The Rock returns to WWE! Crap, now I have to like wrestling again.

the-RockIn news that will excite the millions (and millions!) of wrestling fans reading this sentence right now, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced last night that he will be returning to the WWE after a long absence from the ring. At the moment he’ll only cop to hosting Wrestlemania on April 3, but of course he’s going to wind up in the ring — and count me among those fans who feels a thrilling jolt at the idea of seeing The Rock once again kick some jabroni ass. I used to love wrestling — so much so that I co-wrote EW’s 1999 cover story on the popularity of pro wrestling, and even went to see The Rock destroy Triple H in a ladder match at Madison Square Garden lo these many years ago. And Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a big reason — perhaps the biggest reason — I was a wrestling fan. Say what you want about the concept of “sports entertainment,” but true star power can shine through even the most ridiculous of scenarios, and from the very first time he stepped into the ring in 1996, The Rock was clearly a star.

Telegenic to a fault, confident, and endowed with the gift of hilariously pompous catchphrases and general bombast (“The Rock is going to get in the ring and do what he does best, which is layeth the smacketh down on your candy ass!”), Dwayne Johnson was a fantastic entertainer and amazingly fun to watch — which is why Hollywood snatched him up and attempted to groom him as their next action hero. While my interest in the WWE began to wane around the same time The Rock started shifting his focus towards movies in 2000, his appearance on RAW last night gave me such a nostalgic thrill I just may order Wrestlemania on pay-per-view come April 3… and then hide the cable bill from my husband. What about you, PopWatchers? Are you ready to smell what The Rock is cooking once more?

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  • Get Real


    • LG

      It doesn’t matter what you think jabroni! Know your role…

      • Kristina

        I was in the audience for Monday night’s taping and the crowd went crazy when he came out. It was a great addition to an already interesting Monday Night Raw!

  • Wendy

    God Yes! I suppose I’ll have to order the PPV just to see him. Let’s all be honest TV wrestling is to girls what Playboy is for boys. I know I never watched it for their acting abilities ;)

    • ahmarri

      dum ass

      • Mr Micheal Miz (cole)

        you shut your mouth and i quote

    • Lucy

      oh absolutely cannot agree more

    • Melanie

      Very true. PPV here I come.

    • Traci

      So true, Wendy!

  • Mike

    Oh I smell it! I wonder what exactly his “comeback” means. Because he said he will never leave WWE again. Does this mean he will become a regular wrestler again, or perhaps just a guest host with a couple months of wrestling a year.

    Either way, this is awesome and he was amazing last night. He shut Michael Cole up!!

  • Great!

    The Rock is the man! Excited!!!!!


    I found myself screaming with delight! And the jumping around like I was 12 again! I hope to get to see him in the ring!

  • Gaydar

    Any MALE who is excited by this “news” must be gay>>

    • Gaydar’sAGAYJABRONI

      Hey GAYday. Know your role. Shut your mouth. Take all your gayness and stick it straight up your gay candy ass!

      • Nadine

        Awesome answer!!!

      • arsenfan

        you forgot to tell him to turn it sideways and shine it up real nice

    • THE ROCK


      • jacob

        rock you need to stay at the house and make your movies cause you walked out on everybody and the wwe you only think about yourself you are disgrace to the wwe universe know can you dig that sucka!!!

    • Gaydar

      You can all kiss ma ath. You’d like that.

      • Green Bay Defensive Line

        After u kiss ours, sweet cheeks.

      • Matt

        Jerry? Is that you?? o.O

      • killdagina

        Gaydar did a search for “Rock” to either find Viagra pills or looking for a “rock” hard penis. The Rock is the Great one; everyone ignore that hater.

    • bob

      How can someone who posts on comment on something being gay?

      • Melanie

        Exactly. You either wound up here searching The Rock, or you wound up here because you regularly peruse EW. At least I was searching for The Rock!

      • GJW


      • kristinastephens

        the rock is the best thing that ever happend to wwe hes the only reason i watch is bec he is and was apart of wwe

    • The Rock

      im going to take this comment, shine it up a little, turn it sideways, and shuv it straight up your candy ass, If ya smellllllllll what the rock is cookin!

      • John Cena

        I love what The Rock is cooking. Butter up that skillet and let it sizzle, big boy.

    • Awesome


    • Rock Sucker

      I guess that makes me gay?? Damn what do I tell my wife and kids?

    • killdagina

      A person being excited about a person who’s a heck of an entertainer, is not Gay. With that said, “IF YOU SMELLALALALOWWWW WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN”

  • wg

    I too had a great moment of nostalgic joy seeing The Rock back in character. But the funniest part was – while it took Dwayne a few years to tone down the wrestling-style performing to become a truly enjoyable film star (and he is), you could see him struggling to fight against all he’d learned in acting to amp up to the Rock character again. He’s not quite there in the bombast, but oh, it was good to once again smell… what The Rock… was cooking. :D

    • wg

      Oh, and I miss when the WWE used to have great writing. Sigh.

  • Evan

    I can’t wait for Alberto Del Rio to have his first run in with The ROCK !!!!

    Watching him DESTROY Michael Cole last night was the most fun I had watching a wrestling show in a long time.

    It reminds me of that old saying.

    When the cats away . . . The mice will play.

    How many of the WWE’s current roster will suffer with The Rock back into the fold.

    Nexus, Wade Barret, John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Michael Cole . . . even Triple H and The Undertaker are at risk.

    Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, and Chris Jericho were the only ones that could ever go toe to toe with The Rock.
    And Edge and Christian were always smart enough not to get in his way.

    Everyone else is food for worms . . .

  • Rosalind David

    Thank God…Wrestling is back…The one and only entertainer “ROCK”.This is what the WWE is made of..

  • Dan S.

    Do you like pancakes?

    • Lora G.

      Do you like pie?

      • Cris

        Are you looking at the People’s Streudel?

      • n

        I love you guys. Srsly.

  • Damon

    From a pure techinical level the Rock was a pretty mediocore wrestler, he was no Brett Hart. But other than Ric Flair, nobody was better on the microphone and could work a crowd like the Rock

    • Cris

      I had gotten to the point where I would record the shows and fast forward through most of the actual wrestling, since most of the wrestlers really only had three or four moves. But I’d watch the interview segments, and no one (in that era) was better than The Rock. I was actually stunned and really excited to see him return. I may start watching regularly again.

      • Pittner

        The Rock was great but their were so many people from that era who were just as great. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, DX and Chris Jericho just to name a few.

      • Cris

        The Rock/Jericho feud had some of the greatest interview segments EVER.

  • Kevin

    Heehee… wrestling. I guess it’s better than “reality” TV, but really? People still watch this silliness?

    • angel eyes

      i love what the rock is cooking,i was screaming n cheering when i realize it was the rock i hope to see him in the ring soon,cuz i smellllllllll wat he’s cooking up at WWE

    • Chris

      I am 36. I have been a wrestling fan since 1984. I have 3 college diplomas in music, history, and anthropology. I am looking into PhD programs and have an IQ well into the genius range. Yet somehow, I am still amazed that there are people out there that don’t “get it.” Yes, pro wrestling can be silly. That’s half of the point, but it’s not the whole point. It is in art form – a meeting of every possible form of entertainment: sports, soap opera, rock concert, drama, comedy, improvisation, reality TV, scripted TV, action/adventure, romance, unparalleled seriousness, and indeed…unfathomable depths of utter, complete, beautiful silliness. The answer is yes, Angel Eyes. People still watch – by the millions. Pro wrestling never went anywhere after fair weather fans and casual TV audiences transitioned to the next pop culture distraction. We fans are still here. To those who left years ago – welcome back. To those who never understood – give it a shot.

      • Chris

        Sorry, Angel Eyes…I meant to direct that at Kevin. You clearly smell what the Rock is cookin! :-)

      • jon

        Good man, great answer. I’d much rather watch wrestling than say, waste an hour watching fat-behind-ashian shopping for fashion products.

  • James

    HAHA, didn’t he just officially retire “The Rock” from his name and asked to be called exclusively Dwayne Johnson too?

    • Wottadoosh

      WWE owns the Rock name, so whenever it is used or appears on a poster or in credits, they get a share.

  • Vince from NYC

    I haevn’t really watched Wrestling in years.. I had the dog show on before I started watching some DVR’d shows (Lay off I have a Frenchie). When my DVR’d show ended Up pops the Rock.. I was excited to see him back in the ring.. I knew exactly what he was going to say before he said it liek “It Doesn’t matter what you think!”. I felt like I was 17 again. It was pretty awesome.. I wonder how much money Vinny Mac had to throw at him to bring him back. ..

  • Steve Gennarelli

    Ol’ Dwayne must’ve been thinking to himself after that Unending standing ovation last night, “…wrestling is really hard, but the fans make it worthwhile.” I’m sure if you played his Schlocky movies for free at every trailer park in the world, he’d never get a reaction like the one he got last night.

    • james

      ok the rock says hes back for good but does anyone really know if hes gonna be truly back and if he is mcmahon had to of offered him a huge contract to persuade him to come back

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