Christina Aguilera's 'Star-Spangled' flub: It's time to forgive

Christina-AguileraImage Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comBy now, the whole world has chimed in with their opinions about Christina Aguilera’s flub while singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before last night’s record-breaking Super Bowl. Even the nasty-delicious Joan Rivers gave her two cents on the whole situation: “How stupid can you get?” she told PopEater earlier today. “Christina must have been thinking about food, that’s why she forgot the words.” I repeat: Even Joan Rivers gave her two cents on the whole situation. We have hit that rock-bottom low, people. Everyone from talk-radio pundits to bloggers around the country have had something to say about it, with some of it getting rather nasty, including accusations that I’m not even really going to dignify here with a link.

To all this I have a response: Can we all take a minute and just calm down please? I’m not condoning what happened — Aguilera messed up part of the ever-important national anthem, switching out the line “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming” with her own creation of “What so proudly we watched, at the twilight’s last gleaming” — but it was just that: a simple mistake. She didn’t hurt anyone. The world is still spinning. The Super Bowl continued with its ridiculous amounts of fanfare and promotional activities and commercials and Gatorade dumping. Aguilera even apologized: “I can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through.” And it’s not even like the diva’s career is over because of the flub: Aguilera will apparently sing at the Grammys this Sunday alongside Jennifer Hudson. Can a girl get a break?

The reality of the situation is that we all screw up, accidents happen (especially amid the pressure of such a bevy of viewers), and it’s high time to forgive. If you have issues with Christina for other reasons — say, her commercial bomb of an album Bionic or her recent divorce or the shade of her lipstick last night — then you should probably own up to those reasons, rather than give into the silliness surrounding her messing up a few words in “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Does anyone out there agree with me? Can we all start forgiving Christina now?

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  • Tha Phoenix

    I cared less about her messing up the lyrics and more about her straining on the higher notes and the embarassment that was the cracking at the end.

    It is what it is.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, I can forgive, but not sure how soon I can forget. C’mon, it’s the Star Spangled Banner, people! At the Super Bowl! It would be like the Pope messing up the Lord’s prayer in front of millions in the vatican. She has had one rough year.

      • Rob

        audience of over 100 million, you try singing it. Even professional singers are human. Get over it!

      • AuntSassy

        At least she wasn’t lip synching to a pre-recorded track. Sorry, but schtuff happens when you are singing live, and while I didn’t love her vocals on it I hardly think it’s the end of the world.

      • tom

        I want to say first, thank you for saying that they are human because I didn’t already know that…

        Anyway, it is her only job to sing in front of people for those few minutes. There is no excuse for not enough preparation BEP rehearsed their song(s) (way more than the star spangled banner) and knew all their words. The Star Spangled banner is something you hear from birth. How hard is it to memorize that?

        I expect her to do the song justice and nothing left. Especially if she performs at the superbowl. It’s unacceptable if it is any less.

      • AuntSassy

        Oh Tom, here’s hoping you never make a mistake in your life. Must be nice to be so perfect. Can we all come and tour your glass house??

      • JonnyT

        I firmly believe we’re making WAY too much of this. Everyone makes mistakes, including highly paid professionals. She’s human. It happens. If she had screwed up all the lyrics, then yes, that would be bad. But it was no biggie. I’m already over it.

      • Jim

        Nothing “LESS” Tom. How hard is it to learn the English language? Idiot. That said, I totally agree with you. Christina should be ashamed, ASHAMED by this. If my ex wife hadn’t taken down the Christina shrine I made in the garage before she left me, I’d take it down myself. I will never listen to music of any kind ever again. She should be arrested, ARRESTED. I just puked on myself.

      • Rashad

        people seem to forget that celebrities are human. They make mistakes too. Get over it and move on. Christina Aguilera is still one of the best singers of all time.

      • Michy

        I totally agree.. It’s just wrong

      • Rick

        Hmm. It’s like Chief Justice John Roberts messing up the swearing in of President Obama! Gee, I wonder who should be condemned for not being patriotic enough!!!

      • Hen

        People expect stars to be superhuman in situations like this, and then relegate them to human status in order to prevent them from being seen as elite…

      • C

        forgetting the lyrics is one thing but she OVERDID it. i feel her pain, but she’s a professional and nervousness or not you can’t flub the National Anthem. EVER!

      • C

        i mean The Star Spangled Banner.
        what the heck just happened? that was weird. sorry about that.

      • Jenny

        Thanks for this article. I completely agree! She made a mistake. It’s as if no one else has ever cracked under pressure. A recent study said 2/3 of American’s can’t recite the National Anthem. Yet, no one seems to want to admit the fact that they could only probably sing along also, and they probably don’t know the words. Get over it people!

      • Jason

        People who are not professional musicians don’t understand a basic truth of performance. Professional Musicians make mistakes about as often as professional basketball players miss free throws. It has nothing to do with practice. The difference with a musician is the audience almost never knows they heard a mistake. The National anthem is unforgiving in this regard. Screwing it up is like missing a free throw to win a game. Screwing it up at the Super Bowl is like missing the first free throw in a 1 and 1 with 1 second to go, when down by 1 in the Championship game. Sadly it happens, but you’re going to get grief for it. Christina did a wonderful job of covering up the mistake, and if it had been anything other than the National Anthem, you’d have thought it was intentional and would never have been the wiser.

      • Marie

        I’m willing to bet that a large majority of people hating on her probably don’t know most of the lyrics anyway.

      • jack

        Rob – Audience of 100 million, you practice. Dolt!

      • Sally Cartwright

        She is VERY well paid, a “professional”(?) singer and was hired to sing at a what 70,000 seat venue? and live TV to millions!!– and she didn’t study the words– no excuses, if I handled my practice like that I would be ran from– she , like many are overpaid– and BTW she screams when she sings, someone else next time!! please!

      • rox

        @Tom…that comment didn’t help the BEP were TERRIBLE! The practiced that?! LORD! I will give her that she is having a REALLY bad year! At least Rosie on!

      • Jim


    • fthomascain

      How about getting people that actually sing it the way it was written in a way you can understand what they are singing? There is a place for improvization and interpretation-The Star Spangled banner is not one of them!!! What is net Snoop Dog singing “Hail the Chief”?

      • gataroo

        UM first it wasn’t written as a song. 2nd the music it was put to was an english pub song. So sing it how ever the hell you want to sing it. BUT if you don’t know the lyrics, maybe have some cue cards, or someone saying them in your ear piece.

      • Fullbug

        Albino Snooki.

    • kellybelly

      Plus, she just sang it at the NBA finals – so she does know the words. Put yourself in her position, geez louise – has no one ever flubbed up, even something important? She’s not a freakin robot people. I don’t get with all the hate speech. I bet the majority of people DID NOT NOTICE.
      I watched it with a bunch of people and only one person noticed and even then they weren’t that sure. Why do people insist on being so mean to people when it’s unwarranted?

      • Kelcie

        Thank you kellybelly. Thank you SO MUCH!

      • Pam

        Well said! Thank you!

      • Sarah

        Being mean is never warranted.

      • Long Tim

        She sang the remix version, get over it people. Plus she can suck a watermelon through a straw with those lips

      • J

        I wish people would get this worked up about something that matters…

      • Ed

        Seriously? You almost forget she’s a paid professional. A WELL PAID professional. She is paid NOT to mess it up… and she did.

        She ripped the song apart by trying to add her own inflections into the music. She sounded horrible on the notes she could sing. I’ve seen better ‘talent’ on the Audition shows of Idol.

        Here’s MY issue with the performance AND this call for forgiveness… The National Anthem was already written. Sing the song and go away. Let us appreciate the Anthem for what it is, not for who SHE is.

        As a former Army soldier i can say, I’m not offended at the missed line half as much as I am that she didn’t treat the song as our National Anthem. This isn’t a fad of the moment pop song. It should be taken seriously.

        There’s nothing to “forgive” here other than poor performance, but unfortunately her appearance will trump any faults in talent when it comes to getting new work. Yay Entertainment Industry?

        Bah. Worthless musician.

      • BN

        I totally agree! And how many of the people who have their collective sensibilities offended were drinking a beer or chowing down on nachos or wings or fist pumping and getting worked up for the game?


      • Daniel

        Paperless instead of perilous? Jackwagons!9

      • Long Tim

        I was pumping more than my fist watching her tig ol bitties bounce up and down.

      • Mellissa

        Ed, what you’re saying is just because someone is a paid professional, they can never screw up? The Steelers are a bunch of paid professionals, yet they didn’t win the Superbowl…what’s up with that?

      • Tarc

        Well, that’s what you get with churches and the Republicans brainwashing everyone to scream with hate and loathing at anything that crosses theiir bizarre standards of acceptability and morality. At this point, when these people stop screaming at me, I immediately stop and look for where I’ve made a mistake… and then I gleefully rectify it.

      • Jack

        My final word on this is: She is a professional. She was hired to do a job. Do 1 thing…sing the Star Spangled Banner. Remember the words & sing on key. It’s not rocket science. Does anyone watch American Idol? If one of those kids forgets the words, they’re out…& those are just amateurs. No excuse in the world could excuse that flub. She is just going to have to live with the embarrassment. Sorry Christina…I like you but you messed up badly.

      • AuntSassy

        Get a life Jack. Sorry, but she’s human and the last time I looked people are perfect – EVEN trained professionals. She doesn’t NEED an excuse – she flubbed the line – SO WHAT. It doesn’t matter if it was the Star Spangled Banner or Diiiirty, she’s human and is going to make mistakes. GET OVER YOURSELF.

      • Me

        Why would anyone want to watch the NBA?

      • pammie

        I was so distracted by her annoying style of singing and that lipstick. GEEZ, Yeah, we all make mistakes, but she’s been singing in front of huge crowds a long time, and the SSB is usually flubbed when the singer is so worried about their style, sound ect. that they forget what they’re actually singing about!

      • Ali

        Absolutely. I see a number of posts implying that she’s “stupid” for messing up the words. I was at a Superbowl party and not a single one of the 30 people there noticed except me and I even questioned if I was right because it *almost* sounded correct. My husband is Captain Patriotic and doesn’t know all the words. At least she does – it was a simple mistake. I can’t imagine the pressure of performing *anything* in front of more than 100 million people (live and telecast). She’s a lovely gal who loves this country – let’s all move on. Hey – what’s Lindsay Lohan up to these days? …

      • andy

        she was paid mega bucks to do her job and failed…just another whining diva with legions of mindless groupies

      • Michy

        It’s warrented when your singing our nations anthem, sing in front of people for a living, have been singing the song for 23 years.. It’s just disrespectful on so many levels..

      • GJW

        Nice comment Kelly, and I completely agree. However, I had to comment because you said “geez louise”. That is just TOO COOL!!!!! Loved it haha.

      • Lynn

        People with many criticisms to give have way too many mistakes that they don’t know how to solve. People with criticisms are so miserable. To make themselves feel meaningful they press on the one mistake.

      • Ed

        @Melissa That’s a childish argument. But does compliment my point… they showed up, did their job, and went home. While they might have lost the game, provided the entertainment they were paid to provide. In Pro sports, as in MOST other professions, when a player can’t perform, they get cut from the team and sent packing.
        What about Christina? You think she got a cut in pay? Will this hurt her resume? Not as long as our increasingly brainwashed society idolizes marketed celebrities.
        ***The fact is, she did poorly… as did the Black Eyed Peas… As did Usher… The commercials were “meh” for even daytime TV standards… refs called an excessive celebration call for a TD in the Super Bowl?!?… There’s no penalty for failure if you’re marketed well. She’s no different. She’s just being called out. It’s long overdue.

      • Ed

        bah… with a sea of debate over her screw up, it’s pointless to argue in this medium. Another sad fact is that this issue will be forgotten in about a week. Even the buildup in Korea went away after about 3 weeks, and that was us teetering on yet another war.
        So long.. I’ve already invested more time in caring about her National Anthem performance than she did.

      • Steve from Canada

        Yes, who cares that she messed up the lyrics. That was the least of it. The entire performance was AWFUL!!!!! It was horrible. Why can’t someone just come out and sing the national anthem instead of making it about themselves.

      • bb

        Christini unfortunately is the flavor of the week. Get over it already … Some other celeb will have bad fortune sooner or later this week, and then the focus on her will shift to the next victim through media scrutiny. And yes, I know it sucks, but it is the truth.

    • LOL

      Maybe she should try a salad.

      • Long Tim

        I got the dressing after she tosses my salad

      • Caesar

        Perhaps she ate me and moved on to Mr. Cobb

      • SaraD

        You all are freaking awful. Karma dude. Actually take that back — you’re probably obese, unemployed and single typing away at your old computer making fun of tiny Christina Aguilera for gaining 10 pounds when she went through a divorce last fall. Shut up.

    • wino

      agree, i didnt notice the flub b/c i stopped listening. her over the top screeching was what turned me off.

      • Rich

        “And it’s not even like the diva’s career is over because of the flub.”

        No. It SHOULD be over because of a flop album that lost millions… a flop tour that was cancelled and ALSO lost millions… and then a flop movie that (wait for it) lost millions.

        Sorry Xtina… You had a nice run, especially for a teen pop star, but I think it’s seriously time to start planning that infomercial and/or sex tape.

      • True Blue

        @ Rich:

        The same things happened to Mariah Carey a decade ago. So I guess she should have just given up and made a sex tape too, eh?

      • DTO

        Yeah, she should have. She screwed up, but it doesn’t matter to me b/c I’m no fan of hers or her singing style anyway.

      • Carol

        @True Blue Mariah never messed up the national anthem and her albums actually sell and she never had to cancel a entire tour due to lack of a fan base. Christina has been going downhill for years Mariah had ONE film that didn’t do well and her next album was the biggest in the world. Just to clear things up. 

    • Shannon

      Agreed, Phoenix.
      I have nothing against Christina and I usually enjoy her voice. But, this was just over-the-top. Even for the Superbowl.
      And for her.

      • Tha Phoenix

        Right? Thank you. The straining was more than evident when she hit the high notes. She cracked right at the end. I felt embarassed for her – especially because this was in front of hundreds of millions of people.

    • Liz

      I thought the song was fine, didn’t even hear the flub. Face it, it’s a killer song to sing. I did think she needed to do a little something with her hair, but really liked her simple outfit. It was classy, not trashy.

      • AuntSassy

        Yeah, her hair was a hot mess.

    • Cookie

      Ed, just one comment, I do not believe she was paid to sing at the superbowl.

      • Michy

        Yes she was.. And well

    • deedee


    • the minister

      “Annnnd the rocket’s red glare
      …uh…. lots of bombs in the air
      gave proof through the night
      that we still. had. a. flag….”

    • JJ

      I totally agree — forgetting lyrics is forgivable, but why did she sing so horribly??

      • JackieB

        Whatever, except for maybe the very last note she sounded BEAUTIFUL!
        I think people are being too harsh afterward and should listen again.

    • StewyFan

      I agree. The oversinging was killing me more than her fumbling a few lines.

    • Wetzel

      My only problem was her vocals during the song. Other then that, it wouldn’t be the first time I heard someone mess up the anthem. And who cares if it was the super bowl. It’s only a game.

    • Heidi

      I thought she did great. She barely faltered when the line didn’t come easily and she kept in tune even though her final note was scratchy. I thought Lea Michelle’s voice was thin and their rendition was boring, in comparison.

    • FromChicago

      Watching from TV, she styled that song horribly. It’s a simple song, sing it simply, don’t run all over the notes. She should have pre-recorded it and let it go at that time; like JenHud did.

    • flapdragon

      Exactly. Thank you. By the time she reached “the home of the BRAAAAAAAA-EE-YAY-EE-YAY-EE-YAY-VUH!!” the singing itself was excruciating. Just absolutely wrong in so many ways.

    • Pin Up Bot

      Come on guys give the girl a break. You are being way too harsh on her. And after that have a pin up drawn of her in a sexy costume at: www dot pinupbot dot com. I mean seriously. Thanks.

      • lorelei

        my ears are permanently damaged, that was painful in so many ways

    • C

      i mean The Star Spangled Banner.

    • Adwina Lambert

      Hasbeen, over-rated, over-exposed Floptina should just go away!! tee-hee! next time I’ll sing the anthem! it will be glamtastic!

    • Juneau

      I agree. Can certainly forgive her for messing up lyrics, but I don’t forgive her for butchering the melody by adding 300 notes that aren’t supposed to be in the song.

    • Randy

      I agree with Joan Rivers, HOW STUPID CAN U GET!!! I have always hated Christina Aguilera and the crappy music she puts out and this is just the tip of the iceberg! If it had to happen to anyone I’m glad it was her! And messing up the words wasn’t even the worst part!! Making every word 7 syllables? Terrible! She needs to go away… far, far away

    • Jack

      Her voice did not crack
      That’s how her voice should sound
      She did a good job,not the best,but nice:))

  • Al

    I actually didn’t notice the flub because I was distracted by the way her face has morphed into Cyndi Lauper’s.

    • Mary

      I’m glad someone else sees that. Thank you! I’ve been noticing that for years when she sings live!

      • jimmyG

        That’s funny – it’s exactly what I said to my girlfriend, and she said she was thinking the same thing.

      • Pin Up Bot

        Come on guys give the girl a break. Have a pin up drawn of her in a sexy costume at: www dot pinupbot dot com. I mean seriously. Thanks.

    • Kate

      I thought the exact same thing! Funny!

      • Long Tim

        Never looked at her face, all that matters is between her legs

  • Andy

    Who cares about the flub, it happens all the time, but Jesus she did a horrible rendition. Earth to Xtina, it is not 1999 anymore where you have to put so much soul into every damn syllable. Horrible singer.

    • anne

      You’re right–her rendition was terrible–Just sing it the way it was written with NO ‘elaboration’!

      • KC

        to be fair and technical, as most are being with this mistake, it was originally written as a poem-the music was added much later. It also has several verses…

      • Shellibelli

        yeah I could have cared less about the mistake, the way she sang though was horrible, and she looked horrible too.

    • Andie

      Agree. I could forgive the flub if she had sung it better.

      • GI Joe

        Everytime she opened her mouth I stood at full attention

    • dina

      you people are crazy. listen to every song shes ever done and the notes she hits and the vocal acrobatics she dare all you people say she is a horrible singer. as a singer myaself i study her vocals day in and day out and still have yet been able to do even half of the things she is capable of.

      • DTO

        I dare! She f u c k i n’ sucks!

    • lily

      the song was unrecognizable, it almost didn’t matter what the words were, ow my ears

  • rod

    it looks like her and hilary clinton have the same stylist too what was up with the pant suit

    • melizaberry

      I like that she wore a suit instead of a too small boobylicious dress or a track suit

      • Mike Hawk

        Yeah cause hot chicks not showing their bodies is always fun. They have such amazing personalities

  • Gordon England

    The words were only part of her mess. She mangled the notes with way too many personal inflections making it the worst sounding song I ever heard.

    • Lisa London


  • Jen

    “The Star-Spangled Banner” is a REALLY tough song to sing. REALLY tough. Do a YouTube search – 9 out of 10 people who perform in front of crowds get flustered and mess up. And yes, Christina is a professional and should be held to a higher standard, but she’s also human. (It’s not like she pulled a Roseanne, spitting and grabbing her crotch through the song.)

    • Holly

      Humor writer Dave Barry has described as a song with incomprehensible lyrics and a high note that normal humans cannot hit without risk of a hernia.

      • Mike Hawk

        Dave Barry was funny 40 years ago. Wish he was still alive :(

      • KJ

        Sorry to be technical – but Dave Barry is NOT dead. You must be thinking of someone else or else you made a bad funny.

    • PJ

      Yes, it is tough to sing, but she didn’t have to make it more difficult with all the unnecessary runs so she could show off her voice.

    • Kelly

      I agree – do a YouTube search – search Cactus Cuties – four little girls singing the national anthem – there is a video of them at a Cowboys game and one at a Texans game – and they are far superior (in four part harmony) than the hot mess that was Christina – despite the fact that her job is to sing well and remember lyrics – she has no other job but preforming. If I screwed up my job they was she messed up last night – I wouldn’t have a job – people wouldn’t be making excuses for me – just saying.

    • Mike Hawk

      I volunteered to have her spit in her hand and grab my crotch while she sang but I had stage fright

      • KillerDad

        WOW I can only hope that “all the high-school dropouts” “killing poor people in impoverished countries ” find you and bill hilly some day and do to the both of you what she did to my national anthem. By the way the vast majority of special forces are members of the highest end of the I.Q. spectrum, you know the one farthest away from you and your equal old bill:)

    • barbiedoll

      Thanks, Jen, your comment really nails it. Anyone who needs to see a Star Spangled Banner flub need look no further than a recent Tosh.0–he did a quite hilarious “web redemption” with a girl who messed it up good on a recent show.

    • K. Harker

      Oh say can you see / By the dawn’s early light / What so proudly we hail / In the twilight’s last gleaming? / Whose bright stripes and broad stars / In the perilous night / For the ramparts we watched / uh, da-da-da-da-da-daaaa. / And the rocket’s red glare / Lots of bombs in the air / Gave proof to the night / That we still had our flag. / Oh say does that flag banner wave / Over a-a-all that’s free / And the home of the land / And the land of the – FREE!

      Thank you Frank Drebin.

  • Christopher

    Technically speaking, she didn’t invent a line– she just repeated 95% of the second line, only getting the “o’er” in approximately the right spot. You’d think the U.S. public would be more concerned if she was off pitch than if she got the lyrics wrong– I’m looking at you, you mumblefakers out their.

  • sfday

    How many people would have really noticed if the media hadn’t got so frenzied about it? I

    • TQB

      exactly – I didn’t even notice until I read about it later.

      • KillerDad

        What line of work r u in so I never make the mistake of hiring u. Your not very detailed oriented.

    • Sherrick

      Exactly. No one noticed until the media start going on and on about it.

      • Anita

        She’s a professional singer who has performed in front of arena crowds and on national TV before, so she gets no slack from me for the flub. And for those of you who don’t know the lyrics – for cryin’out loud how many sporting events have you been to in your life? They sing it EVERY game! And put the lyrics on the scoreboard for you! Of course we can’t sing along anymore like we did when I was a kid, because so many of the singers have to do a Whitney Houston imitation. Oh, yeah, as a good hockey fan I also know Oh Canada!

    • Jason

      Maybe everyone who actually learned it in school, which should be everyone posting on this message board.

      • tricia

        Yeah, my 8 year old noticed it, as well as everyone else I was with.

      • pete k

        My 10 year old twins, my wife and myself, a US Coast Guard veteran, noticed. I’m sorry, but if you are going to sing the song that represents our nation on the biggest stage in the world, you better be damn sure that you can recite the lyrics properly…and don’t improvise!!!

      • Jack

        It was fine and she was fine, I love her voice and she always looks good to me-I’m an Army Officer-does that mean my opinion counts for more?

      • bootsycolumbia

        I’m Canadian, and I noticed. I couldn’t tell you at that moment what the correct line was, but I knew that Christina flubbed it. What with all her vocal runs and over the top notes, she really messed up The Star Spangled Banner. Maybe they’ll let her have a do-over next year.

    • Sunsetsnow81

      You’re wrong because many people, including me, immediately heard her flub the lyrics. A lot of military friends updated as soon as it happened.

      • Mike Hawk

        How would anybody in the military notice? A bunch of high school dropouts don’t have the capacity to learn such a horrible song.

    • drew

      If that is really true that is really sad that Americans don’t know the words to the National Anthem

      • dee dee1

        I agree with you. The sad truth is that is rare that the words of the National Anthem, the pledge, any patriotic songs for that matter are taught in schools. Schools have music, arts etc cut because of these devastating budget cuts. The sad truth is that she is not the only one who doesn’t know the words to the song. In all fairness, we all make mistakes, I just wouldn’t want it to be in front of the millions of watching, especially our military men and woment watching the Superbowl back in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not a good moment to be hearing that.

      • JMB in FL

        @deedee1: I don’t know where you live, but my kids have all, since elementary school, sung patriotic songs, said the pledge daily, and know the national anthem. In middle and high school, maybe, they don’t sing the songs… but they all have to say the pledge at assemblies, etc. Maybe this is something to take up with your school district. It has nothing to do with budget cuts, though. The pledge is part of the daily announcements and the singing, as well. The national anthem *ought* to be America the Beautiful, which is simpler, more descriptive of the entirety of our country, and inspirational. The Star Spangled Banner is difficult, the lyrics are clunky, and it is about a single battle in what amounts to a fairly minor war. I get what it’s about, but it’s a bear to sing for everyone.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I didn’t notice, but I’d already put my fingers in my ears. Flubbing the lyrics is one thing, but mangling the song until it’s an unrecognizable mess is something else.

    • Kate

      Heck I’m Canadian and I knew as soon as I heard it she screwed up the lyrics – which really wasn’t the awful part. She really sounded bad and the runs were unnecessary, inappropriate, and took away from a song that when sung simply is a beautiful national anthem. Ouch!

    • peggym

      The entire room of people I was with noticed. It also deosn’t matter that the tune and lyrics were cobbled together to form a song– that happend almost 200 years ago, so people have had time to grow accustomed to it.

    • Kelly

      I was watching with seven people – we all noticed immediately

      • Mike Hawk

        Get a life. If you notice little things like that, well you must be fat

      • Tarc

        Or just a braindead ignoramus like Mike Hawk…

      • Bill Hilly

        Only fat lardos didn’t like her version. I had the sound down because my wife was whipping my cream, but she looked fergilicious

      • Kelly

        @Mike HawkOr you have a family member that is a Vet and was willing to give their life for the feedom that this country affords every citizen – and our National Anthem symbolizes the sacrifices that have been made through out the history of our great country – and failing to make sure you know the lyrics when singing the anthem in public is disrespectful to all the men and women – past, present and future – who choose to place their lifes at rish so you can make stupid, unintelligent comments on message boards.

      • Bill Hilly

        Killing poor people in impoverished countries doesn’t have anything to do with my freedom. And Francis Scott Key was a terrorist.

    • Heather P

      I noticed, my husband noticed, my six year old daughter noticed. Probably most of the 111 million people who were watching noticed.

  • Steph

    I’m no Xtina fan, but c’mon, so she forgot the words…it happens. Simple as that. So people need to It doesn’t make her any less or more patriotic.

    I personally was more concerned with her overdoing the runs than messing up the line.

  • axel


  • D

    She is a discrace any one that takes the Anthem and trys to make it “thier” version should hang up there mike…

    • Branton

      Perhaps you should spend more time with Hooked on Phonics and less time criticizing Christina Aguilera. Then, you would know how to spell the words “disgrace” and “their.” At the very least, you would know that the best word that describes your reflection in a mirror is IDIOT!

      • Sarah

        Actually, Hooked on Phonics is primarily used to teach reading and focuses mostly on the pronunciation of words and not so much the correct spelling of them (although the program does not ignore spelling). Perhaps Harrap’s English Grammar guides may be a better suggestion or even the Mavis Beacon typing tutorial could help.

    • Sheina


    • Angela W

      Is “D” your name or the grade that you earned in high school? Silly me, you probably dropped out in grade school.

      • William


      • anonymous

        D for Dunce !

      • Joe Francis

        I wish aguilera had some D’s

    • William

      Sweetie, you misspelled “tries,” “their,” and “disgrace.” You also don’t know the difference between “there” and “their.” Don’t fret, you don’t have to be literate in order to work at McDonald’s.

      • Ethan

        You also don’t have to spell that well to get any number of graduate jobs that aren’t about spelling. No reason to get all snippy about an opinion, honestly. I’ve gotten through law school and still make typos all the time. And I thought the Super Bowl performance was annoying, and not because of the messed up words. Just sayin.

        Oh and while we’re at it, why would her opinion be less valid if she worked at McDonald’s? Maybe you should be less insulting.

      • Nona

        Why insult McDonald workers?

      • Lynn

        We are way too cruel to D. After all he gave himself the perfect title. D is Daaah. Oh maybe we are talking to a preschoolers. Lol.

    • Lisa

      Anyone is one word, not two!

    • Hugo

      D-D-D-Damn, you got served!

    • Liam

      Today was not your day.

    • nat

      And you should never write again because you suck at spelling

      • MikkiMarie

        When did this turn into grammar class?

  • Kevin

    I think more people would have been forgiving if she wasn’t such a nasty person all the time. Christina has spent her career bad mouthing other singers and acting like a skank rather than relying on her talent. If Christina wants people to be more forgiving of her, she needs to undergo a serious personality change.

    • kelly

      Kevin, I think your comment is spot on. It’s one thing to be assertive and strong, but she comes across as downright nasty and uncivil.

    • fancypants

      Show me the links where Christina has badmouthed other singers.
      Christina relied on her talent. You don’t get listed at #58 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 greatest singers ever, for no reason. It’s funny how you accuse Christina of insulting people WHILE you insult her.

      • Josh

        I agree!
        So silly that people assume that she badmouths everbody, but where is this proof? She may have said some things about other people, but don’t even try and say you don’t badmouth people in your life.
        It really sucks that because she’s famous she’s seen as a “terrible” person because she may or may not have said bad things about people she doesn’t like. I guess that means you all just give compliments and lollipops to the people you hate right?
        People forget she is human, and that she makes mistakes. So really, get over it and worry about something important.
        Also, her voice sounded great in my opinion! She did overdo the runs a little but her belts and SOME of the runs sounded great! And she looked gorgeous in that outfit :)

        Love you Xtinaa! <3

      • Kevin

        Seriously? She has made comments about Pink, Brittney Spears, and Lady Gaga that were all very public and very nasty!
        I am not pretending to be a saint, but anyone I have an issue with knows how I feel because I tell them to their face. The difference is that she is posting her comments through Twitter and in interviews. I remember seeing a VH1 special about her where she and her mother continually commented on how everyone else was jealous of her all throughout her life.
        By the way, I do agree that Christina Aguilera has an absolutely amazing voice and when she first came out I thought she had a lot of potential. If she had relied on that talent rather than dressing in disgustingly skanky outfits and trying to be overly sexual all the time, she would be a lot higher than #58 on the list of great singers. Other singers use these gimmicks to hide their flaws and make up for the limits in their vocals. She has the voice, why distract from it with the gimmicks?
        She is mean and nasty and it comes across in her interviews. Sorry, but I do not feel any sympathy for the backlash she has received over a situation that would have blown over for a more pleasant person in the same situation.

      • chris

        If she was rated #58 then thank you for reminding me why Rolling Stone is irrelevant. 558 may ee yay ee yaya ee yay oh woa woa oo oh oooo oh whoa oo whoa ooo whoa. What a joke

    • True Blue

      Other singers have been less “b*tchy” than she is, but they get little to no flack. Why is Christina everyone’s favorite punching bag?

      • Jim

        Cause she is Stupid Cant sing and is Blond and a lezzy.

    • CW

      I agree. People are making a big deal of this because she’s not well liked. Look it up on the web she has talked smack about Pink (who doesn’t like her), Madonna, Britney, Kelly Osbourne to name a few. Christina is classless, cheap and has to learn the difference between singing and screaming. I don’t feel sorry for her. You reap what you sow.

    • Hector

      If she were basing her career out of being a nasty person, why does the Grammy Academy love them some Christina Aguilera?

  • Megan

    I guess my reason for being upset is that she was singing it so ridiculously with all the runs and such that I could barely remember the words either. I don’t like when the SSB is messed with, and when that messy causes you to forget the words it is all the worse.

  • Jean P

    Did Christina get paid to sing the Super Bowl National Anthem? If yes, how much? Were the words to the anthem on the jumbotron? If yes, did Christina know?

  • Holly

    I prefer singers who keep it simple, personally. No need to get all “flourishy.” For examples of it being done right, see the Dixie Chicks some years back, Jim Cornelieson (sp?) in the NFCCG, or the service academy choirs.

    • Leesa

      i agree. Her flubbed words don’t stick with me as much as the fact that she so obnoxiously made the song and moment about herself, singing it it a manner that fairly screamed “Hey, look at me and how loudly and high and flourish-filled I can sing this sucker!” Plenty of artists in the past have put their own spin and style on the song, and still kept the integrity of the song. She just oversang it to prove how Aguilera-y she still is. I really expected her at the end to shout, “Now go see Burlesque at your local Budget-plex,” that’s now self-promoting it came off.

      • Lisa

        Well, if the producers didn’t want Christina to sing it the way that Christina sings a song, perhaps they should have hired someone else! Christina likes to belt her songs and includes lots of runs. Is this a surprise to anyone at this point? She’s been around since the 90s. Get a clue. Maybe next year they will get someone milquetoast and lame like you or your mother!

      • Sherrick

        You do know that WASN’T her first time performing the Anthem right? So CLEARLY if they wanted someone to sing it ‘regular’, they would have hired SOMEONE else. She ALWAYS does the Anthem like that, so ………….

      • Lisa Simpson

        Just because that’s the way she normally sings it, that doesn’t make it good. The producers may have wanted some big-name, egotistical diva, but it was an awful performance that was not about the song or the country.

      • Lisa London

        @ Lisa Simpson: too true.

      • rkar726

        @ Leesa my thoughts exactly as I was watched her performance.

    • Jackie

      @Holly – I didn’t start watching the Superbowl until a couple of years ago, so I didn’t see the Dixie Chicks performing, but I just YouTube’d it, and DAMN! Now THAT is the way to sing the National Anthem at the Superbowl! I actually teared up a little. Gorgeous harmonies.

      • Kelly

        @Jackie – here’s another good one to check out on YouTube. Search Cactus Cuties – it’s four little girls – there are multiple videos of different performances (one at a Cowboys game and one a Texans game among others). They are great.

      • mari

        @Jackie – Check out Charice Pempengco singing the anthem at the Dodgers opening game (2009 or 2010, not sure). Joe Torre and the other players were impressed by it.

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