Regis Philbin leaving 'Live! with Regis & Kelly.' Who should fill his seat?

Regis-and-KellyImage Credit: Disney/ABC Domestic TelevisionAs Regis Philbin announced this morning, the longtime morning talk show host will be retiring later this year. And as one of you commenters mentioned reacting to the news: Poor, poor Joel McHale. But also, poor us! The Live! with Regis & Kelly host was a welcomed presence on television, providing wary and gloomy folks a much-needed non-caffeinated kick in the morning.

Thankfully, us Live! fans will still have Kelly Ripa to lean on for a.m. laughs, but who should take Philbin’s place? (UPDATE: According to ABC, a replacement will be named “in the coming months.”) I’ll admit I’m a little bummed that Anderson Cooper has already locked in a daytime talk show for himself, as the silver fox had undeniable chemistry with Ripa whenever he filled in for Philbin. (Plus, any guy who is willing to dress as a bunny for television would rock Live!‘s Halloween episodes.) Then there’s Mark Consuelos, the man otherwise known as Mr. Kelly Ripa who I imagine has a real shot at the gig. He has been a fun replacement for a vacationing Philbin — but if we wanted to watch hosts talk exclusively about their children, we would watch Live! with Regis & Kathie Lee circa 1995. No, if I can’t have Cooper or Philbin, I want someone who could really fill Philbin’s shoes — someone cuddly enough to hug, and gaffe-prone enough to be featured regularly on The Soup. So, here, I start my official campaign for — drumroll please — the Donka Doo Ball lady.

Of course, I would settle for Jeff Probst, Neil Patrick Harris, and Philbin man-crush Jon Hamm as well.

Now to you, friends: Who should replace Regis Philbin?

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  • laura

    Anderson Cooper!!!

    • Stoney

      Clay Aiken (not!)

      Probst would be a great replacement but I doubt CBS is done with him yet. Same with NPH.

      Mark is best bet for a runner up\permanent go-to guy.

      • Melina

        Clay Aiken, great humor, hospitable, gracious, charitable and knows how to connect to people would make a great host as long as Kelly goes bye bye

      • SecondNoDanza

        AGREE!!! Have you ever watched him in an interview? He is awful!!!!

        Plus I dont think Kelly would ever have him back after he covered her mouth with his hand. He is so rude, let him stay at home and make babies or whatever he does!!

    • Copy & Paste

      wow saw this * from pg 4 vegas odds to replace Regis Philbin – Tony Danza 3 to 1 / Mark Consuelos 5 to 1 / Jeff Probst 7 to 1 / Neil Patrick Harris 10 to 1/ Tom Bergeron 15 to 1 / Pat Sajak 17 to 1 / Al Roker 20 to 1 / Jerry Seinfeld 50 to 1

      • Heidi

        I like Tony Danza with her, as well as Jeff Probst. If her husband goes into the role they will have to change their dynamic because she’s been ‘the host’ and he’s been ‘her helper’ or Regis’ fill in. He’d now be her equal on the show. Would that be good or bad for their marriage> I’m thinking bad…

      • J.Norman

        I would take a bet on Tom Bergeron at 15-1. He would be a good choice.
        Super odds at 15-1

      • Bea

        I liked Jerry Seinfeld when he filled for Regis, of course I looooooooooooooove Anderson, NPH was good too, Probst the same.
        No Pat Sajak or the other one she always tells has great hands, don’t remember the name, don’t like tony danza either.

    • NoDanza

      Anyone but Danza, he’s the biggest jerk in America.

      • SecondNoDanza

        I totally agree, NO DANZA!!!! Cant stand him. I would LOVE to see Mark, it would be nice to FINALLY have eye candy in the morning! But they would definitely have to leave out the kid talk. I dont need to hear about their family life etc. Also LOVE Jeff Probst, cant go wrong with either man in my opinion.

        Will be sad to see Regis go, he is such a great man!

    • Rena

      The new host should be Sasha Baron Cohen.

    • Kelli G

      The best replacement would be Dana Carvey! He has it all. Haven’t seen much of him lately. He is hilarious, and he doesn’t do a bad Regis either!

      • Laura

        I thought of Carey, but he took over Bob Barker’s place on “The Price is Right”

  • Cate

    NPH! Love him!

    • gataroo

      yes, I would actually watch the show if he was the host. Now that Regis is gone, I may start watching. The producer is sooooo annoying though, so the chances are slim.

    • Strepsi


      They are hilarious and adorable together.

      • Kim Hardy


      • Judi

        I do too.. but NPH is on How I Married Your Mother so that can’t work

    • Brenda Barrett

      I think NPH is too talented to tie himself down to this gig (and I’m not sure how long he’s under contract to HIMYM), but I absolutely LOVE him.

    • Carole

      NPH? – Too gay.
      A Cooper – Too gay.

      • Strepsi

        Carole? – too pathetic.

        A gay guy is what it needs, and are you kidding Kelly is a total hag, she’d LOVE it.

        But yeah, no gay person has ever been successful or beloved in daytime…*cough*Rosie*cough*Ellen*cough*NateBerkus*cough*halfthecastofeverysoapopera

      • Cathy in San Diego

        Carole – who cares? I really don’t understand why you care at all about someone’s sexuality. I certainly don’t care about yours!

        Strepsi – love it!

      • funchingo

        Carole too cvnt!

      • Hometown Buffet

        Carole too bigoted

      • SecondNoDanza

        WOW Carole…you suck!

    • PN

      Neil Patrick Harris is really my second favorite choice. He has his own funny comments when he’s a fill in. But I’m really for Mark Consuelos, not just because he’s Kelly’s husband, but he has his own kind of hosting approach, humor and wittiness when he’s a fill in for Regis.

    • Sue Grootenboer

      I watch the program every morning,even when im in the hospital.My husband and i enjoy NPH a lot.We think he brings a real fresh out-look to the show-brings it to the now century.If im not guessing,i believe he has children with his life partner.But if i hd my number one choice it would be for Reg to stay.Thank you

  • Lisa

    I still want Anderson Cooper.

    • Kim Hardy

      ME TOO!

  • blink

    I agree!! Anderson Cooper would great. Plus he is so cute!

    • Julie

      Love Anderson Cooper!!!

  • Veronica

    NO Jeff Probst. I never get past 5 minutes when he’s on, he brings new meaning to the word vain.

    • chris

      yes your dead on veronica

    • Eileen D

      I agree! NO JEFF PROBST, he is sooooo boring!

  • Julz

    Anderson Cooper would have been perfect. I have no idea who it should be.

    • Judi

      Anderson would be GREAT…..BUT he is going to have his own show so it can’t work

  • Dana Hamilton

    Anderson Cooper for sure

  • Sue

    Anderson Cooper is the best!!!

  • Jean Hall

    Mario from dancing with the stars

    • Michelle

      That would make me never watch again. He is so cocky and full of himself that it is painful to watch him.

    • laura

      Mario?!!! sick ewwww

    • laura

      oopss wait … you did not mean Mario Lopez right? if it is Lopez then .. sick ewww.

    • Judi

      If you mean Mario Lopez… he is already on a daily entertainment show!!

  • Katrina

    Jeff Probst would be perfect!

  • kathy

    not mark conseulos. he is so gorgeous, but come on, let’s not have the ripa’s taking over the world.

    • karen

      please no mark!! Thats all kelly does is talk about her husband and kids!!! If Mark came on it would be double the talk of their family. I dont wanna hear all about her and her kids anymore!!

      • Strepsi

        He can stand behind the desk, between the two hosts, shirtless. Perfect.

      • amie

        You obviously don’t watch the show – Kelly hardly ever talks about her kids or her husband. She, like Regis, talks about her life but she doesn’t talk about her kids or husband like Kathie Lee did.

  • Sina

    Steve Harvey. I would also love for them to use another former daytime star like Rick Hearbst. He’s on Bold and the Beautiful now. That man is great to look at in the mornings

    • Kim Hardy

      HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

  • Jean

    im am sure ryan seacrest will try to get it he is awful

    • Judi

      Doubt it …Ryan is WAY to busy out in LA with Radio and AI….

  • Tank

    Who cares. Past history has shown that the audience for this show will watch any chipper caffeinated head that sits in the seat.

    • lm

      When has history shown that outside of a vacation run? Regis has been the constant on the show with Kathy Lee and Kelly being what changed.

      • amie

        Whatever – her guest hosts are hilarious!

    • steveleenow

      I like that they have guest hosts filling in from time to time. I’d be fine if they had two guest hosts and did away with re-runs altogether. Late night shows should do the same – help promote young talent. So many of our great comedians today cut their teeth guest hosting for Carson on the Tonight Show. When Letterman was in for heart surgery a slew of celebrity guest hosts came on and it was great. The problem today is that the host is the show and how do you promote a show when the host is away? It’s less about the show than the host now-a-days.

  • jd

    Well Popwatchers,
    howzabout Steve Tyler…

    • TAP

      I am just so delighted Regis is finally retiring, it got to be that I could only watch the show when he was on vacation or having yet another surgery. It was painful to watch him deteriorate. I would LOVE Anderson, Probst or NPH. Heck Kelly seems to have more chemistry with every co-host she’s had(definitely more than with ole man Philbin). If you want someone older and grumpier – how about Ed O’Neil? Oh wait Modern Family is in Cali…

      • Asher

        I agree with you TAP, I am glad to hear the news that he is leaving too. He seems to have had a good run, but last year was not his best.

    • char

      Anderson Cooper!!!!…can’t have him?…then NPH!!!

      • patty armendo

        Kelly has had more than one job so how about Anderson Cooper having more than one.If not AC then do the guest host contest like you did with Kelly.No one can take the place of Regis so go for the total opposite.Good Luck


        NPH or my favorite: SAM CHAMPION!!!

      • jmo

        I would love Sam Champion, but he never mentions his personal life. I’ve always assumed the GMA tow-headed charmer was semi(if not fully)closeted. It would be hard to talk about himself if he wanted to keep mum. I’d love NPH.

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