Lady Gaga wears a 'latex condom-inspired outfit' on 'Good Morning America'

On Sunday, Lady Gaga dressed (bizarrely) for the Grammys, but today, she dressed for aisle 9 at Duane Reade.  In this video from today’s edition of Good Morning America, pop’s current First Lady is clad in one of her wackiest ensembles yet: a flesh-colored, “latex condom-inspired outfit,” topped off with a hat that’s a little Three Musketeers, a little Quaker Oats Man, and a lot crazy. (If only Woody Allen from Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) were there to accompany her.)

There is, however, a method to Gaga’s madness, according to the star. She told GMA host Robin Roberts that she was wearing this particular ensemble in order to promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. “Today, I really wanted to head-to-toe be representative of what we women and people all over the world need to be concerned about,” Gaga said, “which is the leading cause of death in women all around the world, which is HIV.” Then they talked some more about that whole egg thing. Watch the video for yourself below, and tell us: Do you love Gaga’s body glove?

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  • UGH

    Surprisingly, it didn’t give me wood.

    • UGH

      EPIC FAIL.
      I meant “coincidentally”!

      • BrandonK

        Wouldn’t it be nice if you could edit or delete a post on here?

      • UGH

        I’m sure there’s people who would love to delete others, including mine.

      • aliceoux

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      • AuntSassy

        Funny, she’s on the show talking about positivity and the first response is this. Obviously you didn’t listen to a word she said.

    • Ellen

      She looked great, spoke so well, and humble even when taking the world by storm this week. QUEEN GAGA!!!

      • Lady Gaga 4Ever

        She will not only outsell fossils like the Beetles and the Stones, but will remain a musical force to reckon with for decades to come! FACT!

      • Not an easily satisfied 15 year old girl

        Lady Gaga 4Ever: First of all It is ‘Beatles’. The Beatles changed music forever…Lady Gaga changes outfits. She might outsell the Beatles and Stones provided she has a 30 year career and at some point releases a good song or two.

      • jack

        I seriously just love her. She’s so fantastic…I don’t see why we need to compare her to other musical greats. I don’t think she’s quite as musically talented but she is a great artist and a great person.

      • ho hum

        what kool-aid are you drinking?

    • Todd

      the interview was excellent, that’s my Gaga. She’s adorable!

    • Elli

      She’s the absolute best celebrity. She is smart, aware of EVERYTHING, loves her fans, and even her mom was there in support. Love her!

    • UncleWalty

      she’s gone from “kinda weird but I’d hit it” to “please STFU and go away”

      • Misty

        I agree (minus the “I’d hit part’)…lol

      • Nathan

        She’s be difficult to have sex with, her penis would keep getting in the way.

      • Mike

        Couldn’t agree with your more on that!

      • Diggity

        She’s the worst phony bologna ever.

      • Matt

        Calling someone a man who is actually a woman is not an insult. It’s like calling a black person white. It’s simply laughable and dumb.

      • BLM

        Totally liked her better when she was a quiet mystery. Just sing and dance, Lady G, and STFU about everything else.

      • ks

        Female version of Marilyn Manson

    • SXiPPY

      I thought the leading cause of death in women was cancer, not HIV? Even though she is here supporting a noble cause, she tries to go shock yet again. And at what point did she adopt that pretentious way of speaking like Madonna? Oh wait, she must be thinking of Whitney Houston while giving this interview.

  • JPX

    Yawn. I’m so tired of Gaga. We get it, you’re outrageous! There’s such a thing as too much media exposure.

    • Beltloops Magee

      I think we just became best friends.

    • Nathan

      I wish she’d spend less time on her “shocking” outfits and more on writing songs that aren’t exactly like Express Yourself.

      • Cris

        Just heard her new song for the first time this morning and that’s EXACTLY what I thought, too.

    • Foily McCracken

      When you keep doing strange & wacky stuff to get attention, eventually your strange & wacky behavior becomes normal and tiresome. If Gaga wore a power suit and got a real job, I would be shocked so badly that my head would explode. Isn’t that what she is going for?

    • tired of gaga

      Agree…over-exposed and too stupid to realize that everything gets old, including your outrageous outfits and behavior and trying too hard to be “unique”.

      • Bethany

        Agreed. Not impressed… Never was, actually.

    • Nelly

      I agree with all the posts above.

      Can she just go back to her Poker Face days?

  • Monty

    Ok, 1 you don’t die from having HIV, you die from AIDS but I guess I’m just splitting hairs. But 2, is it a fact that the leading cause of death WORLDWIDE for Women is HIV (AIDS)? That sounds like an overblown statistic. Can anyone confirm/deny that?

    • Melissa

      The International Center for Research on Women says it’s the leading cause of death for women ages 18 to 44. But statistics are so easy to misinterpret — is this just in developing countries? And what about women older than 44? And can you really get accurate cause of death information from developing, rural areas in the world?

      Here’s the link:

    • Woot

      1. HIV causes AIDS. AIDS is the combination of the HIV virus and opportunistic infections. The most common OI that causes death among people with HIV is Tuberculosis.
      2. If HIV isn’t the leading cause of death among women, it is definitely in the top 5, so it’s pretty accurate.


        aids is the leading cause of death in women worldwide. we talked about it in med school. i’m a student.

    • ambee

      It’s partially correct. Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, I believe, but AIDS is the leading cause of death in women 15 to 44 around the world.

    • TruthHurts

      She is wrong. Cardiovascular disease kills more people worldwide than any other disease, but you know what? The facts don’t matter; she has an agenda to push and she got in the national spotlight and spewed her untruths. Now all of her followers will repeat the lie until it is accepted as truth. Shame on the staff of GMA for perpetuating a lie. Star power sells, truth doesn’t. Blah and phooey.

      • craig

        She was not talking about people worldwide moron, just women

    • Nerdy

      Check the World Health Organization. The leading death of females worldwide is ischemic heart disease. HIV/AIDS is 6th, causing about a third as many deaths.

      • Nerdy

        *leading cause of death

    • Anita

      She’s not as informed as she thinks she is. HIV/AIDS is the leading killer in DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, but not in developed countries. If you put it all together world-wide, HIV/AIDS is the 3rd largest killer world-wide for women, lead by heart disease & cancer.

      • James

        Like the guy above said, check the world health organization, it is the leading cause of death among women aged 15-44. So she is correct in a way, its not like she had to go into details. Also, she stated SEVERAL times that she is not just focused on this country, but the world. African nations included…I dont get why people are making such a big deal out of her trying to make a positive impact for a good cause.

  • rich

    Its the bumps on her face and shoulders which are disturbing lol..i guess i just don’t understand what tupe of statement she is trying to convey her music and message !!!

    • The Messiah

      She’s giving a fashion nod to the Reptilian/Monsters.

  • BrandonK

    Duane Reade, Hillary? How about something a little less NYC-centric? Walgreen’s…CVS Pharmacy…Rite Aid…

    • LibbyP


  • ashley

    why is EW focusing on the outfit instead of what she said? she was very eloquent.

    • Rob


      That’s the problem…how can one listen to what she says when her outfits are just a TAD bizarre? I mean, do we need an explanation everytime she wears an outfit and what statement it’s trying to make? I wish she’d wear an outfit that totally describes her ego…how about an air balloon??

      • ho hum

        totally agree. not only does she NOT know what she’s talking about but she distracts from everything she says by what she wears and does.

      • Dee

        The wardrobe overshadows the message. Exactly how much of a following does she have in 3rd world countries anyway ?

      • Aunt Sassy

        Good lord you people are lame. If you listened to the interview you would know that she didn’t bring her outfit up – the person conducting the interview asked her about it and she answered – the whole conversation lasted about 30 seconds in a almost 12 minute interview.

  • Kemi

    So left eye from tlc wore a condom on her left eye, and tlc always wore outrageous but cool clothing. Lady Gaga brought back outrageous clothing but some musicians have always dressed crazy in the past.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Little Richard, Elton, Bowie, New York Dolls, KISS, Cyndi, Madonna, Boy George, Prince, Bootsy…
      That said, she looks like a deranged Sister Bertrille.

      • SirLizard

        You beat me to the Sister Bertrille comment! That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Smarts


    • Woot

      Agreed. Gaga would want this article to talk about her campaign and provide a link.

    • Mr. Holloway

      To be fair though, when you show up dressed as a giant condom, it’s not exactly difficult to get distracted from whatever your message is.

      • Foily McCracken

        Do people actually look to celebrities for messages? It’s not like they’re real people. Most of them wouldn’t survive 10 minutes outside of Hollywood without their bottled water and soy milk latte’s.

  • Annoying

    Do we really need another annoying brit? Do we?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Who are you talking about? Stefani (Gaga) Germanotta is from NY (or NJ?)

    • Paige

      Lady Gaga is American. She’s a New Yorker.

    • You


  • Brian

    HIV is NOT the leading cause of death in women; heart disease is, according to the CDC. She should have been called on being factually incorrect.

    • K

      But is that just in the US, or worldwide? I’d believe that when you consider places where HIV runs kind of rampant (like many areas of Africa) that it’s certainly one of the leading causes of death in women, if not the top one. Heart disease certainly seems like the leading cause of death in the US, but is it the same around the world?

    • James

      Actually she is partially correct, according to the WHO, HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death in women aged 17-44, and Gaga has stated several times she represents the youth. So before you call her out brush up on the facts…

    • Rob

      That’s the problem Brian…no one in the press will challenge anything that comes out of her bedazzled mouth. Her ego is out of control, is credited for being the originator of originality but who tends to ‘borrow’ past influences, lies (about her broke childhood even though her parents were very wealthy and 72 hrs straight in a vessel?), and the fact she’s this Gaga character 24/7. She might have a few very big years of popularity but I see a burnout in the not too distant future. Also, those horns on her are just plain creepy.

  • jpratm

    She’s grosteque

    • EW

      only madonna is gross!

      • Me

        Spoken like the high school aged child you are, I’m sure. Grow up.

  • ghp

    what Lady Gaga needs to do to blow everyones mind is go to an event dressed normally. wouldn’t that be weird to see her in a normal evening gown!

  • Kat

    Lady Gaga isn’t british, DUH

  • ophu

    You know, if some people didn’t watch so much TV and ingest pop culture by the truckload, they probably wouldn’t get gaga-overexposure.


    I like her but not the outfit.

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