The kid who plays Darth Vader looks exactly like Mark Hamill

The child who played Darth Vader in the cute Volkswagen commercial was on the Today show this morning, and uh, he looks a lot like Luke Skywalker. Like, a lot a lot. Max Page, 6, had never seen Star Wars when he booked the spot, which is his first national commercial. Don’t watch the prequels, Max! Save yourself.

Watching little kids squirm on morning television makes me extremely uncomfortable, but mostly this segment makes me wonder if young Max was cast partially for the Star Wars family resemblance and not just his terrific Force hand gestures…

I’m hoping for a follow-up spot with a young Boba Fett, PopWatchers. What about you?

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  • Mel

    Wow, he really does. That is a little unnerving. I thought it was a really cute commercial.

    • Bette

      Max!! You are the BEST !! 10/10… May the Force stay with you.

    • Rockgolf

      No, his haircut looks like Hamill’s in Star Wars. Give the kid a brushcut and they’re nothing alike.

      • Shiny

        Luuuuuke! Man he’s an adorable kid!

  • GS

    Whoa! He looks like a mini me version of Mark Hamill!

  • dude in nyc

    He is great at this…and does look a lot like Mark Hamil.
    Max was born with a heart defect and has a pacemaker….it is great to see him get so much positive attention

  • Kia

    Oh my gosh! Is that Reed from Y&R?!

    • CarolH

      Max did say he was on Young and Restless so I would have to say yes to your the way..he is adorable.

    • akfakds

      Yes, he’s Reed Helstrom on Y&R.

  • Gah

    whoa he really does look like mark hamill. that commercial was adorable.

  • Jeff

    Yes, he does look like Mark Hamill, but why raise the possibility that maybe this helped him get the job? Maybe someone, if anyone, thought it was cute but I doubt the agency/casting said, “Wow. Let’s use the kid who looks like Luke… by hiding his head under this giant helmet.”

    • Rolo

      Or someone really smart said, “This commercial is going to get alot of attention. It’d be great to keep it going afterwards if we unmasked the kid and he looked like Mark Hamill!”

      • BrandonK

        What would have been really impressive is if he sounded like James Earl Jones…

  • heather

    I liked the commercial. Very cute. Finally we see the kid behind the mask.

  • Carrie

    My family loves this commercial, we laugh everytime we see it. He is too adorable.

  • c’mon

    Oh, enough with dissing the prequels already!

    • daisyj

      There can never be enough dissing of the prequels.

    • meg

      But it is so much fun. And well deserved.

      • billyD

        If I had a Death Star I would use it to destroy the prequels. No, seriously, I would.

      • Susan

        Hilarious, Billy D! And we would all applaud when you destroyed them!

      • Princess Leia

        I agree Enough Prequel hate-come on now. We all know the original tri. was the best. But no one can deny that it was intriguing to say the least to know where Vader and the Jedi heyday came from. Im a die-hard Star Wars fangirl and I love all 6, so just stop-hate is a path to the dark side. OH you know what I mean.

    • Eric Geller

      I’m with you. Prequel hate is pathetic.

  • K8

    That commercial was one of my favoirtes, he was so expressive without even seeing his face. Seeing this clip made me think he was even cuter and hearing his story was pretty neat too. I hope he stays positive and healthy too!

  • Lorie

    The resemblence is uncanny! This was my favorite commercial last night.

  • Dipp Thong

    Margaret, Please stop with the snarky prequels crap. We get it. You didn’t like them. But kids do. A lot. My daughters love them and it sucks to constantly have self-appointed cultural police tell them the something they like is bad. Stop being so cynical, move on, and let people like what they like without the tired commentary.

    • billyD

      Dipp Thong – Margaret is not self-appointed cultural police. She was appointed by to write for them and to give her opinions. Her opinion was that she didn’t like the prequels. If your daughters like the prequels that’s great. Just don’t let them read Margaret’s blogs and they won’t suffer any self-doubt or be forced to hear/see ideas from someone who sees things differently than they do. That way they can go blissfully through life with no idea how to relate to people other than those who think only exactly as they do.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        billyD FTW

      • Dipp Thong

        Billy, Thanks for protecting Margaret’s honor. And thanks for taking a response to her opinion and turning it into an attack on my parenting. Classy. Why does it have to be like this? Ya know, you get what you give in life. Margaret took an otherwise cute story about a kid and something fun and had to add a little vile to it. I don’t get why that’s necessary. I don’t get the delight in that kind of negativity. Or yours.

      • jodipo

        Dipp Thong, you too are being negative. Hypocrisy much?

      • billyD

        Dipp – I guess what I don’t understand is why you feel that Margaret (or anyone else on the internet who has a different view from yours concerning these movies) should be labeled “culture police.” As I stated, she is paid by EW to share her views. And in this particular article she was simply making a little joke. It is true that I agree with her, but even if I didn’t I would have found her statement amusing, not a direct condemnation of my children’s taste in movies. Perhaps I was a cynical in my response, however your original post was quite cynical as well and cynicism tends to breed cynicism. I apologize if I offended you.

        Maybe in the future, when commenting on blog posts it would behoove us all to refrain from commenting accept to remain specifically on topic and let minor disagreements that really are not about the original post to be as water off a duck.

        I hope you continue to share the joy of movies and popular culture with your daughters and that you and they can enjoy spirited discussions on the merits and weaknesses of the movies with each other and with other fans.

  • Anne

    Cute kid, DOES look like Mark Hamil. I was most impressed with how he did the job physically. You couldn’t see his face but every action and pose was perfect.
    As someone who is old enough to have seen SW:ANH in the theatre in 1977, I completely identified with the kid. I remember the kids in my neighborhood spending HOURS playing “Star Wars” and we tried Jedi mind tricks all over the place. Because there were two girls in our little group, one of us was Princess Lay-a and the other was Princess Lee-a. I loved a game where the girls got to shoot.
    The commerical brought all that back to me.

  • kaydevo

    He could not be any cuter! And yes, the Luke Skywalker resemblance is strong, and pretty cool. I wish good health and continued good fortune for the charming little boy and his family.

  • KimAnnLee

    If Mark Hamill and Meg Ryan had a baby…..

    • Mole

      …It would be a hunk of plastic.

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