'Life Unexpected' finale: I'm still crying

Life-UnexpectedImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CWLast night’s Life Unexpected finale was a perfect example of everything the show does well: It gave us spot-on teenage emotions, showed off a healthy appreciation for day drinking, and gave us a fully satisfying, totally earned conclusion. Oh, and it made me cry. Like, I’m still misty just thinking about it.

Lux’s graduation speech, even though it mangled the definition of light year (it’s a unit of distance, people! distance!), left me blubbering in a puddle of tears. It also reminded me a lot of Rory Gilmore’s graduation speech — perhaps a shout-out to early comparisons between the shows? Probably not, but still.

Through the open weeping, though, I was grinning like a fool: That ending?! Oh, hell yes. Math and Alice? Awesome. Ryan and Jo? …Sure, okay. Cate and Baze? Thank God.

I’m crushed that this is the end of the road for Life Unexpected. The show hasn’t officially been canned yet, but it would take an act of dozens of different gods to save it at this point. And I’m kind of okay with that. Yeah, I loved the time we got to spend in fake Portland, but with a finale that gave us that much closure, it would almost seem weird to bring it back for another season. (See: the last few episodes of Felicity. And the final season of Scrubs.)

What did you think, PopWatchers? How many hankies did you go through?

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  • Lana

    I was a mess but I didn’t recognize Math’s girl. I was really glad that Ryan stuck around even though he and Cate weren’t together. Class act my friend. I thought Lux’s speech was too long. Too much. I still liked seeing everyone together at the end. It was great! I’ll miss LUX.

    • lorna

      guys- tweet the cw, call them, leave them feedback at cwtv.com that we WANTY more episodes. dont give up.

    • Jason

      I’m late to the party but I loved the finale and am happy they tacked on the ending. However, I believe that although Math is married to Alice (I saw the rings), I think that she is the surrogate for Cate and Baze. At the beginning of the speech he puts is hand on her belly when the baby kicks (and he and Cate seem really excited) and at the end when they show the photo still of all of them, Baze’s hand is on her belly again. Also loved the mom and dad line form Lux.

  • JP

    I loved all the couplings at the end except for Lux and Jones Hasn’t Tash suffered enough because of Lux? Now she takes her boyfriend too! Bug should have come back and been with Tash then.

    • pall

      Tash seemed okay with it. I think Lux and Jones were just meant to be. Tash and Lux have been through way too much for them to make a big deal out of it!

    • java5613

      Totally agree! Kinda sad Ryan and Cate didn’t make it.

      • java5613

        totally agree with JP

    • SaneN85

      I’m pretty sure dear Tash knew about Jones’s crush on Lux from the beginning and kind of set herself up for that.

    • SaneN85

      I also don’t see how Lux is necessarily to blame for all Tasha has suffered.

    • Marsha

      LUX was as selfish and unlikable as the day was long. She was so cruel to her father because they rightfully stopped her from doing what she wanted, when she was working herself up in a tizzy, I actually feared that Kate was going to fall and lose her baby.

      While Ryan is a sweet person, I truly believe that him and Kate would never have made it work because he really does not understand or know Kate. I mean the guy mentioned trying to have babies in the exam room right after Kate just found out she lost the one she was carrying.
      As much as I liked the show and sad to see it go because I loved how Baze matured into this strong, wonderful character, they were making Lux more and more unlikable and just could not stand this selfish twit anymore. I wish them all the best though.

      • W.J.

        Agreed. Lux was totally unlikable, most of the time. I understand *why* she was — her background was dysfunctional enough to shatter any child — but that didn’t make her any easier to take, imo.

        Unfortunately, I didn’t much care for Cate, either. She usually came off as whiny and confused.

        I felt the show had really lost direction, and I didn’t mind seeing it go.

    • lorna

      Seriously Tash and Jones never fit. I’ve wanted Jones and Lux forever. Loved her and Eric, though. We don’t know how Tash and Jones split, maybe she dumped him, and they weren’t too serious. It was kind of off that Ryan and Cate split, after all they’d been through and him telling her he wanted to stay with her.

  • Tangi

    I totally missed that interpretation. I hate the whole skipping forward 2 years. But I was under the impression that Cate and Baze were NOT together but more so that Ryan and Cate were together but were accepting of the Ryan/Jo child….did I miss something? And if this show is cancelled I will die….I LOVE it!!!

    • Lana

      Yea you missed when Cate and Baze made out for like 5 minutes at the end. Also, the show is pretty much barring a miracle, cancelled. So call the pope maybe he’ll work some magic and get the show a pick up,.

      • laura

        What is the popes # .. I’ll get on it.

    • lola

      Didn’t you see that half an hour kiss?

  • ST

    Loved the whole show and thought last night’s ep was a satisfying conclusion to a well thought, well written, well cast, too short show. The very end (Lux’s graduation) seemed a tad rushed to me BUT I know that the writer’s were trying to give us show-closure and that, I genuinely appreciate. I did tear up a few times over the course of the two hours. I liked how Ryan stuck around for Lux’s graduation even though he and Kate were no longer married. And I’m really glad that Kate and Baze were together. I think that’s what I really missed, getting to see that played out a bit more b/c Shiri Appleby & Kristoffer Polaha have such good chemistry together. CW-i don’t know why I keep giving you chances (Veronica Mars, Privileged) when all you do is break my heart. Sigh…And I’ll probably still tune in the next time you bring out a brilliant show, then cancel it.

  • TP

    are we supposed to believe Lux was the valedictorian? i can see being an honor student (the yellow sash) but was she the valedictorian, class prez?

    anyway, nice ending.

    • EML

      Some schools have multiple student speakers. If there are some students that went through difficult times or situations, like Lux, schools like having them speak.

    • Semaphore

      Maybe she slept with many more teachers and got the grades that way.

      • TP

        hahaha, this is more likely considering this show.

    • beechnut

      I took it more as class president

  • nk8950

    I loved the series finale of Life Unexpected! It was pretty much perfect. I love that Math got to live happily ever after too. I was so happy that Ryan got to be with his child and its mother. It’s what he wanted; to have a family of his own like that. And Cate and Baze were the absolute best part. I wish they’d shown them getting married, but Lux and Tasha graduating and leaving for college was a good ending. Lux and Jones was predictable but Tasha should’ve had someone too like maybe Emma’s son Sam. It would’ve been nice if he and Baze had remained close. The best scene that ever took place in that show was Cate and Baze making out, Lux saying “Come on, Mom, Dad,” and then everyone taking a picture together.

    • lola

      Yes, yes, yes. The best scene of all the show was Cate and Baze making out at the end!!! I could have eaten them alive. They seemmed soo in love…Perfect.

  • AS

    Great ending! but very sad the show had to end. Lets hope for a miracle!

  • Terry

    It is a shame such a well written show has been on the verge of being cancelled. They keep horrible shows like HellCats and 90210 not to mention a few others.

    The TV Programmers at the CW better take a closer look at what they are keeping and discarding.

    I so enjoy One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected. Both shows have been written with intelligence and reality with todays society in mind. So CW get with your programming and see with the public enjoys.

    • Amanda

      I was with you until you mentioned One Tree Hill. That’s one of those shows I can’t believe the CW keeps while far superior shows have been canceled.

      • Cincy

        Completely agree, Amanda. OTH is like a chronic disease. It will NOT go away!

      • lorna

        OTH was good the first few years. S6 it got horrible, S7 was DISASTROUS and I like this season, but it needs to end.

    • A

      I like LUX and even OTH but I don’t think either show could ever be called intelligent. I guess in comparison to 90210 maybe. I wasn’t so thrilled with the LUX ending. I did not like the jump to 2 years in the future and all the romantic pairings. For whatever reason it did not work for me. Such is life…

    • J.R.

      My daughter and I totally agree. It is hard to find shows that are even slightly appropriate to sit down and watch with your teens. To think that we might have to say goodbye to Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill….. What is CW thinking? We really don’t need another reality show!

    • Stephanie

      Don’t you understand that it is NOT up to the CW what shows stay alive, IT’S UP TO THE VIEWERS! If the ratings aren’t there, then that show goes BYE-BYE….and PS if you think 90210 is a horrible show, you must not watch. It has some great storylines!

  • Amy

    It was perfect and I would be almost disappointed if it came back because of how wonderful it was. We got to see the ending we all wanted without all the drama. As much as I loved the show it was a bit much at times.

  • Lisa

    Please CW don’t cancel Life Unexpected!

  • Lisa

    Seriously, Hellcats and 90210 is ridiculously bad television.

  • nk8950

    Honestly, I think that ending could’ve given new life to the show. The best scenes were always the ones with Cate and Baze. And with them as a couple, they could work through life together along with Ryan and his wife. Lux and Tasha could stay at the house with Cate and Baze while they go to college. They could make the show funnier because these types of shows are always best when they’re funny. The tiny bit of drama that should be in the show should revolve around Lux and Tasha and their relationships. The show should’ve gone down that path sooner. They chose to end it at the point when it actually got good. That’s the CW’s decision. But for the record, I always thought Cate and Baze should be the show’s one stable, happy couple helping their kid through all of life’s issues. Thank God they actually ended up together in the end.

    • lola

      If I were a producer I would have done the exact thing you are saying. I’ve always seen it like you. Cate and Baze (a couple that will never be boring) could easily be the stable couple of the show and from there they could develop the rest.

  • nk8950

    I love Hellcats but 90210 is mostly ridiculous except for Annie and Liam.

  • julie

    apparently i’m the only one that kinda hated the finale. as soon as cate and ryan lost the baby i called the end. i knew julia would come back and be pregnant and ryan would end up with her. also called the flash forward and cate ending up with baze. i get that they had to hurry up and wrap up all the loose ends, just didn’t feel as satisfying to me as it did to others.

    • Kalie

      I hated the finale, too. I understand that they must’ve felt the need to quickly wrap up the story, but it was rather silly. They went from Cate about to tell Ryan that his ex was having his baby to suddenly flash forwarding 2 years. Okaaay. Cate was always getting the raw end of the deal. She finds out she can’t have any more kids and then her husband’s ex is pregnant w/ his child? Lux’s speech was really cheesy and corny, and how convenient that everyone ended up w/ characters we already knew at the very end. Well, all except poor Tasha. I think they would’ve been better off ending on the current storylines, rather than jumping forward to a contrived ending. It was jarring to see Cate & Baze together, when an episode earlier they were both in love w/ other people.

    • A

      I completely agree with you. It did not work at all for me but did not leave me wanting more either. Only shock for me was we never saw confrontation between Trey and Lux when he was on bail. The way Cate kept worrying it felt like they were setting something up. Glad it did not go that route, but very surprised.

    • julie

      well i’m glad i’m not alone. it really didn’t seem to make sense. in one scene we have ryan telling kate that he would choose her and lux if it came down to being able to have his own family and then we have a two year jump and find out that’s just not true. and here’s baze about to buy a house for him and emma to live in, but no! he’s in love with cate still and now we all live happily ever after. it just didn’t feel right. and i agree with other posters that say lux became an insufferable twit. she was acting a little psycho when it came to mr. daniels and yelling at cate. i mean the guy said he didn’t want to do this anymore, was she going to force him? and the way she treated baze was awful. oh well. i just honestly think it could have ended better. or maybe i was just never a big fan of the show.

      • Chrissy

        That’s why they did it 2 yr later- a lot can happen in 2 yrs

      • julie

        yes, i know a lot can happen in two years. i just didn’t think it felt right. i know they had to rush to change it, just disappointed that you could feel that when watching it. didn’t but that that’s how things turned out. i just happen to have a different opinion than most of the people here, that’s all.

      • lola

        Did you miss S2?
        Baze was madly in love with Cate to the point he nearly interrupted a wedding and a month later he has a new girlfriend, in love again…Or the guy is absolutely unstable or he was just replacing Cate out of despair.
        Cate on the other hand was always pretty much consistent about her feelings and contradictions…
        Then, 2 years happened and I pretty much believe both loves each other, really

      • Trish

        Totally agree. Even though it was 2 years later didn’t feel right. Glad it’s over!

    • Allie

      I didn’t love it…..but I also figured that they shot the last episode without the flashforward hoping for a third season. When it didn’t look like it was going to happen, they wanted to give SOME closure….and they couldn’t very well rewrite and reshoot the whole season. So I get it and I give them some credit for not leaving us hanging with Cate walking in the door at the end as the final scene of the series (which probably would have been the final scene of the season….a cliff hanger, if you will).

      • Dirk

        I totally agree with Allie. I think that is exactly what happened. Cate saying we need to talk ‘Then Credits’ but after getting the news that it was not coming back the CW let them shoot a quasi series ending.

      • Jamie

        100% AGREED!!! I would’ve been super upset to watch 2 hours without any wrap up. I’m sure they cut an original scene to make room for the quickie graduation. I try not to get overly attached to any new show. Especially on The CW since Dawn Ostroff took over. NBC & I aren’t on very good terms either… LOL.

      • Stephanie

        FYI, there were actually nine other episodes ALREADY SHOT, but the last one the CW ordered was the one we saw ending with Cate about to tell Ryan about the baby…but then they got the official word that LUX was canceled, so they tacked on the ending, to give us closure.

  • Irene

    I am sad that the show ended but going forward two years leaves no room to bring it back now. Am glad Lux is settled and happy and Cate and baze end up together and Lux still has her oldest friend and now a new one in Jones. again it was a good show and should have been renewed but since it is not I think the ending was right on

    • DocRules

      If it does somehow continue, I think it would be interesting to start up from the moment that Cate walks into the bar. Because then we know where we’re going, but how we get there is up in the air.

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