Animatronic Kim Kardashian in 'Super C-U-T-E' Old Navy commercial becomes most prominent menace in blogger's life

I am certain she wants to kill me.

No surrender. We must find the lab that harvested this exquisite robot…and exploit it! Who’s with me?

The line “I’m looking super cute in any life situation” really hits home for me in a profound way, every time. Animatronic Kim Kardashian gets me, you know? It is a complicated monster. It shall be devoured at once.

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  • ALG

    is that actually Kim K? honestly I cannot see Kim K move that swiftly (as seen in the dog walking and checkout lane dancing)….i think it is a knockoff? Either way, I am all for tracking ‘it’ down and deprogram.
    [Although the way Old Navy does it’s advertising, we are in for a full spring season of the KimDoll]

    • Emma

      An animatronic Kim Kardashian??
      That’s as redundant as it gets.

      That being said, it’s not her, of course, but an actress who is clearly a quasi-doppleganger. Two things that gave her away, her eyes are not (as) vacant, and she has rithym. Anyone who saw Dancing With The Stars can attest that Kim K can not dance to save her life.

      • etm

        So right, Emma. This girl has some life behind her eyes.

      • jalisa

        haha! very funny. you did miss one thing emma, her ass is about 1/16 the size of the real Kim K.

      • Emma

        Hahahahahahaha!!! So right!!

      • Biker

        I think its GREAT she is good looking like Kim but with personality not the hugh ass and ya whats with the no sole when you look in Kims eyes .

      • Kwest

        Its really sad the extent people go to trash celebs. I mean, I can understand if its someone with talent like an Usher or Fergie who are famous for their talent… but when you go out of your way to trash someone like Kim Kardashian whose famous simply for being famous, then you know just how low of a pathetic waste of life you are! LOL

      • ashleyw2005

        Fergie? Talent? Did you entirely miss the Superbowl halftime fail?? The woman is gorgeous. She sounds great… AFTER she’s been digitally altered. She cannot sing live. It was a terrible show. So what talent does she have, besides flashing her good looks and shaking her goodies? People are allowed their opinions and shouldn’t be bashed themselves for stating it. You’re just as pathetic for trolling. If you’re so above all this, why did you waste your time to post?

      • debi

        i thought it was obviously not her from the beginning-no comparison. you took the words right otta my mouth. kim can’t dance-besides dancing with the stars…prince kicked kim off his stage during a concert

      • Kiki

        Did you spell ‘rhythm’ like that on purpose?

      • sarah d

        Can someone tell me what is so wrong with Kim’s ass? It’s not out of proportion to her breasts. She is voluptous, so freaking what? Also I do agree about her soulless eyes.

      • AmandaReckenwithe

        It’s “rhythm”, you dunce!

      • Josh

        @Kwest: I’m confused. Why would trashing someone with talent be better than trashing someone with no talent? Shouldn’t it be vice versa?

    • FromChicago

      Doesn’t she have her own line of clothing? This is like being a competitor to your own brand. I’m sick of Kim K.

      • joe

        Dude, it’s NOT her! Geez!!!

      • bailey

        it isnt her.they are extremely simaler but if u look closely can see differences

      • Really?

        @ Bailey – If you have to look close you need glasses! From a distance and a glace she resembles Kim K. Also it’s spelled similar. Missing your spell check huh?

      • Spellchecker

        @Really?- If you are going to bash someone for their spelling you should make sure your spelling is spot on as well. “glace?” Just my two cents. I don’t care about any of this conversation but just happen to find that hypocrisy funny.

    • Torok

      That’s singer/actress/model Melissa Molinaro (previously known as Melissa Smith). How can an entertainment site post articles without, oh I don’t know, checking their facts?

      • carol

        You obviously make an excellent point, but to be fair, it REALLY looks like her.

      • Hmmm

        They’re not saying it’s her, they’re saying it’s an animatronic version of her, hinting that it’s someone else who really looks like her.

      • Sandi

        They didnt say it was kim, maybe you should check your dictionary

      • Really?

        Are you kidding me? Check your facts, the article does not say this is Kim.

      • JulieB

        Torok, glad you identified who the young lady is. I think the author does her a disservice by not crediting her in the article. God knows Kim K gets enough publicity as it is.

    • Princess Renee

      you can tell thats not Kim K because Kims Facial bone stucture is much stronger than that girl in the commercial… Although she does faor kim a little. only stupid people would have really thought that was her. :]

      • Jasmine

        >> only stupid people would have really thought that was her >>

        Why? It’s supposed to look like her.

      • Brandon

        stupid people? or just people who don’t have their head stuck up the TMZ’s ass ? get a life. your the ignorant one.

      • ashley

        u dumb..dey aint say it was kim k..dey said t was her look alike ..duuuhhh

      • sonya

        OMG…. I know u didn’t just say that Kim k has a MUCH more STRONGER bone features than this chick!!!! Good Lordy girl… regardless of KIM K’s stupid EVERYTHING… the woman is almost perfect. What woman wouldnt give to have such a BEAUTIFUL face, her nose is perfect, her lips are GREAT and her PERFECT FEMANINE FACE!! with that said… all I can ask of u is…. JEALOUS MUCH???

      • Really?

        @ Ashley – Did you really just type that ignorant garbage? You obviously didn’t comprehend the comment. Moreover, you probably cannot comprehend mine either; given that it is comprised of words with more than 5 letters. But you have the audacity to call someone else dumb? Please for the love of god and all that is holy get an education!

      • Kat

        Why are you guys trashing on people that are just stating their opinion? And “Really?” it’s really not nice to make fun of the way someone talks. You would know that if you turned off the television, got outside, and actually talked to real people instead of trashing people online and keeping up with the Kardashians (I don’t care if I spelled it wrong or not I don’t keep up with celebrities). People should just be mature and get off of other people’s butts. They should just state their opinion and leave it at that.

    • Kris

      She’s pretty. It’s almost like old navy wanted her to look like, and dress like Kim. As if Kim would be caught dead in old navy. Kim is so much prettier. People shouldn’t judge Kim if they don’t even know her.

      • Jessica

        I am right with you Kris, people really shouldnt judge someone they dont know AT ALL. but its cool, we call them “JELOUS” people. just laugh at them! Kim, your gorgeous! this girls got nothin on you!

      • Lexi

        U both got THAT wrong… this girl looks better than Kim K.
        I’m sure if she took off that make up, there would be a real cutie there. Leave it alone!

      • Kat

        They both have their beauty on their own, in their own ways. They are both very attractive, and who can really say if one of them is actually prettier than the other. Kim may just spend more time on her self-image where as Melissa may not. It’s not really something that can be compared.

    • AP

      A bunch of people just died in New Zealand. This is news, how, exactly?

      • Captain Obvious

        This is ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. It is AN ENTERTAINMENT NEWS SITE. WHY do people always make comments like this that PROVE that they are a complete idiot? Are you going to CNN and complaining that they’re covering Wisconsin instead of “Modern Family”? No? Then shut up.

      • VC

        Couldn’t have said better my friend! Thanks Captain Obvious.

      • Derp

        I see what you did there ;)

    • rachel

      If you think that looks like Kim Kardashian, then you need GLASSES!! Yes she has dark hair but her face doesn’t compare to KIMS and KIMS BUTT is a little more plump and nicer! If you know what Kim Kardashian looks like then you should clearly see that its not her.

      • domdom

        thank you! she looks nothing like Kim
        she’s way smaller than she look like a completely different ethnicity than Kim, they have two different faces altogether im so sick of people saying they look a alike i dont see it at all!!!!!!

    • Jess

      no thats not Kim. that is her look a like

      • thank goodness

        i’m glad to see captain obvious has landed.

    • thorswitch

      I don’t know if this actually means anything or not, but I used closed captioning, and frequently it will give the name of the speaker or singer at the beginning of each line. In this ad, the name listed before each line is “Deja,” which I had presumed was the name of the performer. I knew something about her looked familiar, but I don’t keep up on the Kardashians so I wouldn’t know a real or fake one from a maple tree, you know?

    • Alex

      Nope. That is not Kim.

      Have to hand it to Old Navy – they are exploiting the linkeness of a girl who is the very definition of exploitation. Plus this ad campaign is a 100% improvement over those talking mannequin ads.

  • Steph

    At least you can change the channel if you see it. I have to hear it everyday at work. Le sigh.

    • Annie Barrett

      Do you get checked out at the checkout? You must!

    • Strepsi

      God help me, I actually really like this ad! I am so sick of “jingles” that sound like they’re sung by the Lawrence Welk singers, this they actually tried to write a pop song.

      Melody and production wise, this ad is better than the latest Ke$ha single.

      • WhoElse

        I like the Lawrence Welk singers…at least they could actually sing–which is more than I can say for most of the idiots out there today.

      • Joshalyn

        Idk..I like kim k..I don’t like this add. Starting to think I can write some of em myself! LOL! They should stick to the mannequins

  • Jessica

    I wonder that too. It looks like her….but I don’t think it is….someone help…

    • Anonymous

      Her name is Melissa Molinaro.

  • Alissa

    I don’t think it’s her, but it bears a freakish resemblance. also, can’t call it anything but it. also, stuck in my head every time.

    • Annie Barrett

      Yeah, it is an actress. Killer It.

      • Hali

        Early morning laughs are always appreciated. Thank you :).

  • Jacob

    I’m just happy I never have to see those blasted mannequins again. Hopefully.

    • caryn

      yes!! Those mannequins made me stop shopping at Old Navy.

    • Kat

      Anything is better than that awful “modelquin” ad campaign. I hadn’t shopped at an Old Navy in a while anyway, but those commercials made me loathe the place.

  • amanda

    I knew it wasn’t the real Kim K. This actress has something behind her eyes that Kim does not. She looks intelligent.

    • Alyssa Bailey

      LIKE LIKE LIKE that last line.

    • Jenny

      Kim K is intelligent.

      • Lexi

        why, cuz Mommy does all the managing…
        She just another Paris Hilton…Period.

      • Really?

        Kim K is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She lacks common sense and plays dumb to often to get respect. Many of the things she says are idiotic. Case and point she was upset about a nude photo shoot. She posed nude, she said they told her they would photo shop clothes on her. I am smart enough to know that is not the way it works! You do the shoot in a bikini not nude! Then she makes the comment that she doesn’t want to be known for being the girl that poses nude. HELLO you are already known for that! The only reason we even know who you are is because you made a sex tape with RAY J! Oh and you have a huge ass and posed in calendars. You have no talent! You are not an actress, you are not a model, you are not a dancer, you are not a singer, and you are not an athlete; you are a poser you pose for the camera! You are famous for being dumb, naked and trashy that’s why men want you and none of them respect you. You complain about your ass but push it in front of the camera every chance you get. Quit your crying you made your bed now lay in it.

    • Opal

      How would you know if Kim was intelligent or not? Do you know her? I can’t get over these people saying she has no soul behind her eyes. Have you ever looked in to her eyes or did you look in to her eyes through a camera that she was looking in to? It can’t be that easy to look at a camera and look as if you’re looking at someone with feeling in your heart. She’s not an actress, she’s a reality star. Kim’s a beautiful girl just like the girl in the commercial is and there are obvious differences between the two.

      • chip

        Really is 100% on the ball! I agree whole-hearted.

  • Allison

    Based on one of the hand motions, I thought it was Nicole Schertzinger (sp?). I just had to tell my mom she was right about it being “a Kardash…ian?”

    • brianguy

      And why is this 28 year old trying to tell 25-to-35 year olds to try to be ‘Super C U T E’ anyway? As if we don’t have enough vividness in the world. Great now every ’39’ year old will be trying to look like this chick. Just like the ones who shop at Forever 21-plus-plus-plus.

      • brianguy

        hmmm I didn’t type ‘vividness’ I typed VAPIDness.. oh well you catch my drift.

  • Kana
    • brianguy

      Who the heck is ‘Jennie’… This whole ad just gets more bizarre by the minute

  • Rose

    For some reason it bothers me that they pronounce hottie correctly. I want it to rhyme damnit!

    • Amanda

      ME TOO!!!

  • Nicole


  • laura

    I hate these commercials… first the God-awful “modelquins”ads, and now this crud-fest. Someone needs to fire the marketing team for Old Navy, ASAP.

    • MsSuniDaze

      I agree. It almost makes me miss the old ‘performance fleece’ commercials… almost. Bring back the dog!

      • whatevs

        Magic the dog! Good times.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Yeah, they’re really awful. First the manequins, and now “music” so fake that may as well have been performed by manequins.

  • Marlene

    Wasn’t she a Fanta girl or something? She looks familiar.

  • Anonymous

    Her name is Melissa Molinaro. Took me forever to find out who she was! It had been bugging me because I’d seen her before but I couldn’t place it!

  • Eric B

    HA!!! I knew it was her! Why do I get the feeling she probably boned one or more of the guys who are in this video.

    • brianguy

      No and no. Besides she’s only interested in football? players.

  • Dave

    i sat there staring at that commercial the other night, trying to figure out if it was her or not … then i saw the relatively small butt and determined it couldn’t possibly be Kim.

    • EMMA


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