. But then it did rain for the next 10! But a more beautiful place I’ve never lived. (Maple Valley). and I’ve lived in San Diego and North Carolina.

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