'Top Chef All-Stars' eliminated cheftestant blogs episode 7: 'Do I have the capability of being an a-hole? Completely.'

Gail wasn’t on last night’s episode of Top Chef All-Stars, but we got the eliminated cheftestant to sound off about what went down during the epic Restaurant Wars battle. And boy, does this cheftestant have a lot to say. Read more after the jump, but SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen the episode yet, do not click ahead! Seriously! Ok, everyone else, you ready? Let’s go!

top-chef-marcel Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… Marcel’s blog! (As told to Archana Ram.)

I never really know what the judges are going to decide. For every challenge, when they pick a winner and loser, it’s not typically who I would’ve chosen. We have different opinions about things, so I stopped trying to guess.

With the Quickfire, I don’t think the judges got anything wrong in terms of my dish. Everybody has his or her own palate and sense of taste. Anthony Bourdain made a good criticism that I hadn’t embraced the nose-to-tail eating. I was in Le Bernardin, so I thought I should do a refined dish. And yes, mousseline has one texture, but that’s why there was crispy ginger and fresh herbs. There was texture, but when the judges eat the dishes, sometimes they only take one bite. Bourdain didn’t get the broth or crispy ginger. It makes sense that Angelo plates on a spoon. It’s not a dish, but it’s brilliant because you control the bite. Otherwise, they may just get one component. But that dish probably wasn’t one of my strongest dishes.

I definitely made some flaws in the Elimination challenge, but I think my biggest flaw, as I said, was choosing my team. The fact that nobody would listen to my concepts or me, as the team leader, totally sucked. And then I got sent home for nobody listening to me. What was I supposed to do? I wanted everybody to feel comfortable with what they were cooking because it was a team challenge. When I proposed modern global and no one was gung ho about it, I listened to my team. I asked, “What do you feel comfortable doing? Because if we’re going to win, I need to make sure everybody’s on board with what we’re doing.” I ran the kitchen like a democracy. It wasn’t a hardcore brigade that was my-way-or the highway, even though it looked the opposite. I let everybody cook what they wanted to cook. Is that the description of a monarchy? Not so much.

One of the things I was confused about was, from my understanding, the judges sent me home for a lack of leadership, which is difficult because in this particular challenge, you have individual chefs who are responsible for their own dishes. One of my philosophies was, because I had such a strong team, utilize them for their strength and let them cook what they wanted to cook because happy cooks made good food. I was hoping this strategy would have a synergistic effect of the sum of the parts being more than the whole. It ultimately backfired because everybody thought I wasn’t leading them. But whatever sort of constructive criticism I gave my teammates about their dishes, they didn’t follow it, and it ended up being the demise of all of their dishes.

Before the challenge, we had a tasting where we all tried each other’s dishes and had an open forum about the food. I told a lot of people some of the faults within their dishes, which were the same faults the judges had. They didn’t take my criticism seriously and did whatever they wanted to do. And I get popped for lack of leadership? My philosophy was you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. For example, Tiffany asked if she should hold the asparagus in ice water. And I said, “No because it’ll leech out all the flavor. Just shave it at the moment or dress it in a sexy vinaigrette but don’t hold it in ice water.” So what does she do? She holds it in ice water. At Judges’ Table, Tom said her asparagus was all washed out. I stood there, thinking, “Um, hello? That was my recommendation for your dish! You’re sitting here, telling me I have a lack of leadership when in actuality, I tried to help you. You just didn’t take my advice.”

I also tried to tell Angelo his dish wasn’t Mediterranean, and that he shouldn’t lace it with dashi. He was on board for the concept but then had this dish that wasn’t Mediterranean at all. Every chef has his or her own way of doing things and because people also have ulterior motives, if you give someone advice, they often wonder where it’s coming from. It’s a competition.

The execution of our first service wasn’t seamless to say the least. There were a lot of problems in the front of the house. We had several dishes that got sent back. I was told everything was running smoothly, the timing was perfect and never to rush on any dishes. But there was a communication breakdown between front of the house and our expediter. Apparently when we got to Judges’ Table, they wanted to know why service took so long and where all the servers were. Meanwhile, in the back of the house, when we were plating, none of that urgency was conveyed. Other than Tiffany coming back with dishes that needed to be hotter or colder, we were told everything was fine as far as timing. The judges said it was a breakdown in the back of the house, which affected the front of the house. But in actuality, it was the opposite of that. Things were pretty messed up in the front of the house.

When we were at Judges’ Table, Mike totally threw me under the bus. He was the one who started it. He said, “You’re a f—–g time bomb and that’s why nobody wants to work with you.” And I thought, “Are you kidding me? If you want to go there, let’s go there.” I had my rebuttal, which was, “You’re lazy. You’re slow.” Mike said he wanted to cook all the protein, which I thought was a big responsibility, but I trusted him. But I shouldn’t have trusted him at all because he stabbed me in the back. He was searing my fish and cooking the lamb, so I was plating the components for four dishes. All he had to do was cook three proteins. I told him, for every log of monkfish, you get two portions. What he did, simultaneously with his lamb, octopus, and pork belly, was cook my fish way ahead of time and not in the right quantity, and then spend all his time focusing on his protein, while neglecting mine.

Meanwhile, I’m plating all of his plates and literally running over to make sure he had pots and pans. It’s ironic because at Judges’ Table, he’s said I was throwing pots and pans around, acting like a time bomb. I’m thinking, “Throwing pots and pans around? You wouldn’t have any pots and pans if it weren’t for me running back and forth getting them.” When I noticed he was sandbagging my protein, I said he couldn’t cook my fish anymore. So I was cooking my fish, plating all the dishes and making sure the plates were hot, while Mike was moving at a snail’s pace. Angelo actually came over and helped me plate, which was great.

I think the duties were distributed pretty fairly had everybody kept up with the pace. But Mike wasn’t a team player. He was looking out for his dish and that’s it. I feel like my team let me down a little bit. If I were to pick again, I definitely would not retain any of them. After the draft, I looked at my team and thought, “Wait a second. What was I thinking? Tre isn’t here. Blais isn’t here. What did I do?” I don’t know why I picked Angelo first. I definitely was not thinking clearly.

I haven’t been watching the show much. It just gets frustrating because I know what actually happened. But sometimes I can’t help it. It’s like watching a train wreck. I do like watching so I can defend myself. But I did catch [last week’s] fishing episode, and Dale talked so much trash in the interviews that it was astonishing to me. I’m the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve. Dale, on the other hand, was totally two-faced. He was always really nice to me in person, and only had beef for the camera. I lost a lot of respect for him.

I don’t let the trash-talking get to me. I feel kind of bad for [those contestants] because they’re a bunch of kids. I haven’t had to deal with people talking behind your back since I was in high school. We’re all adults, so if you have something to say to somebody, own up to it. I’ve already gotten an apology from Tre, who said they cut a sentence short when he called me an asshole. The complete sentence was something like, “Marcel’s kind of an asshole, but we’re all assholes and he’s just the best at being one.” And it got cut off at “Marcel’s kind of an asshole.” As soon as he saw it, he sent me a text message, saying “Yo, dude! I’m sorry! They totally cut me short.” And I said, “Don’t worry about it man.”

Do I have the capability of being an a—hole? Completely. But am I actually a really nice guy? Also true. That asshole side of me only comes out when it’s warranted. If you take it out of context, then it just makes you look like an asshole. They never showed that I helped out every contestant in every other challenge. But this is reality TV.

Top Chef isn’t the end all, be all for me. The reason why the judges have the power is because they have the prizes. But for me, they’re just other palates. At the U.S. Open challenge, out of the 80 guests we served, about 60 came over to me and couldn’t believe Angelo won and thought my dish was so much better. The vast majority felt strong enough about my dish to tell me I should’ve won. That bodes pretty well. And during the dim sum challenge episode, Dale bragged to me, “The only plates I made that were half-way decent were the judges’ dishes.” I got pissed off. Really? You’re going to brag about that?

I have my own show coming out on the SyFy network. The awesome thing about that is the people will see the real me, which actually might not be so good for Top Chef because, when people actually see it, they’re going to question what I’m known for. My friends and I started our own catering company, and we cater elaborate parties for high-profile clients predominantly in Los Angeles. We do a lot of things people have never seen before and probably never thought was possible. It’s all about teamwork, creativity, imagination.

I definitely would not come back to Top Chef. I’m totally over it. I don’t need people to portray me in a light that damages my reputation. I don’t need people to think I’m something that I’m not. I want people to know who I really am. For me, it’s not worth it.

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  • Team Marcel

    Despite Bravo’s best efforts, you can actually tell Marcel is a strong chef and decent guy (who just lacks a verbal editing function that makes him an easy target for jealous haters and producers who need material to “justify” designating a villain). Honestly, after his and Tiffani’s eliminations, I sort of don’t care who wins and may stop watching. Keep on keepin on, Marcel & good luck with the the new show!

    • Al

      Did you read this article? Wahhhh, wahhh, wahhhh. Judges not fair, contestants not fair. I’m really a nice guy, every one told me I was the best. Blah, blah blah. Marcel is a legend in his own mind.

      • Sugar Rae

        Al, I did read the article and I think you have to factor in the obvious bias of Ms Rao, who could well be the Marcel of the re-cap world. There were a lot more things that happened in this hour than what was reported. And what is with all the f-word references in only two (count ‘em, 2) pages of ranting about Marcel? Classy.

      • Sugar Rae

        Whoa – sorry, I thought I was still on the Mallika Rao re-cap page.

      • Karate Pants

        Exactly. Marcel, the narcissistic bobble-headed rat, is here STILL talking. Ugh. (eyeroll)

      • julie

        @sugar rae, gotta agree with you. what’s with all the hate for him by the recapper? it’s like nothing else happened in the episode.

      • Honey Bae

        My sentiments EXACTLY: Wahh, wahhh!

      • @Sugar Rae, julie

        Are you 2 smoking crack?

    • lb

      I actually can’t tell that. Despite his best efforts to suggest that he’s not, I think he’s a douche. I’m glad he was axed. He’s not a villain and I’m sure he has his redemptive moments but I’m not surprised nobody listened to him. He behaves and speaks disrespectfully; who wants to listen to that? They should have let Angelo or Antonia lead. Probably would have been a better result.

      • Karate Pants

        You know, I wondered why someone DIDN’T step up and take over the lead? I realize he was team captain, but someone should have been solely tasked with expediting. Either he didn’t let that happen, OR the team intentionally backed down so the turd could float to the top.

      • meaNYer

        KP – Antonia was expediting, but she couldn’t get Marcel to shut up. At one point she said to him, “Will you cook and just let me expedite?”

      • Jim in NYC

        True, but Antonia also did a dish – she wasn’t SOLELY concentrating on expediting, which is what I think Karate Pants had in mind.

      • Karate Pants

        Restaurant wars, or really any group challenge where someone must expedite orders, is always tricky – someone needs to do the job but their own dish, whether they prepare it or trust another to finish it *cough cough chicken feet cough*, ALWAYS suffers.

      • Karate Pants

        Oh and yes, now that you mention it, I DO remember Antonia trying to expedite and Marcel interfering with her good intentions. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Ron

        Dale was expediting for his team and still managed to make a winning dish that the judges liked–including Boudain who hated his “butterscotch” dish in the last Restaurant Wars that Dale was in. I still think it was a mistake that Dale didn’t win Restaurant Wars. Even though Richard was the “technical advisor,” it was still Dale’s idea for the restaurant. And he was the executive chef who expedited the orders and cooked his own dish. If anyone has ever been in Dale’s shoes, they will tell you that it is no easy feat.

    • mark in nyc

      Marcel is a strong cook. A chef is someone who is a leader and can run a kitchen. Marcel is not capable of talking to people, only telling them what is wrong.
      Mike Issabella is right….in a few years (5-10) Marcel will learn how to talk to people, and most likely look back at an episode like this and realize how he should have conveyed his ideas. Till then, great cook, bad chef.

      • Jim in NYC

        “in a few years (5-10) Marcel will learn how to talk to people, and most likely look back at an episode like this and realize how he should have conveyed his ideas.”

        I should point out that this is what we thought five years ago…

      • finnyd420

        did you read bourdain’s blog on bravo? he makes the same argument of cook vs. chef. however if marcel keeps using the foam he will lose the good cook title as well

    • Tina

      Marcel isn’t a “decent guy.” He’s an immature prima donna, blaming everyone but himself. He gloats when he wins and he’s bratty when he’s on the bottom. That ain’t being a decent guy, and he certainly isn’t a leader. Never was, never will be. Packing his knives? Now, that couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Glad to see it happen.

      • Jim in NYC

        Exactly. The list of people who’ve had problems with Marcel read like a Who’s Who of Top Chef. Besides the entire top 9 of his season with the possible exceptions of Mia and Elia, he’s gotten into it with Dale Talde, Fabio, Mike Isabella, and four of the top five from Season 1. That’s a fairly broad spectrum of personalities, and all of them, without exception, have butted heads with Marcel.

      • Minutiae

        When Harold from S1, who always seemed to go out of his way to stay out of the drama, tells you to shut up and sit down, you must be an annoying douche. Sorry, Marcel… the editors can only use what you give them.

    • Lisette

      I like him, too.

      But, Marcel, you weren’t eliminated just because of your struggle leading your team (and that’s a team that could have been lead–only Mike is genuinely confrontational and Angelo was a great go-to person, if you’d used him).

      You were eliminated because (1) you were the guy in charge of the team and the RESTAURANT FAILED. 17 out of 79 votes? That is a failure. The leader has to take responsibility, regardless of others.

      Also…foams. The judges don’t like them. They hate seeing you do them. So…why do it again? And the dessert was horrible. (I won’t quote Bourdain). It wasn’t about Mike and your fish.

      But the bigger issue is this: for those of us who like you (and there are many!) we WISH you could learn from Tiffani and do YOURSELF some good in the process.

      It’s a simple formula:(1) show some humility, (2)take some responsibility for your own mistakes, (3) don’t blame others, and (4) have some appreciation and praise for others (and, if you can manage it, (5) for the judges and show as well).

      It doesn’t even have to be sincere (really, we won’t know). But do yourself some good and say the right things! It’s not rocket science and can only help you personally and career-wise.


      • Lydia

        Girl, I hope he reads your comment and takes it too heart. A lot of us recognize that he is a great cook but keeps shooting himself in the foot. He truly is his own worst enemy.

    • Jason

      Wow- I wonder why everyone considers him a time-bomb, and why they say he is hard to work with. Cut to 30 pages of crying about how he thinks he should have won, and lost because he had a terrible team. Whatever- clearly deserved to lose. If you cannot understand what “leader” means, then you have no business stepping up to the plate. Despite his personal feelings, letting your “team” do whatever they want, is not leading them. Criticizing what they’ve done, is not leading. Had he been blessed with an ounce of sincerity, maybe people wouldn’t write him off as the whiney little kid he constantly proves himself to be. So long, loser.

    • Lala

      awwww, Marcel got his mommy to right a comment. desperate for positive press much?

      • Lala

        write. SP got away from me

  • Angel

    He’s a complete narcissist. So glad he’s gone.

    • Bob

      Agreed, I got about 3 paragraphs into this blog and then realized it was just him whining about how unfair everything is. Good riddance, what a tool

      • Amy

        @Bob: I completely agree with your assessment. I was unable to finish reading because all he did was moan and whine and complain about how the challenge problem were caused by everyone else, not him. There were some people on the show who I didn’t like on their season (i.e. Tiffani from season 1), but I felt had grown and were able to be self-reflective about this experience. Marcel is not one of those people. It seems as though he has regressed in his behavior.

  • Flyer

    I’ve always felt sympathetic to Marcel. (In fact, I was so disgusted when he was attacked by his fellow cheftestants, I didn’t feel like watching “Top Chef” for the next few seasons.) I really appreciate that EW got such a detailed reaction from him, since Gail wasn’t in a position to blog this week. I enjoyed hearing what Marcel had to say about the show, and hope he does well going forward. I’d love to be able to try his food someday!

    • Jim in NYC

      Why settle for the knock-off copy? Go to WD-50 in New York and get the original.

    • AlysabethInAustin

      1) There are 3 sides to every story. I understand your frustration.
      2) I am also an a$$hole-yet one of the most thoughtful,kind,detail-oriented people my friends and colleagues know. Funny how that can go hand in hand.
      3)I really appreciated you this season. I was So Relieved when you and Blais didn’t pack up after the beach challenge-I really expected you in the finals. Sorry about that.I did know it was between you and Tiffany-personally I felt it should’ve been her.
      Good luck with you certainly bright future.

      • Jenna

        Whoa, what kind of vile person brags about being an “a$$hole”? Really something to be proud of!

  • Svetlana

    I am so glad that Marcel is gone! I don’t care what he says, its obvious that he is not a team player. He can blame Bravo all he wants, but it wasn’t editing that made him look like an a$$h#le. If he spoke to me the way he spoke to his teammates while they were conceptualizing the menu I wouldn’t listen to him either. He is just so condescending and arrogant but unfortunately does not have the skill to back it up. He refuses to take any responsibility for anything he did which is just sad. Neither one of his dishes were successful according to the judges but he can’t even admit that. I say good riddance. I hope to never see him or his foams again!

  • Danny

    Marcel is so delusional. Read Bourdain’s comments on the Bravo site. Apparently nobody understands Marcel and everybody gets it wrong. If he had the other team members he would have one. He actually believes this. He will never learn if he isn’t willing to step back, hear the criticism and grow from it. And Marcel, foam is so 1998.

    What is clear is that people do not like working with him. It’s not the editors, or the process or a matter of unlucky picks. You can’t just get respect…you have to earn it. Dale and Blais have everyone’s respect….in fact I would say that is true of 90% of the remaining contestants. At the Quickfire (how great was it that we actually got to see Justo in action?!!!) his attitude towards the other three chefs during the cook was terrible. Sadly, I don’t think that Marcel will learn anything from this. His loss.

    • Danny

      Sorry, I meant to write – “If he had the other team members he thinks he would have won.”

  • MomC

    I did not watch yet. From reading Marcel’s comments one thing is very clear. He does not understand the concept of leadership. Leaders inspire men to follow them into battle. Teams to rally from unbeatable odds. Kitchens to make it out of the weeds. Marcel wasn’t even able to get his team to accept and correct criticisms of their dishes. Lack of leadership skills was definitely a problem here. I would imagine that being unable to inspire other chefs in your kitchen is a huge problem.

    • Jim in NYC

      To be fair to Marcel–and Dale Talde, in his first go-around–the best leader in the world can’t make a team run if s/he doesn’t have the means to enforce discipline.

      Bourdain, in Season 4’s Restaurant Wars, gave Dale a lot of grief over letting Lisa get away with mouthing off to him? What was he supposed to do? Unlike Bourdain, Dale (and Marcel) can’t dock a rebellious worker’s pay. Neither can send somebody home. Neither can fire anyone.

      Mike, Antonia, Tiffany, and Angelo chose to let Marcel flounder–and deservedly so, IMABHO–but this is a competition, not a real restaurant situation, and Bourdain needs to realize that there are limits to what Marcel (and, as I said, Dale) can do.

  • Del Taco

    Marcel was picked for the show because he’s a jerk. The producers need to make a show. If everyone was nice and everyone got along, and prepared expert food, NOBODY would watch, and Top Chef would’ve gone off the air years ago

    • Maryland

      Well, I agree and I disagree. On Top Chef Masters everyone gets along and helps each other, and the show is fantastic. I, for one, would much prefer to see more about the cooking and the dishes, and less of the drama.
      That being said, yes – Marcel is a complete a-hole. And I’m glad he’s gone.

  • a777

    it seems like it’s always everyone else’s fault when it comes to marcel. nobody respects him, so no one was going to take direction from him. he was doomed from the start.

  • Bizzy

    I had the pleasure of meeting Marcel at a CIA demo in New York. He was friendly and charming, answered questions from the audience all evening, and then stayed after to meet everyone and personally thanked each of us for coming. Not to mention that it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I am a loyal member of Team Marcel. (Unlike Dale who seems like he would punch a baby if it looked at him the wrong way.)

    • Marilyn

      Bizzy- I am with you. Team Marcel! And if I were him, I would have filed a lawsuit against the Top Chef staff, contestants from Season 2 and Bravo for what they did to him at that time (with the attack). Shame on them for trying to make him look like a villan again this time.

      • Jim in NYC

        Disagree with him once, both of you, and then tell me how charming he is.

        Bravo didn’t “have” to make Marcel into a villain. No one twisted his arm and forced him to say anything that came out of his mouth, and he should know what Bravo is like by now.

    • Lisette

      I don’t doubt that he’s a nice guy. Even after seeing him on TC, I actually have a feeling I could get along with him (wanting to plan everything out in writing from the beginning is an important work method to me, too).

      But he has to learn how to -appear- gracious in defeat (even if to confidants he says other things). He, and no one else, was responsible for his loss.

      Bourdain says the difference between a cook and a chef is leadership. If you don’t think that’s your skillset, then develop a skillset that -will- work for you (such as co-leading with someone who everyone -does- listen to, as Dale did).

      Marcel lost in part because his arrogance blinded him to seeing that Angelo had more credibility with the team and ABSOLUTELY was there for him and willing to be a team player. If Marcel could have “put his ego aside”, Tiffani would have been the one sent home.

    • AlysabethInAustin

      Word!What the hell is up with all of these adults acting like this is so one-sided??!? Have *none* of you EVER been misunderstood and under-appreciated? Have none of you EVER been derailed by uncooperative colleagues? Been made to look like an ass when you didn’t have a whole lot choices/time to finesse a bad situation? I know very very few of you have ever been in this rare type of high profile pressure cooker with social baggage to boot! Good lord, what a bunch of judgey haters. I SAW growth in Marcel. I don’t see it in the Top Chef fans,for the most part. Hate away. Or….reflect.

      • AlysabethInAustin

        i meant to comment on Bizzy’s …not Lisette’s…fyi. So,not “word” to the above….word to Bizzy. Thanks.

      • DebbiInDallas

        “Haters”–now THAT’s an original concept; what a crashing bore.

  • Di

    Everyone knows that the Team Leader of the losing team is a goner. It happens every year on Food Wars

    • Jim in NYC

      Not always. When Lee Anne’s team lost in Season 1, the judges eliminated Miguel, not her. When both teams were utter and complete disasters in Season 2, the judges eliminated sous chef Michael rather than executive chefs Sam and Marcel. When Jennifer’s team failed in Season 6, the judges eliminated Laurine, not her.

      No matter what the cheftestants may think, there’s no hard and fast rule to eliminations in team challenges – it isn’t the team leader that always goes home, or the one who makes a dessert, or anything else.

      • Ron

        YOu’re right Jim. The executive chef isn’t always the person sent home. I don’t think Marcel got sent home because “he picked the wrong team,” I think he got sent home because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut in front of the judges’ table. If he hadn’t gotten into an argument with Isabella, then Antonia and Tiffany wouldn’t have thrown him under the bus too. The judges clearly saw how 3 out of the 4 cheftestants that Marcel picked didn’t get along with him. And to top that off, he made 2 bad dishes. Why wouldn’t he get sent home after all that. I really think if Marcel had kept his mouth shut and explained how Tiffany wasn’t doing her job in the front of the house, she would’ve been sent home instead.

  • John Miller

    Marcel is a tool. He possesses what I consider one of the worst traits, entitlement.

  • Lady Chef

    Marcel, forget about these haters. The best revenge is to be successful in your chosen field — a culinarian, not a reality TV star. That being said, I will be looking for your SyFy series and wish you all the best to you and your business partners in your catering company.

    • Jim in NYC

      I don’t hate; I evaluate. And my evaluation of Marcel is that he was cutting edge on his first go-around, but after Richard Blais and the Voltaggio brothers, foams ain’t tremendously impressive anymore.

      • AlysabethInAustin

        True that.

  • Buffy Freak

    I’m sure the folks at Keebler are happy to have one of the elves back…

    • Karate Pants

      As morale sinks lower in what was once the happiest hollow tree in the whole wide world…Ernie thinks about shoving the whiny elf into the oven…

    • Hali

      @BuffyFreak: LOL… that’s exactly what he looks like. Thanks for pointing that out xD.

  • Fireflystare221

    Marcel is such a narcissistic little twerp. From reading his comments and outlook on the episode, it only reaffirms my dislike of him. He never takes responsibility for anything no matter how much at fault he may be. He uses the classic “I was edited badly” response of many reality show contestants. However, editing didn’t make all of his fellow chefs not want to work with him. It wasn’t jealousy either. The simple fact is that while he may be a talented cook, he is a poor team mate and leader. A leader, instead of crying about how no one wanted to listen, would have found a way to get through to them. The reason why no one listens to Marcel is not because they are mean, it’s because he has not earned their respect. He is so condescending and snarky that even when he is giving out good advice people would rather not listen than do what he says. He is constantly telling them how to do things that they already know how to do as if they would never have heard of it before. I am SO glad that he is gone because no contestant drives me crazier than Marcel. He may generally be a nice person but I would never want to work with him.

    P.s. When he mentioned that everyone else was so mean in their interviews and he didn’t like that; I had to laugh. He may not usually mention names (probably because he is afraid), but whenever he speaks he is cutting someone else down. What a delusional freak.

  • JP

    And don’t forget that Dale had the brilliant strategy of naming Marcel the team leader. He knew a train wreck when he saw one…

    • Hali

      That was genius.

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