Bieber booed at Knicks game. Funny or sad?

Justin Bieber went to see the New York Knicks play last night, and got booed by the crowd at Madison Square Garden after his face graced the overhead scoreboard. You can hear the reaction in the video below. The TV commentators praise New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who was sitting next to Bieber, for making conversation to soothe the 16-year-old’s momentarily bruised ego. Of course, the young girl bawling feet from them, overwhelmed by merely being that close to Bieber, may also have helped.

Now I know the pleasure of a random “boo” fest in the Garden. I think it was the first year the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) came to town, and clown Flint Rasmussen rode around the dirt in a mini tank during a break in action and fired T-shirts into the crowd. When he accidentally hit a Stanley Cup banner, it was not pretty. But that, to me, is different. The crowd was booing an action, not a kid’s existence. This clip made me feel for Bieber. And I hate that. Are we ready for a backlash against the backlash? 

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    • LOL

      ERNIE FTW!

      • Jack

        People are tired of constantly having this kid and his haircut shoved in their faces. We know Bieber’s handlers need to make their money before his shelf life expires, but this much overexposure is bound to set off a backlash.

      • TomijuliAgus

        Have you ever realised that most of the hartes are guys I think cause every time girls becomes huge fans of a guy celebrity guys get jealous cause he’s stealing the girls away, Im not saying alllll the guys dont get me wronge but most of them I think their all stupid god grow up already. and no Im not a fan Im just sayinga0

    • Shadow

      Bieber is on the bus. If you’re not a fan of his (or other reality stars), I highly recommend you check this out:

    • Ryan

      THAT made me crack up. Great video, what a strange little tool that kid is. Not that I really care, but yeah wow what a tool.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Hahaha finally!!! That kid is so f*cking full of himself; thank god some people finally showed him that not everyone thinks hes hot sh*t and deflated his ego!

      • Paola

        Well, if you dont like justin than keep it to yourself.He is just a teenager.

    • stephenKC

      BAD JOURNALISM! Not surprisingly, EW’s news story missed a key element (at least according to other media sites’ accounts). Bieber was in NY to attend a red carpet premiere of his 3-D movie … and he showed up court-side wearing 3-D glasses. So he wasn’t innocently “just” attending the game, he was court-side wearing a product placement to promote his movie. The crowd quit booing when he finally took off the glasses. C’mon EW, how about giving us ALL the facts???

      • Jaker

        Thanks stephen for finally covering the event. Amazing the actual “journalists” can’t explain -why- people were booing him. Same as they can’t explain why people in Egypt are rioting.

      • Yu Lee

        stephenKC….. please note it was NOT a RED carpet premiere. Justin Bieber had a PURPLE carpet – his favorite color!

    • keefer

      im sorry but that is funniest thing ever heard or seen one guy i read called him a tool and he is very correct justin nothing but a tool…lol wish i was there to boo him too

      • Melissa

        Keefer U Have no heart Or soul!!!

      • Rob

        I don’t have anything with or agasnit Bieber’s music, but it quiet catches me how that kiddo drives millions of girls completely crazy. I respect his abililities to deal with as well the haters and the lovers on his age. He doesnt seem to be arrogant or annoying or whatsoever, he’s just doing his thing. I, myself, can only dream to get 1% of all female attention he gets. I’m taking my hat off for that boy.

      • Smigler

        I hate when guys have armpit hair . . . With any hair on their body bdiese there head, eye brows and eyelashes it grosses me out . . . If he was my guys I would make him shave his hairy body . But I still love u jb !

    • Liz Lemon

      SAD… leave the kid alone. He’s 16 years old and trying to live his life. You can’t hate him, because his fans love him and his agents/studio are trying to make as much money off of him as they can. Not his fault.

      • Tasmin

        Frak Bieber; Lundqvist is hot! That’s a NY Ranger goalie?! Shouldn’t he look like a toothless Siberian strong man?

      • Tandy

        Thanks, Liz. So glad you posted. How is Bieber any different than David Cassidy/Shawn Cassidy/Beatles/Backstreet Boys/Fill-in-the-Blank? He’s this generations’ teen poster heart throb. There’s no harm here. Why are people so jaded?

      • Sandy

        Please do not put Justin Bieber, the Cassidys, or the Backstreet Boys in the same sentence as the Beatles.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Oh my god @Tandy, did you really just put Bieber and the Backstreet Boys in the same catergory as the Beatles?! Oh wow, what our world has come to. All four of those other artists you mentioned could combine all their musical talent and it wouldn’t even be equivalent to the musical talent present in George Harrison’s left ring finger! And thats not even mentioning Ringo, Paul and John! God d*mn you should have your ears removed for such a statement…

    • vibecat

      Absolutely hilarious. Take the little pocket tool down a little. he is a bit too full of himself. Especially since he doesn’t even have any talent.

      • Kenny Von Flinkington

        He has talent. He has worked hard to get where he is. He’s just a kid. Leave him alone. And I’m not a fan.

    • Ken


      • Adenisio

        ugee ene jini 3 sartai huu gesen shu dee uaasaga ene bol shal teneg medee ohin bish huuhen bishee bur awgai bohku yu ter tsaraig ni haraa bizdeee e harwaaas gaj dontoi teneg awgai justin iiiig bododguumaa gehed ter jaahan ureee bodohgui teneg bas negen galzuuuu orowdoltei huuhen !!! ene asuudal barag ter ex nz zaluutai ni holboootoi bolj bgaaam shig bn leeshdee

  • Kat

    Yeahh…I could kind of understand if he was there to sing the national anthem and he was booed because people didn’t think he was appropriate or they didn’t like his music or something. But you just can’t boo someone for simply being at a game. That’s too much, and while I kind of loathe Bieber’s music and the insane overreactions girls have when it comes to this kid, I do feel bad. He just wanted to hang out at a game. Courtesy and empathy, people.

    • MDS

      If I was him it wouldn’t bother me at all. I’d just watch the game then go home and dive into my money pool like Scrooge McDuck.

      • ANATO

        I literally LOL-ed here in the coffee shop at this comment. Effing funny and true.

      • Kim E

        Scrooge McDuck, HA!

      • Cameron Yarde Jnr

        That is hilarious and if I was rich and successful that’s what I’d do if I got booed.

      • KRibbons

        ahhhh…. memories.

      • bennyO

        So your gay for him?

    • Mr. Burns

      Come on; Bieber is a joke. But it’s stupid to boo him. You should be booing the legions of teary eyed clowns who swoon over him.

      • Dennis

        Good point! America really is easily impressed and we create our own stars and then actually boo ourseleves for creating them. Kind of like electing Obama and now sick about it. Ha!

      • Liz Lemon

        How is he a joke? How is any different from any other musician? I’ll take Bieber over Miley Cyrus any day.
        That’s one thing I don’t get. Why all the hate for this little boy? He’s done nothing to anyone to deserve it. He’s quite respectful to everyone and reasonably talented compared to some. Just because you dislike his music, doesn’t mean you have to hate him. That makes absolutely no sense.

      • @Dennis

        oh boy, you voted for Bush the previous election didn’t you?

      • Rich

        I thank the good Lord every day that Sarah “Half Term” Palin isn’t one McCain heart attack away from the Presidency.

      • tomm

        Mrs Palin would have quit as VP by now, since she would have been over her head.

        Also, since she wouldn’t have been able to order invasion of Iran on her own.

      • BW

        I agree with L- squared. How is he a joke? He is no different than every other”teen idol” that has come through over the years. Tell me you wouldn’t give your left n*t to have girls crying just at the sight of you when you were 15. Will you call your mothe a “teary eyed clown” because I guarantee you she did the same thing over Sean Cassidy or Leif Garrett or whatever singer was ‘it’ when she was 15.

      • Color Me Impressed

        @Liz Lemon: “How is he different than any other musician out there?” Ok, so maybe the Biebs is on the same level with Cyrus and Ke$ha and the like, but there are so many muscians out there so much more talented and emotionally resonant than him. If everyone truly realized that, they would cry at how pathetic everyone’s obsession with Bieber is.

      • Betsey

        Never would have thunk I would find this so inidpsensable.

    • David Layton

      Talk about over exposed,This is like Myley Cyrus,I cant go into a store without seeing their advertising fecies.It might teach him alittle humility!

      • petronus

        Instead of worrying about Bieber you might want to crack open a dictionary.

    • Smork

      Sorry he doesn’t get to hang out and his ego is public property to bruise as they please. When you become a celebrity you open yourself up to the masses.

    • Matman

      I am sorry to say but you obviously don’t know New Yorkers. It is culturally insensitive of you to ask for courtesy for someone who is getting paid for a reason that isn’t readily apparent to everyone in general. It is New York culture!! My friends and family are all the same way. We go to a restaurant and are pleased.. we tip well, sometimes 20%-25% or more of the bill. … we are dissatisfied we tip absolutely 0 or even more insultingly a few pennies. That forces the staff to work hard to make money. On average, New Yorkers tip more in the long run than many places despite the ‘poor service=no tip mentality’ but that is because the city’s tipping and fandom habits attracts a high caliber of service agents and industries (entertainment, food etc.) This model works in sports as well. We ask a lot out of our athletes. We ask for championships we will pay anything for that championship. When a team is successful they get an immense amount of devoted fandom. Should a player be in a slump? He is no longer of any use and is no longer respected. It is therefore offensive to our sense of business for him to still be paid for his ineptitude. Hence we boo a struggling player. The options to stop the hate? Leave the league or do something worthwhile. This instance of Bieber is no different. He makes a lot of money and receives much adoration. He wrote an autobiography of his small number of years. To those New Yorkers who do not think that it requires talent to sound good with autotuning or who feel that it is not respectable to write a book and twitter blog about the struggles you have faced when you have lived a golden life, his very existence is offensive. By coming into our fair city and sitting amongst men who have proven themselves in their respective fields (film, hockey etc.) and to do all this without a stitch of humility deserves more boos than he received. Now should he work on himself and think lower of himself until his life experiences catch up to his bloated head and should he begin a new more respectable path then he shall have the full backing and virtually unrivaled fandom and support of the NY crowd. Does he want his next time at the Garden to be full of cheers and “Courtesy and Empathy,” as you put it? Then he better start working to deserve it.

      I don’t know where you are from (you may be a New Yorker for all I know) but all I can say is come visit us, but to make it here you gotta be on your game.
      “If I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere. It’s up to you- New York, New York!!!!!”-Frank Sinatra

      • TimK

        What a load of sanctimonious b.s., Matman. First, as numerous other folks have said, he’s a kid. Second, as far as I know he’s not promoting a dangerous lifestyle to his core base of fans of alcohol and drugs. Third, COURTESY and EMPATHY are not earned; they are acts that we should all practice as civilized human beings. Such is the paradox of the greater NYC area–at once one of the most tolerant and progressive parts of the country, but also, so often, quite boorish and rude. Live the darn Golden Rule!

      • Evil Melvin!!

        I see both your point Matman and TimK’s. Very good arguments. I will say that TimK loses points with the “he’s just a kid” defense…He’s 16 yet they show him cavorting with 29 year old Kim Khardasian, and he being the first to declare himself a “ladies’ man”. That “he’s a kid” crap doesn’t fly with me and millions of others.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Thank you Matman!!! Why aren’t true, hardworking New York musicians like Julian Casablancas and Lou Reed getting as much money and attention as Bieber? Its an outrage!

    • Me

      Amen Kat!
      Leave the little dude alone, he’s just living his life.

  • ®ustymustdie

    people are such douche bags. Let’s not forget that he is still a child. Give the kid & his old man comb-over a break already.

    • jules

      Indeed. He’s just a kid; one in a long line of temporary-idols. Let him be happy while it lasts for him.

    • Moose

      Old man comb-over? That’s Henrik Lundqvist, the goalie for the NY Rangers – not his Dad! And that’s hardly a comb-over. The guy has a full head of hair! I would bet you are going bald or are already bald.

      • Keith

        Re-read …it refers to Biebers’ hair, not Lundqvist.

      • ani

        i almost feel that you deserve an award for the most inaccurate interpretation of a post

  • Jace

    I think it would have been sad if it weren’t for the girl in hysterics at the end.

  • Fireflystare221

    I don’t like Bieber, and I think his music is awful but I don’t think he deserves to get booed. I thought this was sad. He hasn’t done anything particularly awful for him to deserve this. Though I’m sure his millions of dollarsw ere a nice comfort. Plus he gets to sit next to sexy Hank. He didn’t have it too bad.

  • SM

    Isn’t he Canadian? Since when do they like the NBA?

    • simp brown

      Er, since we invented the game.

      • CRR

        Tecnically, a Canadian did invent the game, he was just living in Massachusetts at the time….

        Poor Bieber! What did he ever do to anyone besides make awful music that assaults the ears?!

      • ken

        bastball was first invented? at mcgill university in monteal canada..ha ha justin barber is a complete farse.Its called anything to get noticed…

      • Al Gore

        Yeah, and I invented the internet. -Al

      • one

        What silly arguments from both sides:
        What does a Canadian inventing the game have anything to do with the reasons why a Canadian would be a fan of it now? America has popularized and developed basketball to a greater extent than Canada has. Likewise, Canada has popularized and developed hockey to a greater extent than America has.
        Other side: Why wouldn’t a Canadian be a fan of the game? There’s Canadian basketball and an NBA team in Toronto.
        That said,

    • Bloke

      Ever since a Canadian invented Basketball…

    • tell

      You must be american?? We invented the game????? get a clue

    • Autumn

      yes hes caanadian and some canadians <3 basket ball.i hit the floor laughing when i found out he was booed!

  • Max

    That booing should be played on a loop wherever he goes

    • Autumn


  • Mike

    Not a fan of Justin Bieber but this is absolutely mean spirited and a sad reflection on too many these days who feel that attacking a teen (and that is what this was – an emotional attack) is somehow okay just because they don’t like his music. It’s not like he’s really doing anything to any of them – they are just booing his existence. People are rude and just don’t care anymore.

    • Miss Talk

      I don’t think anybody deserves to get booed in public but I hope Justin Bieber takes this as a signal that nothing is forever and what goes up will eventually comes back down.
      In two years, JB has done it all already: platinum CD, grammy nominations, a movie, dating Selena Gomez… But he’s still a teen sensation like Zac Efron, JoBros or Robert Pattinson were not so long ago. Soon enough those girls will be up to the new hottest guy in town.
      I saw a video where some reporter asked Justin Bieber: “Where do you picture yourself in 5 years? What would you do if this whirlwind success ever stops?”, he responded: “Why would this stop? What could possibly go wrong and make this stop in five years from now? Nothing”. Well, the very first thing that would work against JB is that to be a leading male artist on the mainstream market like Justin Timberlake or Chris Brown, the singer has to be at least 5″8 which is not JB’s case, unfortunately. It is what it is, women don’t check guys who don’t look like Prince Charming. He can still do great in music and become a critical acclaim artist but he needs to be ready for the change, which I don’t think he is right now. He will need a trustful entourage to keep him grounded and to keep him out of the dark side of Hollywood (-> drugs). Getting booed still means getting attention. JB better worry about getting no attention at all, I already do.

      • Angi

        “He will need an entourage to keep him…out of the dark side of Hollywood…” He will need an entourange to keep him out of the dark of people who “boo” children. Whether I like his music or not, I have seen nothing out of him but a very polite, pleasant young man whose worked hard to become a success and he hasn’t done that using filthy language, scantily dressed females sliming up to him or promoting violence and drugs. And people boo him for attending a game. Well, all of us who appreciate that BOO ALL OF YOU WHO BOOED HIM. You should be ashamed of yourselves but you’re probably not because you don’t see yourselves for what you did. That was public bullying at it’s worst.

      • Arturo

        yes, but not because i hate him or antnyihg like that. you see, i have a HORRIBLE case of Bieber Fever. this includes screaming, freaking out, excessively buying JB posters, going to all of his concerts in my area, trying (and failing) to contact him, and spending hours on IM talking to my friends about him. so all of my money is being wasted on posters and crap like that, and theres nothing i can do about it. Bieber Fever is unstoppable! help!

    • Chery

      it wouldn’t bhteor me as much if all these little girls would stop obsessing of him and call him a great singer even though he is not, also stop acting like he is a legend or something and that he is some badass mamma jamma from the streets, he is just a little teenage white kid that had a youtube page and just happen to get a lot of unnecessary attention because of it. hes just in it for the girls, come on thats all he gets attention for, getting kissed by girls, i dont mean to sound like a hater but the attention this KID gets is unnecessary and incomprehensable. he is WAY to young

  • jk

    oh man that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today.

    • Autumn Sue Mueller

      that made my day i have to send that to my sister!she will laugh histaricle that is so f****** funny!i think i just laughed as long as i sister will kill me for laughing.I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you dont hear from me im dead!:(

      • amused

        what the hell is histaricle?? that is even more hilarious than the article!!

      • ani

        haha..just seeing that spelling made me forget the correct spelling.

        but really, i feel bad for the kid. as lame as i think he is, i don’t think he deserves that when he is just sitting there.

  • JOJO

    FYI, SM (3:11) basketball was INVENTED by a Canadian, one James Naismith…. obv we hate the game.

    • Autumn Sue Mueller

      it was?

    • petronus

      Since its invention Canadians haven’t done the game justice save Steve Nash.

  • ashley macisaac

    take it all with stride- people are just jealous- of course most adults are going to go gaga over a young persons music but im certain he s going to be quite ok with his millions of fans and dollars- naysayers are always just jealous

  • Jolie

    But did they boo Palin? Is the jury still out on that one?

    • Liz Lemon

      Exactly. I also haven’t heard any reports of Charlie Sheen getting booed or Lindsay Lohan (who was also recently at a basketball game). People seriously make no sense.

  • Steph

    I for one dislike Bieber…as an artist. To be the kid- remember people KID right at his face is very cruel and rude.
    …now to laugh at the fact Google named him one of the most searched ‘women’ of the year is totally fine.
    But seriously, to do something like that, right at his face, just because he’s there is very mean spirited.

    • Steph

      *boo, not be.

    • axn

      lmao did google really do that??

      • Vicki

        Big help, big help. And supeartlive news of course.

  • LVC

    I enjoyed the booing bcuz I’m sick to death of the over pimping on every friggin’ channel that is going on with this corporate product. Even on every web page this kids mug pops up.

    • mscisluv

      But is that his fault? He’s doing his job (and works awfully hard to earn money for a bunch of adults, I imagine) and doesn’t deserve to be harassed just because he’s attending a game.

      • Brian

        He ws not harrassed. He received a crowd reaction which was negative. He enjoys the benifits of being famous for what he has accomplished. Along with that comes the bad also. It’s all part of the package. If he can not handle these types of situations, then he certainly has the option of combing his hair normally and returning to childhood. I agree with LVC that everywhere I turn, this kid is being thrown at us. When I saw scenes of him in a CSI episode, I knew the end of the world was near. LOL

  • whatevs

    That’s a horrible thing to do. People are so unbelievably insecure that they get pleasure out of booing a kid who hasn’t even done anything wrong. Not even the Kardashians gets booed; hell, not even Michael Vick gets booed.

    • Carl

      Are you so out of touch that you do not think The Kardashians nor Michael Vick gets booed from time to time. Justin Beiber is not a kid… He is a pop culture icon who put himself in this position.

      • John

        No question…JB is a flash in the pan talent; he got booed because he at 16 years could buy everyone of his detractors ten times over with the change in his pocket! The crowd was jealous of his success so to make oneself feel better about oneself you must take the object of your jealousy down a notch or two. In the meantime he’s laughing all the way to the bank. So keep booing…the more attention he gets the more $$$ he makes!

    • Liz Lemon

      I know right. Like I said above. People make NO sense. I’m not watching the video, because I feel bad enough for him already.
      What’s going on here is straight up, old school BULLYING! The only difference with Bieber is that the WHOLE freakin’ world is BULLYING him instead of a few kids in school. If I was him, I would be curled up into a ball right now CRYING. It’s just not right.

    • Fog cue


      • ya ya

        I think that was disrespectful i think justin bieber is awesome he can sing, he can dance, and he’s cute lol he desrves an apologie

      • Tammy

        Not completely on sync and it’s too ltraiel. I would love it if you would put some creative elements into your videos. I like this video, but I would LOVE it if you had something more unique than the average bear.

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