'SNL' books Russell Brand and Chris Brown for Feb. 12: Should show go there?

Russell-Brand-Chris-BrownImage Credit: Glenn Harris/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosRussell Brand and Chris Brown are set to make their Saturday Night Live debuts on Feb. 12, NBC has announced. Brand will serve as host, and Brown as the musical guest. Humor is one way to diffuse celebrity scandals, but do you want the show to go there with Brown, or should he just perform his two songs and stay out of sketches and shorts? My gut tells me the latter: If he just sings, the audience can compartmentalize. He’s a singer, he’s singing. But if he starts “acting,” then we start thinking… Would the show be selling out if they didn’t address his troubled past? But then again, is there a way for them to actually do that tastefully? Assault isn’t something to laugh it. It’s not like we want to see a sketch centered on him graduating from his┬ácourt-ordered course on domestic violence. He and Brand could start a celebrity Twitter war, but then, oops!, the one Brown apologized for recently was considered homophobic. Also not funny.

So what do you say: Should Brown just sing? Or are you ready for him to make you laugh? If so, how? My best idea would be a sketch with the cast impersonating other famous musicians with pasts to overcome auditioning to collaborate with Justin Bieber on a track on his next album (like Brown is doing). But it still just feels… gross. Your thoughts?

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  • jeffrey bryan

    He shouldn’t be on the show at all.

    • LOL

      Exactly. Big mistake.

    • Jason

      I love SNL and Lorne Michaels. Hate the idea of Chris Brown being on the show.

      • Juke

        Mixed emotions on this. If Brown did what he was ordered to do–whether or not people like me think it was enough–he has a right to move on. He’s young and has a long life ahead of him. I hope he has learned self control and will never hurt anyone ever again. Then I recall that police photo of Rhianna and I get sick to my stomach. I’m all for second chances for those who are truly remorseful, but this still doesn’t feel right.

      • Anna

        After all Charlie Sheen has done in his adult life, he is the highest paid TV actor. It’s only fair Chris Brown gets the chance to redeem himself. He is not like Oscar Winner Roman Polanski who ran away; he has accepted his punishment and received commendation from the judge. What more do you want from him? To build a time machine and go back to prevent it? We all make mistake but at some point we pay for our it, learn a lesson and move on with our lives.

      • Jealous Hamburger

        @ Anna. Charlie’s crimes are victimless. Chris Browns on the other hand…

      • @Jealous Hamburger

        Yes, beating his wife is perfectly fine. Not to talk about Kelly Preston or Brittany Ashland.

    • MDS

      Can’t believe this guy still has fans.

      • YoungMD

        He still has his fans because honestly his talent and his craft is one that is only God Given! But most importantly you don’t run out on a person when they make a mistake… He’s only human, as will all have done something that has let down or shamed our family and friends. If you don’t support him then I’m pretty sure there will be something else on tv you can watch.

      • pickles

        Give me a break guys. There are alot of celebs that make mistakes and come back. Everyone is entitled to redeem themselves. I’m pretty sure someone in your families have made mistakes. This guy is young and he has to learn from his mistakes just like anyone else. After all I’m sure Rhianna is not that innocent.

    • AN

      Totally agreed. Horrible choice on SNL’s part.

    • allie

      agreed. will not watch.

    • Carrie

      I agree.

    • Sara J

      I concur. I’ve watched SNL less and less in recent years, but this is the final straw.

    • Queen Bee

      Totally agree. If Rihanna hadn’t of managed to get out of that car, he could have wound up killing her. I don’t know why anyone tolerates him. Plus, so much of what he’s said and done since has just reconfirmed that he’s a horrible human being.

      • melodies

        It’s people like you, who like to spread lies. Chris Brown is a great young man. He has done and is continuing to do great things for many humanitarian projects. But since you are not a fan you wouldn’t know or even care. All you can say is what happen two years ago. It a shame because it people like you who make people commit sucide because they care only what other people think. I’m glad Rihanna and even Rihanna Father publicly forgave Chris. So you don’t matter to anyone but yourself. Good luck defending Charlie Sheen who can’t get his life together or wife beating Eminem who still looks like he still using drugs. Maybe they should have fans that adore and love them and maybe they can make a difference in people lives like Chris Brown has done.

    • bringbackrocky

      How about having OJ host the show next? Seriously, SNL, what are you thinking?

    • enough already

      long long are yall going this up! it one stupid screwup! he is human just everybody else you are not perfect either!

    • Lessley


  • Sideways Jack

    If you’re SNL, you have to address the elephant in the room!

  • Heather

    I just hope Russell does something inappropriate that wasn’t scripted

    • Tag

      Count on it.

    • googie

      Brant: Yea Brown: Nay

  • Nathan

    Russell Brand of course! But Chris Brown? What could they be thinking, nobody likes that turd anymore.

    • Kayla

      I do and he is a good entertainer you fool you dont know talent when you see it. I lopve you Chris Brown do your thing booooo

      • Beezer

        You are clearly a moron.

      • m-n-ms

        Abuser trumps talent Kayla. He’s a loser no matter what.

    • Nicole

      Actually, I still really like his music.

      • Troy Soldier

        It’s frustrating. The guy really is talented, a very good singer and an excellent dancer. Still, I find myself feeling creeped out by him now.

    • Sally

      I love him and can’t wait to see him on SNL. Lot’s of people still like him actually

      • Different Nicole

        What Nathan meant to say was that nobody sane likes that turd anymore. There will always be women writing fan letters to serial killers and there will always be Chris Brown fans. SNL just found the most efficient way to burn off all that goodwill that this week’s episode earned them.

      • Miss Talk

        Bla bla bla yet that night you will be tuning in like everyone else. Love or hate it’s the same old difference.

    • Ryan

      Thank goodness for my DVR – I can watch Brand and fast forward through Brown.

    • Shay

      Uhm… Plenty of ppl still do actually he’s definitely @ the top of the billboard charts and iTunes.

  • Mischa

    I wish Ricky Gervais was hosting – he’d bring it up…

    • Amanda

      I think Russell Brand is the type to bring it up too. He’s just as much of a provocateur as Ricky Gervais is.

  • angel

    Not to mention that Russel brand’s wife, katy perry, is reportedly best friends with rihanna…that would be more awkward in my opinion.

    • Will

      Rihanna was her maid of honor, wasn’t she? Awkward.

      • ThatWould

        I think Rhianna threw Katy’s bachelorette party because she had to miss the wedding due to touring (and I’m ashamed I know that).
        That being said, I find Chris Brown disgusting and I really wish SNL wouldn’t have booked him.

      • Miss Talk

        Do you think Rihanna and Katy are still friends? Rrreeeeally?
        Rihanna uses people to hype herself. Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Drake…Now she’s all over the new kid on the block, Nicki Minaj, grabbing her rear ends and stuff. Rihanna can’t befriend anybody, she’s too fake.

      • Term

        I definitely think Rhianna and Katy are still friends, and I definitely think Russell Brand is going off script to start the show and saying something. Crazy that they booked them on the same show.

    • D

      Agreed with angel, what a stupid host-guest pairing.

    • wino

      good point Angel….i could see Russell taking shots at Brown, but probably not at Rhianna’s expense. very awkward indeed.

      • Pierce

        Russell specializes in awkward. Memo to Chris Brown: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

      • Kendra

        Pierce wtf dude you definetly get the prize for the lamest comment…”be afraid. be very afraid” that has to be the whitest shyt I’ve ever seen. and to top it off u probably dnt even know who Chris Brown is…

  • tony

    SNL just threw them dueces up at all credibility. Which makes me wanna say bye bye to watching this episode.

    • peachylynn

      You sure know a lot of lines from chris’s songs for someone who hates him. Now that’s funny

    • Fog cue

      SNL’s lost its credibility since day one

  • E!

    Good SNL has the balls to put them two together. And Chris should do whatever, he has paid his debt so get over it. Im almost certain someone on SNL is gonna take a shot at him about his past.

    • angel

      what debt did he pay? probation and a “poor me” campaign…please

      • E!

        no, he went out and did his service to the community like he was ordered to by the judge.

      • angel

        ah yes, six month community service…real hard time for sure…

      • E!

        But he did it, thats what important. And he even did forums for women who have been abused.

      • A Sunny Day in LA

        And what about the anger management classes? Oh wait, he’s too good for that. He might’ve used those skills instead of going off on a homophobic rant to Raz B. Dude learned nothing except how to play his fans.

      • Sally

        Angel, he did what he was sentenced to do. if you don’t like it don’t blame Chris blame your US gov who let convicted killers out and Charlie Sheen constantly gets a pass for kicking women!

      • Juneau

        @E! Because everyone knows community service takes all the violent tendencies out of your system. EYE ROLL!

      • angel

        sally, so as long as the government says its ok, we should embrace chris brown as a reformed man? if (god forbid) your hubby ever attacks you, I expect uou and your whole family to embrace him once hes done his community service…

      • Sage

        Oh get over already hypocrite and go and run and tell Charlie Sheen that as he make 2 million an episode.None of you flawed people are the judge of Chris Brown.

  • Khoff

    Chris Brown is a waste. But YAY FOR RUSSELL BRAND!!

    • mandy

      Chris brown has good talent wat he did he always paid 4 if u think he’s a wast den don’t watch the show

      • K

        Is this English?

  • Andrew

    Brand goes to far with his humor. I don’t think he’s a good choice for a host at all.

  • MSR

    Probably skipping this episode based on the host alone LOL.

  • meToo

    1. MISTAKE
    2. I don’t think they are as relevant as others entertainers right now

    • Sage

      Obviously they are relevant because you are here commenting on both of them…

      Chris has seen so much judgement from hypocrites that there is nothing Russell Brand can do to him except make himself look foolish at this point.

  • Greg

    Well Clearly CB is more relevant than those on here thought. Good too see He’s back to entertaining.I wish him luck

  • Yvonne

    SNL knows exactly what there doing. Chris brown still has a very strong fan base believe it or not but he also still has a lot of haters. I guarantee both his fans and haters will be watching. Chris is a great entertainer and should be back on tv where he belongs.

  • Over it!

    It’s been two years. Chris Brown has completed his court ordered responsibilities and his current relationship status with Rhianna is between him and Rhianna. With that said…let him perform. If SNL can be ballsy enough to make some sort of reference to “the incident” I welcome it. It would be like Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson being on the show and nothing being said. Kudos to SNL for putting him on the show.

    • JPX

      Kudos? Really, you think this is a good thing? Get some standards, dude.

    • Carrie

      Are you serious? It’s been two years, so we should all forget that he put his girlfriend in the hospital? I don’t think so. Most people would feel very differently, especially if it were their daughter or sister who was beaten up.

      • PaigeJ

        Yeah but it isn’t so what? You are pressed over a situation that’s long gone. Honey sit. Rihanna hardly cares since she’s worked with a “woman beater” Eminem who used to beat his wife and proudly raps about being violently abusive towards woman so honestly is your hatred against DV or is it just Chris? You pple amaze me

      • meb

        what if he was your son? at 20?? wouldnt you want a second chance for him (and i really mean just second, not 1000s) would it be ok for his life to be over for a mistake in his late teens???

      • melodies

        He didn’t put her in the hospital. Stop spreading lies. Rihanna has forgiven Chris and said openly that she wish they could be friends. Look it up. Chris is a wonderful young man. I wish the media could have shown him in washington singing the Nation Anthem at a Special need event. Chris Brown has been involed in so many charties since 2006. He is a great young man he deserves this chance. I will be front row seat. I adore and support Chris Brown.

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