Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 3

chris-bachelor-padI’d like to start this week by talking about another dramatic show that I hosted, The 90th Annual Miss America Pageant. It was an honor — as a TV host, there are a few jobs out there that you always look forward to checking off your bucket list, and that is one of them. My thanks to the folks at Miss America and ABC for making it a great weekend. While I’m thanking people I want to thank one of my favorite people in this business, Ellen DeGeneres. She has always been such a huge supporter of our show. I have no idea how many times I’ve been on her show over the last nine years, but I love each and every visit with her, and I enjoyed being back on last week. Now, I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

The episode started with me walking in to talk to the girls the morning after the rose ceremony. You have to understand that rose ceremonies go late, so often times only a few hours have passed since I just saw them and the drama of the night before ended. In this case it was a rough night. Raichel and Melissa really stirred up the house and the girls really felt Michelle only got a rose because it was her 30th birthday. Not sure if you heard, but last week was her 30th birthday.

So when I walked in there was still a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the house. Ashley S got the first one-on-one date. Her biggest fear was that the date was karaoke. Good news for her, it wasn’t. Bad news for her — it was worse, actually recording a song at the historic Capitol Records studio. Brad had no idea just how meaningful this date would be for Ashley. As a child she loved the old Batman shows with Adam West. This is why her and her father would sing the Batman songs, like “Kiss From a Rose” from the Batman Forever soundtrack. It turned out to be a very touching moment and date for the both of them. Ashley and Brad actually sang for about an hour and the folks at the studio really did press a CD which Ashley got to take home, and I’m sure it will be selling on eBay very soon. Ashley obviously hit it off with Brad and got the rose. Can we all agree that Seal is an unbelievable talent? The guy just amazes me. I’m not gonna lie — I was hoping Heidi Klum would be with him, but oh well.

Next up was the group date where the cast shot an action movie. I thought this date was pretty darn cool. The director you saw was Steven Ho. He did stunts in the new Green Hornet movie and was the fighting double for Donatello, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not sure if it’s just my age or what, but I was never really into the whole Ninja Turtle thing. I have to admit for a bunch of amateurs the acting ability in this group was pretty impressive. The two that really stood out the most were Chantal and Shawntel. (I know, don’t get me started on the whole name thing.) Shawntel made such a strong impression that she eventually got the rose that night. Come on, admit it — we had you going for a minute. You thought Michelle was getting the rose didn’t you? If you’re wondering what was going on back at the house during this date, well, I’ll tell you. Ashley S, feeling pretty good with a rose in hand, started challenging the girls in the house with little competitions. She bet the girls they couldn’t eat eight saltines in a minute or eat a teaspoon of cinnamon. Very serious stuff.

In my opinion this was easily one of the most emotional episodes we have ever had. First Ashley opened up, then Chantal — but nobody had any idea what Emily was about to tell them. When Emily let the girls in on her past and the tragedy that had taken place, the women fell apart. You saw a little bit of it, but the crying didn’t stop for some time, and understandably so. Interestingly enough this is what really sent Madison over the edge. After she heard the story she sulked around the house for a bit and just realized she wasn’t in this for the same reasons Emily and the other girls were. As emotional as it was to tell the other women Emily was really dreading telling Brad. She was so excited to get a date she didn’t want to bring it all down by telling him about her past so she deflected as long as she could but eventually gave in. There are no words to describe what Emily has gone through, and I along with everyone else who meets her am amazed at her strength, bravery and courage. The ironic thing about Emily finally telling Brad was she was dreading it so much, but by being open and honest it really took a huge weight off her shoulders and helped Brad see her in a completely different light, which he loved. There was something special about that moment for both of them that I haven’t seen on any other date we’ve ever had on this show. It was really good to see Emily genuinely smile for the first time this season.

After a great week of dates and talking to his therapist, Brad was in a great mood for the cocktail party. All of a sudden he really seemed to have a handle on this situation and had a very clear plan on how he was going to handle this from here on out. At the party Ashley H’s struggles with “first date syndrome” were clearly getting worse. She’s feeling more and more insecure by the day. As for Madison her exit was really unexpected. I really think she convinced herself during the rose ceremony. I find her very intriguing. I look forward to talking to her at the Women Tell All special because like Brad I can’t quite figure her out. Did she come on this show for her 15 minutes of fame and then all of a sudden feel guilty about it after hearing Emily’s story? Did she come on the show with her defenses up (the fangs), putting on a show, not really letting everybody in — only to realize she made a big mistake and blew a good chance? All I know is there’s a lot more to this woman than meets the eye, and to Brad’s credit he saw it right away. My only hope is whatever her motivation, she learned a valuable life lesson from this experience and can grow from here.

After this week the emotions in the house are at an all time high and it doesn’t get any easier. As you can probably tell Michelle is relentless. She’s strong, calculated and ready to go after what she wants, and that’s a dangerous combination for the other women. She really starts rubbing girls the wrong way — Chantal in particular. This is a battle that will build in the weeks to come. Thanks for the comments and questions below and thanks for coming back in such strong numbers to support our show once again. You can always find out more about the show at our web site, and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison. Until then, you can find me watering down the driveway at the mansion.

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  • Cupcake

    What is it about this show and psychotic women named “Michelle”? Yikes! I so hope she goes away next week. She seems super toxic. Emily was so sweet and Chantal and Brad also really clicked well. There are a lot of amazing women on the show. I hope Brad can weed out the crazy / scary ones! Thanks for another great show Chris!

    • bxcb

      “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people
      ______[ Bl-a-ck ]”[ Wh-it-e ]” [ Fl-ir-ts ]”[C0-”m] _____The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

    • SLB

      Because ABC is more concerned with ratings than actual matchmaking.

    • Lyndsey

      I had the exact same thought Cupcake… What is up with the Michelles… :)

  • Jules&Murph

    Wow, what an episode. I found Brad and Emily’s date to be one of my favorites to watch out of all the seasons! It just felt very real, sincere, and touching. I think the two of them are cute together and just strike a nice balance. I don’t know, I don’t want to jump the gun but I would like to see Emily around for a long time! As for the rest of the drama, I commend Maddison for leaving, whatever her original intentions, because that opened up a spot for someone sure that they wanted to be there. I found that very respectable. I really like Emily, Ashley S, and well those are prolly my faves! Hs anyone noticed how quiet ashley s seems to be about all the drama, whenever she’s around it? Hmmm, just trying to stay out of it, or trying not to make enemies? Who knows, my mom and I just really love Emily!!

    • Heidi

      I’m liking Brad this time around. I hope he and whomever he has chosen really make it as a couple!

      Its interesting how much hemistry he has with Chantal. He couldn’t even sit beside her with the blanket over both of them without commenting that he had to move away and get out from under the blanket (when he’d been sharing the blanket with several other girls over the course of the days prior and that evening before and after her). That says alot, particularly since they haven’t even had a 1-1 yet; that and the fact that they both can’t stop talking about the extent of their attraction even when they are trying to talk about other things! its’ electric and they are both admitting it to each other. I don’t think anyone but Emily can come close to the feelings he has for Chantel. If Emily can be a hot tamale now she could edge Chantal out but I think the rest could probably go home at this point.

  • Carrie

    I have to give Madison a lot of credit for leaving the way that she did. When they first showed her, I really didn’t like her much. The whole fangs bit was something of a turnoff and kind of silly. But tonights show really showed a side of her that was serious and mature and I loved her parting comments for the camera. I think my favorites right now are Emily, Chantal and Ashley S. But of the three, I like Emily the best. She seems sweet and genuine and a lot more mature then some of these other girls, despite the fact that she’s only in her mid 20’s. Michelle, though? The girl needs to go.

  • Ugh.

    All I know is that I peek on this website, and THIS GARBAGE is the first blog, etc? This is not entertainment. Actually, back in the day it would be for circus folk…who watches this stuff? Desperate women wanting a man? Here’s a tip ladies…be secure about yourself and your life, and that IS attractive, wanting somebody to make your life whole, means you aren’t a whole person to begin with.

    • DThorn

      Ugh….if you dislike it so much why are you reading the blog & keep up w/the show?? If you don’t like it don’t watch or read!!

      • Tay

        Exactly. Ugh thinks the show is garbage, but reads the blog, and THEN writes a comment?? Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • etm

      Your advice should be for the women ON the Bachelor, not those of us who WATCH it.

    • SLB

      This show is garbage. I watch it for the comedy. I love seeing people make complete *sses out of themselves on tv.

    • Blurg

      Wow, you are so insightful, you could almost be Brad Womack’s therapist. Look out, Deepak Chopra.

      • zit

        Yeah, just like that clown he had on this episode :) Who used to be in a band, has a IMDB page, and probably got his degree online :)

    • weezilgirl

      You gotta wonder about a “Bachelor” who is seeing his therapist during the filming….hmmmmmmm. My bet is on him not choosing anyone this season and if he does choose someone……it won’t last long.

      • Anon

        Oh, he chooses someone and they’re still together. That’s not saying much, but it beats a lot of the “couples” that come out of this show.

      • jenkay

        I think the show had the therapist pre-planned just in case fans weren’t getting on board with Brad.

      • Heidi

        I agree with Jenkay about this being pre-planned but with that said, he seems to be taking advantage of it to formulate his thoughts and make the most of his time there.

  • goldenrule

    Why does the show focus on Michelle? I imagine the others get facetime so why is so much time given to Michelle. Doing so only makes me hit the clicker to bypass hearing her. I come back when I think she is through talking. She ditracts from not add to the program, bad call producer.

    • Tay

      She adds drama. Fleiss himself said he casts a good percentage of these women for their drama value. Michelle’s got that and then some to spare. (I can’t wait til she leaves personally)

      • LeonaMN

        I can not wait until she leaves also but it sounds like she will be there right down to the end. Do you suppose she is going to be one that Brad is going to her home. Ugh

    • BR

      I’m so sick of Michelle and all of her clips. The producers are giving her exactly what she wants – she just wants the facetime on tv. And her little clips are getting repetitive (fireworks exploding) and irritating! Enough!

    • Shelley

      Michelle is sooo strange. and psycho.

  • watergirl

    Chris, just wanted to say you did an excellent job as host for Miss America this year. You kept the show moving which I am sure was hard at times for being a live show. I hope they have back next year.

  • alioops

    Sorry to see Madison go. She was interesting, mysterious and beautiful. She never really got a date with Brad. It must be hard to hang in that long without some real private time. Too bad she bolted so early.

    • chris

      yes your right

    • KK

      I agree with Madison finally getting some airtime as someone very interesting (which was mentioned in an interview with one of last week’s crazy boots). As she was talking to Brad last night, I started thinking that she might be someone on the short list for a Bachelorette series.

      And enough with the crazy Michelles. This one is just as bad as the last one (Jake’s season), just a prettier package. Eek, she’s a mess.

    • Sandy

      Alioops, I so agree with you. Obviously I didn’t like her in the beginning, with the fangs, but I really liked her in this episode. She has a lot of depth, seemed sane, and reflective. Actually, I definitely would like to see her as the Bachelorette – very interesting and sensible, and definitely looking for love. I think she left because she needed to sort through her feelings a bit more. But she’s got my vote for the next Bachelorette. I want to learn more about her.

  • Sandy

    What a great episode! I love Emily, and watching her finally open up to Brad was so touching. It took a great deal of strength and courage for her to do that and I have so much respect for her. She is definately my favourite this season!

    Michelle is PSYCHO! I kept thinking of Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction whenever she snuck up on Brad. Can you say cuckoo!? Wow.

    Great dates and great women. The one who surprised me the most is Madison. My opinion of her has changed a great deal, and I applaud her for leaving when she did. It would have been nice to see how her story with Brad played out, but I hope that she finds what she is looking for. There’s more to her than meets the eye.

    Awesome blog Chris! I already can’t wait for next week! :)


    Hey, Chris! Are you still cheating with Ryan Callahan’s wife??

    • Chantel OBrien


  • sixgun

    Yeah, Real emotional rollercoaster. Ashley’s father used to sing the theme to Batman to her. Shattering! Do you have any footage of her snuffling on a balcony while she pensively looks out to sea?

  • sixgun

    Actually, Chris, do you have any footage of you with Ryan Callahan’s wife?

    • eileen

      Real classy…

      • Chantel OBrien

        Well I think it’s funny.

    • Say What?

      Who is Ryan Callahan and why are you so obsessed with this question?

      • Chantel OBrien

        Geez, didn’t you follow the whole Rozlyn thing when Jake was the Bachelor? Keep up would ya? :-)

  • Tay

    Good epi, Chris. I’m so glad that Emily finally opened up, and you are right — you could almost SEE the weight being lifted off her shoulders. I’m liking Chantal more and more; never realized she was dealing with her own parent issues. Michelle is driving me nuts…she’s in this for the WIN, not the man. Can’t Brad see that?

    • lorelei

      Wneh Emily was telling her story to the girls at the house, they were drying, but she was dabbing at her eyes and sniffling, but there were no tears, she was just acting. Seems wrong to exploit her boyfriend’s death for show drama.

      • Kate

        Emily’s lack of emotion while she was telling her story is a defense mechanism, not acting. When something truly tragic has happened in your life, it’s too painful to tell over and over again, while allowing yourself to experience all of the pain you first felt. She’s cutting herself off from the emotion so she can hold herself together, not to exploit her boyfriend’s death.

      • T2

        Whoa whoa whoa Kate – too painful to tell over and over again? Then why have we heard it from her several times already? Puh-lease. It’s all she has to talk about!

      • Cosmo

        The accident happened 6 years ago, and while I know it is probably still painful to her, she has lived with it for 6 years. I think she was just able to hold it together in front of these strangers that she is telling the story too. She probably was just “practicing” before she had to tell Brad. I think she is an amazing woman who has been through more than she deserves. I also predict she will be the next Bachelorette if she isn’t the last one standing.

      • JustJenna

        Judgmental much?

    • Sandy

      Well, I saw the writing on the wall last night – HUGE emotional connection between Brad and Chantal O. My bet is she’s THE ONE, at least for now, though I do hope it works out for Brad. I liked him for his integrity and honesty in his first season, and I like this Brad even more – honest, really listens to the women, obviously wants to find love and settle down. Some video I saw of him with his brother’s kids showed his desire for a family of his own.

      On another note re all the people who have ragged on Brad over these last 3 years: I wonder how many of them have had counseling/therapy during their own lives! I’ll bet most of them have, at one time or other. Bravo to Brad for recognizing he needed help and not being so macho that he thought he didn’t need it – BIG MAN. Speaking of which, he’s also VERY easy on the eyes.

  • Lucy

    so I didn’t watch, what was her tragic past?

    • Sunnie

      Lucy, in a nutshell: Her fiance, a nascar driver, was going to a weekend race. She usually went with him. She wasn’t feeling well so he told her to stay home. The plane crashed, no one survived. Five days later she found out she was pregnant.

  • holli

    Sadly we saw very very little of Michelle last night. Poor girl…she needs the airtime to further her career and you hardly showed her. Watch out Lindsey, Lisa and Stacey…you stole Michelle’s air time and she’s pissed!

  • Catbyrd

    Michelle comes off very phony to me. There’s no warmth there, no chemistry whatsoever with Brad. And knowing that she is a so called “actress”, makes me wonder if she’s on the show for a reason, mainly to stir things up. That’s why Brad’s keeping her around, because ABC wants him to? Nothing she says sounds convincing to me. So Michelle…. take my advice and study for a real career. Doubtful you will make it in Hollywood….

    • Cosmo

      I think it is more of a competition to her…she just wants to win. I hope she doesn’t make it much further.

    • SLB

      Ya think?

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