'American Idol' producers issuing an apology for Steven Tyler's 'outrageous behavior'

Ryan Seacrest said on the radio today that American Idol will be issuing an apology tonight for Steven Tyler’s “outrageous behavior.” The way Seacrest talked about it made it sound like the set-up for an exhausting Idol “joke,” perhaps for Tyler’s endlessly strange facial expressions. I can’t unsee them, Idol, but I don’t feel like I need an apology. Listen for yourselves:

Hm. A rep for Idol said she hadn’t seen the show and couldn’t comment, which means it’s open season in imagination land, I guess. Hit me with your best guess, PopWatchers: What exactly about Tyler’s behavior will Idol‘s producers apologize for tonight?

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  • Caleb

    Not sure what they would need to apologize for, unless they’re sorry he’s making the show better.

    • A

      He told a 15 year old girls father that his daughter was hot

  • Brenda Barrett

    Sounds like Seacrest is trying to drum up ratings.

    • Ani

      Lol … Yeah .. True … Suddenly Tyler finally makes idol sooo good to watch :)

      • Joyce

        I agree with you . great panel this year .

    • FromChicago

      Hmm….they are getting good ratings, why do they need gimmicks?

      • um

        I’m confused…correct me if I’m wrong, I thought they were being sarcastic. Wasn’t the part they put after that…about what rhymes with the F word part of the joke?

      • wild

        I love him. He is a wild rocker. That’s his personality. He’s wild and outgoing, acting shocking in a way that others would be too scared to act like. Rock on Steven!

      • jt

        lord f a duck…which i thougt was hilarious…they bleeped it so whats the issue…a child would only know what was bleeped if they had heard the phrase before…the contestants that had just went thru sang the heck out of the song which was surprising because it was unexpected and really great..and being a rocker it was an colorful response from him

      • diva chick

        There is no way that they were serious, hint, Simon and Paula. If they never apologized for those two nutcases, then Steven is never going to get a real “I’m sorry about that”.:) LOL It was a joke! I love Steven, I loved Simon, and I loved Paula!!!! Those three are definitely not shy!!!!:)

      • diva chick

        Sorry that came up twice, they didn’t put the first up right away.

      • gosh

        how many times do people have to write for you yahoos to post their comments? Get it together EW!

      • .

      • diva chick

        They deleted the comment again. Please post my comment again.

      • d

        You website is not working

      • needs money

        This website is not making enough, it always has errors like that

      • error

        website down

      • post

        Would you be able to post my comment? I go on here a lot?

  • darrin

    apologize for what? he is only being himself geez. what did they think they were getting honestly lol?

  • commentor

    How about an apology for keeping this show on past its prime?

    • jj

      or an apology for ryan seacrest still being on the show and being such a douche all the time.

      • shannon

        My thoughts EXACTLY.

      • Randi


      • lol

        lol nice.

  • Nic

    They might be apologizing for all the underage girls he is hitting on.

  • paralee

    what did he do?

  • Susan

    I think he was dangerously close to stepping over the boundary with a few of the female contestants….

    • Pierce

      He told one girl, “You look like you could be…” and then smirked. I thought he was going to say “daughter” because the girl looked a little bit like Liv. Then again, my mind may not be dirty enough to play this game.

      • Leila

        Watching it I was 99% sure he was going to say daughter. And I laughed my ass off.

    • Heidi

      I think he might make an innapropriate comment about one of the teenage girls. But honestly, Simon acted similarly when girls came in looking hot. I’m not surprised that a guy who has groupies of all ages has let some comments slip out.

      • StevenTyler’sGirlfriend…

        Who you calling a groupie? I resemble that remark! :)

    • pat

      He has done nothing that needs appoligizing for,he has made no more fuss that Simon used to remember how he called Kelly Pickler a minx ,so a man finds young women attractive big deal if he did not you would find it equally offensive.I did not know if I would like Stephen Tyler as a judge,but find him warm and honest.You all could not stand Simon and his outspoken ways.Ryan does not run Idol does he ,he should appologize for always disrespecting Simon,and his attempts to embarrass him.I like Ryan, however I hope that he is not calling the shots

  • Rob

    After several seasons I’ve given up on this show. It’s nice to have two evenings per week freed up now.

    • Jack

      This appears to have provided you with more time to post comments about shows that don’t interest you — and that makes you so cool. No, really. Totally cool. I’m getting chills here.

      • gato

        ha ha nicely played Jack

  • Tarc

    He’s been the only interesting thing about this season so far, so there is no ‘apology’ needed for anything. Au contraire…

    • debi

      totally agree tarc- tyler has stolen the show! he’s been great…exactly what the show needed all along. someone who really loves music & cares about the singers. love steven tyler…apology smology!

      • Michele

        I agree. I really was not familiar with Steven Tyler before this. I feel in love with him when he whispered to the girl in the wheelchair.He also scalded Randy for being too rude at one point.

      • Jeannie

        I totally agree. Steven Tyler makes idol live. He has heart and he cares. He makes my family laugh. I enjoy watching idol now with Steven than before with Simon. Why do people have to point out the negative instead of looking at the best in people. You go Steven!

      • StevenTyler’sGirlfriend…

        Michele, I have had the pleasure of meeting Steven (at the airport) and he was rushed but after he saw I was a true fan (& was begging the nice police officer who was trying to say look lady, get back)He took the time to meet me, (sign a photo I had taken at a concert that just happened to be in my purse!)and take a picture with me & REALLY took the time to talk with me (swoon!)I can truly say, he DOES care & is a really nice guy to his fans. I only watch Idol because of him. The Idol idiots who felt the need to issue an appology for what seems to be a non-issue (I missed the beginning) shame on you! Rock on Steven!

    • Ani

      I second that ! …. I reckon some people in the show tryin to make controversy and using Tyler ! Its about time they finally brought Tyler in this year … The last two years been lame !

      • Julie D

        GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Tyler is the only thing that has saved this show!

    • Ani

      I agree with you tarc :)

  • penny newman

    he is a normal red blooded american man, he likes the women, so what. he is a great addition to the show.. go steve

  • stickittotheman

    Tyler totally hit on some of the younger female contestants. Wonder when he will grow up?

    • whatevs

      I think the definition of a rockstar is to never act your age.

    • peteroid

      growing up is over-rated… hell… it should be avoided at all costs! ;) lol

  • Linda Mahan

    This years judges are the best we have had for a number of years and are keeping the show interesting and entertaining ,,,, things were getting boring at this stage before, but now, even my husband who hated this part of the show finds it very interesting and we both are enjoying it very much,, Don’t change anything!!

    • Ani

      Same here Linda … Suddenly our male musician group tunes in for Idol shows thurs n friday … First time ever we are watching even the auditions !!! The only year we watched idol was when Adam Lambert was there :)

    • GeoInSD

      I agree. I never liked seeing the really bad contestants. The prelims were only interesting to see early the better ones.

      Steven Tyler has made it entertaining. J-Lo is very pleasing to the eyes. I think these judges are a big improvement.

  • Aunt Pearl

    ST is the best thing about AI this year and the only reason we are watching the show. Apology Smology!

    • Ardi

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  • Piranha

    Puleeze… trying to scrape up some much needed publicity, is all that’s going on here.

    • Ani

      Spot on !!! Piranha :)

  • Cyn

    Cannot imagine why they need to apologize. Steven Tyler is delightful!! He adds so much personality, knowledge & compassion to the show. My whole family loves hIM!

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