Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 4

chris-bachelor-padHey ladies, have some cheese with all that whining. This week you might have noticed that the ladies got just a bit emotional. One interesting side effect of Brad’s therapy and newfound honesty is every girl he’s with feels like she’s the only girl in the world. That’s a good thing — unless you’re one of 30 women dating the same guy. With each girl feeling so special and feeling so much emotion, things are bound to boil over. Before we deal with the drama, we have to deal with the great mystery this season, Michelle’s black eye. Here’s what we know: Everybody went to bed after the rose ceremony. I returned to the house early the next morning to wake the girls up and send them on their dates. Michelle woke up, looked in the mirror and bam, black eye. The truth is nobody has any idea whatsoever how Michelle got that black eye. I don’t think its possible to get a “stress black eye” as she said, and I don’t think she beat herself up. I’ve mentioned in the past that we don’t have cameras rolling 24/7, and we don’t have secret cameras in the girls’ bedroom. Much like the Bermuda triangle, Hugh Hefner’s upcoming wedding and the Kardashians’ popularity, some things just can’t be explained. It was pretty amusing to see Michelle milk it all week using frozen peas, corn and popsicles to try to keep the swelling down.

Chantal got this week’s first one-on-one date. If you’ve done your Bachelor homework you know that the first helicopter date of the season is a big one. Ali took Roberto on the first helicopter date and Jake took Vienna on one as well. Some of the girls in the house did the math and got a little ahead of themselves; we’ll have to see if history repeats itself. Because our fans are incredibly observant I’m sure you noticed that the helicopter that picked them up isn’t the same chopper that dropped them off. The reason for the change is our driveway is a very tight landing area and can’t handle a big helicopter. So once they got picked up they switched helicopters for the ride out to Catalina. Okay, that’s about enough helicopter talk. As far as the date goes I think the chemistry between Brad and Chantal speaks for itself. (By the way it actually did rain in Los Angeles so the driveway back at the house was legitimately wet!)

The group date they took this week was to go see two of my favorite people. I have been on Loveline and have the utmost respect for Dr. Drew. Psycho Mike does a great job of pushing things to the limit and getting the unflappable Dr. Drew to crack up from time to time. One thing you didn’t get to see on this date is that Dr. Drew spent a lot of time with the ladies and gave his recommendations to Brad. Gotta give Stacey some credit for admitting her past cheating. I doubt she was the only one who has cheated, but she was the only one that had the guts to say so. Considering she got sent home, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Although at least it allowed us to even know she was on the show. I was wondering who that girl was.

Michelle finally got her one-on-one date. I absolutely loved how Chantal stuck a pen in her balloon by pointing out how the date card didn’t have the world “love” in it. This really did bother Michelle, and she spent much time contemplating what this meant. Michelle’s fear of heights was very real and so is her game. She’s got Brad wrapped right now. I’m sure many of you are wondering why Brad is falling for her games. You have to remember Brad doesn’t see or hear everything. He’s not privy to all the drama in the house. I’m sure you noticed there’s no love lost between Chantal and Michelle. These two went at it over Ashley H and they’ll go at it again. You might be wondering why Brad grabbed Emily during the cocktail party for an impromptu date. Well, Brad had heard the women complain that after a one-on-one date they didn’t feel special so he attempted to do better with Emily who didn’t get a date at all this week. This sent the girls into a tailspin second-guessing everything they thought they knew. Further proof of just how real and raw emotions are at this point.

You might have noticed that I told the girls I just talked to Brad; we did shoot a deliberation room interview but obviously we didn’t use it. You will see Brad and I deliberate as the season goes on. This is the last rose ceremony at the house this season. It’s actually the last rose ceremony in Los Angeles. We usually come back home before we leave for exotics but not this season. From here on out we’re on the road, and you’re coming with me. Go pack your bags! As always, leave your comments below. For more about The Bachelor check out ABC’s website, and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Alli

    Thanks Chris for a glimpse behind the scenes- more please!!!

    • yrtset

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      • ronnie

        But they are whining, he told the truth…no reason to be upset to offended. They whine all day & evening like 5 yr olds…sickening!

    • Dee

      Behind the scenes perspectives are one thing. It’s another when you mock the women as “whining” when they are doing EXACTLY what you and the producers instructed them to do, which is talk about their feelings. If I were one of those women, I would be deeply insulted by the first line of your blog.

      • Geena

        OMG, he didn’t mean anything……I thought it was darn funny!

  • RealBob

    Chris – what’s up with your Mr. Rogers outfit in the morning. Not your best look. Stick with blue shirts. Love your blog – never miss it.

    • Kay

      I agree with RealBob I hope that plaid shirt was waterproof because that cardigan was a real pisser

    • kaf

      I actually liked the shirt/cardigan combo! :)

    • Karen

      I LOVED the “just dropped the kids off at school” look Chris was wearing! It was a nice change from the blue shirts!

  • rikki

    Michelle was making me so mad, it’s nice to know why he doesn’t dump the jerks. A popsicle, really? She is such a jerk. Let’s just hope he figures it out soon. Thanks for the info, keep it coming!

    • tHERESA

      Michelle is psycho!!

  • Denise

    Why doesn’t Michelle ever smile??

    • Bonnie

      Chris…In regards to the previews for next week, why in the world did you guys set up a date for a racing track knowing Emily’s past? Does that seem incredibly insesitive to anyone else?

      • Maggie Hardie

        I wondered the same thing.

      • Kal

        Bonnie I thought the same exact thing! How in the world can they do something so insensitive?? I hope Chris explains in his blog next week.

      • SLB

        You’ve been wondering the same thing? ABC goes out of their way to make sure the date has something to do with something painful in their life. Exploitation = ratings.

      • kaf

        Agreed. That is hideous and really pretty disgusting on the network’s part.

      • Sue

        I agree! That crushed me for her!!! First the plane ride and now this? Honestly, Chris, please explain.

      • Steph

        I thought that too. In fact some of the dates he has picked seem to not be appropriate for the girl he is with. Michelle afraid of heights. Em afraid of planes. Chantal afraid of the ocean. LOL. Like on the questionaire they asked their biggest fear and then planned dates accordingly.

      • Jen in Tenn

        I think they do that because the stress is “bonding” to the relationship. Fear causes strong emotional reactions. You probably don’t remember much about your early childhood, EXCEPT a big scary event (like getting tonsils out, ear lanced, a major injury, etc.).

      • HH

        I agree – I think it is horrible that you would first put Emily in a small plane and then put her at a racetrack. Its not just some irrational fear she has, she truly experienced traumatizing events. I think the show/producers should really be embarrassed by this.

      • Kristy

        Mike Fleiss really crossed the line with this one, it was bad enough having her go on her first date on a small plane but to then send her to a racetrack is just flat out cruel. Im really disappointed that you would have let that happen Chris. There is only so much that can be justified for ratings.

      • Alicia

        Post traumatic stress syndrome, it can take people years of counseling to overcome this…why would producers want to take the chance of throwing someone into it by putting these women in these positions knowing there histories…NOT COOL!

      • Lori

        I agree about the racing date for next week – very insensitive! And Brad made some comment about “feeling bad???” Did he not LISTEN when Emily opened up on their one-on-one date?? I understand the producers need to create “drama” – but think this date was poor judgement!!

      • Jennifer

        My husband was killed in a small airplane crash, along with my step-son, about 2 months before Emily’s fiance. I am now very happily re-married but can tear up instantly (and even get all choked up) when I think of the circumstances surrounding it. When I talk about it, I can hardly get the words out. I’m unable to return to the place where I last saw him take off. I, too, think this is very un-called for. Please, producers, this is not cool at all. Please refrain from setting up these kinds of situations when it involves the loss of loved ones.

      • Meli

        Yeah, Geez, how about in the next edition of the Bachelor, you take someone who was a rape victim and have her act out a rape scene for a TV show or a movie? This isn’t someone who’s just afraid of flying or heights–this was a woman who was engaged to be married to a race car driver killed in a plane crash. It goes even beyond exploitative into downright cruelty.

      • marie

        ratings ladies ratings…..

      • joeriel

        It is pretty heartless. It could only be worse if her boyfriend actually died on the racetrack (as opposed to flying to a race).

      • J

        very insensitive, very low. pretty turned off by it, actually. please do explain why that decision was made.

      • Bev

        heartless, indeed – please Chris, explain this one!! With the show not being aired yet… maybe Brad had enough sense to re-schedule something else to do!

      • Catherine F.

        I completely agree! Chris, please explain this decision in your blog next week. I find it highly unlikely that this racetrack date was decided way in advance and unable to be changed. Why would you send Emily on it? I know you’re all about ratings and putting girls in situations to heighten their emotions; I think we all realize that is typically what creates the drama that we all love about this show. But this really does seem cruel. As someone who has lost loved ones in a horrific accident, I can’t imagine how traumatic and upsetting this date must’ve been for Emily. Explain, Mr. Harrison. (And for the record, I LOVED the cardigan look!)

      • Irene

        Are you trying to cure all of the phobias/horrible life experiences/unexplained night terrors, in one season???

      • Bonnie

        I just don’t think that this show should be missing with how Emily is handling the death of her fiance. I feel like going to a racetrack is doing exactly that. Messing with (or trying to mend) a fear is one thing, but messing with grief is another! Taking her to a racetrack seems so insensitive and intrusive to such a personal matter!

      • LT

        Pretty bad that producers have to get ratings by watching someone go through a painful experience. Knowing Emily’s fiance was a HENDRICK is heart renching.

      • N.L.

        I thought it was aweful how the date was at the motor speed way. I live in vegas and know for a fact that there are alot more interesting things they could have done sportswise. I looked up the fiance that died and he was actually in a crash at that same speedway and was pretty hurt had to have surgery and everything. I think it wasn’t good for them to set that date up. Hopefully in the future they will think about those things.

      • Julie

        Hmmmmm….dates at the race track??? Poor Emily!! And shame on the bachlor! Very insensitive and displays a lack of good taste. But to be honest….I’m really hoping Brad picks Emily!! I’m sick of hearing Michele whine for weeks now…and I’m sure Brad won’t want the drama that is part of Michele’s package!!

      • Amy

        Sheesh, relax all you people. Emily has been involved in NASCAR in many ways since her partner died. It’s not going to be her first time on the track in the last.. seven years was it?

      • me

        Completely disgusting ABC. I’m not watching next week.

      • Susie

        Yes, I agree that is really not a good outing, however did the producers know her story when they planned it?

    • Dani

      because she is INSANE… IN. SANE! Did anyone else count how many times she said it was “her day?” I got about 12.

    • Joyce M

      My guess is that Michelle drank herself into a stupor, fell down and got the black eye when she blacked out, and woke up wondering what happenned. That would explain her bad behavior as well. Scary to think that Brad doesn’t see through her. Remember that Jake picked the girl in the house that caused problems and no one liked.

      • gina

        Jake also took Vienna on a bonding bungee jump, just like Brad took Michelle on a bonding repel. Run Brad, run!!

  • rikki

    I don’t know how Brad is missing all of her negativity, all of the time.

    • chrispy

      i don’t get how he can stand her pointing her finger in his face…EVERYTIME they are together. ugh, I hope she leaves soon!

  • Marie

    Love your insights Chris. This is my must see of the week, because it has the crazies, romance and heart. I love Emily but I see her more as the next Bachelorette so she can pick amongst a group of men. The reason I say that is because of the obvious chemistry and realness Brad has with Chantal. And then there is the Helicopter ride, as you mentioned. I like Britt and Ashley as well… and the other Shawntel. Some good girls this year. But I see Chantal being the one unless something happens.

    Oh… hopefully Michelle is sent home soon… enough is enough.

    • SLB

      You see Chantal being the one because Reality Steve said so.

      • ASB

        You A** clown, thanks a lot.

      • Chantel OBrien

        Poor ASB, did you know Santa wasn’t real either?

      • Mellissa

        Poor Chantal O’Brien, forgot how to spell her name again.

      • Halle

        That’s because her other name is Anne.

      • Marie

        Reality Steve who? The guy who was wrong last year? No, I actually see the connection of the people.

  • Heidi

    I think the kiss with Britt was the best we’ve seen, chemistry wise. I like her for him, shy and sweet, and brave in confessing her crush. It was a WOW kiss! That said, I still believe if he had to pick two right now it would be Emily and Chantal.

    • PrincessBride

      I thought it was refreshing for someone to talk about having a crush. It’s much more believable to have a crush on someone you’ve just met than to profess your undying love for someone you just met….

      • tag

        You have it right on…these women aren’t ‘in love’ just because their hormones are raging! They need to get a grip! I love the show, but it’s just so unnatural having to compete for someone’s affection constantly, isn’t a healthy way to find a wife, GF, or husband or BF. It’s just kind of creepy, and seeing all the fighting amongst them, if Brad saw that he might make different decisions…get rid of anyone who says anything bad about someone else’s looks or how they act. Even tho I don’t like some of the things Michelle says to the camera, I think a lot of it is because she wasn’t picked in the end and they want some drama for the show, so she’s going along with it. I don’t think it’s filmed exactly at the time of the dates anyway. That said, I would like them to show the Bachelor/ette footage of what they act like when they aren’t around their host/ess…it’s very telling. Of course let them know it’s being filmed, not just for the show later, but also for the Bach/ette to view. Sure they would be on a little better behavior, but maybe that would be a good thing…but women and men living in such close quarters, something still would happen, they tend to forget the cameras are rolling. Just a thought… ;D

  • rikki

    I really don’t care as long as he gets rid of michelle.

    • MJR

      Sorry, Michelle sticks around for 3 more episodes!

      Next week: Ashley Spivey already gone from the 2-on-1, Marissa May, and Lisa Morrisey.

      • joeriel

        I read Reality Steve too, but common decency says you should at least put a “Spoiler Alert” notice on your message.

      • Marie

        You like ruining it for others, do you? Very selfish.

      • Juneau

        And with Michelle getting so much air time I don’t even know who in the heck Marissa and Lisa are.

      • @Juneau

        That’s what is so funny about Anne, er, I mean, Chantel OBrien, er, I mean MJR – she/he/they think they’re ruining the show for everybody. Seriously, who are Marissa and Lisa?

  • Mira

    Thanks good details! Hopefully you helped Brad to pick the right girl since he doesn’t hear everything! Also I think him kissing all and making them feel special at the same time is wrong!!! Most Women make love decisions based on emotions!

  • John

    Chris, how can the producers honestly defend putting Emily through a race car track date? It is literally the most cruel thing I’ve seen on this show ever, and this too right after you made her get on that tiny jet. I realize you guys want ratings but how can you play on this girl’s pain with no care at all. It’s sad to watch, because she’s a legitimately sweet girl.

    • JustJenna

      I would like an answer to this as well. What a mean-spirited thing to do. Good TV is one thing, but how do you people sleep at night?

    • Cheryl

      I agree and would like Chris to address this in next weeks blog.

    • DThorn

      So so true! This is just down right cruel. I hope if Emily is “the one” that she’s the next Bachelorette!! She’ll deserve it!

    • Dee

      The producers of this show are sadists. They definitely crossed the line with the both the plane and the race track. Emily’s, also, a mother, but they didn’t care that any single parent would be reluctant to get on a small plane because they are simply dangerous. Chris and the other producers don’t care how much they emotionally injure that poor woman – or any woman – as long as they get some tears, drama, and ratings out of it. The previews show that even Brad – not the sharpest tool in the shed – says he felt awful about it. My mouth dropped open when I saw that they had taken her there.

    • LT

      I totally agree. My husband and I are debating whether we even want to watch the next episode because we both are fans of Emily and do not want to see her pain.

  • Andrea

    I watched the first week of Brad and was not enticed to do it again. Have been watching Chuck/The Cape on NBC ever since. Much more entertaining shows. When I read the recaps about The Bachelor, I know I made a wise decision.

    • tHERESA

      The why did you need to post on here!!

    • tdb564

      You say you made a “wise decision” not to watch yet you still keep track of the blogs. Silly Girl…you’ve not made any decision at all because you are still following. Make up your mind as to what you want to do!

    • Leigh

      I do the same thing – I won’t waste my time watching this fake show – I won’t give the producers the satisfaction of the ratings. But it’s hilarious to read the spoilers and the blogs – they are very well written and hysterical to read!

  • Anne

    So appalling how the show exploits all the women’s fears. Chantal with water, Michelle with heights, Emily with racing next week. Disgusting.

    • Tay

      Anne, you read my mind word for word. What is up with these producers?

      • SLB

        It’s called ratings.

      • Dee

        It’s called sadism.

    • tHERESA

      fear of water and heights are one thing, but she was 19 and her fiance died in a plane crash and he was a nascar driver! this is cruel and inhumane! She better last awhile,she is the sweetest and nicest person, second place chantel

    • Meli

      Yeah, but it’s one thing to be afraid of heights. What Emily experienced was a genuinely traumatic event. YOU DON’T PUT SOMEONE THROUGH RELIVING TRAUMA FOR THE SAKE OR RATINGS. EVER.

    • Sue Pardy

      I agree whole heartedly on all of those situations…they were uncalled for. It was BRAD who signed up himself for his fear issues to be resolved….not the girls. Although, I must admit, it was fun seeing Michelle put thru the wringer…she’s so confident about her already “having” Brad.

  • Ninna

    Is this The Bachelor or The Michelle show? It seems to me that she is getting way more camera time than anyone else. Hopefully that means she will be gone soon.

    • MJR

      Sorry, Michelle is around for 3 more weeks.

      Next week: Ashley Spivey already gone from the 2-on-1, Marissa May, and Lisa Morrisey.

      • MAK

        Would you please stop telling what happens next week and beyond. Some of us like to watch the show, with our own speculations and prefer not to be told what is happening in future shows.

      • RaRa

        MJR unwraps his Christmas presents as soon as they are under the tree. Don’t get me wrong — I do the same thing, but I don’t unwrap everyone else’s and show them what they got!

  • Tay

    Michelle and Ashley H’s drama were just ridiculous this week. These are grown women?
    Also — I rarely criticize your wardrobe Chris, but your first outfit when you went to the house was DEFINITELY channeling Mr. Rogers!
    Great blog as always!

  • Kristin

    I know this was filmed months ago, but I’d counsel Brad to remove the following phrases from his vocab: “come hear to me” and “really quickly”. UGH, drinking game perfection!

    • ljs

      It is “come HERE to me”. He isn’t asking them to listen to him. And at least he has a grasp on how to properly use an adjective. However, I can’t stand the fact that he tells every girl how he “really badly wants” them “to know” that he feels the “exact same way”.

    • Callie

      “Come here to me, please.” Ugh is right. What’s that about?

      • Sam

        so true

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