Oprah has a half-sister: Big family secret revealed!

OPRAHImage Credit: Art Streiber/OWNOprah Winfrey promised to reveal a big family secret today on her show, and the Queen of All Media did not disappoint: According to the Associated Press, Oprah introduced her heretofore-unknown half-sister, Patricia. The talk-show host explained that her mother, Vernita Lee, had kept her pregnancy a secret and had given Patricia up for adoption when Oprah was nine years old. Patricia apparently initiated communication after seeing Lee in television interviews discussing certain details that dovetailed with the few facts Patricia knew about her birth mother. A DNA test has confirmed Patricia’s relation to Oprah.

PopWatchers,where do you rate this revelation on the Oprah scale of Huge Revelations? Do you think Patricia will now get her a show on OWN? And what sort of cosmic coincidence leads to this information only just coming out in time for Oprah’s final season?

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  • the_girl

    I just want to give Oprah kudos for keeping it a secret until she was ready to reveal it. Seems like some celebrities can’t even go to the bathroom without it being reported, but Oprah managed to investigate her mom’s past, meet her half-sister, and have a DNA test all without us having a clue. Bravo.

    • Annia

      Uh, I’ve got a half- brother and a half- sister, too. So? What’s the big deal?

      • Tina

        Amen, this is true for a lot of people. BIG DEAL!

      • TW

        The big deal is she NEVER knew she existed and missed out the opportunity of knowing her the majority of her life.

      • Sandy C

        True. She never knew. You did. And, also let’s face it, you aren’t Oprah!


        See Oprah is just like her fans . . . trailer trash

      • Chacha


      • kathy

        exactly. i met mine after 50 years. who cares?

      • rerun

        I thought her big secret was going to be she’s straight.

      • Rockgolf

        You get a half-sister… and you get a half-sister…

      • Anita

        IKR. Big deal! I’m white, and have a half sister that is a child of a black rapist, put up for adoption back int eh 60s. We didn’t know until the 90s, ans we’ve never met her, either. Oprah, my story outdoes yours, ha ha!

      • FF

        Black rapist??? Isnt that what they used to call a black man in a relationship with a white women back then??


      • akfakds

        @Rockgolf… hilarious!

        Rockgolf Mon 01/24/11 4:37 PM
        You get a half-sister… and you get a half-sister

      • Lily

        Money ?

      • daisey85

        the big deal is for the sister-finding family when you have none is life changing

      • Chris

        It’s not like she admitted to pleasuring herself with meat and vegetables.

      • BLESSES


    • Nick

      As usual, Oprah’s only motivation for doing anything is to find a way to make money off it.

      I hope she dies in a fire.

      • kc

        what an awful thing to say.

      • Shaunece Wells

        Uhh..she’s already rich…DUHHHH!!! Smh

      • TW

        She owns her own network so I’d say she isn’t worried about making MORE money off this bit of news, jsut comes with the territory. If she was sooo set on making money from it, she would have reported it 4 years ago when she first learned of this situation.

      • Ellie

        Wow, how would you feel (or think…if you have the capacity) if a someone hope the same thing for your mother, sister, or someone you really care?

      • jack

        Re: Nick

        Your comment has absolutely no relevance to anything. Obviously, you have the intelligence of a complete moron. Great way to live life buddy…i’m sure you will go far with an attitude like that (prison).

      • cece

        That’s a dreadful thing to say. How did your comment get published???

      • kadius

        so true

      • Darcy

        Thats terrible, for people like myself whose family did burn in a fire. i hope you burn in hell.

      • Grace

        YOU are a sick person..if you don’t like her or the post..get over it;;do something your redneck kind of people do..oh I forgot your doing it!

      • jury’s out

        It’s ok if you’re not a fan of hers but… that’s just scary.

      • Chacha

        You are a sick Hater!

      • abadstroller

        I feel sorry for you, Nick. What awful thing happened to you as a child that turned you into such a bitter adult? I hope that you get some help…for your sake and everyone else whose lives you touch.

      • John

        I agree with Nick

      • sue

        In 2009, Forbes estimated her net worth to be 2.7 billion – yep -billion with a b! Pretty sure she doesn’t need the money, you sick puppy.

      • Kim

        wow! that is horrible Nick.

      • Angelinaa

        You get a half-sister..You get a half-sister..ha ha..thought I was going to pee my pants reading that..:o) thanks for the life.

      • wendy

        That was really cruel. I can! see u feel insecure with yourself, but there is never a reason to wish that on anyone.

      • Blunt Hejj

        Seems like your soul is already on fire and you are not yet dead; or maybe you are a walking dead.

      • Monica

        John just exactly are you agreeing with? How much money can she make off of this in comparison to what she already has. Be logical. You can never know her motives. No more than i can know yours. wish her well or not. Good thing you don’t rule her universe.

      • mitou

        Wow! You are obviously full of hate. I will pray that God will save you. May God Bless your soul.


      • JONI


      • Maggie

        It never ceases to amaze me how insensitive people can be. People who make such hateful comments only show their own lack of feelings, maturity and compassion. Would you make such comments if a “surprise” were revealed in your family? You never know what tomorrow may bring.

      • Rhemy

        Hmm.. Oprah needs to make money? I thought she already made plenty of it. I definitely don’t think oprah sets around trying to figure out ways to make money.

      • dan

        Nick what have you done ever for any reason! Pray your house doesn’t burn with you in it. She can rebuild! and you?

      • katie

        Please if you have nothing good to say, keep your ugly thoughts to yourself.

      • Carlos

        Okay, okay so he wanted Oprah to die in a fire, it’s obviously not going to happen so calm down, we are getting a little nutty in here over one comment, he does have the right to make such comments, no matter how odd

      • deara

        you sound like a hater

      • kg

        oprah, i wish you and your sister the best. you have done alot of good for alot of people. don’t let any of these ignorant people take away the true joy of having a sister, and we know that you don’t have to worry about money, you have everything to be able to hold your head up and be proud, what you have accomplished in your life came from hard work and not hand outs, and god will bless you for the good you have done with your accomplishments. Enjoy your sister i have 5 and wouldn’t take anything for any of them!

      • LateFish

        This country is full of hypocrites. Say something good or STFU already!

      • Charlene

        What an ass… She is getting it out in her way so that the tabloids wouldn’t get it out in theirs.

      • hillbillet

        Comments like that have a way of being Karmic. Please retract before you get that Wheel turning back around.

      • Dette


      • purenoire

        Harsh – no need to wish or hope terrible things on someone especially when you don’t know them just of them. Relax.

    • kadius

      please help me to understand this. some people really think is is news, something to write about. well let me tell you it is a waste of ink, espace and anyone who thinks differantly needs help.

      • McNormal

        your an idiot.. sif such a thing as waste of ‘espace’. the internet is free for all and filled with people like you. if ‘espace’ was a typo, then i stand by my initial assessment of you

        do you need someone to help you understand that?

      • Chacha

        Why are there so many haters in the world??? Shame on you so called Americans! Why can’t you just be happy for those that are happy? Is it because you are so miserable!

      • Chacha

        Learn how to spell first and then reply!

      • k

        like yourself

      • Kathy

        if you ask me the half sister hit the jackpot!!!!!!!!!!! Better then winning the lottery!!Why couldnt it have been me??!!

      • Gwen

        @McNormal: Before you ride off on your grammar high horse, you might look up the difference between “your” and “you’re” which is a contraction for “you are” and which is what you should have used instead of “your.” You’re welcome.

      • wendy

        I think these kind of comments show us why our country is in the shape it is in. We all need to accept each other, be glad for each one’s blessings, and stand together.

      • Monica

        Help! Help!

      • Juneau

        Why in the heck are WE supposed to care about Oprah’s half sister? How is it going to chance anyone’s lives but O’s and her sister’s? Stupid to reveal it on her show. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Oprah.

      • JOE


      • dan

        And you Kadius, responding to these messages is what is a waste of what!

      • Carlos

        @JOE this isn’t about envy or jealously, it’s about taking a family matter out of the home and sharing it with millions of strangers who’s lives will not be altered in any way based on this “amazing reveal” Her having our attention doesn’t put any money in her pocket, big business does that, so her wealth will never be in question. Oprah applauds her half-sister integrity for not going to the press, maybe Oprah can learn something from her half-sis, this story was never going to see the ink of the press because Oprah wanted to cash in on this first, she is if nothing else an opportunist.

      • hillbillet

        This is PopWatch. Not news. Popular events and celebrities. Nothing serious, and no reason to expect great things. So, no reason to feel disappointed in the quality of the topic.

      • Dette

        Your opinion may be considered by some a wasts of ink also sir.

    • kadius

      get real who gives a flip…and do you think did not know for years…wait band tell, we can earn more MONEY and give it to only black schools

      • pam carter

        1) You come to ENTERTAINMENT weekly and say an ENTERTAINMENT story isn’t worth reporting.
        See any problem with that?
        2) The tabloid papers would have had a field day with this story. Instead she got to tell it herself on her own show.
        The Kitty Kelley biography had an initial printing of half a million copies.
        This story is just as valid as any other.
        3) She’s a private citizen who can donate to any cause, school, organization she likes. And she hsa donated money to much more than just “black schools”
        She has donated money to low-income schools. Many, I’m sure, have a majority of minority students. She has also donated money to build schools around the world, including China. And she has donated money to hospitals, to relief efforts in disaster zones…do I have to look up more stuff.
        Or are you capable of going online and doing a little research before hopping on EW.com and spouting off whatever ignorant, hateful thing you can think of?
        You are just another internet troll, saying mean and uninformed things because you can, and no one will ever know.

      • hillbillet

        It’s called Pop Watch, on Entertainment Weekly. Just don’t read it if you expect the Wall Street Journal.

    • Garry

      To the_girl:
      Are you serious? Oprah comes up with all this hype over a big announcement, and it’s just some yawn-worthy story about some half-sister she didn’t know about. Let’s face it–it won’t be long before she’s issuing press a press release every time she goes to the bathroom. She’s an egomaniacal, attention-addicted media whore.


        So her mother was a slut, what’s the big deal?

      • Chacha


      • k

        and u r a jerk

      • mitou

        And you are a class act??

      • Luca

        I have to admit I”m leaning more to the same opinion. It’s the overhype that bugs me. That is what turns me off about this and makes me just ‘meh’

      • Dette


    • Chacha


      • Chacha

        Not Amen to Garry or Irene. Amen to TW

      • Anita

        Since when is being American akin to being a Lover? We’ve raped, pillaged and taken from anyone that ever crossed our paths.

      • eviltwin

        Oprah uses Beano, thank God! Say Amen! — pleeze!

    • Considering how thorough Oprah is in vetting people …

      The smoking gun should be revealing that Patricia faked the DNA results any day now.

    • kadius

      the big deal is that okra is big like as in fat big, huge fat and hates white peolpls

      • Thanks for proving a point.

        You are the reason people think americans are idiots.

      • JOE


      • Dette

        ARE YOU WHITE?

    • Diane Brown

      Don’t hate, “appreciate!” It’s so very sad that you’re hating on one of the riches women in the WORLD. Also, one who has shared her wealth with millions. Oh yes, she is a black female, as well. What exactly have each of you’ve done to help your brother or society. Your life reflects what you’re speaking out of your mouth and you will surely not be blessed. Try speaking uplifting and encouraging things and positive things will come into your life. I’m sure that your lives are a total mess, because of the negative energy, jealousy and envy that you’re putting out. Try the Lord, he’ll surely give you peace and will bless you when you bless others. God Bless You All!!

      • eviltwin

        She has shared her wealth with millions? Really? If she gave a million people $1,000 each, that would be $1billion. She’d soon be out of money. Rather than try the Lord, try a calculator. You might make more sense.

    • BFD

      The big deal is, a lot of people would try to exploit her over this.

      Who gives a crap, everyone who posted on this. That means you too, Donald Key. Really, some of you must be very simple if you think this wasn’t a way of controlling how the information got out and who did the releasing.

    • PJ

      I notice with Ms. Oprah, when ever some big happens to a person in life, she has to come out with something too. Who cares about that she has a half sister. I am sure lots of us out there have half brother and sisters. I am like the other readers, who cares!

    • jen

      Rockgolf – lolololol

  • Donald Key

    Who gives a crap.

    • Shaunece Wells

      Only decent human beings…ONLY!;-)

      • kadius

        no only the shallow


        who like Jerry Springer cast offs

      • Yeah, decent Human Beings . . .

        Like the kind who will pimp a private family matter just to fill an hour on their TV show. God bless them.

    • Anita

      exactly -who gives a big crap!

      • Dette


  • 1hyplady

    I not only give Oprah kudos but her sister too. She does not appear to be one who is not interested in the limelight or else her last name would have been revealed.

    No, I do not think her sister w/get her own show. I didn’t get that she was interested in being a TV personality.

    • Heidi

      it bodes well that Patricia knew a few years ago and didn’t go to the Enquirer or sell her story like most in her position would have done. I hope Oprah sees that and makes her a permanent part of her family (eg. that they try to gain some of the closeness they missed out on as little girls).

    • Anita

      I’m sure Queen Oprah had to get her legal papers in order, i.e. getting her sister to sign a “do not disclose” paper, etc., before she allowed her to make a move.

    • wendy

      i agree. Her sister seems to just want to know her family.

  • al


    • Kenny

      Obviously you cared enough to read the article…..

      • Shaunece Wells

        THANK YOU KENNY!!! Smh

      • TW


      • kadius

        no dummy just to post to idiots like you, btw who really the big sisiter, O is really BIG, THE BIG O, like THE BIG FAT O

      • Dan

        No, skimming through a web site and stopping to read a brief news item (if you can call this news) doesn’t mean you “care.” So your attempt at being a snotnose isn’t working.

  • Anonymous

    Big deal, there are more important things in the world going on.

    • Rene

      If you’re looking for hard hitting world news, then you probably shouldn’t be on Popwatch anyway…

      • Sandy C

        You’re so right, Rene!

      • Ophelia

        LOL Just what I was thinking. I don’t know why people go to pop news sites and complain that the news isn’t “worthy”. Go read the NYTimes or the Globe & Mail if you need “real” news.

    • Monty

      If you’re looking for important world news, i suggest something like cnn.com, or at least a website whose name doesn’t have the word ‘entertainment’ in the title…

      • Floyd

        lol…it’s on cnn too.

      • kadius

        so true, what a waste, O the if your black i will give you money for your school, if not sorry i dont give to lite shades of humans

      • wendy

        Amen, Monty! Lol

    • TW

      Why even read it? Invisible hater lol

    • Dette

      Too much of a coward to identify yourself?

  • Michelle


  • Hudaphuc Arya


  • KC

    How many pounds of mac & cheese did she eat this time to get over this?

    • rw2761

      too funny…..

      poor oprah… she does battle weight that is for sure

    • BK

      @KC UR a dock with an i.

      • kadius

        bk get a life okra is fat, real fat and she hayes white people

    • anonymous

      Funny !

    • eviltwin

      Enough to root for the cheeseheads.

    • Dette


  • mark

    zzzzzzzzz …. shocking news

  • harpo’s half brother

    could not care less.

  • caroline

    am i the only one who worries this “revelation” will tear apart oprah’s friendship with gayle? what’s the best friend going to do??!!!

    • kadius

      maybe…die or maybe the big O who only likes blacks will sit on her and forget she did…twenty years later she gets off her fat but and wow! another headline for the shallow

      • Jennifer

        I happen to agree with you slightly! And it scares me! See i am not a racist and i believe you are. With that being said i do belive Oprah loves her own people over whites so therefore she helps them more. But theres nothing wrong with that! She also helps a hell of alot of white people! It’s her money and she doesnt have to help anyone!!!!!!!!

    • Lily

      No, I think now she needs Gayle more than ever. Imagine… a complete stranger turns out to be family… it takes time to get used to these things…

  • jim

    great,….now there’s two of them.

  • Orca The Killer Talk Show Host

    *eats more mashed-potatoes*

  • Tammie

    Dang… I wish I was Oprah’s sister. Can we say…inheritance?

  • rkt10

    well if you’re gonna have a half sister, it might as well be Oprah!

    • Girla

      With Oprahs moms history I wont be surprised if there are a few other half brothers & sisters out there.

    • kadius

      maybe she is half as fat

    • eviltwin

      Obama might be a half sister!

      • mitou

        And you might me a?????????????

        Embecil?? Yes, embecil.

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