'Mean Girls 2': When is a sequel not a sequel?

So Mean Girls 2 premiered on ABC Family last night, and as Gretchen Wieners might say, it was so not fetch. The flick tells the story of a pretty outsider who transfers to North Shore High, befriends an unpopular artist, and conspires to bring down the Plastics, a group of three snotty, cruel classmates: a devious queen bee, a dumb, promiscuous blonde, and a high-strung brunette. Soon enough, the protagonist gets a makeover and becomes a member of the ruling class herself. It’s only after a major crisis turns the entire school against her that our girl can get back on track and finally rid the school of Plastics once and for all.

Sound familiar?

Yes, Mean Girls 2 isn’t a sequel so much as it is a thinly veiled, low-budget remake of the 2004 hit with which it shares a name. This isn’t unusual for straight-to-DVD sequels to popular movies, especially those aimed at teenagers: Every iteration of the Bring It On franchise follows the same blueprint — dueling cheer squads from different socio-economic backgrounds fight for a title — while National Lampoon’s Van Wilder inspired a similar series of movies about college bros behaving badly. And don’t even get me started on American Pie, which has spawned four nearly identical follow-ups on home video (as well as two theatrical sequels that did continue the original film’s story).

Which prompts an important question: Is Paramount preparing to launch a new DVD franchise based around Mean Girls? And if so, what can we do to stop them?

Taken on its own merits, Mean Girls 2 isn’t a total travesty — Amanda Bynes look-a-like Meaghan Martin had some appeal as the movie’s Lindsay Lohan surrogate. But as a supposed sequel to one of the best comedies of the ’00s, it’s pretty heinous. By all means, make rip-offs about bitchy teenage girls one-upping each other at a school presided over by Principal Tim Meadows — just don’t sully Mean Girls‘ reputation by associating those rip-offs with Tina Fey’s masterpiece.

Tell, me, PopWatchers: Did any of you waste two hours of your lives watching Mean Girls 2 last night? And if so, am I being too hard on it?

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  • whatevs

    Are these “Plastics” the ones in that picture? These girls at my high school would never have been caught dead wearing those oufits.

    • Marie

      That is exactly what I thought!! None of these girls are wearing what would be considered “cool/pretty/wannabe perfect” outfits at the high school I went to. The best dressed one is the girl on the left, but still her clothes aren’t that amazing. That is something that I would wear, and I don’t buy fancy rich looking clothes. Whoever was the costume person, clearly needs to do some research before they stick clothes like these on the “plastics”!!!!

      • TJ

        I also thought the clothes were…not great, even on the lead plastic. And the Lindsay stand-in looked a lot like a darker-haired Kristen Bell. Those were really the only things that stood out to me.

    • Tye-Grr

      AGREED! Ugh, I’ll NEVER watch this mess.

    • musica1

      Yeah, the plastics in this movie weren’t that pretty and didn’t dress that well. So that kind of went along with everything else about this movie that wasn’t as good as the original. There was no humor and no layers to any of the characters.

    • Khoff

      Right? They look like 1980s moms. Bad decision, stylist.

    • Regina George


  • JR

    Mean Girls is truly a masterpiece. Even my mother liked it. I will never watch Mean Girls 2.

    • Christa

      Yes, exactly.

  • Wes

    I know it’s going to be awful, and I know I’ll hate myself afterwards….but I really want to see it. I loved the first Mean Girls, and I know this one will be terrible. I fully know this. But still want to give it a shot.

    • amaya

      you do not know that yo havent even watched it and it was good the first one was boreing speak what you know people

      • Sanduski

        Calm down Hannah Montanna

      • Kristen

        youre crazy if you thought mean girls 2 was better than mean girls.

      • Stephanie

        Um, what you said made absolutely no sense. Seriously, I read the sentence several times and I have no idea what you said.

      • Cheyenne

        Please learn to spell…

      • Umm

        You can’t call Mean Girls 2 better than Mean Girls. That’s like the rules of feminism.

      • dominique

        you contradicted yourself by telling us to speak what we know and we know the second one stank, meanwhile you’re saying its good.

      • Zac


  • Ron

    I never even heard of this ! :O

    • Alice

      I had heard about this and originally thought it was a joke someone was playing online.

      Then I saw this article and I also dropped my spoon while eating ice cream.

      Seriously it was made? And without Tina Fey? Oh yeah I bet it’s awesome . . .

      • Leigh

        I think you’re missing the biggest alarm: made-for-tv movie on ABC Family. NOTHING can be good out coming form that.

  • GeeMoney

    The ABC family channel really needs to stop ruining great movies by making craptastic sequels to them… Cutting Edge 2 and 3, anyone?

    • Lauri

      OMG…Yes, I do (unfortunately) remember Cutting Edge 2 and 3. I would erase them from my memory if I could. And whoever keeps making Bring It On sequels needs to STOP. RIGHT. NOW. Just admit that the originals can’t be duplicated, added to, or in any way copied and LEAVE IT AT THAT! Imitation is NOT flattery! The original Cutting Edge, Bring It On, and yes, Mean Girls (the epitome of Lohan’s career) will always be the best. Anything else is just a cheap knock-off. And if counterfeit Prada’s are illegal, these crap “sequels” should be too!!

      • sweetlku

        “Bring it On” the musical is heading to Broadway now – it’s in performances in Atlanta already.

      • Joe

        I will fully admit that I love the Bring It On Sequels. Guilty pleasure to the max! My favourite line is from the second film: Don’t be all up in my kool-aid!

      • musica1

        The difference with the Bring it On sequels is that the original wasn’t that great. It was kind of escapist fun, but nothing that was so memorable you didn’t want the memory sullied by bad remakes . . . I mean sequels.

      • Umm

        I actually kinda like the bring it on sequels especially the one with Hayden Pannetiere(I think that’s how its spelled) and Solange Knowles.

    • Sarah

      And lets not forget about the Legally Blonde sequel!

      • Kris

        That doesn’t really count as it is continuing the original story. It was a crappy sequel but it wasn’t the rip-of straight-to-DVD kind of sequel.

      • S.C.

        I wonder if Sarah may have been referring to “Legally Blondes,” which was about Elle Woods’s teenaged British cousins.

      • chris

        “british”… did you hear their accents? AWFUL.

      • Umm

        Yeah Legally Blondes was kinda bad but not as bad as Mean Girls 2 I mean I could actually sit through Legally Blondes without feeling like I was going to puke.

    • Elizabeth

      YES! YES! YES! Totally agree. ABC Family is RUINING some of the best movies. We need to issue a cease and desist on them and their so-called “creative” types – which they apparently arent!

  • Jordan

    I’ll probably not turn it off it is comes on but I won’t go looking for it. It looks like a disaster from those outfits on the screen cap -unless that is part of the gag!

  • Caitlin

    I saw it and it wasn’t downright horrible. It was just boring. Tim Meadows was hilarious though. I didn’t like it. I mean, it really was the same movie only all likeability and most of the humor was taken out of it. Also, the mean girls were boring. Also, that blonde girl holds no candle to Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried was dumb, but she was funny. She lacked any humor.

    • lefty

      I was embarrassed for Tim Meadows. Also, why was this one set in Ohio or Indiana (I forget which one…)? The original was right outside of Chicago.

      • K8

        I only stuck it out an hour but wondered the same thing

      • Cindy

        i feel bad for tim meadows too he wasnt that funny in the sequel either..

    • musica1

      Amanda Seyfreid was SO funny in Mean Girls. Her whole bit about having a 5th sense, like ESPN was hilarious. Not a single scene in Mean Girls 2 was even close to that funny.

      • Xavier

        pretty sure we all have 5th senses… you fail musica1

      • Alohilani

        That’s the point, Xavier. Amanda Seyfried’s character was THAT dumb. No need to get nasty when you don’t even get the joke.

      • Truth Sayer

        Yeah Xavier don’t be a ‘gay fish’ about it. If you don’t get the joke that’s ok.

  • dlh

    It was atrocious. I wanted it to be even marginally good, bc the original is a classic. Bad casting, bad writing, bad acting, costuming…can’t find anything redeeming in this one, sorry to say

    • laura

      THE CLOTHES!! GOD!! Somehow this movie was more dated than the first! Pathetic!

  • Mike

    This “movie” makes me want to gauge my eyeballs out.

    • Jen


  • Melanie Davis

    I totally agree with you. Someone must put a stop to this madness. What’s next? The Notebook 2? We need to let great films be what they are…and before Bring it On there were those darn Home Alone sequels…uggh!

  • angelina

    OK, all for expressing your opinions that all fine and dandy, however, did any of yall actually watch the movie before trashing it? I did, and i have to say all and all it wasnt that bad. I was actually kind of cute. JR, if you call the original Mean Girls a masterpiece you are sorely mistaken and your taste in movies need to be evaluated. Yes the out fits are horrible, BUT the picture above is at the end of the movie not the beginning, the “queen plastic” dressed way better and makes her drones “dress down” so that she can look better. If you had watched it you would have know.

    Bottome line i hate people who think they are movie critics critique a movie that they havent even seen.

    • kami

      This is the worst grammar I have ever seen – you sound like a scam advertisement writing like that. I won’t take your opinion for any worth.

      • Beezer

        She didn’t “sound” like anything, because she didn’t actually speak.

      • whatevs

        Resorting to dissecting a comment for its literal meaning when you know what the poster actually meant shows you have nothing better to say. Sorry, I meant type.

    • chicccy

      the outfits above were not at the end of the movie. They were at the beginning. Remember when she threw the pink purse away in the cafeteria because Abby touched it? This movie was HORRIBLE.

      • KM

        Actually this is from the end the one in the middle is the new head plastic.

      • MeanGirl

        OMG…chiccy, did you actually watch the movie, they were not wearing those outfits at the beginning…as the one in the middle isn’t the lead “plastic” at the beginning…Try watching the film before you post a comment about what part of the film said shot is from!!!!!!!!!

    • Maris

      I sat through the entire thing unfortunately. It was awful. Not so bad its good, not campy, just awful. Not one ounce of the cleverness in the first film can be found here. And who the heck was the costume designer? Pink camo? Really?

      • m1

        The pink camo was more of a gaffe on the screenwriter’s part than the costume designer’s…but the designer has no excuse for the other hideous outfits.

    • amanda

      So who did you play in the movie?

    • musica1

      I did watch the whole thing. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV (or even on ABC Family.) It basically took the exact plot of the original but had much worst casting, acting, writing and directing. So there’s no way NOT to compare it to the original. If it had been an actual sequel (with a different plot) instead of kind of a remake, it might have been easier to swallow.

    • tc

      @Angelina: Sometimes you don’t have to actually watch a movie to know how terrible it is: Commercials are supposed to make a movie look good, but the commercials for this showed how terrible it was going to be. I watched it, and it was terrible. The other commenters and the writer of this article were spot-on in my opinion, so if they didn’t see it they apparently didn’t have to because they got the gist of it without having to sit through it. Clearly you disagree, but most people felt this movie was terrible. No, the first movie wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was amazing in its ability to reach out to audiences who normally wouldn’t watch it, i.e. the 40+ demographic and males. This movie does not have the same charm or ability to reach out to those demographics at all, which I felt was the first movie’s success. And as others have mentioned, making a sequel of a movie with the same storyline, same message, and very similar gags, except with a lower budget, is expecting a movie to be terrible. There wasn’t anything fresh.

    • AmayaLouise

      I Have watched this film angelina, a i personally thought it was crap.. what was the point in making this movie? if anything its making the original Mean Girls look better, and that, is the only reason i even slighbtly like this film..

  • CC

    Ha! I didn’t watch it but it did look atrocious, and it did make me think of those horrendous Cutting Edge sequels that made absolutely no sense. And yeah really, these don’t look like “snobby rich girl” clothes. These clowns look like the dorks.

  • rey

    dont get me started on the american pie sequels? WHY IS JIM’S DAD HANGING OUT WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS?!?

    • wend23

      That is so true……you made me LOL

  • elena

    Okay, so I actually sat through the entirety of Mean Girls 2. And it wasn’t bad by direct-to-DVD standards, but there was literally nothing memorable about it. The boyfriend character was bland, the car metaphors were awkwardly placed, and at one point Meghan Martin wears an entire jean dress. It wasn’t funny or awfully acted or anything, it just was…which when something is bearing the name of one of the smartest teen satires ever is probably worse than if it was a total trainwreck.

  • miss k

    Sadly, my friends and I watched it. I had VERY low expectations and it didn’t even meet those. First of all, it was slightly confusing. The plot was all over the place. It took WAY too long for the outcasts to decide to overthrow the Plastics who weren’t even evil enough. Just irritating. Second, it didn’t make sense that the main outcast was insanely rich and drove a lamborghini to school but she didn’t have friends. No, that’s not how school works. People do not make fun of people who drive LAMBORGHINIS to a PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL. Everyone was too boring and bland. The writing was god awful. The acting was Disney Channel-esque. IT SUCKED.

    • lisasp

      it was a Porsche, not a Lambo. Just had to throw it out there LOL.

    • KM

      The acting was Disney like b/c at least three of the 5 lead girls all come from Disney, Meaghan (Jo) was on Camp Rock, Jennifer (Abby) Wizzards of Waverly Place, and the back-up plastic brunette Nicole (Hope) was on both Hannah Montanna and Jonas. Disney/ABC Family love to use the same people over and over and over.

      • Tiff(;

        and the lead Plastic (Mandi) was from the Disney Channel show “Cory in the House” which was a spin off from “That’s So Raven”

    • George

      Hey Moron, it was a Porsche, not a Lambo. Get your facts straight before you criticize!

      • axn

        seriously, George?

      • musica1

        You think people are morons because they don’t know one type of car from another? And I thought car freaks were the morons.

      • AmayaLouise

        @musica1, i happen to study mechanics, allthough i do this i could always tell the difference from a lam and a Porsche…does not make me a car freak does it? my point proven. there is a large difference…youd actually have to have no car sense not to tell them apart…

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