Justin Bieber teaches David Letterman about the 'Twitter device'

In the cold opening to last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, an awkward green-room encounter between the host and guest, Justin Bieber, culminated with the teenage sensation sheepishly admitting to Dave’s suspicion when he said, “Yeah — you have no idea who I am, do you?” It was a funny bit that took advantage of the generation(s) gap between the two, allowing Letterman to get away with later asking, “Do you use the Twitter device?” The Twitter device? At least he didn’t go on to describe the internet as a series of tubes.

Bieber was a charming, helpful guest, boosting Letterman’s online profile with a tweet announcing to his nearly 7 million followers that he was hanging out with his boy, Dave. Give a look.

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  • Clayton

    Have to give it to him: he’s a pretty charming kid. Funny interview

    • BP

      “I don’t know; I’m Canadian.”

    • B

      I thought he was pretty charming too, kind of adorable. He used the word “like” aobut 10 times in every sentence, but it showed he’s kind of a normal teenager in some ways. I thought he was endearing and even Dave seemed to like him. It was cute how Paul had his back on the Canadian thing, and Justin thanked him for it. Nice i-view. People who hate on him just for being a successful kid are jerks.

      • Wenda

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  • jackjack

    YES! THANK YOU FOR REFERENCING THE ‘SERIES OF TUBES’ INCIDENT! I have that favorited on my computer so I can show people. HILARIOUS HILARIOUS HILARIOUS. But seriously thank you. This just totally made me day!!!!! :) :) :)

  • AG

    Letterman is a creepy hasbeen.

    • Jeff

      So, you were reading this story to find out about Bieber? That’s creepy. I’m sure he’s a nice kid and all but I’d rather watch the “creepy hasbeen”, who has some actual talent.

  • BieberHater


  • MrChristopher

    Creepy hasbeen? Are you out of your mind? David Letterman is the king of new York. He is the true remaining Godfather of late night. You are truly disturbed. Please refrain from posting anymore ignorant comments like that.

  • jared

    didn’t you mean “on” instead of “with”, Bieberhater?

  • Barbara Guilliams

    I thought both the young guy and the old dude were very charming in their own way. Not all of us Boomers use twitter but we are wise in lots of other ways…it’s called experience. And even tho I’m 65, I love Justin Bieber! My favorite though is Bon Jovi!

    • barbara

      right on, Barbara. We need the older and the younger in the world. We don’t throw out one to bring in the other. I don’t know about and don’t care to learn about all of the new gadgets, but it is wonderful to watch my grandchildren enjoy them. And when they get in a jam, or need a few extra dollars, they come to me. I need them, but they also need me…same as in the entertainment world. Justin is cute,and young; David is older. Big deal. Accept each of us as we are..thanks for your words, Barbara.


      Me too. Total eye candy.

  • Rin

    Justin Bieber. First off I don’t think this kid should be so famous but whatever, Hollywood and fangirls raise ppl like him all the time. But come on Letterman! Really? You have been on air for how long? And you know nothing about who is who now in your world? And that ‘Twitter thing’ do you even watch TV or read a paper? Twitter is everywhere, I know 80 yr olds who know what Twitter is, they may not be on it but they know all about it because you cannot escape it, these same 80 yr olds don’t understand Justin Bieber, much less him being a sexy thing.

    Obviously I don’t like Bieber but mainly this is an epic fail for Letterman, and this man expects people to take in his uneducated opinions when he doesn’t even know what’s going on, I can flip through the news and they talk as much about celebs if not more than they do about politics and real news, Letterman is a puppet who like all hosts of their own shows has a team of people who tell him about the news just before he goes on so he doesn’t look like a tool but why ask Bieber on if you have no idea who he is?

    • Cris

      Ummmm … that’s all part of the “generation gap” act he was playing, moron.

    • Ron

      Seriously? He’s been on the show before. Letterman knows him, he’s just playing up the age gap difference. Same with twitter. Dave’s tweeted before too. Lighten up.

    • Beezer

      I hate the term “epic fail”. It’s so annoying. Whoever came up with it needs to be shot.

    • David Dalton

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  • Ron

    Like, that was like a good like interview. I thought like Dave would like tell him he said ‘like’ a bit too much like the whole time, but Dave was like being nice.
    Overall, a very charming kid though.

  • Vinny

    Justine Bieber should not be a celebrity. Whenever I hear someone mention her, it’s to make fun of her. As soon as this 12-year-old’s voice drops, so will her record albums. It’s embarassing to think that there’s going to be a movie about this kid. Whoever sees that movie won’t be paying with money, but with their self-esteem.

    • barbara

      Ah, it is good that you have an opinion, but my momma used to say “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.” Good advice. And Justine is Justin, a he, not a she. As if you didn’t know. I hope your day gets better and happier.

  • Ally

    I’m in lesbians with Justin Bieber.

    • briannna

      your stupid shutup hater

  • Kristin

    Don’t care for Justin at all. All he is is looks and hair. He’s got no voice at all. I really don’t know how this kid has become so popular. Really people…look at what this world has become. If you want real voices check out Broadway sometime!

  • Radzinsky

    What a joke. Just shows you the value of celebrity in this society where any damn idiot can become famous.

  • briannna

    justin bieber u are the hottest sexiest boy in the world sexy

  • Marissa

    I Love Justin Bieber –

    He is just one of my favorite male singers and his haircut looks so cute and i wish would go up there and see him at canada,for my 16th birthday and he can sing me a birthday song,I know when is Justin Bieber’s Birthday is it’s on March 1, 1994 (I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER.) =)

    If you guys have any ?

    My Name is Marissa Marez

    I’m 15 years old

    My Birthday is on May 9th 1995

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