Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 5

chris-bachelor-padAs much as I would love to begin this week’s blog by talking about the cardigan I wore last week or the driveway being wet, we obviously need to discuss the most talked about controversial moment of the season. Let me first explain how Emily actually ended up on this date. We planned all these trips and dates before Emily was ever cast on this show and we learned of her story. There were only three dates in Vegas, a one-on-one date, a group date, and the two-on-one date. Emily wasn’t getting the one-on-one as she had recently had one and Brad wanted to spend some time with Shawntel. Emily definitely wasn’t going to be put on the two-on-one date for several reasons, one being Brad didn’t want that. So that left one date, and that turned out to be the group date to the NASCAR track. Now with all that said, I’m not telling you at this point that we were completely naïve and didn’t know her story and that we didn’t discuss the situation. What we eventually decided to do is what we always decide to do when faced with situations like this: Don’t mess with the true emotion and situation. You need to remember that Brad who helped us decide who goes on what dates still had no idea the full extent of Emily’s story, and that information couldn’t come from us.

So, bottom line, Emily did end up on this group date and ended up at the very NASCAR track her former fiancé Ricky crashed on to end his racing career. As you saw, what you may have thought would be a disastrous situation turned out to be one of the most heartfelt, beautiful moments we’ve ever had on this show. As Emily said herself, it turned out to be extremely symbolic and therapeutic for her to get in that car and take those laps for Ricky and herself. You very much got the feeling that night that a huge weight had been taken off her shoulders, and it seems Emily is really ready to take that next step and let somebody else in her heart. I talked to Brad after this date in Vegas and it hit him very hard. He obviously felt guilty and sorry for her, but it also turned out to be a very positive step for them as a couple. I can also tell you that now that Brad knows everything, this will really weigh on his mind as he and Emily continue. This is a lot for any man to handle, and Brad is understandably a little intimidated. He put on a brave face that night and gave Emily the rose, but this is something that he will obviously have to continue to deal with. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, no matter what happens on this show Emily is one of the strongest, bravest women I’ve ever met. I continue to marvel at how she has chosen to remain so positive and ambitious when she has every right to do just the opposite.

Like Brad did on the group date I may have spent too much time on Emily here but I know that’s what everybody is talking about today. The first date Brad had with Shawntel was fantastic. Is there a woman in the world that wouldn’t love to have a guy take her to a high-end shopping center and say, “Whatever you want is yours”?  Obviously when Shawntel walked back into the suite with all those bags the girls went nuts and she knew it. The other women were already nervous and jealous of Shawntel but this sent them off the charts. Speaking of off the charts, the girls’ suite at Aria was ridiculous. This two-story suite with fifty-foot ceilings made Rain Man’s suite look like a trailer. When you go to Vegas you gotta have a little fun, so some of the ladies decided to get a little crazy. Ashley H, Ashley S, Marissa, Lisa, and Alli decided to go out and get tattoos. Because we don’t do anything normal, we hooked them up with Mario Barth at King Ink at the Mirage. This might surprise you but I’m not a big “tat” guy, but this dude is a legend. He generally has a two-year waiting list and did tats for celebs like Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Stallone, and many more. The two Ashleys got matching roses right above their ankles. Ashley S got hers in blue to honor her father (Kentucky bluegrass). Lisa got a rose tattoo below her ankle. Marissa got a white rose on her wrist. Alli chickened out — or wised up, depending on how you look at it — and didn’t get one. We did shoot this but because it was such an emotional episode it just didn’t fit and we didn’t have time to do so anyway.

So it turned out to be a little sad irony that the two Ashleys were such good friends and got matching tattoos, because they ended up on the two-on-one date. Oh, did I mention that they were such good friends they slept in the same bed with that big teddy bear you saw at the end of the show?  The girls were positive Alli and Britt would be the two on this date. Once the two Ashleys found out, they spent the entire day crying. They didn’t want to compete against each other but in the end this isn’t about building a friendship with each other, it’s about finding love with Brad. This date and this situation really brought out some insecurities in Ashley S. It was almost like she knew she wasn’t going to get the rose the moment she got picked for the date. Her tearful goodbye was really tough to watch. She’s a very sweet girl and you just wanted to give the poor girl a hug.

Before I leave you, we have to talk a little bit about Michelle. I want to remind you that Brad doesn’t know anything that he doesn’t see or hear for himself. I’d like to get your opinion on if you think that at this point Michelle is playing Brad perfectly. She seems to know just what to say and just what to do to keep Brad on edge and interested. We did shoot deliberation in Vegas, but again because we had so much to show you we didn’t have time to include it. I promise you will get to see this in future episodes and I’m happy you will, because sitting down with Brad in these sessions was very interesting and insightful. Marissa was one of the ladies who didn’t receive a rose this week. Brad handed her a note as she was leaving. He did this because she had written him notes along the way. It was a thank you and a heartfelt belief that she would find the right guy. It made her cry and gave her closure.

This is just the beginning of our travels around the world this season. One thing we’ve added that I love is giving the girls their own flip cameras to shoot as they travel. From time to time we’ll include some of their video in the show. Next week we leave the desert of Vegas for the rain forest of Costa Rica. By the way, if you don’t think your comments are being heard how about this: So many of you voiced your opinions about the ladies’ ages not being included, we have decided to bring them back. Starting next week the women’s ages will be included. One last very personal note this week, last Thursday (1/27) marked the ten-year anniversary of the Oklahoma State basketball team plane crash in Colorado. Among the ten onboard that plane was the voice of the Cowboys and my mentor Bill Teegins. I can’t begin to tell you how talented Bill was, what a great man he was and what he meant to my career. Remembering the OSU 10 this week! Thanks as always for watching the show and please leave your comments below or find me on twitter @chrisbharrison. You can also follow all things Bachelor at our new site.

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  • Alli

    Great blog this week Chris!!!! Keep the fun behind-the-scene info coming!!!!

    • Alli

      And thanks for listening about the age thing- I can’t wait to see how young all these girls are :)

      • Laura

        If you go to Wikipedia and search the bachelor season 15 it lists all of the girls and their ages there as well.

      • Spoiler WARNING

        Don’t read the comments because Knowitall has spoiled the ending. What a selfish person to get pleasure from spoiling the ending for others. We should be able to comment and discuss the show without jerks telling us who he picks. Grow up.

      • Shania

        EW needs to add a report button so we can eliminate these stupid ads in the posts immediately.

      • Shania

        That’s how last season’s Survivor was spoiled for me as well. Again, we need a report button – and spoilers should be one of the reasons why.

    • Knowitall

      Everyone already knows he ends up with Chantal. Emily is the next bachelorette.

      • LeonaMN

        It seems like on this episode there is so much put out ahead of time or are we reading too much into it. Guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

      • Jenny

        I am trying to figure out if it the name or what it is exactly, but this Michelle is a psycho. Brad needs to kick her to the curb before he ends up in the same or worse mess than he was his first time as the bachelor. Please somebody SAVE him!!I also think she isn’t as much into Brad as the fact she is out for as much attention as she can get, kinda like the dude who walked to see Ali.He was there for his own personal gain and I believe that little witch Michelle is playing the same game.

      • Kerri

        Please no spoliers some of us actually want to watch as it goes thanks for ruining it for others :(

      • the world

        Emily would make a horrible bachelorette! She’s sweet, but not a lead for a show like this. Besides, she has too much family money and pride to do this again.

      • DidNotKnowAnything

        Thanks a bunch, I don’t know who Brad picks, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, Why do you want to spoil it for others?

      • RaRa

        to Kerri – Did they say Emily’s family is wealthy? She never married into the Hendrick family, so I doubt she has any tie to their money, unless they are helping her voluntarily in the raising of her daughter….

      • RaRa

        Sorry, I didn’t mean that to be to Kerri – it was to “the world”….

      • JHC

        It is almost impossible to believe that Brad does not see how Michelle is playing him like a Stradavarious violin! Besides being a psycho she appears to be a dominitrix in the making! UGH

      • paige

        Please don’t put things like that on here. Some of us actually like to be surprised in the end.

      • the world


        Her family owns a beachhouse besides Ricky’s family where they met as kids. So obviously they have some sort of wealth to associate with other elite wealth. also, having a granddaughter with bloodlines also ensures her family future fortunes.

      • the world

        also, Emily use to date Dale Earnhardt Jr!

      • Babs Anthony

        Say it so, Knowitall! She is a major drama queen. She crys all the time.

      • Spring

        Not everybody knew…

      • Heidi

        I actually keep hearing that rumor and I’m not sure – don’t keep Emily out of the mix, guys. If she shows more passion and less reticence she could take this deal. It ain’t over until its over.

      • Jinda

        Aug23 What a batueiful story! I’ve shared it on facebook & twitter and it’s receiving a wonderful response and being shared by other friends. Thanks for sharing this touching moment!

    • KWise

      Yes, I’d say this is the best blog yet. I still want to learn more, though, about Alli’s shopping spree. Was there no limit to how much money she spent?? (I just can’t believe that….she had to have been given a budget, right?) How much DID she spend?? And she gets to keep it all??

      • Shellie

        Shawntel should have bought gifts for all the girls. She had so much money at her disposal, why not. It would have been fun to bring stuff to everyone and I would have done it just so that I wouldn’t be faced with scorn the rest of the time there.

      • RaRa

        Shellie, you are so right! That would have been the right thing to do.

      • Shania

        That’s ridiculous! She was trying on clothes and Brad was giving her his opinion. Was she supposed to be saying, “And this one is for Changel so that’s why I’ve picked out one with a larger chest area, and Britt is kind of anorexic so I think this little girls dress would be suitable?
        On Survivor, I would bring back food as a goodwill gesture and to increase my popularity but on this show? No way! If he wants everyone to have a gift, he’ll buy them all a gift, but this was part of her date. It is a competition and it would backfire on her in a big way. Did you want her to pack a doggy bag with her leftovers too?

      • Juneau

        I would’ve headed straight for the Rolex store. Doubt they would’ve allowed that.

      • PN

        I thought that a clip showing Allie with all those bags from her shopping spree was overly arrogant and made her look so self centered! Did she spend all day at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills getting those items? I saw all those extravagant stores on the bags! Why didn’t she get just one set of clothing that she could wear to impress Brad? I think she’s turning all the other women off with her excesses!

      • Devon

        I wonder if she bought anything for Brad.

    • Jpoerk

      SPOILER RIGHT BELOW from some horrible idiot named Knowitall. Do not read the comments if you don’t want the ending ruined!!!!!

    • Valerie

      Who pays for all the “stuff”? That was one hot shopping spree.

      • Spring

        ABC paid.

    • Krista

      it also gives their ages on the Bio page. I know in Bachelor Pad there were nasty comments about one girl being early 40s or late 30’s, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some 30-something ladies. It would still bring drama, you can still have gorgeous ones but maybe more likely work out, too, as they’d be a little closer in age to the bachelor & more ready to settle down, too. mid 30s & mid 20’s is pretty different.

      • PN

        I’d like a mix of ages. I’m sure that the differences in maturity sexual tension to the bachelor and seducticeness to get to the bachelor would be competitive! It sounds like they always like to get women at 25 on there and not beyond that such as 30-35.

  • Colleen

    That girl grabbing his face was FREAKING NUTS!! He should run for the hills. Any girl who tells a man “Don’t talk” and then later “Maybe next time you can talk” is a guaranteed psycho down the line. I was BLOWN AWAY when he gave her, and the other psycho a rose. What is WRONG with him? He must be a man who likes his women hot…and crazy.

    • amy

      I am with you…she needs to go. She is a ticking time bomb.

      • Lucy

        agreed. Michelle is a psycho, and maybe next week Brad will finally figure it out. I really like the one who went on the shopping spree, lucky her, huh?

      • allie

        Nope Lucy, Michelle doesn’t go home until the week after next…. just before the hometown dates. I know, I’m sick of her too!

      • RaRa

        The woman has no soul. It’s one thing “to be there to find love and not to make friends”, but it’s another thing not to have any compassion whatsoever for your fellow human beings. If she is for real, and not a plant kept there by the producers (we all know she is an actress in addition to being a “hairdresser”), then she has earned a front seat on the He11 Express.

      • Cheryl

        I agree with both of you, the nut job has to go. I also think even though he was kind at the race track everyone behind the scences knew of her past , why was a race track picked for a date !! It was in sensitive

      • Shania

        Hey spoilers! Shut the f*** up! That includes you allie as well as know-it-all.

    • Kristen

      I am convinced she is only around because of the producers. My husband has worked on a lot of reality TV and said this happens a lot. They know she causes a lot of drama so they keep her around.

      • renee

        I agree. It doesn’t matter how the episode ended up. It was insensitive of the producers to allow her on this date. Upon learning of her story, they should have chosen an alternate location. (you can’t tell me this couldn’t have happened). This show does not have the right to play God or psychiatrist. What if it didn’t go as well as it did? What if she freaked out in the car? Anything could have happened to her emotionally and this show would have been responsible. The show got lucky that she is as strong a person as she is. It was sick and thoughtless to let that continue once they knew her story.

      • Pam

        Michelle is an evil genius! That Scheherezade thing she’s doing is making her irresistible to Brad.

    • Dianna

      Michelle was so the Dominatrix last night and he apparently loved it, as he gave her the first rose….gross! She makes my skin crawl…if he picks her, it will be so sad…I am kind of over the Emily scenario too, geez, it’s been 5 or 6 years, did she get any therapy, why is this all so fresh??? Anyhow, this week, I stopped caring about any of them getting a rose…PCD – Past caring Disorder kicks in for me… Great Recap though…made me laugh out loud several times!

      • DThorn

        I would hope if she got to the part where the girls meet his family that Brads brothers would send this crazy witch packing!! I know she’s there for the drama but jeez… get really old! I agree w/someones comment about how she reminded them of the guy in Ali season who hobbled on crutches to her house or that idiot Wes. Don’t care for any of them!

      • Spring

        The producers dictate the call out order, not the Bachelor. They decided Michelle would be first not Brad.

    • Gigi2006

      Um…have any of you checked out Michelle’s bio on the movie website?! Playing Brad?! Does the word DEFINITELY mean anything to any of you?! There are so many things I want to say here, but this is a public site…

      • Kate

        Yeah, imDb Michelle Money. She’s got a small handful of acting credits and is clearly trying to launch a career, not meet a husband. (Of course, I feel that way about most Bachelor / Bachelorette contestants). Honestly, she is definitely playing. She is also a full blown psycho, and I hope never to have to see her on the big screen in a lead role.

      • RaRa

        If there is any justice in this world, she’ll one day work with Brad Pitt and we can watch Angelina Jolie squirm.

    • Bach-fan

      Michelle has time and time again used her sexuality to get what she wants (on the show and off). I’m curious to know if Brad ever finds out-before sending her home- that she too has cheated. There are some trainwrecks that are my guilty pleasure- This trainwreck, Michelle, is not one of them. I can definitely do with out her. As for Emily, I felt for her. It was amazing to watch her find the positive in everything. She knew she needed to be there for other reasons-not sure I could react the same. She’s very inspiring. I also love that you don’t see her sobbing,whining, or bad-mouthing girls during confessionals. Other than the dates you dont see much of her at all…Of course it could be editing- I’m going to keep believing she’s guenuine. thanks for a great blog!

    • She’s A Man Eater

      Michelle “Money” yes her actual name and isn’t it appropriate I think, was messing around with Carlos Boozer, NBA $80 million dollar married man, that says it all. I am sure she will find someone in no time, she has mad skills and guarantee she will end up with a great prenup soon

      • RaRa

        Yes, if she is truly interested in Brad at all, it’s for the money she can look forward to in the divorce settlement.

  • Cupcake

    Chris – I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope you have a lot of great memories to reflect on that will give you a lot of laughs and smiles as you remember him.

    What a gnarly episode this was. I thought Emily and Brad both handled the Nascar issue with such class and I am so glad that it was such a positive experience for Emily. Michelle continues to scare me. She is one bossy little girl. I know Brad does not have the benefit of seeing her comments to the camera but I do hope that he starts to clue in to how intense she is. It is a pretty big clue as to why she might be single. Having “Are You Lonesome Tonight” playing while Ashley S. drove away was rough to watch. She seems like a sweetheart. Chris – thanks for your recaps and insights. Looking forward to next week!

    • Kelly

      Chris, I too lost a friend on that flight – an athletic trainer for the team. I do believe they are all together and in a better place. Cupcake – you nailed it on the head – LOVE Emily – she has poise, class, grace, and I really hope they end up together (if it is meant to be). About the earlier post of ‘getting over it’ I do think that no matter how long something has been in the past, certain triggers can make feelings surface – and it is not all bad. GRWAT Blog Chris – I absolutely love what you do for this show

  • sawadee

    Oh, Bachelor. I enjoy the silliness, fake tears and all. But I really, really think that the producers should have found a different group date. It was barbaric to watch. If Emily wanted a healing experience, she could have gone on her own. To have one manufactured for her is cruel. I’ll buy you didn’t plan this, but I think it was crummy not to change it. I mean, come on. Have a board game night. That would be fun!

    • Sam

      Completely agree with this assessment of the NASCAR date

  • confused

    Hey Chris,
    So I noticed this season the ad for new bachelor/bachelorette contestants has changed. In the past, it was always “If you would like to nominate the next bachelor or bachelorette….”. But now it says “If you would like to date the next bachelor or bachelorette….”. You haven’t used a new bachelor/bachelorette in several seasons so why the change now?

    • Spring

      Probably didn’t want to waste people’s time anymore on nominations that would never be considered. They hit ratings gold when they started recycling former contestants as their lead so there is no need to bother with nominees. Waste of their time and ours.

    • PN

      I think you need to get off the overusage of past bachelors/bachelorettes. I’m sure there’s floods of eligible bachelors that want to get on that show to find love.

  • Courtney

    Emily seems sweet, and she’s beautiful… but it’s hard to get a feel for her personality.

    • Lisa E

      Emily is EXTRAORDINARILY BLAND! What a shame it would be to have her as the next Bachelorette, as all the chatter already seems to indicate… She is one-dimensionsal, flat (except for the fake boobs, of course), too shy, and the bleached blonde hair is such a Barbie distraction. Just not the Girl Next Door we generally prefer.
      Too bad this season’s “Alli” doesn’t come to the fore in a stronger way. *She might have been our girl!*

      • RaRa

        Oh, come on, Lisa. You’re going to tell me Emily has less personality than Ali or Deanna? I have a feeling she is a Steel Magnolia who is sometimes vulnerable, sometimes strong, sometimes funny, and always classy.

      • tizzylish

        I agree! Emily is gorgeous and very sweet, but I’m not sure she could carry a show like the Bachelorette.

      • Julie

        You really think Emily is this year’s Ali? I have to strongly disagree. Ali was a mean girl and although I wasn’t a fan of Vienna’s, Ali was just immature about her.

        Emily is very classy. She may not have the most outgoing personality and I don’t even know if she would make a good Bachelorette, but she hasn’t done anything to anyone. She has a true heart and it’s evident because not one girl has said anything bad about her. I think that’s telling.

      • RaRa

        @Julie – I think you misread Lisa E’s comment. She wasn’t referring to Emily as this year’s Ali. She was referring to Alli.

      • tatwe

        I disagree. Ali or Deanna never really had strong personalities to begin with. And I would not say that either Ali or Deanna carried the show during their respective seasons.

      • Shania

        Emily has all the personality of wallpaper. Beige wallpaper. With little beige flowers on them.

      • Lisa

        I think Alli is a sweet girl and would like to see more of her and less of the fake therapist. But, Alli is too young (and maybe too good) for Brad.

    • Darla P

      Really? I have found her to be bright and have a great sense of humour. She is just quiet about it and actually seems to be a nice person on top of that. She will often have a seemingly soft jab at someone which is just plain funny. Also she has a wicked sense of humour. The week that Chantal was tweeking Michelle about the word “love” not being in her date card and it was so clearly getting to Michelle – Emily seemed to be the only one to get the humour in the situation – one person totally got it and was laughing at the end – i rewound to see who it was because i thought whoever it was had a wicked sense of humour – it was Emily. I do think she’s extremely processed and I initially really didn’t want to like her but she has definitely grown on me.

      • cjr

        She reminds me a lot of Brooke Smith (the runner up from Aaron’s season). Somewhat unassuming, but genuinely sweet and kind, with a great sense of humor!

  • Jujubee

    Chris, I love ya and I love the show, but I have to say this… you know who else Michelle is playing perfectly? YOU and the producers! Look at how much camera time you guys have given her! That’s so obviously what she wants! I think this whole thing for her has just been her audition for Bachelor Pad 2. I think it’s sad that Marissa and Lisa left tonight with most viewers going “who??” and we get stuck having Michelle shoved in our faces all the time. Come on!

    • Juneau

      I’m with you. The only person to leave that I knew was Ashley S. How about giving some other women some screen time? Michelle’s antics are so far over the top that it HAS to be an act. No normal woman would behave or talk that way much less a mother. I don’t buy for one second that Brad has any connection to her at all, but is going along with you all because he knows he can eventually get rid of her. Her repeating herself constantly and all the screen time is just irritating and makes me want to watch the show less – not more.

      • Lisa

        Juneau, check out Brad’s body language! Though I worry he’ll be stupid and make a dumb mistake choosing Michelle, the bigger part of me is busy watching his eyes, smiles, frowns, and attempts at no reaction when Michelle blurts out something ridiculous. Deep down, I do think he’s got her figured out. Just wish he’d say that out loud lol!

  • squirk

    Brad’s a strong guy who has learned a lot about himself the past few years. I see a big difference in the Brad of this season and the Brad from the first go-around. He’s dedicated and extremely considerate this time, and he’s trying so hard. I give him big props.

    I think the power plays the women make intrigue him (like Michelle at this point) because he reads it as strength and assertiveness. He’s worried about the female emotions he sees as being drama. He needs to figure out the difference between emotion and drama, and then he’ll be okay. A woman can be emotional at times and not necessarily be high-maintenance or drama. I think it’s hard for guys to tell the difference between them sometimes. Considering the level of emotion that’s being generated everywhere he turns, he’s got his hands full figuring it all out. I think he is really trying his hardest. He’s doing a great (not perfect, but great) job.

    Here’s hoping for the best for him.

    • Wicked

      Are you his mom? The guy is a complete bore. He is keeping all of the needy girls around because he is the same way.

    • Halle

      Well maybe his TV “therapist” could help him figure these things out.

    • Marie

      I do so totally agree. What a different guy and he also has no problem being vulnerable. Nobody is perfect, but since Chris Lambton found love with another Alum now, I think it would be great if this works out for Brad this time.

      • betty smith

        who has Chris ended up with?

      • Spring

        Chris is dating Peyton Wright – a castoff from Andy Baldwin’s season.

  • My Awesomeness

    The time showing the “therapist” on the phone was a waste! We would much rather see the girls get tattoos or something. Basically Brad needed permission to kiss and lead on all the girls to increase all the drama. Oops, I mean to leave no relationship undeveloped for the right reasons. I vote Ashley S for next bach’ette. Or Emily if she is still available!

    • bach fan

      Agreed. I always fastforward through his boring scenes with the therapist. BORING. I would LOVE to see more filiming of the girls. It would be great if it was on 2 nights a week and the 2nd night was just behind the scenes footage of the girls!

      • Bach-fan

        Good call. I would so watch. My kind of train wreck. As i’ve been reading, someone mentioned this is Michelle audition to Bachelor Pad. I totally agree. She’s not a hair dresser, she’s an aspiring “actress” trying WAY too hard. You all saw her movie preview, right? I prefer the other crazy Michelle-it’s like it came naturally to her. This Michelle- she’s just annoying.

    • me

      I completely agree. I fast forward through every therapist session. First, I can’t handle hearing Brad attempt to work through his issues. Second, the advice is crap. Please, show some bloopers. Anything would be better than this.

      • RaRa

        You can add me to the list of those who fast-forwarded through the therapy session. I picked it back up as Brad was summarizing in a voice-over that after talking to his buddy, he realizes he has to be careful not to put up walls (or fences, or whatever), and that was plenty sufficient for me.

      • RaRa

        Chris, are you considering retirement? Is The Bachelor trying to prepare us for the counselor guy to take your place? It is the only reason I can think of why your sessions with Brad have been ommitted. You say lack of time is why you haven’t been showing those consultations, but if the therapy sessions were dropped, you would have time. I would rather see you talking to Brad than this dweeb.

      • Jaideep

        The Books: Pat of Silver Bush (L.M. Montgomery)Next book in my Daily Book Excerpt seires Three more Lucy Maud novels to go and then we will be done!! I have been saving the dad-blasted Pat books mainly because the two Pat books stink up the

    • KWise

      All I can say is – thank goodness for DVR. I forward through the “therapist” session every week. BORING.

      • RaRa

        BORING and LAUGHABLE! And not in a good way.

      • Mellissa

        I wouldn’t know if they were laughable because I fast forward through them, because I assume they’re boring. I’ve been to enough therapy sessions of my own to know that they shouldn’t be televised.

    • Anon

      The ridiculous therapy sessions have GOT to go .. they are ridiculous and dull. I also fast forward through ..waste of time.

      • greta


    • LeonaMN

      I am just wondering if he is going to call the therapist everytime something does not go his way after the final rose.

    • kate

      My friend and I Facebook chat back and forth making fun of the “therapist” when he is on. Great blog, Chris!

    • Shania

      Yes please! Can the fake therapy sessions. I usually like the ending credits best, although this week’s Ashley and Ashley snorefest with the giant teddy bear was horrible. Emphasized to me how much I wished Brad has kicked them both to the curb although it might have had an unfortunate effect on the Cirque du Soleil show.

    • Shannon

      I diagree, I like to listen to the therapist. He gives out some good advise and best of all it’s free. Obviously it is working for Brad.

      • Spring

        I don’t think his advice is that great. He essentially told Brad that his loyalty was to the “mission” and not to the girls – one of which might be his future wife. I am sorry but that is ridiculous. He should put those women on a pedestal and treat them like precious gold – only then will he be able to decide if one of them is his wife. Disregarding a potential mate’s feelings is NO way to find a wife!

  • Stacy

    Seriously if this man is looking for a wife and he is as in-tune as he claims to be, then HOW can he not see through the kind of crazy that is Michelle? There is NO WAY this psycho is for real! I truly think she is being paid by ABC to add the drama! A man who could be “falling” for someone like Emily could not possibly find anything remotely attractive about that type of person!

    • Heidi

      She’s good at making him feel she’s attracted to him, they have chemistry, and she also is good at seeing what the other girls do, and doing the opposite so that she stands out. I mean the guy was reduced to a pulp with all the heavy emotion – and it was likely a real turn on to have a sexy confident woman praise him and make out with him.. he was turned on, big time. Life partner, no,he’ll figure that out eventually.

      • ASB

        REALLy good point Heidi, I agree

    • Heidi

      she makes sure she reads what is going on in the room and then gives him the opposite so she stands out. He does find her very sexy.
      I see her as spoiled and high maintenaince but she’s no VIenna.

    • SLB

      Hello! He’s looking for a wife on a tv show!

  • Judith


    I think there should be a contest. How many times was the word “amazing” used this season? I’m guessing 27,000.

    • dirk pitt

      Wait…..Jimmy Kimmel already took that idea……brad is amazing…DRINK….that date was amazing…DRINK…..etc

    • flivr

      “amazing”, “looking for a wife”, “for the rest of my life”, etc etc etc, ad nauseum. How about the next Bachelor/Bachelorette with a decent vocabulary???

      • Spring

        don’t forget “this journey”, “for the right reasons” and “how is everybody?”

    • PN

      I’ve heard “amazing” said on countless TV shows since 2004, not just The Bachelor. Not everything has to be amazing. It’s probably dull or boring to start with!

    • Javlonbek

      Hi There I am slowly wokirng my way into a portrait Phototgraphy business. I really appreciate your reflections here and your concise breakdown of details and cash flow.Could I please have a copy of your excel sheet as well?Thank you!

  • Jen

    I can’t tell if Michelle is a dominatrix or a witch casting a spell, maybe both. I’m glad the ages are coming back!

    • Suzq

      I was thinking Dominatrix too. Maybe she’ll use her whip next week.

      • RaRa

        She’s the kind of woman who will break up the homes of every actor she ever works with. Angelina Jolie but even more skanky.

      • Bach-fan

        To RaRa
        Michell IS the type to break up homes,already has. She’s crazy.

  • Texas Michelle

    It’s irritating that you won’t show the ages of the contestants. I guess it is to make Brad and yourself look younger. (Yes, my regular bloggers think that it’s in Chris Harrison’s contract to not have the ages up- so he seems younger, along with the bachelor.) I thought it was interesting. Don’t tell me it has to do with the “format.” SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bach fan

      Didn’t you just read Chris’ blog? He said they’re going to start showing the ages on the next episode. settle down!

    • RaRa

      Yes, Michelle, it is bad form to post your opinion without even reading the blog first. Foul!

      • Monikaprawin

        EMily – My cousin, Chris is a wnoferdul photographer. He’s right, our favorite pictures are the ones he took pictured above. If you’re looking for someone who can capture the essence of your day without being posed, he’s your photographer. You won’t regret hiring him.

    • Shania

      Oh TM. Try reading the blog first before you comment.

  • The Bachelor

    When they used the word “nominate” I think they meant would you like to “nominate” a friend. Because the previous bachelor and bachelorette’s were nominated by family and friends.

  • Jack


    You, Mike Fleiss and the rest of “The Bachelor” team should be embarrassed. You crossed the line and everyone in the World knows it, but you guys. I guess you are too busy trying to stir up ratings and controversy, so you can read those cheesy lines like, “The most controversial season ever!” . Give me a break and how stupid do you think we are? You have girls facing their fears on 1-on-1 dates. For example, Chantel and her fear of water or Michelle with her fear of heights, etc. I can guarantee you that the Nascar date was not designed before she was cast, but after you guys learned Emily’s story. Otherwise, once you learned of her situation, you could have made other plans. C’mon, like you guys couldn’t plan another date in the months and months leading up to production. Everyone in the World would want to be on the show for the free publicity. It is pure and simple poo and classless taste, and it’s too bad that you have to be the mouthpiece and lapdog of Mr. Fleiss’ sick ideas to generate ratings. Personally, while you may not be able to say it publically, I hope you in your heart of hearts you feel this date was the wrong. God, I hate being lied to, to my face.

    • KC

      But it was just a COINCIDENCE about the race track…Chris should become a used car salesman.

    • DiMi

      I agree. 1. Chris is lying about the Nascar date, and he thinks we’re all too stupid to understand that we’re being manipulated and deceived. We’re not. He and Fleiss knew that they were viciously exploiting Emily’s grief for ratings, but they decided that their greed was more important than her grief.

      2. Chris, you are a sociopathic sadist for thinking that the televised pimping of Emily’s grief and suffering was “beautiful” to watch. For those of us who haven’t sold out our souls at other people’s expense, that entire scene was deeply distressing and disturbing to watch, not beautiful. Emily’s elegant response to being emotionally violated in the most crass and sadistic manner possible does not change the fact that the violation occurred. Emotional violation is not beautiful, Chris. It’s ugly and sad. In fact, Emily was crying so profusely that although she was mopping away her tears as quickly as she could, I feared that the weeping might impair her vision and that she could have an accident. Putting an emotionally distressed person – and worse a single parent who would not have a partner to raise her child if she were injured – behind the wheel of a race car is not “beautiful,” Chris. It’s dangerous and cruel to her and her child. When the producers saw that she was deeply distressed; you should have insisted that she get out of the car for her own safety and the safety of others on the track, at least until she had collected herself. Your greed has made you delusional. This was not a “disaster” to YOU, Chris because you get ratings and money out of it, but it was an emotional disaster for Emily. She was just too dignified to let it show.

      3. You can’t have it both ways, Chris. You don’t get to emotionally brutalize a woman and then take credit for creating a “beautiful” moment just because she was better than what you tried to do to her.

      4. Back to the lying: The producers could have switched Emily and Shawntal’s one-on-one dates or divided the first part of the Vegas group date into two activites, nascar for half of the women and one of the thousands of other things there are to do in Vegas for the other half. Then, they could have met up later. They didn’t do this because they were salivating over the opportunity to violate Emily for ratings.

      5. I can’t remember ever seeing this level of emotional exploitation on television before, and I’ve watched a lot of tv in my lifetime. Just when I think I’m an atheist, I see something like this and I start believing in hell because Chris, Fleiss and the other producers definitely deserve to go there.

      • Alice

        Oh and just let me add that I think you, Chris, are disgusting and the fact that you are a father disturbs me given your complete lack of respect for human beings.

      • sixgun1965

        After that cruel, hateful NASCAR date, I don’t even know how your wife will sleep with you. You know, your wife. The one you cheated on in New Zeland. You liar.

      • me

        @Dimi – thanks. I feel better now that you have unloaded on Chris and Fleiss, and I hope you feel better too! I am so fed up Chris’ rationalization every week regarding the horrible things they do to these girls emotionally. This season it seems Emily has gotten the worst, but every girl who is still there is being abused as well. I don’t think these girls realize when they sign up how much the producers want to find their weakest moment and exploit the h*ll out of it. I hate myself for watching.

      • SLB

        Harrison is ABC’s parrot. He’s going to say whatever they tell him to and isn’t actually going to risk a gravy job to speak his own mind. If he even can.

      • me

        @Dimi – AMEN. Could not have said it better myself. Watching the show was bad enough… reading this recap was worse. Who IN THE WORLD would believe that their conclusion was “Don’t mess with the true emotion and situation.”
        I’m done reading this blog.

      • Chill out

        Helloooo, don’t you all realize that this show is running out of originality for dates?! Each season you see the classic repeats: the “life risking” bungee jumping/tight rope walking/ repelling, the concert just for the couple by famous musician, the helicopter tour, the broadway type show where they get to (surprise) be IN the show, zip line (which will be next week) , the filming of a movie, driving a race car… I don’t see why you wouldn’t believe that they already had the NASCAR date planned since they have done it in previous seasons!! Anyways, it seemed like it was a good thing for Emily.

      • @ Chill out

        are you kidding? The point is that they had plenty of time, money and other options to change this date. It’s not that we don’t believe that they didn’t have the NASCAR date already planned. It’s that they chose to forge ahead and exploit a woman’s grief for ratings. “It seemed like it was a good thing for Emily”??? Even if that’s true, who are you to say that?

      • Amanda

        Calm the F down. It’s TV. You don’t have to watch it.

      • sixgun1965

        Next week, Brad and Emily go on a date to dig up pirate treasure. But, instead of a chest of pirate booty, they unearth Emily’s husband’s casket, and her husband’s corpse has the rose in its teeth.

        It will be a beautiful, emotional moment for Emily.

      • KWise

        I strongly agree with DiMi. As ABC requested, i waited until watching the episode before passing judgment. But there was nothing in that episode that made me feel good. Emily was completely tortured while on that track. Watching her cry in the car was heart-breaking. The fact that the show probably coerced her into saying things like “this is really theraputic” and “I feel better now” does not change the fact that she was made to feel TERRIBLE while at the track. It was manipulative and exploitative and terrible. ABC and the Bachelor should be ashamed.

      • RaRa

        @Amanda – It’s TV, but the women are real people.

      • Jay

        I cannot agree with item #3 more. How much did your soul cost, Harrison?

      • Jewels

        DiMi and others – agree with all your comments. Hard to believe that none of this was known in advance or that the plans weren’t just for ratings. I can’t help but wonder how the family of Emily’s late fiance feel about the story being used in this way. It is Emily’s choice to go on the show but for the show to use the family’s tragic history in all the publicity seems very inappropriate without their agreement in some way. It’s not like they are unknowns in the NASCAR community.

      • Jenna

        Okay calm down. Its not like Emily hasn’t been back to the track. She dated Dale Earnhardt jr AFTER Ricky died. She even hosted a television show, that she got through her connections at NASCAR. While Emily may have been a little sad, she was not being emotionally violated. And how do you know that producers didn’t warn her in advance? It is highly likely that they did!

        Take a Xanax.

    • RaRa

      Yes, because God knows there’s nothing else in Las Vegas that they could have switched the group date to at the last minute!!!

    • Josie

      How on earth is it that Emily told her story to Brad, but omitted the entire part about racing???????Whenever she talked about her story, she mentioned it…SOOOOOO that means she was asked by the soul-less producers to leave that part out because they knew the Nascar date was coming, and she would most likely still be around for it.
      YOU’RE ALL EVIL…Chris you should be ashamed to be associated with this show!

      • Betty L.

        Brad is a very considerate person, and He was as sweet as he could be to Emily. It is time for Emily to go on with her life. I enjoy the show very much.

      • KWise

        I agree Josie. I found it so bizarre that Emily had not mentioned her fiance’s NASCAR connection to Brad when they talked before. She must have been asked to not mention it

      • Juneau

        Or why wouldn’t Brad ask her to elaborate when she said her fiancee was in “racing?” That’s exactly what she said and it’s so vague it begs the question.

      • SK

        she DID say her fiancee “worked in racing” she said those exact words to Brad on their 1 on 1. So he should have anticipated this, dunno why he was so clueless.

      • Heather

        to be exact. I\’ve broekn new ground and I\’m not looking back. As you all know about my unbridled fondness for awards .I decided to start handing them out to myself. This is my teens award. I think

    • Shania

      You just figured out the show is cheesy? Why do you think most of us watch it anyway? Enjoy the cheese!

    • Shania

      It wasn’t to your face, it was on TV. Have much of a nodding acquaintance with reality, buddy?

    • Patti

      I have to agree. Chris, you are losing your nice guy status by going along with the pandering to the lowest level. And franly, Brad is pretty, but sho shallow and stupid. “When I see a girl cry, I have to try to make it better somehow.” Yes, Brad, making out with a girl is a surefire way to make her feel better. It is not, however, the way to show that you are looking to get to know her on a deeper level.

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