'Bones' proposal: Who cried?

Bones-Dare-devil-In-MoldenImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxSPOILER ALERT: Last night’s episode of Bones was the one many fans have been waiting for — Hannah turned down Booth’s marriage proposal because she’s “just not the marrying kind.” Booth, understandably, took it hard, and David Boreanaz took his character to places we had not seen before. How about that look Booth gave Hannah when she asked him to pretend the proposal and refusal never happened? That is the closest Seeley Booth will ever come to wanting to strike a woman.

Hannah feels they’re only done for now, but I don’t see him forgiving her, even if he comes to the conclusion that she’d always been upfront about not being “the marrying kind,” and uses divers to fetch that rock he threw into the water. (We all saw that coming, and I’m sure we were all thinking he really can’t afford to pitch the ring.)

The surprise of the episode was the scene after that, when Brennan joined Booth at the bar after he’d been drinking for hours. Hannah had phoned Brennan, so she knew what had happened, and I think I started tearing up when Booth reacted to hearing that. Honestly, I’m not sure. I didn’t realize I was crying at first, but when a few tears spilled out, it hit me how invested I still am in Seeley Booth. We always talk about the humor David Boreanaz brings to the role, and those long, layered looks he gives Emily Deschanel’s Brennan. But this was one of his best scenes to date.

He played the frustration and brokenness perfectly. Brennan asked what happens next, and Booth told her she likes evidence, so here it is: “There’s something wrong here,” he said. He’s fallen in love with three women who didn’t want to marry him — Parker’s mother, Brennan, and Hannah. “What is it with women who just don’t want what I’m offering here?” he asked. It’s something you’d expect to hear a woman say in the loser limo on The Bachelor, but to hear a man like Seeley say that was moving. He wouldn’t let her answer. “I’m just mad. I’m just really mad at all of you. I’m just mad,” he told her. Then he almost angrily detailed what was going to happen, as though he was rebuilding his identity from the ground up: They’re partners. They’re good people who catch bad people. Sometime they celebrate with a drink. That’s what’s next. Either she sits there and drinks with him now (in my mind, letting him put up that wall and do whatever he needs to do to get through the night), or she leaves and he finds her another FBI guy. Those were her only options, he said. She drank. Watch the proposal and bar scenes below.

Did you cry?

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  • justin

    Didn’t cry, but definitely felt bad for him. Seely’s a good man who doesn’t deserve to go through sonmething like this.

    • Elle

      I felt for him too. That Hannah chick is worse than Summer Finn.

    • Bethany

      Almost cried–might’ve teared up. It was time for Hannah to go, but it was sad to see Booth in such a state. He played it perfectly though… Oh Booth, don’t give up. Everything happens eventually, remember?

  • jasper

    Thanks for ruining this and not putting spoiler alert in the article. you can read what happened on the main page.

    • Gator

      It isn’t a spoiler when it happened last night. It has already aired, no spoiling here. If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to know, don’t go on an entertainment website.

    • Mandi Bierly

      Sorry I missed that. Have added.

      • jasper

        ain’t not thing. we all good, girl.

    • ann

      it is a bummer that it was ruined for you, but in today’s technology crazy age, you should avoid ew online if you don’t want to know what happened in your show. or have somebody “pre-screen” it for you. in an entertainment magazine – they would have to put “spoiler” on everything if they didn’t want somebody to see something that could be a spoiler.

    • Brian K

      It’s not really a spoiler a day after it aired. I’m sure next week there will still be some who haven’t seen it yet, how long is something considered a spoiler?

      • ann

        my point exactly!

    • Kathryn

      I thought the title of the post was sufficient warning.

      • Cara

        For me, it was the title of the post that spoiled it. I wouldn’t read a recap of an ep before I watch it, but I sometimes happen across the title of a recap, unintentionally. It seems my only choice is to never look at ew.com unless I’ve watched every show on my tivo!

  • LP

    No tears, because I hated Hannah way too much. But man, was he awesome in that last scene.

    • Alice

      I was glad she was gone because I never wanted her to move in with him. He did do a great job!

    • Windygirl

      I completely agree with you. I never bought into the Hannah/Booth relationship in the first place. Just something missing (chemistry) that he does have in spades with Brennan. Since she came out about her love for him (didn’t she?) how about Booth and Brennan getting together? I believe it wouldn’t ruin anything as it has in the past with other shows… It would be a natural progression.

  • Zazazing

    When he threw the ring in the water, I yelled “you dope, you could have sold it on Ebay!” But I knew that Hannah would turn him down. It was clear from the start that she wasn’t the kind to settle down. It was silly of Hannah to say they weren’t done. No matter how long they spent together, they would still come to that place…the I want to and you don’t place. No getting past that.

    • Chloe

      Agree. Booth sometimes is more like a female in what he wants in life, ie marriage and settling down. I, too, knew Hannah would refuse. And no way are they EVER going to get back together. She told him bascially she justs wants to shack up and nothing else. I thought Bones was the good friend last night. You could see it in her eyes – she didn’t have that “YESSSSS!!” look but more concern for her dear friend who was hurting. She came off as human instead of the robot she normally is when faced with these emotional issues. She just was there for him. And he deep down KNOWS that. I cannot see Booth living his life without Bones in it, and vice versa – and not just in a professional manner either. They will both come to realize this eventually.

    • jess

      lolol strangely enuf i yelled ‘you could have pawned that ring to buy urself booze!’

      but seriously when he asked why women don’t want what he’s offering, i choked up a bit cuz it was just so full of pain, hurt, humiliation and confusion.

    • Rose Tyler

      I yelled “Give it to Sweets!”.

      • Sara

        Yea, that’s what I was hoping, too.

      • Sue1

        No, because that would allow Sweets to marry Daisy, which would be almost as big a mistake…almost…as Booth and Hannah.

    • moviefan

      I seriously contemplated for a second going to the reflecting pool and looking for it. That’s how sadly invested in the show I am. :D

      • Lucina

        How great would that have been if you had, and there was a prop ring in the water or something?

  • Sarah

    I didn’t cry either, but mostly because I was so glad that Hannah was gone. I feel bad for Booth but ultimately he wasn’t really himself in that relationship. He never really let Hannah know the real him. What drives me crazy, though, is the assertion that Brennan doesn’t or didn’t want what he had to offer. She did and does, she was just terrified of it. Rebecca and Hannah, maybe, but not Brennan.

    • Sara

      Actually, if I remember right, Rebecca was scared he was proposing just because she got pregnant, and regretted saying no. So really Booth keeps picking scared women (aside from Hannah, who outright doesn’t want marriage)

      • Meg

        I was thinking the same thing. He’s lovely, but when that happens 3 times in a row, one has to look at themselves with a what am I doing. He falls for unavailable women. I agree it was definitely interesting to watch this being said by a man to a woman and not vice versa. Well played Bones.

    • elr

      I agree about what you said about Booth not being himself in his relationship with Hannah. He has been such a jerk this season but, David did such an amazing job in those final scenes. Although, now the implications of this are that if he and Brennan ever do get together is that she will have to do the proposing because he will be too wary.

  • WearelostBeth

    I didn’t cry but I felt awful for Booth! There isn’t anything wrong with him but maybe w/ him picking emotionally unavailable women. The proposal & rejection felt a lil forced but the pain of the aftermath as tangible.

  • Bella

    You’re right, David Boreanaz just nailed that bar scene, that mixture of pain and rage. I’m so glad Hannah was gone. She was such an obvious plot contrivance that they never really gave her much of a pesonality or much of a reason to care about her. this episode ended up being much better than I thought it would be.

    • Monica242

      I think Hannah could’ve been a much more liked character if she had been portrayed by a better actress, or maybe someone a little older. But overall, I agree, no matter who they date, the audience will always know that they won’t last, so what’s the point?

  • paulpemberton

    I did. David Boreanaz did an unbelievable job last night!

  • Cate

    Boreanaz was definitely on his game. That look he gave to Hannah was so angry and so believable. Now if only they’d give Brennan some scenes of the same depth, then I would be happy.

  • dk

    why isn’t Bones on the weekly recap list anymore???

    • Chloe

      Please…..EW would rather keep writing about Glee.

    • ST

      I agree dk. I even e-mailed them to ask them that and never got a response back. Annoying.

      • Connie

        I emailed them too to ask about the recap and same here, no response!

      • Lex

        I emailed too! Maybe we should all tweet Darren and ask about it… or Mandi could write them again! (For the record, I love both of their writing)

        As for this article… I definitely teared up. But right now, with all the emotions out and everything on the table, there is no question they will now work toward getting together.
        And Booth REALLY needs to get that ring back; there is no way he can afford not to.

    • Asha

      They recap Jersey Shore but not shows that could actually use a recap. What is there really to discuss on Jersey Shore? Snooki’s poof was extra large last night.

      • Mocha

        Forget Jersey Shore–EW recaps both The Real Housewives of Atlanta AND The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but apparently recapping Bones or Community would be way too hard.

    • bbkenn

      I was wondering the same thing; they keep reviewing all these reality shows I don’t care about. I miss the reviews.

      • Alli

        Totally- who really needs a recap of Real Housewives and the billion reunion shows they do?!
        Give me Bones recaps (or shows that actually have plots)!!

  • jenn

    I loved this episode. I knew Hannah wasn’t staying around and I didn’t care for her anyway but i really felt for Booth. And his emotions and responses to Brennan were so right on! Now I’m wondering what happens next. The stage has been set so it’ll be interesting to see where Booth and Brennan’s relationship goes now.

    And yes, i was thinking he’s gonna regret throwing that ring in the river:)

    • cindy

      it wasn’t a river. It was the reflecting pool between the Lincoln monument and the Washington monument. It is only ankle deep.

      • SueN

        Lol! Still, you’d never want to go fishing for anything in that pool of water.

  • Amy

    I cried. Then I cried some more. What the hell is wrong with Hart Hanson that he makes Booth go through another rejection. JEEZ. Did they just want to break Booth and never love again. David was amazing. He desesves an Emmy

  • Elizabeth

    It weird to see a man react that way: usually the women are the ones questioning “what’s wrong with me”?

    I love ya Seeley *bighughere* just come out of the TV and come find me ;)

    • Elizabeth

      AND: Didn’t Brennan have a white trenchcoat on during they’re “moment of truth” last season?

      • Mocha

        Yes, she did! Good catch, I didn’t notice that.

  • Chloe

    One thing I want to add. Mandi says “That is the closest Seeley Booth will ever come to wanting to strike a woman”. I don’t think he wanted to hit Hannah at all!!! He was emotionally upset big time and with most men, instead of crying which is what many men want do do, that emotion comes out as anger. The same in the bar with Bones. He was hurt but turned teh hurt into anger at Rebecca, at Hannah and even BOnes herself (which will pass). I wouldn’t be surprised of Booth, when by himself at home, cried about it – cried about all three women who he loved had rejected him. And out of those three – as someone said – Bones is the only one that wants what he wants but is afraid. But she’s coming around.

    David’s acting was so realistic – drawing on personal real experiences, my guess!

    • Sue1

      I agree, anger but no violence. He did seem to be channeling Angelus a bit, though.

      • Jane

        No, not Angelus. He was without soul, and Booth has and was showing every bit of his soul, as injured as it was. Boreanaz is best when the emotions are conflicting. He always has some subtext going on. Even at his happiest with Hannah, I could sense his fear that it wasn’t what he really wanted.

  • Kylie

    Yes Cried! It was uneccessary to have Booth rejected. What does that tell him he finds a woman to love and they just break his heart. I hate Hart a little for doing that to one of the big hearted tv characters. And yes David is a rock star

    • Chloe

      Don’t you get it? This HAD to happen to get Hannah out of the picture so things will proceed with Bones.

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