'American Idol': Was Chris Medina's audition the most touching 'Idol' moment ever, or the most exploitative?

We are used to American Idol pulling our heartstrings during the audition round, and in last night’s stop in Milwaukee (fittingly, the home of Danny […] Read the full post.

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  • kathryn

    OMG I just saw this and cried like baby. WOW I am really touched. And oh yes now I love Steven Tyler too…

  • Nadski

    Well, that’s Hollywood for ya….damned if you do & damned if you don’t! I just wish people would keep to the simple & POSITIVE side of life without ALWAYS thinking there’s a method to the madness….in his case, so WHAT? He’s giving it a shot & probably HAS to do it “their way”….so would I if it meant giving my disabled love a shot at a better EVERYTHING! GO CHRIS, GO!!! Work it, baby & reap the benefits for you, your fiance & her mom!!!

  • stevenjaba

    I say time will tell. With Danny Gokey, I was concerned when the story of his dead wife was brought out at auditions, but when he kept bringing it up, I got permanently turned off (not to mention the fact that his whole manner is irritating). So, we’ll see if Chris seems to try rely on his back story or not.

  • angeljake

    Very touching…

  • kathryn

    ohh ALSO… this guys actually has a beautiful voice and what a range! I don’t care about the exploitation >I love it. they have me hooked

  • cattyfan

    How I feel will be directly tied to how often this part of his life is brought up. the problem with Gokey is his deceased wife was mentioned ALL THE TIME. Contrast that to last season’s Casey…who survived a ghastly car accident and nearly lost his ability to play guitar and sing…but we didn’t hear about it until the competition was nearly over. If this women’s situation becomes the focus, my respect for Chris will dminish. But if it continues to be just another facet of his life, then I will judge him by his singing, and I will respect his devotion to the love of his life.

  • Will

    I was there before all of this happened and I was there with Chris in the emergency room when their world came crashing in around them. Part of what makes us human is our ability to feel, to be moved by emotion; To bear one another joy’s and struggles.

    This is not a story of tragedy and loss, but rather a story of strength, love, loyalty, and perseverance. All too often we selfishly care only about our own issues and problems and chose to look away when we see someone else’s pain. I think it’s time we look beyond ourselves and celebrate and support someone besides ourselves.

    Did you ever think of the massive hospital bills that have piled up and what a blessing this coverage has been for donations and support?

    Be happy for Chris and Juliana, because they have each other and this great opportunity. Stop looking for the bad in a situation and try celebrating the good.

    • Nadski

      Very well said, Will. Please know that we, in Prevost, Quebec, Canada, are rooting for them both….ALL THE WAY!!! Bravo l’amour….Nadia & Joe

    • Sapphire

      Thank you for sharing this very personal account and reminding us what this very human story is all about – unselfish love and strength in adversity. They are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Greg

    It is a touching story and made me cry. I think it was good to show because people need to see the good in life, and this guy is good in taking care of his finance. Yes, many do when tragedy happens and it’s not broadcast on national tv, however, with all the crap that goes on in the world, it is nice to be reminded what truly matters: taking care of loved ones, family and friends. Compassion is a strong thing and should be shared. Yes a lot of people have things going on and might not want to be emotionally invested but if you don’t like it then change the channel. Now the reason Idol aired it might be the same reason, but you know what it was aired. Look at the good and think about what matters to you and your family. Now personally I won’t vote for the guy because I never vote for Idol folks but that’s just me. Even if he doesn’t win, he won by sharing his story. Peace! :)

  • Zazazing

    A sad story makes me feel sympathy for a contestant but not enough to overlook a bad performance. Luckily, Medina has a good voice. The best to both him and his fiance.

  • mickey

    Mandi, you hit the nail on the head. It is exploitation to the umpteenth degree. Show us the freak and we’ll give you a ticket. That’s the attitude of American Idol.

    • cattyfan

      So you regard someone recovering from a devastating accident to be a freak? What a nasty person you must be.

      • mickey

        No cattyfan. Don’t twist satire around. That is simply how the producers think.

        Look at Extreme Home Makeover. They were outed with a memo instructing people to find people who have this and that. It lacked any sincerity and literally told their staff to look for these people in unfortunate situation.

        It’s called sensationalizing and that is Mandi thinks is happening here and I’m sure many others do as well.

        The fans of AI eat this stuff up. They get hooked on the sorrowful state of someone and these producers take advantage of it.

  • AmotherofachildwhosufferedTBI

    Unless any of you have a loved in this situation, you have no room to JUDGE! I am a mother of a child with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). My daughter’s accident was Dec 21 2009. She was not expected to live; if she lived they told me she would be a vegetable the rest of her life.

    When you are dealing with a TBI, all you want for your loved one is for them to get back to somewhat of a normal life! For that woman to be a part of this audition last night was amazing! My heart and prayers go out to this family! For her to be in the condition she is, she is blessed!

    If any of you know about TBI’ then you know most individuals do NOT live or live a life as a vegetable.

    She is blessed to have loved ones that are giving her a good life and supporting her in her recovery! My hats go off to him and mom!

  • Mary

    Whether people thought it was manipulative or not, this guy is still a good person for staying with his girl and taking care of her. And Steven Tyler was really sweet to give her a hug and say some kind words. Nice touching Idol moment.

  • Melissa

    I feel for the guy, but the whole thing made me uncomfortable. Trouble is, without the backstory his singing is just average, it was knowing his life that infused Breakeven with more meaning not his actual singing, but if you just watch it alone it’s alright but not great. I guess we’re getting Danny 2.0 this season.

    I was enjoying this season, but this turns me back off of it.

  • hera

    i am m…………..

  • Dana

    I found it uplifting. Steven Tyler was so genuine and this is Chris’ life we learn the good and not so good about the contestants.It is no different to me than watching the 16 yo play baseball. It is their life..I vote for talent not back story.

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