New 'Matrix' sequels are NOT happening. Is anyone actually disappointed?

Matrix-RevolutionsImage Credit: Jasin BolandLike an unwitting inhabitant of the Matrix, Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News believed whatever he wanted to believe when he tantalized fans with subsequently disproven news that Keanu Reeves was planning to re-team with Andy and Lana Wachowski for two more sequels about techno-messiah Neo. (A rep for Reeves told EW, “None of it is true.”) But the real question here: Is anyone actually disappointed that the Wachowskis are not going to re-enter The Matrix

Judging by the fan response on AICN and other sites where the false story was picked up, there is still some interest in the franchise that once seemed like the future of action movies before it unraveled with two reviled sequels (and even worse spin-off videogames). Maybe post-Inception there’s a new market for complicated technobabble like the Architect’s speech at the end of The Matrix Reloaded. We put it to you, PopWatchers. Would you still like to take another trip down the rabbit hole? Or does even the idea of another Matrix sequel make you want to reach for that blue pill?

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  • Tommy

    I would definately go see another Matrix movie

    • harry

      damn it I thought it was real. I would deffinatly watch more of the Matrix!

    • james

      If it’s not true, does it really matter what we think?

      • Sue1

        It doesn’t, the speculation just gives EW another chance to be critical, and ask a question sure to get responses (like mine, I know :/ )

    • Emilio

      As Slavoj Zizek said: I want the third pill.

      • Christian Blauvelt

        This may be the greatest comment I’ve ever received on any of my articles.

      • DarkBishop

        There actually is a Yellow pill..i played the Matrix Online for Quite some time and part of the storyline had people Like Cypher who wanted to be re inserted back into the matrix, the Yellow Pill allowed was to allow you to permanently reconnect to the Matrix and lose all memory of it, the game had a very cool way of going about it they actually made a real website advertising the pill in real life (of course anytime you clicked “buy” it braught you into a loop hole so nothing could actually be purchased but still, pretty nifty) yup.. Yellow Pill – created by Cypherite’s(as they were called in the game)

    • hm

      Yep, i would go see another installment. Part 2 and 3 are only poor when compared to part 1. The thing is when compared to other movies part 2 and 3 are very good. I did hate the dance sequence and love scene, both were not needed at all.

  • Peter Vee

    It would be a mighty effort to undo the horrible mis-steps of Revolutions (I never thought Reloaded was bad, aside from the cheesy rave scene.) Like Lucas, the Wachoskis seem to owe their success to the many brilliant people around them, more than any personal genius. Once nobody was able to tell them “No, that doesn’t make sense” the whole thing went off the rails.

  • John Berggren

    Upon reflection I think the latter 2 Matrix films get a bad rap that is wholly unjustified. I enjoy them more these years later. I’m not sure what another pair of Matrix films could add to the story, but if the Wachowski’s thought that they could expand with more films, I’d certainly give them a shot. They’ve earned that from me.

  • Minvike

    Personally, I didn’t think the sequels were as bad as most of the rest of the world thought, but the story has been told. Period. Trying to go beyond the end of the 3rd one would just be “milking a dead cow.”

    But, if they MUST continue with the franchise, they should do more of a prequel showing the war between man and the machines, how man blocked out the sun, how the Matrix was built, how “The One” freed the first people (Morpheus and the like) and trained them to free others long before he was “reincarnated” into Neo, etc.
    I know the Animatrix covered some of this, but a new line of movies with all new actors (since Neo wouldn’t have been born yet) showing the early days of the Matrix might not be too bad.

    • John Berggren

      The fourth iteration of Neo would have freed the people that helped to free Morpheus. Zion would have been destroyed multiple times between The first Neo and Neo4.

      • Minvike

        Well put. But that is my point: There’s plenty of room to tell those and other stories that took place prior to the first film. Even if each iteration ended the same way (i.e. Zion destroyed), each one would have had it’s own story of how it got to the end. And all that you mentioned took plave after the machines settled on the Matrix we saw (late 1990’s). We could see some of the failed “utopian” matrixes and the like that lead up to the one that worked.
        My only point was that I don’t think there is any where for the story to go if it picks up at the end of 3. The only room for further storytelling would be filling in stories prior to the 1st movie.

    • Joshua

      They already told the story about how the machines took over and how mans last defense was to block out the sun. It was in the Animatrix.

      • Tommy Walker

        And they told the story of the war too… It was called Terminator Salvation.

  • Jay

    There might be some value in a Matrix animated series, or something along those lines, but I dont want to see another Matrix movie

  • Tony

    As muuch as i Liked the first two, I think its best to leave it alone. Or Just Reboot it..

    • Al

      No, please a reboot would be even worse than the sequels.

    • harry

      no Reboots!

  • MWeyer

    The final movie sucked but it also brought the story to a conclusion so not sure what else can be done.

    • conclusion?

      there was no “real” conclusion.. movie ended as oracle and creator talk and little girl asks if neo is comin back… obviously he’s dead ( as far as we know) and the oracle said they are going to see him again.. kind of a cliff-hanger but not an ending

      • ‘bastien

        Umm… did you watch the same movie as me? If you did you would know the conversation you’re referring to involved the Oracle saying “What will happen to the rest of them?” and the Architect saying “Obviously they will be released.” The Oracle then says “I have your word?”, to which he replies “Of course, do you think I’m human?” (or something very similar to that).

        I think the problem is people in general didn’t understand the last movie so they bashed it. And while it is difficult to understand all aspects upon first viewing and some concepts are obscure, it all makes sense when analyzed. Take for example Smith and Neo’s deaths. To keep it short, they are opposites, each one side of an equation trying to balance each other out. The Oracle even tells Neo at some point “He is your negative.” So what happens when you have a balanced equation? Each side eliminates the other. That’s why they had to “combine” for Smith to die, just like how they “combined” to be created. It’s too bad because the story actually has some fairly deep intellectual thought to go along with arguably some of the best action sequences ever made. But obviously the Matrix is not the biggest attraction for intellectuals, and the average person is, put gently, not that smart. Most concepts, although abstract, make complete sense. I do admit they could have been more clear, but a dumb-downed version would of probably been poor. It’s nice to think sometimes, and the Matrix Trilogy definitely has plenty of that to offer.

      • twooffour

        Oh, COME ON, you pretentious blob. You really think it took all your combined “intellectual skills” to figure out the plus minus thing? Really?

        That’s like the most obvious “interpretation” of what’s happened there, the Oracle says “he’s your negative”, then they “combine”, and “cancel each other out”. Wow. And people didn’t like the sequels because they didn’t get that part?

        Then, there’s the “Norton theory”, according to which the Machines pump an antivirus into Neo and destroy them both – as clearly seen in a shot.

        Both are rather simple plot devices, and really, people criticized the movies for having poor character development, and throwing too many mysteries at the wall without solving them. The Smith ending wasn’t one of them, but the fact that the viewer is basically given a pick-and-choose option as to which theory to…. pick, without both theories being supported by evidence in the movies, is.

        Get over yourself – I like the sequels myself, or parts of them, but you’re clearly deluded here.

  • ST

    I actually think if they end up doing the Robocop reboot that Keanu would be good in the lead role. I think he’s kind of gotten a bad rap for being too “wooden” in his roles but that worked for him in Johnny Mnemonic (though that plot didn’t work) and in the Matrix.

  • Al

    The first movie is my all time favorite movie.

    I hated the second one the first time I saw it, but after seeing it again it grew on me. The highway chase was awesome and the Merovingian was an interesting character.

    I think the problem with the 3rd one was that they spent way too much time on the ‘real world’, which was ugly. Still, the parts that were inside the matrix were cool.

    After that I played the games. Enter the Matrix had an interesting concept, telling the story from a different point of view, filling in some gaps that the 2nd movie had. The gameplay was not perfect, but it was enjoyable.
    The path of Neo was a good game. I never played the MMO.

    Overall, I think the hatred towards the Matrix sequels is unjustified. I would definitely pay to see a sequel or a prequel but NOT a reboot.

    • SAFS Snowman

      I personally think that the sequels weren’t that bad; however, I agree that they too much time in the real world. I expected to see action sequences within the Matrix featuring Mechs like the ones featured in the Animatrix. That would have made for some awesome action sequences! If they were ever to revisit the Matrix series again, I’d have to say that a set of prequels would be the way to go.

    • SAFS Snowman

      I personally think that the sequels weren’t that bad; however, I agree that they spent too much time in the real world. I expected to see action sequences within the Matrix featuring Mechs like the ones featured in the Animatrix. That would have made for some awesome action sequences! If they were ever to revisit the Matrix series again, I’d have to say that a set of prequels would be the way to go.

  • tim

    ti would be hard to repair the damage done with the previous two movies but with careful though and a great script they could repair the damage and match the first matrix movie. after leaving the theater of the last two movies i really felt cheated and would have told to Wachoskis’s that myself. i had a much better vision for the ending then that.

  • krayzeman

    I liked all 3 despite all the negative reviews. When you watch them as a whole you can appreciate the story they were attemting to tell…

  • Dallas Bland

    I loved the first movie to no end. |The sequels were a bit disapointing but for god sake, they were understandable. Miltitudes of people who say they just don’t make sense = multitudes of people who need to go back to school, or just start listening and thinking a little bit. The only way they don’t make sense is in the same way that MEN CAN’T FLY. You do know that don’t you? If that is plausable for you then so should be the rest. Plus, as much as some people bag them out, I find it hard to believe that anyone interested enough to look into whether or not there are sequels being made, and even post on this site, would not go and see the new flicks.

    • twooffour

      Um, the issue wasn’t that it was “implausible”, but incomprehensible.

      Really, if you can’t event tell the difference between those two, and defend the movies as “understandable” by arguing that “men fly in these movies”, you don’t have anything to contribute whatsoever.

  • MCS

    Someone please fill me in on the Larry/Lana debacle. I thought the transgender rumors were debunked, yet he is addressed as Lana in this article?

    • ina

      He’s Lana. He was just “protected” for many years by the people working for and with him/her.

      • Really?

        Protected? There are pictures of Larry/Lana all over the net, mostly open smiling. Remember, there is a difference between transgenered and being a transsexual.

    • Heather P

      I just thought EW got his name wrong. I didn’t know there was another story to it.

  • ina

    There was already another installment to the Matrix sequels. It was from the perspective of The Merovingian character in Reloaded and Revolutions. It was a big hit titled “Inception.”

  • Max Jaybo

    Maybe I’m a just a sucker, but I had admittedly gotten my hopes up. I love sequels, and prequels, and whatnot. I have an insatiable curiousity for where storylines and character threads may go or may have started from prior… a true enthusiasm for the unfolding of plots.

    I know this clashes with the common case of film commentary, but I just can’t be one of those cynical people who snub their nose up at film reprisals.

    I mean, you’ll never hear a FOOD critic say: “No thank you, I’ve already had a good meal of spaghetti once several years ago and I don’t feel the need to ruin that by eating a second today.”

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