Lady Gaga says she stayed incubated in Grammy 'vessel' for 72 hours

lady-gaga-in-eggImage Credit: Heather Wines/CBSLady Gaga called into KIIS FM’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest today and laid one heckuva revelation on us: She spent 72 hours (yes, that’s 72 hours) in her egg, which she calls a “vessel,” prior to bursting out at the Grammys. First off: Danny Boyle, I think you have your next movie. Secondly: Are we sure Gaga isn’t actually an undercover David Blaine performing the most elaborate stunt ever? Said Gaga about her red carpet costume, “I was in there for about 72 hours, and it was a very creative experience, and it was time for me to prepare and really think about the meaning of [“Born This Way,” which she performed on stage] and get prepared for the performance. I really wanted to be born on stage.” (No word back yet from Gaga’s camp about whether she stayed in the vessel for 72 consecutive or non-consecutive hours.)

Along with talking to Seacrest about her “creative embryonic incubation,” Gaga also spoke about why she thanked Whitney Houston when accepting her Grammy Sunday (“She was my vocal idol for so many years”) and what exactly she sees inside her brain: “There is a giant stiletto heel stuck in between my left and right lobe,” she told Seacrest. “There’s a few ex-boyfriends lingering in-between. And I would say an abundance of Francis Bacon and Dalí-like references. And perhaps a little bit of Rainbow Brite and Barbie.” (I don’t know about you, PopWatchers, but I loved Dalí’s The Persistence of Lala Orange.)

And if we thought Gaga’s Grammy antics were shocking, we can only imagine what’s ahead should she decide to release “Government Hooker,” one of Born This Way‘s tracks, as a single. “‘Born This Way’ is just the beginning of this album,” Gaga said of the May 23 release. “It’s certainly not even the biggest hit on the album. You have to hear the rest of the record. I don’t want to boast about it, because I am humble about what I do, but it’s a great album.”

Tell us, PopWatchers: Could you do anything for 72 hours? I couldn’t even do the two things I love most — eat chocolate and play with my cat — for 72 hours. Wait, am I Cathy?

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  • NormaIsabelle

    And this is news because…?

    • Nick

      Because it means Lady Gaga peed and pooped her pants.

      • ah

        She needs to get a life!!!!! lol

      • DDN1200

        Wow…she soiled herself for the grammys. She probably only pooped little kaka poopies; nothing too big. I doubt she had a pizza before getting into the egg…She might have even fasted and then so maybe no poop at all…Maybe she had tubes for the urine. (Good thing she didn’t spill anything when she got out)

      • Juneau

        That was my first thought. How did she go to the bathroom if she was in her stupid egg for 72 hours. And how did she do her hair and horn makeup while in the egg? I call BS.

      • wow

        She scares the sh*t out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David

        I’m calling BS on her staying in that egg for 72 hours. Unless it’s a 5 star egg with a makeup counter, bathroom, and bed built in it there is no way :P

    • Nathan

      It’s odd that after 72 hours of private thinking time, all she could come up with at the Grammys was a cover of Express Yourself.

      • Andrea

        Express yourself and Born this way have absolutely nothing in common.

      • Allison

        Um, Andrea, I love Gaga, but if you take away the lyrics, they’re pretty similar. Although if younger kids who might not be familiar with early Madonna go back and listen, I think it might be a good thing.

      • Dave

        Andrea, there are fairly obvious similarities between the songs. I’m not saying Gaga ripped off the song or anything like that, but there are similarities. They do have things in common. And it’s not a big deal. Lots of songs have things in common. To say they have absolutely nothing in common just shows you to be kind of ignorant and way too defensive.

      • Ben

        “Express yourself and Born this way have absolutely nothing in common.”

        Andrea, are you kidding? The themes are similar and the melodies are almost identical.

      • B

        Andrea, you must be blinded by your devotion to Lady Gaga if you truly believe the two songs have “absolutely nothing in common.”

      • Margie

        Andrea, I agree. People are always saying things like this about musicians all the time. Her live performance was the best of the night. What a creative monster!

      • seymour

        Andrea: You can pretty much play Express Yourself on top of Born this Way. It’s so much like Express Yourself that a delusional reviewer said it had to be a “knowing nod” to Madonna because no one would rip off a song that blatantly.

      • Eric

        hahahaha – that was a good one, Nathan!

      • ASC

        Why is it that her song is subject to debate when Katy Perry had a #1 hit with California Girls and no one, I mean NO ONE mentioned that it is a note for note copy of Kesha’s Tik Tok. I know Dr. Luke produced both but THOSE songs are identical (sing the lyrics over the Tik Tok beat). Born This Way has some splashes and nods to Express yourself , but it is not the blatant rip-off that California Girls was. It’s a catchy pop song and that’s that.

      • chris

        @ASC That’s because Katy Perry hate isn’t (yet) at the level of GaGa hate, which is sad because it really should be higher.

      • jury’s out

        @ASC And TikTok sounds a lot like Just Dance.

      • halucy

        @Chris I hate Krapy Perry much more than I hate Lady Caca. I think it’s more of an issue with Lady Caca being perceived as an actual artist, who makes her own music. Krapy Perry is just…well, crap.

      • Mike

        Get over it. it’s obviously not a copy but there are similarities. Even if it is similiar it’s better than you will do by randomly placing stupid comments on a comment site

      • Shut It

        I am sure you were furious when Madonna went through her “M. Monroe phase” or when she ripped off Goldfrapp right?

      • Ettof

        @halucy, as much as I like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga:
        Krapy Perry and Lady Caca, it makes me laugh so hard!!!!

      • chris

        yeah, with a thing called “creative embryonic incubation”, why aren’t her songs a reflection of such creativity? more like creative marketing…

    • Nick T

      Because she’s entertaining to listen to. Whether it’s in a good way or a bad way, I love it.

    • SaraJean

      EW, is it possible she was joking and you just didn’t get it? I feel like she was sarcastic — “I was born from this vessel” etc. She was joking about it on Leno last night, everyone laughed when she said 3 days.
      I don’t believe it b/c she said 2 days before the Grammy’s she redesigned all the outfits for the stage performance. How is supposed to do that from an egg??

      • Adam

        That’s what I was thinking.

    • Adam

      EW, are you sure she wasn’t JOKING when she said this?? She was joking about being in the vessel “for 72 hours” last night on Leno, and the audience laughed.
      There’s just no way; she’s joking. Didn’t she say two days ago she redesigned all the costumes for the Grammy’s? You can’t do that from an egg.

    • Dan

      I think she’s reached her peak and is on a downward spiral. We used to always wonder what outrageous thing she would do next. Now we think ‘Men, freak”

    • K8

      She’s the kid in the corner eating paste for attention. She is so unoriginal besides Madonna she’s now ripping off David Blaine. Slow clap for the death of creativenes.

    • angie

      I’m pretty sure this is an extreme over exaggeration – she was spotted around town (sans “vessel) Saturday.
      I really am starting to hate GaGa

    • Kate

      I heart Bieber a little after this comment from him on Chelsey Lately…
      She also asked him about his thoughts on Lady Gaga’s arrival to the Grammy’s in an egg. His response?
      “People say it’s artistic and stuff. I’m just like, ‘you’re an egg.'”

      • Maria

        “And GaGa’s like, I have Grammy’s and you don’t”

    • Ian

      Do we really need a daily Gaga update? Most of us don’t care as much as EW seems to.

    • Lady Gaga 4Ever

      Becuase she is the single greatest musical performer on the planet, bar none. Deal with the FACTS! She is far more musically relevant than that fossil JAGger who caterwauled onstage at the Grammy’s.

      • >>..

        Lady KA KA

        Give me a break!! Are you kidding??
        Comparing Lady KA Ka to Mick Jagger
        Man, you are oh so SHALLOW!

  • lefty

    I’m so over her.

    • SaraJean

      Oh God, who cares? She’s not worrying about you, don’t worry about her. Those of us who are fans will enjoy her music and message.

      • Flip

        Her “message”? LOL! Her “message” is to get you to buy her music! Unfortunately her new song sucks, so she failed.

      • coco

        i find it incredibly sad on your part that you need a celebrity or entertainer to remind you that every person in this world is entitled to equal treatment. What does that say about you other than the fact that you can’t think for yourself. No artist should have to give you a lesson in civil liberties.

      • Jello

        i don’t see much of a message other being wacky, weird dressed to next to nothing and trashy lyrics. what’s the message of that? Go ahead and shoot me see if i care.

      • Juneau

        U2 had a message — GaGa not so much!

      • Lady Gaga 4Ever

        I care. I’m younger than you, better looking than you, and have far more disposable income, so therefore, my opinion matters in the music biz, whereas… you’re a fossil. HAH!

      • Hi

        1. Sarajean is gay. So the “message” she’s referring to is the affirmation that she was, in fact, born that way.
        2. Whatever “message” she has is covered by her “someone-should-seriously-lock-this-lady-in-a-padded-room-with-a-straight-jacket-because-if-anyone-else-acted-this-crazy-they’d-have-forced-professional-help” behavior.
        Britany Spears can’t lock herself in a bathroom for 72 hours without an ambulance being called but Lady Caca can lock herself in an EGG and it’s “artistic?”

    • windrider2

      No, you’re not. Because if you were, you wouldn’t be trolling for Gaga stories to post your negative comments on. My guess is that you’re one of those ppl who follow her career incessantly, looking for places to trashtalk her. Why you want to do that is between you and your therapist

      • Wow

        So you think comment sections should only be for glowing reviews and comments and no critisisms whatsoever?

  • TV Junkie

    This all just sounds so pretentious. I think at this point, the most subversive thing Gaga could do is show up to an awards ceremony in a beautiful dress and play it straight for a little while instead of trying to continuously one-up herself. (also, Born This Way is a total rip off of Madonna’s Express Yourself)

  • sara

    what did she do when she had to use the bathroom?

    • Coco


    • Laura

      Or eat? Or shower? Or get glammed up for her Grammy’s appearance? Yes, I smell major BS on this one…

      • xgirl

        agreed!! she was in an egg for 72 hours but came out perfectly coiffed AND able to dance?? i don’t think so, lady… perhaps it was 72 hours TOTAL, but not 72 consecutive hours. besides, she looked ridiculous in her glad garbage bag get up. i just can’t take her ‘seriously’ anymore (and i use that word in the loosest sense possible).

    • Marissa

      They didn’t say she was in there for 72 hours non-stop. 72 could be the total.

    • windrider2

      A purely liquid diet for several days beforehand solves the solid waste problem, and urine is easily disposed of. Or do you think our astronauts are sitting around in poop and pea?

      • ani

        if so, the peas are definitely dehydrogenated.

      • Hi

        Um, no it doesn’t. I’ve done 6 or 7 three day fasts and several seven day fasts…liquid only. And NO, you don’t pee only. You literally have “waste” through about day 3 or even 4…THEN it’s pure liquid. It takes 3 days for food to get all the way through and your body to be “cleaned” out naturally. But still, either way, it’s still gotta come out!

    • B-

      She’s a liar. In the egg she had on black. You could see she even had on a black mask. When she performed she had on a yellow shower curtain and a pancake hat… Come on GaGa. No need to tell stories.

  • Linney17

    She’s getting a little too predictable.

    • AK

      And that comment about her being really humble? Uh, not quite…

      • Lisa

        Thank you that made me laugh out loud. She is the least humble performer ever.

    • Kerri

      If she had any real talent, she wouldn’t have to resort to stunts like this to get her admirers to go “oooooo” and “ahhhhh.” Just sayin’.

  • MomOf2Kiddos

    No way did she sit in there for the 72 hours before she “hatched” on stage.

    • Shawn

      I agree, mostly because the egg she was carried into the show within and the egg she hatched from WERE DIFFERENT EGGS! The one in the picture above doesn’t have a sectioned top that opens like the one prior to the performance did.

      • windrider2

        Don’t be sure about that. The vessel could very well have had an outer skin over the top that was peeled off back stage. I do know they took her in and out of rehearsal in a translucent incubator on wheels (looks like the kind in newborn nurseries). So she may have come out long enough to transfer incubators, rehearse, and go back into the main vessel. They had almost a year to work out the logistics of this. They didn’t just slap it together in a week. The vessel itself took a month to construct by the Jim Henson company.

      • Shawn

        @windrider2 – No, I’m sure. If the vessel or the skin was translucent enough to see Lady Gaga through it (see the Seacrest red carpet interview) then you’d be able to see the sliding panels, which you can’t. Two seperate vessels = not in it for 72 hours. Sorry.
        Also, I don’t care who built the piece of crap, but if it really was the Henson company, I’m sure Jim is spinning in his grave over the misuse of their time and efforts.

      • ASC

        wasn’t Henson that built it. It was done by designer Hussein Chalayan

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Windrider 2, it’s not a “vessel”, it’s a freaking egg, stop trying to make it sound somehow not as idiotic as it came across.

  • DavidSask

    I don’t want to boast about it, because I am humble about what I do, but it’s a great album.”

    One of the biggest lies yet out of her mouth. We have yet to hear Madonna also SAY she approved of song, 72hrs in egg where is video hr by hr proof. This rich bitch more delusional by the day.

  • bryankc

    72 hours? So What? I’m I supposed to be impressed.

    • texasdeck

      No doubt…I’m chained to my desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, all year/every year – with no end in sight.

    • windrider2

      When was the last time YOU spent 72 hours in a container not much bigger than you are?

      • seymour

        Never. And neither has Lady Gaga!! Sorry, but there is no way she spent 72 hours before performing at the Grammies in a tiny egg.
        1. she’d stink and her hair would be gross
        2. she wouldn’t have make up
        3. most importantly, her legs would be too cramped to walk, let alone perform

  • Frank from

    Oh Gaga! Interesting story, but I’m not buying it. But she got press coverage, and I’m commenting, so she’s certainly getting her way in terms of exposure!

  • FromtheRight

    Lady Gag aka Pinocchio is often a term used to describe an individual who is prone to telling lies, fabricating stories and exaggerating or creating tall tales for various reasons.

  • anne

    A new being–a nut in an egg–Wish this species were extinct.

    • Babylon

      Many people have wondered, which came first, Lady Gaga or the egg?
      Now we know…

  • Linda Bates

    WHO CARES???!!!

    • Ana

      I absolutely LOVE that you did this post, she’s such a damn copy-cat and needs to be caelld out on it. I despise lady gaga!!!! Such a FAKE!!!!!!!!!! And #4, really?? How could she wear that and think she could get away with people thinking it’s original, that’s such an infamous outfit Madonna wore. I hope she fades out soon, she doesn’t deserve the fame or the money.

    • Mardinli

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  • Wendy

    And still emerged with perfect makeup, hair, and no wrinkles in her outfit? BS.

    • windrider2

      The outfit is plastic. It doesn’t wrinkle. She could have gone into the vessel with hair & makeup already done. In fact, there was enough room in the vessel so that she could have done her own makeup, which she frequently does.

      • Ben

        Seriously? Do you actually hear what you are saying?

      • seymour

        Windrider: whatever you’ve been smoking must be really good stuff. There is NO WAY she spent 72 consecutive hours before the grammies in that egg. She would have smelled, her hair and make up would have been a disaster. And most importantly her legs would have been totally cramped. Those conditions are not conducive to giving a good performance, and she simply wouldn’t have done it.

      • Juneau

        And I suppose she went to the bathroom in the egg, too. And then slept in it. What is wrong with you?

  • Tom

    Oh right, and when did she peep, poop and drink water? This woman is nuts

  • dude

    “eat chocolate and play with my cat”
    ok, this made me laugh…

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