Justin Bieber campaigns for PETA. Surprisingly, this could be cuter.

Well, isn’t this adorable. Justin Bieber is pairing with PETA in a campaign to encourage folks to adopt their pets from a shelter. As a cat lover, this news has taken me to a Bieber-admirer from a Bieber-I’m-convinced-he’s-actually-a-robot-programmed-to-take-over-the-world-via-mind-altering-nail-polish-merchandise. But one question, Biebs: Why aren’t there animals in this poster? A few guesses:

1) Because you need to allow children white space to tape their own face on the poster. Looks better when they glue it to their binders. (Do kids still use binders? Or are they hover binders now?)

2) Because the Bie-va shares the stage with no one.

3) Because the mere image of Bieber cradling a kitten or puppy in his arms would set off the cutest apocalypse ever, causing our minds to implode and our cities to crumble because nothing, nothing, could ever be that precious again. All that would remain is hair gel and blow-dryers.

4) Because it’s easier to just plaster words over a stock photograph.

Your irrational theories, PopWatchers?

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  • Anne

    I don’t get it. I don’t see the adorable factor at work here. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this kid is precious and adorable? I just don’t think he’s THAT cute.

    • Zzz

      I think he’s an arrogant little kid. His interviews make me cringe so I don’t watch them.

      • Meg


      • nicole

        how would u even know how his interviews are? so it’s kind of obvious you watch them.

      • Zzz

        I watched one, Nicole. Now I turn the channel.

      • James S.

        That’s a pretty good comeback for a tween, nicole. But, yeah, I have to agree with Zzz–he’s an arrogant little kid and his interviews are cringe-worthy.

    • Jan

      In total agreement here!

  • jade

    I vote for the fourth one. That is what I thought when I first saw it.

  • jules

    PETA really are desperate, aren’t they?

  • angela

    this is actually his second peta ad. the first one he held his dog in his arms.

  • Sues

    This goes with the same thinking of those who followed Hitler. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Bieber wagon for no real reason. This is starting to get real sick and twisted. My God, so the kid was abducted from his small Canadian town and forced to sing shelved pop music written by black people but not enough blackness to it so they had to find a pearly white boy to spew it out. Please go away bieber and all of your followers.

    • MM

      @Sues – you are an offensive idiot. I’m not a Bieber fan, but your hyperbole borders on nuclear in both it’s idiocy and gall. Grow up and think before you post racist and ignorant comments like this. They not only make you look like a complete @ss and waste of space, but they exponentially lower the IQ of anyone who reads it in error.

      • CT

        @MM – Just because someones mentions race in a post, it doesn’t make the post racist. Racism is when you speak badly of someone purely on the basis of their race. Sues didn’t do that. It appears that the lack of smarts belongs to you. Get over your hyper-sensitive PC self.

      • Simon

        Lighten up m&m! Sues is just saying it like it is!

      • MM

        @CT – are you and Sues the same person, or are you just sadly lacking in the ability to read and comprehend? Sad, either way.

      • CT

        @MM – I agree with your comment about hyperbole but calling someone racist simply because they attribute a certain form of music to a certain culture is as ignorant as anything Sues said. Fact is, Bieber is white and he does tend to sing a watered down version of a certain brand of cultural music. Reminds me of Pat Boone back in the 50’s. And no I’m not sad, I’m rather a happy fellow. I’m just tired of PC thought police like you always yelling racism.

    • Alexa

      Justin is an extremely talented young man. He has fans because he is down to earth, he can sing and he’s relatable. He sings what teenage girls want to hear. His music is infectious. Don’t hate it’s a waste of time and energy

      • IguanaIguana

        Amen, sister, Stop the hate. Justin is a “good kid” actually quite normal for a teen. Animals need any “help” possible, haters, please go take a cold shower, and look in the mirror, gee grow up.

  • Eloise

    Google the Biebs and his dog Sam. You’ll see how much he loves animals. I’m a six pound mix breed who Justin requests anytime I can be with him. He’s real and so am I!!!

    • JLV

      huh? you realize the move cats and dogs and it’s sequel are fiction right. perhaps you should take a reality break, get up from your keyboard and go outside into the fresh air before the zombie ninjas get you or you sucoumb to the mold spores in that damp basement.

      • JLV

        sorry movie dogs and cats

  • ice castle

    Maybe they are just implying that Bieber is the animal.

  • dee123

    Is it close to his 15 minutes yet?

  • Mary

    Adorable? Wait I’m gagging.

    • JLV

      that is just the bodys natural reaction to being poisoned. I recommend remaining calm having a few drinks like 10 or so to induce apathy.

  • Eloise

    @Sues Who do you hate? Blacks, Canadians, tweens… Comparing Justin Bieber to Hitler is just revolting. He’s a pop singer who supports causes like PETA, Make a Wish,& POP, among others. He is a young boy who already knows how to “give back”. What do you bring to the table????

    • JLV

      you eloise, apparently she brought you to the table. that comparison certainly isn’t right, but listing off all the causes he supports doesn’t make him mother theresa either and perhaps sues hates self righteous people like him and you eloise. but i’m sure that you have plenty of hate to share as well. thanks miss helper.

  • Lori

    Not a big fan of his, but I love that he loves animals. Good job, Justin!

  • Tifabieber

    I Love Justin’s SMILE Who need Animal n the postr!! Im cat lover & I love this postr (:

  • downtoearth

    Justin Bieber is a genius,gifted talented kid like Elvis Presley who sings black people songs.JB is the king.

  • emilymotson

    he is so cute I wish I could meet him and anyone that says he is not cute is as ugly as a pig

    • JLV

      wow what an ugly statement.

  • JLV

    Proof that 2 wrongs don’t make a right

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