'Medium' series finale: Farewell to one of TV's best families

medium-cbsImage Credit: Danny Feld/NBCMedium never got the love and attention it deserved, and after seven psychic seasons on two different networks, the series comes to a close tonight. The gory crime-solving and supernatural elements of the show were fun, but the best part of the show was always its realistic portrayal of a stable, happy family, squabbles and all.

Joe and Allison DuBois are a close second to Eric and Tami Taylor for my favorite married couple on TV — playful, loving, expressive, and they’re terrific parents, too. Before Modern Family was getting all the (totally deserved!) credit for its realistic, not-at-all annoying kid actors, Medium‘s trio of blond munchkins were tearing it up. (Especially Maria Lark.) The DuBois women might be able to communicate with the dead, but they also argue over spelling tests, or who might need glasses, or who finished the cereal or passed her driving test.

Seven seasons is a good run, and Medium made the most of it, so let’s it bury and praise it all at once: What was your favorite Medium moment, PopWatchers?

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  • Nora

    I liked how Allison’s psychic powers sometimes created tension for the couple, but she and Joe still had each other’s backs. And you’re right about the kids, too. Nice job.

    • kathy stanczak

      i am so disappointed first old christine and now medium. I just watcbed the episode not knowing it was the finale. I will miss it.

      • Jennifer

        I agree! They alwasy get rid of the good shows. What the heck?? I didn’t realize this was the last and final episode while I was watching it. I’m so sad now!

      • Janice

        I wasn’t aware it was the last show either, until the final credits… These actors were all great in their roles as the Dubois family. Way too hard to pick a favorite moment, but one funny moment that sticks in my mind is when Joe is talking about a zombie movie and says ‘it didn’t take place in a mall, did it?’ I laughed, ’cause I’d seen the movie – he was in it.

      • Janice

        ..I have to add, I did like the “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” ending (original movie, not the tv show). And I liked the way the cast bade their viewers adieu. Good luck to them all.

      • Lisa

        Seriously I didn’t know it was the last- I cried through the episode at the thought of Joe dying then I realized they killed the show- such a loss

      • Tracy

        I agree, First Adventures of Old Christine now my Medium!!
        I was waiting for her to wake from the dream to Joe saying it’s okay..
        I almost was in tears!! I will MISS THIS SHOW!!
        Everyone did a wonderful job!

      • Shan

        I have never been so sad a show was ending. Like some of the other viewers, I kept waiting for Allison to wake up and say it was all a dream and then I could look forward to the whole family being alive next week :( So sad the show is ending.

      • Donna

        It was a great show and had a different twist. The writing was amazing. I will miss my favorite Friday night TV show.

      • Andy

        You got seven seasons. That’s way more than most shows do.

      • Jim DF

        I feel sideswiped. No idea it was the finale going into it. At first, I thought they were just playing with us. They can’t kill off Joe … they might as well just kill the show … and that’s what they did. I have to admit I do feel a little angry we never got to see Joe truly flourish at his work. It looked like something great went down in Hawaii, but it’s sad that’s the only champagne we’ll ever see. You’ll be missed, Medium.

      • MsSunshine

        I am in total agreement with so many who have commented. I recorded it and sat down to enjoy the episode only to be completely shocked to find that this was it. They keep on so many horrible shows and take off so many great ones. I guess that is why I remain an avid reader. If there is nothing to watch, I might as well control my own entertainment. By the way, Allison Dubois has some interesting books in print. Read about her if you can’t watch the show.

      • Annia

        I’ll commisserate with you, Jennifer. Don’t feel so sad, perhaps LIFETIME will show those episodes again. It’s not usual for me to like every actors on the show, but everyone on MEDIUM are my favorite. I hope to see more of them in the future with something even more impressive. Going to miss all of them.

      • Sherry

        I just watched the finale and was completely blindsided as well, that this was it. LOVED this show! Now I’m so sad!

    • Penny

      I didn’t know it was ending either. I am really bummed. I will miss them all, and friday nights will not be the same.

      I don’t know how often actors meld together like they did with Medium. I hope to see them all soon on movies or new TV shows.

      • Michelle

        This show was often compared to the Ghost Whisperer. WRONG! Didn’t know it was the last show until I saw synopsis. I cried many tears at the end. Allyson and Joe were a real couple, and I will really miss Lee – I hope somebody else discovers what a gem he is (AND strongly resembles Tom Sizemore). Every episode was good. I guess I’m glad it ended on a high note.

      • Annia

        I’ve always thought of Patricia as one of the most underrated, underappreciated actresses in Holywood. She is beautiful & talented, and seems really nice person to be around. And I’ve also mentioned before that David Cubitt (Lee) is one sexy-cool kind of guy & a terrific actor to add. I’m so glad someone else notices him, too.

    • Laura

      I also didn’t know it was the last show and I am so disappointed it was one of my favorite shows never missed on had it scheduled on my DVR. Have to say love Patricia Arquette as Allison better the real Allison that was on Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was so warm and you could just relate to Patricia. I will now have nothing to watch on Friday. Good luck to all.

      • Heidi

        watch Fringe! It just moved to Fridays and it is amazing- character driven and has alot of heart in spite of the alternate world and sci-fi storylines.

      • debzneo

        I too will miss the show. I have watched this show fom day one. It was on before CBS debuted Ghost Whisperer. NBC moved it around til it was canceled. These days, unless it has gratuitous sex, violence or is a reality show…it doesn’t cut it. I have Fringe on Fridays at least for now.

      • ChristineOH

        Agree about the “real” Allison on Real Housewives.

      • Dave

        Like so many other people, my wife and I were surprised that the last episode was just that. Yes, it was a decent ending to a good show. What interests me are all the comments here about watching Fringe and wishing that Boston Legal was still on. To that I say, AMEN! Apparently there are still people out there who like decent scripts, good actors, and coherent story lines. It can get pretty grim out there in TV Land. Any of you watch Skins or Jersey Shores? Me neither.

      • James Valentine

        I am sure it won’t be long Fringe will be cancel like Terminator and Doll house. Ratings don’t matter. Its all bout money and sponsors.

    • Lisa

      OMG I just watched my Medium like always on Sunday on my DVR and I am soooo upset to find out this is the last time I will see it. Actually brought tears to my eyes….are you kidding me, this is the best show on TV….very very upset about this.

      • Star

        I feel the EXACT same way!
        A total shock to hear it’s the SERIES FINALE! How is this possible?! Medium is one of the best shows on television! It is THE only show that is unpredictable and intelligently scripted. It always leaves you guessing right up until the end. I will desperately miss Medium!

    • Carol

      I was so sad!! agree, they keep shows on that are so bad. Reality shows that don’t have any truth. I still want Boston Legal back!!!

    • Bonnie

      I’m wirh the rest of all of you – totally blind sided! I had to do some web surfing to see if it was actually the final episode. What a total bummer. Have to wonder why it wasn’t advertised as such – or did I miss that? Possible the network didn’t want us all writing in again to save it – have another network have further success?????

  • Rain4

    Am really going to miss this show! Joe almost made me want to try marraige again! (not really) lol

    • ZZ

      Rain4: same for me about Allison!!! I’m an engineer too, and I promise not to fly to Hawaii on a dinky jet plane, so… I’ll be your Joe if you’ll be my Allison? :-)

      • Rain4

        DEAL! lol
        Why am I still so upset? *sniff*

    • GeniusBaby2

      I’, too, wept over this as the end of this great show which I had programmed on my DVD for years. Even when I had seen the shows several times in reruns, I never got bored. And you’re right, their marriage was the best example of what a real marriage is like. Joe’s character definitely made me reconsider getting married again. I’m really sad to know they are gone.

      • Annia

        If you think Joe’s character is great, may I suggest that you watch the character of RAY SINGLETON played by the terrific and gorgeous SKEET ULRICH in the Hallmark movie called THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS. Ray Singleton is a lonely, socially akward, but with a heart full of unconditionally love farmer during WWII era. After watching it the first time, I couldn’t help but wonder if there anymore like Ray & in your case, Joe, out there? I would’ve stayed married if I was fortunate enough to meet a man (men) like afore mentioned.

  • jmcg

    I especially liked when the girls and their gifts would get involved with one of Allison’s cases or Joe’s problems-like when Bridget figured out Joe was working on some kind of bomb and he didn’t know it.

    • Gab

      Yes that was a great moment!
      I love every member of the cast, but Bridgette is my very favourite. I think she is a great actress and I love the personality she gave to her character.

  • carol

    I liked the episode of what her life would have been like if she had never met Joe and how she fell in love with him all over again.

    • Crystal

      @ carol – yes, it is called “Twice Upon a Time” and it is STILL on my DVR all these years later. Season 2, Episode 22.

      • Dave Ottalini

        It remains the best of the shows. Wonderful program that will be missed.

      • Leah

        Thank you so much for giving the name of that show. I was just going to go look for it on Netflix but wondering how I would find it! The ending of this show reminded me of that show, which was always my favorite. I will really miss these folks!

    • jmcg

      That was a good one too and that Dixie Chicks song fit perfectly. Another good one was the 2-parter with Anjelica Huston when she found out who killed her daughter. The scene with them sitting by the lake in Allison’s dream was so powerful you could really feel the loss.

      • tjg

        I agree with you that it was a very sad but moving episode.

      • Lil Longshore

        I totally agree – sorry to see it go – wanted to see the girls grow more – new story plots – new mayor working, etc. the public rarely gets their opinion counted.

      • Laurin

        I agree!!!! OMG very powerful episode

    • Barb

      So sad to see the series ending. Have really enjoyed watching all these years. Such a sad and touching ending. Never have seen an ending like this for any other series. Great job. You all will be missed.

      • marie h

        Agree on the writing of this ending, although bummed it’s not open-ended, as I’d hoped… which would have meant the continuation and not the finale. But I digress…. WONDERFUL writing (kudos to the team!) creating engaging story after story — and terrific actors carrying it all out so realistically. The t.v. execs looking for the 18-34 audience should take their heads out of the sand — those folks generally aren’t watching ANY t.v., (probably clubbing on a Friday night) and when they are watching are wasting their time on plot-less reality shows — so let’s get real here and update our marketing strategies to include those who ARE home on a Friday night (i.e. 35-60), shall we? There has GOT to be a better way for t.v. execs to cut and slash programming — getting rid of cleverly-written, engaging shows such as Medium is NOT one of them!

      • Doris Russ

        I can think of one show that had a similar ending – Six Feet Under. The finale showed when and how each of the characters died. Very poignant.

      • Gab

        Doris, I thought of Six Feet Under too. The difference is that SFU ending really gave closure, right? It brought you some kind of peace, a sense of life and time… Medium finale, though it was well written, still felt kind of steep, abrupt. It struck me by surprise and has left me with a sense of loss.
        I sure will miss my favourite show.

  • justin

    I’m really going to miss Allison’s visions. They had a creative way of putting things together at the end, even though they start off weird. I’ll especially miss Bridgette, who cracked me up most of the time with her little one-liners here and there.

    • MiaS

      I second that- I am going to miss Bridgette. Love that actress!

      • Erika Pryor

        I agree — Bridgett was the best middle child. I will really, really miss this show, not only for the creatively pieced together cases, but the family was quite real and authentic. I can’t imagine something just as good will actually take its place. Kudos to the creators and producers!

      • Annia

        She is adorable, isn’t she? My favorite episode of her was the one where Joe asks her to go get the Christmas lights & she spunkly makes faces. That was priceless.

    • SirLizard

      All right, there must be something wrong with me, apparently. I was surprised when I saw that Margaret Lyons referred to Maria Lark as a “not-at-all annoying” kid actor, because I think that Bridgette Dubois (character AND actress) is the most obnoxious child EVER to appear on television. Every “Medium” viewer I know agrees with me, though, so I guess I’m not alone.

      • susie

        agree, loved Arial she is a very talented actress!

      • Susan murphy

        sorry, loyal Medium viewer and I love Bridget.
        I love them all… damn, so mad they canceled this series and so shocked.

    • Scootymom

      Bridgette was the BEST. Loved her character.

  • Marie

    I am really going to miss the Dubois family. Such a realistic family and one of my favorites on TV. I hope Ariel is back for the finale and there is a happy ending for all the characters.

    • Mother4

      I hope you got a chance to see the actress that plays Ariel in My Sisters Keeper. Amazing job by an amazing actress

  • Sharon

    I was always fond of this one episode when Joe was going out of his way to surprise Alison with a vacation when he’d been telling her it was a surprise party, and she went along with it. And no one (not even him) had any idea until the end – he tells her to get packed for their trip in a hurry, and goes into the other room. Alison, having had a rough week, lies on the bed for a moment, then pulls a fully packed suitcase from under the bed, maintaining the charade that she was still packing. Adorable.

    • Alan

      Loved that one too.

    • Heidi

      Oh yes that was cute and a little sad. They did that combo very well througohout their seasons.
      I was a little bit disappointed with the end (not the very last scene but the way Joe left and Marie’s reaction to not wanting to go visit and being upset that Joe never visited them. He never said why! That had to hurt the family. There should have been an explanation because had I written it, Joe would have visited each of them at least once to help them feel at peace.

      • Huh

        The reason he never ‘visited’ them was because in her dream he had not actually died, he was still alive. A person who is alive can’t visit. Allison of course was having a dream that Joe gave her, but she twisted her dream around so it seemed like he was alive. In the end, he was actually gone.

        I had no idea it was the final episode and it caught me totally off guard. I kept waiting for her to wake up for real. Then when they flashed the final message and the credits started rolling with the cast I realized what was happening.

        Thank you Medium for seven great seasons.

      • Heidi

        It seemed to me that she didn’t have that dream till the end. Until that point she told Marie she doesn’t know why Joe wasn’t talking to any of them. If she had thought he was alive these past seven years she would have been looking everywhere for him!

      • @Heidi

        Actually, pretty much everything until she woke up with Joe in the doorway was a dream. He even said “this is real everything before was the dream.”

        I get the feeling that he had just died in the plane crash and Allison had not even been informed yet. He sent her the dream so she would be OK when she got the news but then she took over the dream and things got mixed up after that.

        So, he probably did say goodbye to the girls. They just didn’t show that part.

      • Bethwriter47

        You are absolutely correct. Joe would have visited Allison, at least. The ending wasn’t consistent with his character. Great show, but tragic ending for our most beloved TV family.

      • Kathey

        I agree that Joe should have visited each one of them to give them peace and closure, but then Allison might not have moved on to be successful on her own. Loved the show for 7 seasons and will miss it very much. Does anyone know what the name of the song was that was played at the end?

      • Jessie

        The song is “If You Want Me To Stay” by Sly and the Family Stone!

        What a truly wonderful series ending, although it was heartbreaking not to have it be a dream. It’s the reality that made this show refreshing – even someone with Allison’s talents can’t control fate.

    • saywhat73

      That is why this is so upsetting how they let Joe die. Because she always knew when any tragedy would strike the family. How is it she did not know that the plane Joe was in would crash? I didn’t like the ending. Will miss the show, and Joe especially, terribly.

      • Cath

        I agree, I was sad they went for a big death to make the finale bigger. I liked to think of the family living on happily together – like the real Dubois family!
        Great series, but this and the previous episode were not the greatest..

      • @saywhat73

        Actually, she didn’t know anything about her family ahead of time. There was an episode that addressed this specifically. I can’t remember which one but one of her daughters asked why she when bad things were going to happen to her and Allison said that something about it being too personal that the emotions got in the way. It wasn’t a very good answer to tell the truth but I specifically remember them saying that she couldn’t see the future of anyone in her family.

    • Kaite

      That was the first episode ever and I still love that scene to this day!

  • tvfan

    Lady Killer episode 4.11 with Rosanna Arquette. I loved this episode from the opening until the very last scene. I loved the story telling of series (and the bits of dreams) and sometimes getting the wrong message. I always loved the family and especially the kids.

    • Heidi

      I loved that her family were in the show!
      And as strange as it sounds, I loved when Joe and Allison would steal moments to crack open a beer and lay on the back porch or couch to chat.

      • loumom

        I loved the episode where Allison cracked open a fifth of vodka and smoked an e-cigarette and cussed and flipped off dinner guests and made a jerk-off motion and was a complete and total hag and didn’t even know that her best friend
        ‘s husband was messing around on her and……..oh wait. That was really her. Oh, that’s very sad.

      • Patty

        u made me mad by cancel this show u need to put it back on if hhbo,showtime,pick it uo i would pay for it as far as abc,cbs,i will stop watching them that how mad i am

  • Pope Carmelita I

    I thought Bridget was great too…but don’t forget Ariel. Sofia V. fleshed her out nicely…and in one episode, she was possessed by the evil teenager ghost…and made that totally believable, although the opposite of Ariel. I too hope she is back for the finale.

    • Lana

      that was one of my favourites although a little disturbing.

    • Michelle

      Can’t believe so many people like Bridget. SO annoying! Beautiful Ariel and cute Marie and Bridget who won’t stop taking videos of the neighbor. So awkward! Why does she stiffen her neck when she speaks? Bizarre.

      • Kit

        I cannot STAND Maria Lark. She was always the worst part of the show and I cringed whenever she was on screen.

      • Stacey Z

        Obviosly neither of you two woman are mothers! Children ARE ANNOYING, sometimes anyway… Most of the time they are sweet and cute, but that’s what Bridgette did so brilliantly! She really acted like a real kid! Marie WAS “cute”, but that doesn’t take much acting skills.. Ariel was a wonderful character too, though a bit roo spacy sometimes I thought….

      • Marysue

        Please people. She’s a young actress given her lines to read. Obviously this is the way they wanted that character played. She did a wonderful job.

      • Susan murphy

        sorry I love her. I love them all. Yes she is different, but she is an ACTRESS and that is the part.
        I am so disappointed they canceled the show!

    • mal

      @popecarmelita; that was the finale.

    • susie

      what finale it’s already over

  • jennifer

    it’s too bad that the real Allison Dubois’ crazy appearance on RHOBH ruined Medium for me.

    • jmcg

      sucks for you. I think the only thing that’s similar with the show and the real allison is the name. I sincerely doubt the real Allison’s visions are anything like the tv version and I don’t think she helps to capture criminals with any regularity.

    • maddie

      agreed allison is craazy!

    • Mary

      oh no, her appearance on ROBH was AWESOME, she’s real, she didn’t care about kissing anyone’s butts. She doesn’t need to prove herself- like she said, she’s been on Oprah, sold books and has had scientists study her- she’s the real deal and this show wouldn’t have been made if she wasn’t an asset to the police dept. More of a contribution than any of the “Real Housewives” have ever made to society.

      • Stacey

        Mary, Just because Allison Dubois has been on “Oprah”, sold books and so on, doesn’t give her, or anyone the right, to behave as obnoxiously and rudely as she did on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! She was such a STUCK UP WITCH (with a B)!!! Talk about Fame going to one’s head! YIKES!
        I totally agree with Jennifer and Maddie above, seeing her in her “real” life ALMOST ruined Medium for me, but only ALMOST! The show is so wonderfully written and the characters so enganging, it’s been my favorite for years! I am so BUMMED it’s over, and SHOCKED! I didn’t even know it was ending!

      • Marjie, heartbroken

        Back at you, Stacey; everything you said is right-on–there was no reason for her obnoxious behavior on RHOBH and rumor has it that after that was shot, CBS decided to cancel “Medium.” I loved the pretend family so much and sobbed so much I scared my cat.

      • Kitza

        The real Allison is a charlatan: she toasted her own career on the RHOBH. Know that (to coin a phrase of hers) Studied by scientists? Nope-turned out to be a flawed study and when that was realized, Dubois refused to be studied any further. Law enforcement agencies have stated she NEVER made any concrete contributions. As for Oprah, serial killers have appeared on her show. Dubois is an alcoholic psychotic woman in desparate need of AA and thorazine. Medium was just a fictionalized, loosely based version of Dubois’s phony claims.

    • bmjm

      I totally agree with you, Jenn and Stacy & Mattie. The real Allison was a big disappointment on RHOBH But still loved Medium. Cried the whole hour last night.

    • Vickie

      Thank you. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

    • sally sally

      it’s sad that the real Alison duBois ruined Medium for everyone. The way she was on RHOBH, she’s the reason the show was cancelled. She even asked Patricia Arquette to ask for a raise or refuse to keep acting. She did all she could to end the show, and was trouble. Too bad Medium couldn’t go on without her and continue with the show.

    • Ann

      I never watched Medium and after seeing the real Allison DuBois on RHOBH, I am glad I didn’t. I am sure it was a great show, but I would not want to support anything that she was based on her life.

    • Joanna

      Me too, I love Allison DuBois on the show. But on RHOB I don’t like her at all!!! I’m psychic myself-not anything like her.

    • Scootymom

      Real Allison was totally nuts on RHOBH. Do you all think Medium was cancelled due to the Grammer divorce? They are the producers (they’re both nuts too).

  • Casey

    That was the one thing I’ll remember the show for, the bond of that family and of its portrayal.

  • Megh

    One of my favorites is “Time Out of Mind”. A woman in 1959 says she’s Alison in 2005, so Alison can save the woman’s child in the present.

    • Alan

      That one kept me on edge all the way to the end. I will truly miss this show.

    • Joe D.

      I agree. Best one in my opinion.

      • Heidi

        yes best episode

  • Garry

    I’ll miss “Medium” very much. It’s amazing how the writers always found a new twist on the Allison-is-psychic premise. I’ve always admired the show’s creativity, acting, etc. Too bad it wasn’t allowed to stay on until the end of the season!

    • Laurin

      I know!! First they cut the number of episodes ordered and then they decided to cancel the show

  • Mary

    I will miss this show so much. My husband and I would look forward to the adventure Allison took us through each and every week. We got to see the girls grow up. Their family life was so real it felt like my extended family. Thank you for seven wonderful years.

  • Stefanie

    I will this miss this show!!

    • Marsha

      How did I not know this was the SERIES FINALE???!!! I just can not believe I didn’t know til the very end. When was this announced / decided??? Ugghh !!

      • Renee

        Me and my husband just watched it on DVR and were in shock … and disbelief that this was the final episode. We had to look it up on the internet! What a loss. As usual what a creative ending!

      • denise

        I agree was totally shocked and I feel embarrassed about how sad I am. I loved every bit of it even though it annoyed me that every week people would question her gift. Its been seven years have some faith Devalus. Also love Joe if only you could find a real husband like that.

      • gulnaz

        same with me. Im a bit in a state of shock right now. what do you mean its over?? when was this decided? why? oh boy….

      • patty

        I get it everything runs it course and has to end sometime, but this show never got old for me I watched it day one and never missed a season, I didn’t know either that this was the final season, I am so sad that it is over, I will miss it. :(

      • elisabeth

        i have never missed a show – i was in total shock that it ended…and if it had to end, why on earth did it have to end so terribly sad? what was the purpose of having him die? man, if it had to end couldn’t the writers have at least left us with the same INTACT beautiful supportive family they introduced us to? so disappointed b/c i loved the show that much. well, im giving it my own ending in my head :)

      • Marie

        It was announced in October the show would be cancelled, and they cut back on season episodes.

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