Snooki is a best-selling author. Ain't America grand?

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is a New York Times best-selling author, which to many people signals the end of Western Civilization. But come on, Western Civilization arguably ended three times already: When the Roman Empire conquered Athens, when Shakespeare sold out and wrote the lame spin-off play The Merry Wives of Windsor (a.k.a. Henry IV Origins: Falstaff), and when Creed became a successful rock band. Snooki’s not on top of the best-seller list: She’s at number 24, behind Jonathan Franzen and Emma Donoghue. And who cares if Snooki did reach number one? It wouldn’t be the first terrible book to top the NYT best-seller list. (Cough cough!) And isn’t it just a little inspirational to think that a charming, semi-illiterate, perma-tanned elf with only the barest hint of self-awareness could actually become a minor literary success? Congratulations, Shnookums: You’re a true inspiration to writers everywhere, because if you can publish a successful book, anyone can. America!

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  • tracy bluth

    I’ve officially accepted that if Stephanie Meyer can climb to the top of the bestseller list, ANYONE can.

    • This

      ^ Pretty much says it all.

    • Music Fan

      yep, this pretty much sums it up. Snooki would’ve been number one had she made her book about Jersey vampires.

      • orville


      • Seqvere

        DIE, C|__|NT!

      • Josh P

        Anyone know a good publisher? I have some used toilet paper I want to get published. Future #1 Best Seller material there!!!

    • SensibleAmerican

      Annnnd bingo was his name-o.

  • rush

    this is why i will NEVER live in the states!!!!

    • Seik

      You won’t live in the states because of one dumb wop?

      • Joan

        You’re forgetting all the idiots who bought the dumb wop’s book.

      • Cranston Lamont

        Actually she’s from Chile. So whatever ethnic tags might apply to her, “Wop” isn’t one of them.

      • Lojick

        Actually, “wop” stands for “without a passport.” So any foreign ethnicity can be considered a wop. But I think it referred to Italians for so long that the name stuck to them. Again, more American stupidity.

    • american

      yea that and you cant afford the visa.

  • Marten

    I miss Creed!

  • Jake

    Creed zing! LOL

    • Jake

      Oh, and Darren forgot the Visigoths sacking Rome, the Black Plague, and the October Revolution as Western World Ends

      • Quirky

        The Black Plague didn’t end civilization, it just freed up a lot of real estate.

  • Daniela

    I didn’t know idiots could read!

  • Daniela

    FYI. Ghost Writer. She didn’t write squat.

    • Quirky

      I agree. This “woman” couldn’t stay sober enough to write an e-mail let alone an entire book. Plus I think Darren’s being too kind with the semi-illiterate description. I doubt she can read at all.

  • PN

    I think that she attracted a niche audience that likes those kinds of books. If she did hit No.1, people would be outraged. But she ranked in the 20s, at 24th place. Somehow she wanted to do it during the helm of Jersey Shore’s mega success,the 8.5 million watching on MTV and having to do it in the heavy tide of being famous.

  • Lucy

    I wouldn’t read that book for free!

  • Dave

    Creed zinger = awesome.

  • Feeniegal

    Glad I read the ghost writer comment..I was really getting a headache trying to figure out..why and how in the h*ll this person wrote a book. Well, “why” is still there.

    • Crosby

      the Why is easy: for money. what other motivation does it have? the How is the ghost writer. It can do no work at all and make millions while struggling working class people with integrity starve.

      • blahblah

        There could not have possibly been a ghost writer. Check out the “peek inside” at amazon. A fourth grader would not be proud to turn this book in as an essay project. The first two poorly written pages are about the pouf in her hair. The grammar is absolutely pathetic. If there was an editor involved, I assure you that this poor soul was forced into taking their own life.

  • Henry

    “Did you yell ‘America’?” “No.” LOL

  • Who gives a fxxx

    It shldnt matter if she made a book r not she still making money while yall making nothing y yal wrld about celebrities life when they can give a fxxx what yal say cuz they dnt know u even exist so if she made it to being somebdy yey hand clap for snooki

    • Paco

      Really this is your response? The discussion here is about literacy and the ability of someone who has shown time and time again not to be able to speak correct English let alone write and book and you leave a post that is nothing but slang and littered with misspellings? The way you’ve chosen to express yourself in this post is exactly what people are talking about. You are obviously in her demographic.

    • Max

      To “Who gives a fxxx” – Everybody is somebody. And frankly, most of us are doing just fine with Snooki (or any celebrity) not knowing who we are. The assumption that we make nothing just because of our comments about the book is absurdly stupid.

    • lindsey

      I agree with “who gives a f***” yay snooki (;

      • americathesad

        to “Who gives a f…” and Lindsey, best of luck climbing that McDonald’s ladder. What a sad state of affairs our country has become. It is time to bring the sterilization issue to the political forefront!

      • lack mehogoff

        snuckles rocks, phuck all you other self riteous pricks

    • S

      Oh. My. Goodness! If you are representative of the trash who are buying this freaky midget’s book then…oh geez, I honestly cannot be bothered trying to put forward an intelligent comment to this idiot because there’s a real possibility that he/she will have trouble with the big words!

    • sam99999

      Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yocal, is that you??

      • gilbert hemmeroid grape

        Hey! I can call my Mah from up here. Hey Mah!

  • Chris

    Creed was actually a good band…Obviously you can’t think for yourself since you probably only know them by two radio friendly songs that were chosen by their label as singles instead of the rest of their albums which were outstanding. Good job.

    • Max

      Chris, your logic is, well, not logical.

    • Dave

      No, Creed never was and never will be a good band. They suck. Big time. And Scott Stapp has a terrible voice. How anyone can enjoy listening to him “sing” for more than 30 seconds is beyond me.

    • Mike

      Creed was, is and always will be awful. Nothing can change this. I’d probably read Snooky’s book before listening to a Creed album… if a gun was held to my head.

    • americathesad


    • Fireflystare221

      Yeah and so is Nickleback…

  • SometimesElla

    Okay, but seriously, who is buying this? I actually want to be more informed – I know nothing of this girl or this book other than the fact that both exist and are spoken of frequently. Someone please tell me, in all honesty, who is buying this book?

    • lindsey

      I have the book, & I looove it!

      • blegs38552

        Lindsey – you are the only poster who admits to having the book. I also am guessing that your post means that you actually read it. All of the other posters are speaking from ignorance. I haven’t read the book, so am not fit to comment on it. READ THE BOOK FIRST, then post your comments, everyone.

      • az

        Ok, what could this person possibly include in a book to make it interesting? Please, give us a one word to 2 sentence summary.

  • Jane

    Robin Sparkles

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