'Bones' proposal episode: How screwed is Hannah?

Bones-613Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxDespite Bones producers (and writers) repeatedly telling us how much Brennan likes Booth’s girlfriend Hannah — which means we should, too — a large portion of the audience has never warmed to the character. That makes tonight’s episode, in which Booth and Sweets decide in the opening booze-filled scene to propose to each of their girlfriends, particularly interesting. Assuming Booth does end up popping the question, Hannah will be damned if she says “I do” and, perhaps, damned if she doesn’t. (Why wouldn’t she want to marry our Seeley?) How do you hope this plays out? And how do you think this plays out? 

I’m torn: Part of me thinks the show could have some fun with Booth and Hannah’s engagement (and getting devoted fans, who’ll complain but won’t stop watching, even more riled up) before having one of them dramatically break it. The other part of me thinks it should take the out and have Hannah say no — or, better yet, have Booth start to propose to her, then realize he can’t actually commit to a life with someone else before finding out what could’ve been with Brennan. We know the Feb. 17 episode finds Booth and Brennan alone together hating Valentine’s Day. Seeley’s a romantic. If he would have just gotten engaged, would he really hate Valentine’s Day? (Even if Hannah is out-of-town on assignment?) We also know the much-anticipated Booth-and-Brennan-are-stuck-in-an-elevator episode, in which they’ll deal with their feelings, is scheduled to air March 17. Either enough time will have passed for Brennan to realize she can’t compartmentalize the tough time she’s having with Booth’s engagement, or for Booth to feel comfortable opening his heart again to Brennan after closing it on Hannah. Discuss!

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  • Catherine

    He should propose to me…
    Anyway, I think Booth won’t be able to go through with it.

    • wino

      hehe :) naugthy girl. but yeah, i think booth will chicken out at the last moment.

    • Ang

      I’ve watched every episode, and though the dance was a big draw for me initially, I personally would like to see Booth go thru with it and move on from Brennan, as I feel that HH drug the dance out too long, and now everything has felt too forced with the “longing glances”, cases where someone talks about unrequited love, Max asking why they aren’t together etc. Now I feel that it kinda feels somewhat predictable: Booth will propose to Hannah and she will eventually be targeted by the sniper to get back at Booth, or he will realize that he still has feelings for Brennan and wont propose because he’s the honorable boy scout type… I now almost don’t care and would prefer to get into the solving of the case rather than speculate about the dance anymore… C’mon HH, just nut up and have them do it or don’t… you’ve dragged it out too long, and came up with unsatifactory plots to keep them together

      • GivingT

        Agree with this. Bones is the embodiment of reverse Moonlighting Curse.

      • GivingT

        Let Booth find happiness and please return season 1~3 Brennan, the cool kickass anthropologist. Dragging things out did neither character any favors.

      • Pavarti

        Also agree that things got boring. Also, I think the reporter of this article is overestimating fan loyalty when she says fans will complain but still watch. With all the blogs and replay sites, I stopped watching the whole episodes and check spoilers and reviews for improvements. Lots of my friends do the same for other shows they used to like. If Booth gets engaged to whatshername, it just means I’m not missing anything fun, just more of the same boring will they/won’t they.

      • marple

        Agree. This has gone way too long. Let Booth propose, Hannah accepts. Then they move to Afganistan and live happily ever after under a fig tree.
        Just as long as we don´t have to see or hear of them.
        Let Brennan get a new partner and get Bones the show back.

      • passing

        Ugh, agree. Do whatever you need to do, but just return the characters to the way they were before they became immature, lovestruck teeny bopper characters. Remember when BB were mature professionals who were really passionate about their amazing work?

    • Connie

      Does this mean EW will go back to recapping Bones?

  • Mel

    Does anyone else think Hannah’s voice is super weird? AND vis-a-vis annoying?

    • OOO

      Like the Nanny or Janice on Friends.

    • GivingT

      It was not a voice I could imagine reporting from war zones or interviewing the President. Why not make it more realistic and say she’s a fashion or sports reporter? There was bound to be fan resistance, but TPTB totally messed up the character all on their own. What a waste of time.

      • passing

        Because that actually sounds plausible, and not what the writers wanted with the Mostest Amazing Woman Ever!!! character they wanted.

    • tuppy

      Her voice isn’t grating — she just has a weird, unexplained accent. Like English is not her first language. (Apparently her family’s Ukranian though she was born in Canada.) It’s really too bad: there would be much higher dramatic stakes in Booth’s choice if the other woman were more compelling than Hannah is. We just don’t have any reason to prefer him being with her over him being with Brennan.

      • passing

        Huh, I did not know that. But unfortunately, I also think there is something grating about the actress. I actually remember her episode of House because I was freakishly into House, and many were just plain annoyed with her. Her story was very sympathetic and the bloom hadn’t gone off the show yet so it wasn’t like people were looking to hate. I blame the writers for Hannah, but the casting was also a mistake.

      • JJMa

        I remember that House episode too, and comments then were that she was a big whiner (so there is something about the voice). And it was, as passing said, a very sad, sympathetic character she was playing. I can’t believe she had the best chemistry from tests. I think someone high up just liked her and didn’t think beyond that.

      • Skrebs

        Hanna has been in less than 13 episodes in this current season. The show has set up and dragged along the sexual tension with Booth and Brennan since season 2. Since each season represents a year…well, you do the math. Hanna is too sudden a character, with little screen time and very little viewer connectivity. We only see her as another barrier to the Booth/Brennan relationship. So much for having a character that does anything other than annoy us.

      • Irishgirl

        Skrebs…..I was just thinking the same thing. I don’t think the audience warmed to Hannah because we were never really allowed to do that. I can think of maybe three episodes where we saw her. There really needed to be more significant time spent on their relationship for us to believe it was important. The producers had a good idea, they just didn’t deliver.

  • Honeybelle

    I think I’m going to have to watch the episode twice. I’m thinking most of the dialog will be drowned out by the high pitched squeals of my 15 year old David Boreanaz fan.

  • Fez

    I’m hoping that they continue the rogue sniper story line by having him take out Hannah at the end of tonight’s episode.

  • Jace

    I think he’ll do it. Booth is such an I love you slut. I for one have a hard time believing he hasn’t proposed to almost every girl he’s dated seriously.

    • Amber

      Hadn’t really thought of it like that, but you’re right, he really is. It kind of cheapens the whole Booth and Brennan are soul mates thing when he falls in love with every girl he dates.

    • OOO

      Totally. Booth idealizes or romanticizes love as much as Bones is too cynical. They BOTH have problems. Unfortunately, I think the whole Hannah mess has just distracted the show from exploring their problems. Instead, throwing in a complete contrivance.

      • Rilo

        No, no, no. Haven’t you heard? Booth is “the most moral man” on television and the ultimate hero and father of the year to boot. No way is the show going to say he has any problems.

      • Justine

        Right, the father who asked his gf to move in before introducing her to his son. Anyway, yeah, Booth is way too immature about love for a man his age.

    • JR

      are you kidding??? Hannah is dunzo. for sure.

    • tia

      I really wouldn’t mind Booth moving on… just NOT with Hannah. I can’t stand her. Other shows have introduced other love interests that conflict with the central love story to some success, but the combination of the actress they cast and the writing is terrible. I don’t think Hannah stood a chance with fans, but I think someone else could have.

      • * * *

        Remember Addison Montgomery from GA? “And you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband”
        Well done, the triangle can make the show. Or Vampire Diaries.

        I thought Booth moving on made sense too. What I ended up hating was making Bones look pathetic in the process, and like you, Hannah herself.

      • JJMa

        “I thought Booth moving on made sense too. What I ended up hating was making Bones look pathetic in the process,”


    • katiej

      who? rebecca, and hannah. woah, three women! what a love slut!! he didn’t love cam, and he was brennan’s partner for like half a decade before he said i love you. yes, he said i love you to his girlfriend after going out with her for 8 months. you want to know something? a lot of people do that! doesn’t mean he’s a love slut, or is a bad person. its really not that unrealistic. he said he was going to move on, he did

      • Skrebs

        Yeah, but to have set up the romance between him and Brennan over seasons that represent YEARS, you’d think they would have shown more of an internal struggle with Booth. I mean we’re still left to think that part of him loves Brennan still. He’s committed himself to Hanna. To hear a love confession from a woman he’s chased so long you’d think would have shaken him to the core. ADD to it, that during the previous seasons Sweets has helped us see that Brennan is a scared little girl under all her science. She wraps up her heart in big words to protect herself from getting hurt. The fact that she actually reaches a point where she can RECOGNIZE her feelings is HUGE.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Meh, made perfect sense to me BECAUSE of the years with Brennan. He got crushed by her when she rebuffed him. His character has shown he hates that emotional void — which is why he doesn’t let people in. Bones says no, he finds a willing replacement and dives right in. Seems like a classic story to me.

    • sarah d

      Booth and Cam dated seriously, he didn’t propose to her. Also, he only proposed to Parker’s mother because she was about to be Parker’s mother. I’m sure this I love you slut thing is a symptom of age. The show doesn’t ignore the fact that their characters are closer to forty than twenty…

      • ntb

        Not true about Parker’s mom. I’m just watching Season 4 and an episode in which Booth states that he did love her, but that she didn’t feel that way about him. He really wanted to marry her because he loved her, not just because she was pregnant.

  • Katy Rustemeyer

    SCREWED! Hopefully…

  • Elle

    Prediction: Booth and Hannah get engaged, Brennan is secretly hurt. Booth is second-guessing his decision. Then Hannah is killed, so B&B are both relieved and guilty at feeling relieved and also both mourning the loss. This could be dragged out, involving everyone around them, for maybe two more seasons. Win/win! Well, except for Hannah.

    • Jennifer

      I like that idea. It seems like the best way out. All the characters will stay true to themselves, yet nothing will stand in the way of Booth and Brennan.

  • mari

    All this cr*p could’ve been avoided if they did right by Bones & Booth. But TPTB were either scared of the “Moonlighting” curse or they were just too stupid to realize that if they drag it out too long the fans would get frustrated & drop the series.

    • JJ

      Agree. I still kinda watch on Hulu, but am amazed that Hannah even brings up strong emotions in fans beyond strong annoyance at the Plot Device. She does have nice hair though.

  • Amy

    I don’t think he is going to propose. Booth is too much of an upstanding guy to propose to Hannah when he clearly (see The Look from last week) still has feelings for Brennan. That being said, he may do it as a way to try to prove to himself he has moved on. If he does I will be completely pissed. I will be most upset with the producers for making us think he won’t propose as I have read that it is a game changing episode and implied that it is Hannah’s last episode. Either way, Hannah is out the door soon and I sincerely hope it is without a proposal. It would be one of the most hated proposals in television history.

  • Josh

    No way will Hannah say yes. It’s not in her character. She doesn’t want to settle down in Washington DC.

    • Fez

      I think you may be right.

    • M

      I think that Booth will definitely proposed, hell, he’s completely tricked himself into believing that he truly loves Hannah and his insipid proposal will be just another step for him to take to cement that feeling, despite it being two weeks now that we’ve seen those longing looks that he shoots at Brennan when no one else is around. Hannah on the other hand will more than likely not accept ********spoiler**** which would result in him ending up drinking in a bar with Brennan by episode’s end. At this point, I am so sick of how coy and misleading the shows’ producers are that I have all but dismissed any hope I have of B&B getting together. If it happens, it happens, if if doesn’t, then oh, well.

      • yea

        I agree, M…at this point..who cares…their relationship should be in the background anyway..at least the crimes are getting better..

  • darthbaby

    I hope he propses. I am sick of Bones and this storyline not progressing. Of course he won’t actually marry Hannah. She would have to end it (Or die tragically overseas). Which would make sense so they could continue to drag this on forever.

    If David wasn’t so hot I would totally give up on this show. Seely is the only reason I watch.

  • Berri

    I would love for Booth and Hannah to get engaged. I love those two together. So adorable. Squish.

  • Helen

    I can see Booth and Hannah getting engaged. Hart likes to follow House. It is like Cuddy and Lucas all over again.

  • Michelle

    Hart and co. love to rile up the fans. They will go for the engagement angle till the end of the season.

  • Angela

    I don’t care either way. As long as David is on screen and I get to see my talented man candy. Booth can marry who he wants too!

    • JJ

      I think this is what HH and SN were banking on this season. They certainly weren’t paying attention to characterization or mysteries.

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