'Bones': Goodbye, Gravedigger (and Gormogon conclusion resentment)

Bones-Sweets-Bullet-BrainImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FoxDid last night’s resolution of Bones‘ Gravedigger plotline make you forgive the show for dropping the ball on the Gormogon arc? You can tell by my headline that it’s a “yes” for me. Exec producer Stephen Nathan had warned us that it was the series’ most shocking opening ever, and he was right. The Gravedigger stepped out of the transport vehicle to walk into her final appeal and after a slo-mo stare-down with Sweets — who was, for some reason, allowed to ride with her when she requested psychological counsel so she could screw with him — she took a bullet to her head. Massive blood splatter and multiple shots of her headless body. Her brain exploded when the copper bullet hit it from 1,489 yards away. We’ve heard about this show’s battles with Fox’s censors before — I’d love to have heard the talks negotiating how many times/seconds director David Boreanaz could show the carnage. Regular viewers know not to eat during this show. I pity hungry newcomers. 

“Don’t just stand there. We got a shrink who needs shrunk and a headless child killer in a puddle of brains,” Caroline said. I would say Patricia Belcher was the MVP of the episode for me. It feels like the Bones I fell in love with when she’s on, and she was a walking quote machine last night. “Sorry, cher. I hate to startle you when you’re traumatized,” she said to Sweets. Everyone was worried about him, but no one knew he couldn’t stop listening to his final conversation with Heather Taffet, which he’d recorded. She’d told him everyone knew he was the weakest link in the chain. If he testified at her appeal, she’d walk. At first, he may have actually been worried that he was the target because someone didn’t trust him to do his job, but when he finally played the tape for Caroline, I realized he was more upset that Taffet had gotten inside his head — which would’ve compromised his testimony. Caroline snapped Sweets out of it by revealing her own fear. “I’ve never been so scared as when her head blew to pieces,” she said. “Don’t tell anybody. I messed myself.” She told him they’re all just people.

Caroline: “You’re an expert with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now who’s Heather Taffet?”

Sweets: [sitting up] “Dead serial killer.”

Caroline: “You’re damn straight. Dr. Brennan has her head all rigged up spinnin’ like a Christmas tree. It’s over. She can’t get to any of us anymore.”

Can’t you just hear her delivery reading those last lines? I haven’t wanted to hug Caroline that badly since she got Booth and Brennan to kiss under the mistletoe. Yes, this situation sucked for Sweets, who, you recall, also watched that young man die on the subway. But it showed how far that character’s come: He used to have to prove himself to the team, and now they’re the ones reminding him how brilliant he is. Even Hodgins comes to him now willingly. Angela made Hodgins feel guilty for being happy that Taffet — who’d buried him and Brennan alive in her car — was dead. I wonder if it was in the script for Hodgins to take a moment and lay back the passenger’s seat in Sweets’ car before the impromptu session, or if that was improvised on set. Sweets told Hodgins that what he was feeling — it’s the best thing that’s happened to him all week — was a natural response for a victim. Hodgins was elated, mostly because he could tell Angela she was wrong.

The squints worked their magic, and Brennan and Booth found the location from which the sniper had fired. It was an escort’s apartment, and I felt like the discovery of her body in a bathtub of lye after six days — which is never pretty on this show — was perhaps punishment for those of us thinking how hot Seeley looked lying on the table lining up the sniper’s shot. Focus, people! (Incidentally, did you also notice that great shot of his back when the camera panned around him as he was watching the video of the shooting?) It turns out the father of the boys from the “Aliens in the Spaceship” episode had been contacted by this sniper and asked if he’d pay him $2 million if he killed Taffet. He was more than happy to. I can’t imagine the pain that father would feel, but I know the rage I felt when I heard that an opposing client threatened my lawyer sister’s life once in court. It was so powerful, I couldn’t tell if I was then crying at the thought of losing my sister or the thought of what I would do to that person who hurt her. But I can’t imagine VIDEOTAPING whatever “justice” found this person.

Booth narrowed the suspects down to six people who could, conceivably, make the shot and he called one in after hearing how the guy had stabbed the escort. That guy told him he had an alibi, and they both know only two people could actually have made that shot — Booth, who has the record for the longest shot (over a kilometer) and their old friend Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo). He trained countersnipers in the Gulf, then moved to a hostage rescue unit in Texas, where he was accused of jumping the trigger in hostage situation. He took out the gunman because he thought he was justified, disappeared before the official ruling, and became known as the Hand of God. He’s been in hiding, but Booth found him — because he’d bought property in Seeley’s name. This was personal, Booth realized.

Booth went to talk to Jacob alone, and we all knew this wouldn’t end well. Jacob knew Booth couldn’t come onto his property without a search warrant, but Booth jumped the fence — he didn’t need a search warrant. The property belonged to Seeley Booth. Okay, that was cool. But Booth not knowing how to run in the woods wasn’t. He fell and rolled. He stepped on something and hurt his leg. Jacob got enough of a lead on him that he was able to blow up his trailer to destroy any evidence. The blast sent Booth flying and dislocated his shoulder, but he still pulled his weapon on his friend. Only his friend knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t go for the kill if there was any doubt he didn’t deserve to die. Vosloo is booked for two more episodes that will play out over the remainder of the season. I think we could have a fair fight on our hands. Why would Jacob come after Booth? Because he didn’t take out Taffet himself? Fingers crossed Booth’s inevitable identity crisis will lead him to at least phone Gordon Gordon (Stephen Fry), who really should know about Brennan finally admitting her feelings for Booth.

Speaking of that, having Ryan O’Neal’s Max return also felt like the Bones I fell in love with. He wanted to know if Brennan and Booth were together; he needed to know that Brennan believed he hadn’t killed the Gravedigger, whether or not she had proof. That final scene with them, when he gave her the shell and she chose to believe it was the ocean she was hearing was so sweet. It showed that she is willing to have faith in the men she cares about and believe in magic when it comes from them. Booth was watching…

Your turn. Did you think this was a fitting end to the Gravedigger story? How do you think the sniper arc will move Booth and Brennan’s relationship forward? (We know he’ll worry that she’ll think what he did as a sniper is no different from this guy.) And what was your favorite quote of the night? (Brennan’s “I know” when Max said she’s smarter and prettier than Hannah?)

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  • jfms777

    One weak episode. Disappointment. Caroline was the best thing. Why didn’t they give Brennan anything to do? Thank the Lord “Grey’s Anatomy” returns next week.

    • Amber

      LOL, I know right? Plus, all the action was a little 2 minute sequence by the end of the episode.

      • Lane

        Right?! She doesn’t do much except stand around Booth now. Or carry messages between the lab and the FBI. Who would think this is a world renowned scientist? It’s pretty sad when I have to admit that the ladies of Grey’s Anatomy have a greater purpose in life and are thus more compelling than Bones.

        Wonder if the action was enough to hook the new Idol crowd. Obviously, Booth lovers loved it, but they have to be a known quantity.

      • Ann M

        Absolutely. Caroline is always a pleasure, but Bones did nothing but hang around, and be the object of Booth’s gaze at the end.

        I liked the old Rationality/Heart balance. With romance coming to the forefront, it’s all been about Brennan’s transformation into someone who’s going to fulfill Booth’s idea of Love. I had a lot of problems with Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s actually been picking up lately.

      • Twihrd

        OK episode, not great by old Bones standards, but better than alot of the eps that HH has given us since the underdelivered Gormagon arc. Even though she delivered the creepy. the casting of the GD as a slight woman was a serious miscast by HH, as it completely took all belivabilty away that she could subdue/drag and transport Booth from his apartment to the ship all by herself. Caroline was good, but as for Max, I felt that he served only to push the romantic lament of “why aren’t B/B together” and pander to the shippers out there. It really didn’t feel like it belonged in the episode last night, when if they focused more on the facets of the case itself, it would’ve been so much better, imho. But that’s been the problem, the show to me was at it’s best when the focus was on solving the cases with a bit of the relationship in the background. It felt more honest to me. Now, it’s the other way around, and the presentation feels neither honest nor organic. I sincerely hope that HH doen’t make the same mistake with spinoff that is reportedly coming together.

      • dana

        The episode reached the biggest audience of the season (12.15 mil) and the biggest demo rating since 2007!
        I’d say the viewers spoke: THE BIG MAJORITY like the Booth-centric episodes with the whole team involved in the mystery-murder storyline.

      • @dana

        Or- it took a whole lot of publicity and fireworks and Idol crowd mentality to draw in last year’s numbers.

    • pitry

      One strong episode. Finally an exciting one. Brennan didn’t have much to do but all the others were amazing and suddenly it’s not good? Well, wrong.
      No amount of spite and hate for “it” being Booth’s or Boreanaz’s episode will change the obvious fact: IT WAS REALLY GOOD. OLDTIME GOOD.

      • Mo

        It had the best and the worst of Bones – great moments with the characters we care about, and procedural things that would be laughable in the real world. I know they “explained” in a past episode how the Jeffersonian team and Booth could get away with investigating and proving the Gravedigger case when they were her victims and the victims’ friends. And now, on top of that, Brennan is again investigating a case in which her own father is (however briefly) officially identified as a suspect. Come on. I agree that Caroline and Max were the best things about the episode. Now, I was actually cleaning my kitchen while trying to watch the episode, so there are two things that I may not have caught on to and are bugging me – could anyone tell me if I’m completely wrong about:
        – I thought Taffett told Sweets when they were in the van that she hadn’t done it alone, but Sweets never went back to that part of the recording, and no one mentioned it again. Did I hear that wrong?
        – I though Arnold Vosloo played the sniper that Booth dragged in from Texas, but that the actual killer was someone else who had mentored them both. Glad to hear that he’ll be back for two more episodes, anyway. He was one yummy Mummy, and I hadn’t seen him in anything since.

      • Deb

        No You did hear Taffett tell Sweets she was not the only one. I have always wondered how she wwas able to move Seeley from his apartment by herself

      • knk

        I thought Taffett told Sweets that (paraphrasing here), “she was not the only one responsible for her crimes”. Semantics. That could mean she had a partner(s) or just that she blames society or other individuals for her actions. It did seem odd that they didn’t discuss it.

    • Jane

      I loved this epi. David you rock. Amazing director!

    • Quinn

      David was brilliant it was like watching an action movie. Gore level was up. Exciting and fun to watch. LOVED IT

    • Mary

      Classic Bones thank you David. He got the best out of the cast and crew.

    • Danni


    • demi

      Buh bye go and watci Greys then, stop whinning on Bones. Srly. Great work Bones cast and crew.

    • Gwen

      This was an excellent episode. I just loved Caroline’s part in this story, and wish she would be in more episodes. I thought David did a great job as a director.

    • Debbie

      AMAZING start of the 3 epi sniper arc. I adore Booth. And his past and history. Bring it on! Nice job DB!

    • diandra

      Yep, it was really good, and it was David’s episode in more ways than one. Well done on all levels, script, story, acting and directing. We should all rejoice for the returning of old school Bones

    • fsd

      “Thank the Lord “Grey’s Anatomy” returns next week.”


    • PoppyP

      OK, in some alternate Fringe world, I would challenge all the fangirls to identify DB directed episodes without knowing ahead of time or seeing his name in the credits. He IS qualified, but I really doubt you’d recognize the episodes without the publicity. It’s all is part of drumming up publicity for big episodes. I know it’s harmless but it annoys because the show takes advantage of easy fans.

    • CJ

      loved the head burst. as for the rest.. so predictable. “noone is as epic as you are booth. noone shoots better. there has to be 3 people who can make a head blow up booth” and boreanaz has never looked worse. The only thing he had going for him was the honest core of his values. Not only did Tempe get sidelined, she got side lined for nothing.

      • MissionFigs

        You just know some Boreanaz fan is writing an epic reply to this.

        Meanwhile, “Christ on a Cracker” (tm Pete Campbell)- the first suspect, the paralegal from the office building, who was sweating and shaking. Who wouldn’t know that’s not a viable suspect? If that’s some sign of Booth’s super human reading capabilities, color me unimpressed.

      • vass

        Nope. You’re wrong. It was engaging and really good, the entire cast was game, David looked hot, as did Emily. A winner episode. That’s all.

    • bethanymae

      Ha, um, wow, I disagree. I liked this episode better than almost every episode this season. It felt like the classic Bones we knew from past seasons, plus character growth. I enjoyed every moment.

      • MissionFigs

        I make snide comments, but am also glad Bones fans enjoyed the show. I personally think it works much better if you skipped the first half of the season.

      • Dixie

        Agree! Agree! The episode felt *right* And where was Hannah? Oh yeah, we didn’t see her …

    • Emma

      Well, this was obviously a Booth-centric episode, just like the episode before the break was Brennan centric. It balances out.

      • JK

        I don’t think it balances out at all. The Brennan-centric episode made her look pathetic and punished her for daring to say no to Booth. This episode was all about making Booth look good- he’s the best agent and the most moral sniper in history. And he had the team and Bones behind him the whole time. Bones suddenly had no friends but a phantom janitor.

        For the record, I am not a shipper (yes some of us super-committed fans are not), and I am not Team Booth or Team Brennan. But it’s really not fair to say that it’s a fair balance.

    • L.T.

      I thought it was a great episode. The opening was so surprising. And yes, I thought the same thing, David looked so hot on that table, and then came the ick factor with the dead body. Overall great episode, although I do agree that some of the procedural stuff is way off. First, that the team would be able to investigate a case they are all so close to; secondly, Boothe went by himself to confront the sniper? Give me a break. He would have had a huge team with him and perhaps even SWAT.

    • Erin

      Good ep but NOTHING makes up for that Gorgomon debacle. And I’m still not all that sympathetic to Sweets due to that debacle, no matter how much they try to make me like him – I shall resist!

      • Turnback

        I just learned not to expect any follow through on any plot point from this show. Most recently, the lousy non-explanation for Booth’s military/civilian status. It’s meaningless to look for continuity.

      • Turnback

        Agree that nothing makes up for that. But I just learned not to expect any follow through on any plot point from this show. Most recently, the lousy non-explanation for Booth’s military/civilian status. It’s meaningless to look for continuity.

      • Kimberly

        Can we get Zack back into the lab? I miss his interactions with the rest of the lab. I should be over it by now, but three seasons of rotating interns is annoying

    • Kate

      I think it was supposed to be a Booth centric episode. All of the interviews and things have said that this is Booth’s gravedigger, so my guess is that Brennan didn’t have much to do because it wasn’t her turn to solve the mystery. I’m sure she will play into this arc in an important way though. It was nice for them to humanize her a bit more. I feel like people complain when they make her too science-y and then they complain when they make her too regular. You guys just are never satisfied.

  • shauna

    Love Bones, but I have to agree all of the falling down and not being able to walk at the end was contrived. Yeah, we know the guy needed to get away, but Booth not being able to stay on his feet just because the ground was uneven? As good as the show has been, I would have thought they could come up with something a little better for Booth not being able to get his man.

    • AMO

      I think that Booth explained it well at the end, that the other guy knew the woods better than him. He did have to stumble down a hill, through some rough terrain and keep turning/reacting. I loved this episode. Everybody was great IMO, I’m just worried who the sniper is going to kill off next – I have a bad feeling it will be Sweets, but I really hope not!

      • ktwolf

        Why didn’t Booth shoot the bad guy in the knee or some other non-lethal body part?

      • thisbelamo

        I re-watched the episode. When Booth asked “Why did you kill the gravedigger?” the sniper said he didn’t. Booth also asked about the girl. The sniper deflected saying he wasn’t responsible for the girl. So when the chase ended and Booth pulled the gun on him, he couldn’t shoot the guy because he only shoots someone when there is no doubt they are guilty.

    • Kelly

      I agree – Booth falling down the hill was very far fetched for me. Ironically enough, as I watched the scene my mind jumped to Booth running down another steep slope in Aliens in a Spaceship – and he had no trouble staying on his feet then. But maybe that was the point – to save Brennan’s life he could do anything – and like Broadsky said, Booth couldn’t take his life because he wasn’t completely sure he was guilty.

    • shannon

      Booth was in dressy shoes that would have had little to no traction on the rough uneven ground, give the guy a break.

      • alyssa

        booth wasn’t in dress shoes. he wears solid black, black-soled vans slip-ons. it’s another one of the ways he “rebels.” he hasn’t worn dress shoes since season two or three.

      • Tim

        Wow Alyssa, wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been a big enough fan of any show to know what kind of shoes the characters wear. I’m a little impressed.

      • Kate

        Alyssa, you may be right about what Booth claims he wears but if you look at the shoes in this episode they are polished black dress shoes- no doubt about it.

  • Sarah

    I loved it (and not just because it was Hannah-free). I think it’s an interesting storyline, as we really don’t know very much about Booth’s experience as a sniper beyond his body count. And I love it when you see flashes of “little girl” in Brennan – the scene with Max where he tells her she is more beautiful and smart than Hannah reminded me of a father telling that to his teenage daughter after her crush decides to ask someone else to the prom.

  • Jackie

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but it sounds good. However, it doesn’t matter how good it was, this show will never redeem itself in my eyes for the ridiculous Gormogon story resolution.

    • @Jackie

      One story line ended your enjoyment of the whole show? Too bad. Just remember, sometimes a TV show, and life, doesn’t turn out the way you want. You really shouldn’t just give up.

  • Mae

    loved when brennan said “i know.” i enjoyed this episode mostly because there was no hannah. i think bones is moving back in the right direction.

    • Liz

      It feels like the old Bones is back! And that last scene, when Booth watches her… it feels like the old Booth is back!

      • KLH

        I agree! It was the best episode so far this season and gives me hope that it’s getting back to what we all love and miss! And that last scene, with Brennan happy and Booth just looking at her – loved it! I want them to have their happy moments at the ends of the episodes again!

      • AnnNony

        Ugh, I thought that scene came out of nowhere after last year. I think the show is going drag things on FOREVER if people keep squeeling over 10 second crumbs.

      • AnnNony

        Oops- after the last episode. Still, point stands- there’s no progress and I’d rather they keep solving crimes and flirting if this season is “drama” and “growth.”

    • j

      case = awesome
      acting = awesome
      caroline = awesome

      hannah free episode? Priceless.

      • Blame Leno

        LMBO j This was a great episode and more like the Bones I love. I was also excited to see the wordless exchange of looks between Brennan and Booth at the end. They have been that connected in a long time. I missed that. I miss those powerful looks that Booth can give that say so much. I love that Brennan understands. It was such a small part of the overall show but it felt like a shift back to right. I need them to be together I just need them to be back in sync again.

  • Gata

    I actually loved this episode. I thought Emily Deschanel was looking exceptionally pretty last night. I thought David Boreanaz did a good job as director, and he was also looking yummy in the final diner scene.

    I liked this episode better than most of those from this season.

  • S

    I think this episode was good for an arc set-up, but it wasn’t very good as a standalone episode. We didn’t realize the Gravedigger was like Bones until much later, but we know right away that this sniper is like Booth. In trying to cram it all in, there was less time for the fun stuff.

    The head blowing off and the bathtub scenes were pretty over the top, but I thought the ep was good because it’s giving a new dimension to the show (more about Booth, more Caroline, Sweets is amazing and Bones can choose to believe magic) and dropping hints that maybe Booth and Brennen will have another chance.

    So all in all, good episode within a good season.

  • Brianne

    Anyone besides me worried that Wendell is the one who’s getting killed?

    • Jackie

      That would be awful! I <3 Wendell

      • Ellie

        I honestly was holding my breath in the last seen between Bones and Max. I really thought he was going to be shot. Now, I am not sure who the victim is going to be.

    • b

      Isn’t the “recurring character” they said months ago they were going to kill off… The Gravedigger? I think all the interns are safe now.

      • Stephanie

        Oh, disappoint. I was hoping it would be Hannah. (Is that awful? Just not a fan)

    • KLH

      I really hope not! How about Daisy? They can have her – I’d feel bad for Sweets though…

    • Mo

      Huh? You know someone is getting killed? If I missed reading it in the post, sorry in advance for chewing you out wrongly, but if I didn’t and you’re posting spoilers here, well, thanks a million. I love these characters and it would have hit me like a ton of bricks if someone in the team died out of the blue (let’s just hope it’s Hannah), and now you have me alternately worried and angry that the impact won’t be the same now that I’m waiting for it. So thanks a million again for nothing.

      • Laura

        Take a chill pill. There are more important things in the world to be worried about than how you feel you’ll react to the death of a fictional character on a TV show.

      • @Laura

        Why don’t you keep your judgemental comments to yourself. Everyone knows that there are more important things in the world to worry about than a TV show character. That still doesn’t mean that no one can express the disappointment of being spoiled about something they didn’t know or expect. Geez, talk about who needs to take a chill pill.

      • Liz

        I avoid spoilers, too, but that is . . . a pretty convoluted accusation. Is the tension you feel during a TV show really anticipation for what your reaction may or may not be? Or is it anticipation for what may or may not happen? You’ve obviously already been speculating on your own about which character you’d like to see killed off; why not accept that speculation is part of the viewing experience?

  • Renee Fontana

    Love it! But they should have had Booth run into a few booby traps while chasing the sniper through the woods, that would have been more believable.

  • Leithen

    This was one of the better episodes of the year. I think the idea of someone purchasing land in Booth’s name was a little too clumsy in that if you’re smart enough to manage a fake land purchase, you wouldn’t put it in the name of someone who might have to serve a warrant on you. And Booth goes without backup of any kind? Seriously?

    So there are more than a few suspensions of disbelief that are necessary in this episode.

    • Stephanie

      I thought the same thing. Although, I realized awhile ago to suspend my disbelief when I watch Bones – all the technology Angela uses that so quickly and cohesively gives them leads. I like the characters and the spirit of the show enough not to nit pick so much.

      • pthomas

        it’s a tv show….I am watching it because it is fun. I appreciate everyone has their own level for suspension of reality-I think I am in the same state as Stephanie…

      • j

        this is the least realistic show ever; that’s why i love it. tv is escapism sometimes, and last night was some grade-A escapism!

    • bethanymae

      It wasn’t clumsy–it was to get Booth’s attention. This is a game for the sniper. He WANTED Booth to come out there.

    • Me

      The land purchase is real in Booth’s name (copper was charged to another sniper, etc). The video of who had been in and out on that property is online somewhere and I’m sure that the team will somehow gain access and see who the gravediggers partners were. They still got the $2m ranson – just in a different way!

  • Frogers

    This felt closer to “classic” Bones than we have seen in a long time. I hope it’s a sign of things to come for this show.

  • jmo

    I just have to show some love to SWEETS. I’ve always enjoyed JFD performance, especially when he has scenes with DB’s Booth. But this episode, that boy performed on a level I never expected from him. Great job!

  • Amber

    They need to stop using Ryan O’Neal as a lame B/B plot device to force their supposed twu wuv down our throats. I’m SO glad they didn’t give that job to Caroline, this time. But, you have Ryan O’Neal and that’s all you use him for?

    • TR

      Agree. Who exactly are they writing for now? Not just Max as cheerleader, but the juvenile insults to Sweets from the Gravedigger… and the much praised Brennan-centric episode. Are we, as a group, really that dense? Why not just write the message on an anvil?

    • Wittaya

      Crush your enemies. See them drvien before you. And hear the lamentation of their women. I completely agree with you, Roth, 100% about Jon Snow. I think he’s very much a leader and I think that’s exactly why The Old Bear requested him as his stewart, just like Samwell points out. I’m curious on both your takes on the Littlefinger blabbing his plans while Ros and her sidekick did their soft core thing scene, because for me it really felt out of character. I know this is probably because of the way I built the character up while reading the book moreso than how he was written there or here in the show, but for a brilliant political tactician such as he it just didn’t work for me. Especially when he’s telling it all to two people in a profession that he’s previously stated in show is made up of huge gossips. It’s been the only added/not in book thing I haven’t liked, and I kept going back to thinking “Why would he do that?” the entire episode. Anyhow, just curious if I’m the only person puzzled by the inclusion of that.

  • Lynn

    Mandi, I love that you are a Bones fan (and have to be a Bones apologist)and I have loved this show since the beginning, but can we agree that the quality of this show has been in steady decline since the wrap up of the zack-is-friend-of-a-serial-killer storyline? There were parts of this episode that were good–everything involving Sweets and Caroline, Hodgins and Angela were good. It’s been one of the better episodes, but they still have a long way to go to fix this, I think. My main issue with this show lately is with the character of Bones–she had made progress in those earlier episodes (with regard to her social ineptness), and, although it seems like the writers are having fun exploring her emotional side, they’ve forgotten about some things. She wouldn’t still act the way she does after having the Booth influence for so long, there are some parts of her character that are almost childlike and it’s irksome, especially considering her remarkable intelligence. I don’t understand what they want her character to be and that’s throwing me off. I find that all of the things I used to adore about this show I can now find by watching Castle.

    • pthomas

      I do think her reactions can sometimes be inconsistent. But I thought she was spot on last night. She was both naive and logical, a woman still exploring a very broken relationship with her father and a grown women very hurt in her relationship with Booth.

    • Erin

      “and I have loved this show since the beginning, but can we agree that the quality of this show has been in steady decline since the wrap up of the zack-is-friend-of-a-serial-killer storyline?”

      I’ll agree with you there. Loved the ep but do agree that the show has been spiraling and I still cannot forgive over that half-assed horrid Gorgomon arc.

  • Betty

    I loved the episode. Caroline is my favorite recurring character. She is the linchpin of the group. Max was good to see too. And, Hodgins being so full of “pleasure” was great. I think that Hannah will be gone in a few episodes, and I hope that the cases continue to improve. The combination of sharp cases with the interaction of the cast is what makes this a good show.

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