'Toddlers & Tiaras': 5 cringe-inducing projections from this week's delusional pageant moms

Toddlers-and-TiarasImage Credit: TLC“She loves to be the center of attention at pageants.” –Nicole (pictured), mother of 5-year-old Alexis, whose “unibrow” had been brutally waxed for this week’s featured competition, Fancy Faces of Oklahoma

“She loves to shop. She has great fashion sense.” –Tricia, mother of 15-month-old SamiJo, who was put into pageants because “that’s the whole reason I wanted to have a daughter.”

“I do not know how SamiJo would react today if she didn’t win.” –Tricia, while waiting for the crowning ceremony after having force-fed her baby “special juice” a.k.a. a can of Coke. Um, she’d go take a nap because she’s a baby!!!!!!

“She loves being in pageants. It makes her feel special about herself.” –Kim, stepmom of 4-year-old Jaclynn

“She has a great personality.” –Kim

After the jump, a very special screengrab of Arnold, the disabled puppet considered by 4-year-old Jaclynn to be her number one fan, “dancing” with her father, Weldon, who looked and sounded like a character from a Coen Brothers movie.

As usual, the mom was doing her little beauty queen’s routine so that she could follow along from the stage. In Jaclynn’s case, not only was her 15-year-old sister Mercedes “helping out” by doing totally different moves, but so were her dad and Arnold! Quick tip for next time: Mom should manipulate Arnold and everyone else should sit down. Obviously the bewildered child is going to focus on the toy she wishes she was playing with.

My most burning question from the episode: Did Arnold come in a wheelchair, or did Jaclynn decide he was disabled? I could write thousands of words about my own experience in this area, but I shall save that for another day. (Never.)

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  • Barbara Guilliams

    There’s no other word for the pagaents but REVOLTING! Don’t the parents realize how they are training their kids??

    • Missy

      Okay, here’s my opinion. My daughters do maybe a handful of pageants a year. If either of them gave me a hard time ONCE (like Alexis) it would be over that second. I don’t want to spend the money or be frustrated, so unless they are doing it with a happy smile, excitement and are great sports if they lose, this will not be a pageant household. My kids do sports, dance and are great students. They are well rounded and (mostly) behaved. Any bad grades? No pageant. Mouth off to parents? No pageant. Feeling tired and don’t want to do chores? No pageant. Unfortunately for mom and dad, they keep up their end of the bargain by following house rules and end up doing pageants. I won’t deny them if they don’t deny mom and dad respect. ALEXIS seemed to be a kid who doesn’t like the work of pageants, so she shouldn’t do them. Plus, this wonderful child may be good atg some things, but obviously has no talent to sing. I can’t believe her parents let her run the show. As for 15 mo. old Sami Jo…her mom’s a little silly. Maybe the mom should start enjoying her child and all of the great things she’ll miss focusing on pageants too much. She’ll be sorry. And broke. Jacklyn? What a cutie. She’s the only one out of the 3 who even seemed to enjoy pageants. NO KID SHOULD DO A PAGEANT UNLESS THEY WANT TO.

      • Marcia Henderson


      • Grayson & Sam

        Okay, judging a 6-year-old and saying she can’t sing may be a little harsh, but I’m surprised that her stage mom let her get up on stage and do that which I’m sure she saw as a reflection of herself and was super embarrassed by her daughter acting like a normal kid. Is singing Alexis’ talent? Probably not.
        I was so disturbed by SamiJo’s mom. That lady needs a reality check! Somebody take that baby away from her so that SamiJo can have a chance at being normal! With a mom like that, she’s doomed.

      • Marisa k

        So your saying that if you daughters didn’t want to do that anymore you would quit them? Also if you’re children were being exploited you would take them out as well?

      • @Marcia

        Sorry, that kid CANNOT sing–are you deaf? Horrible!

    • Cathy Pitcher

      Did you see where the mom used duct tape to the skin to hold dress on her tiny arm? just horrible. Another girl they took behind the door to complete the screaming waxing, at least 4 women dragging her kicking body back there where we couldn’t see. Did anyone see that?

    • kathy mcferrin

      I am soooo disgusted by this show ..and sooo disgusted with myself for watching it ..it is like a car crash..these horrible horrible mothers..last night was one of the most unpleasant I’ve ever seen in all the episodes..Victoria’s mother.OMG what a pathetic woman….Ashley Noel’s parents both were creepy..daddy seems VERY GAY…and mommy is a bitch to badmouth 2 and 3 year old children..the show last night may have been the last straw for me…God Almighty..these people are an embarrasment to motherhood and womenkind in gneneral..

    • LisaMarie

      As a fellow paanegt contestant (many moons ago), and the mom to a numerous title holding Little Miss, I do agree. We do paanegts to spend time with each other, but, Hailey knows that you have to be beautiful on the inside, and have Jesus in your heart. And that is the ONLY thing that matters. We do not mortgage the house with every paanegt, and when we watch t&t, Hailey is appauled that little girls act the way they do. I agree, it is over the top, the way some of these parents act. I want her to be in the Miss Arkansas system one day, and be like you or Heather, and win scholarships to go to college. She is as beautiful on the inside as I thought you two were. But, I am teaching her about true beauty, the kind that can not be applied, the kind that has to come from your heart. The only kind that matters!

  • Mr. Holloway

    Thanks for tagging this show with the “EWWWWWWWWWW.com” tag it so richly deserves.

    • kathy mcferrin

      EWWWWWW is right!!!

  • Rachel

    This show is NOTHING but the exploitation of innocent children .Someone she take these kids away

    • She

      Taking someone’s children away is not a joke, or something to be done at the whim of some screeching fool…

  • Scout

    So much to love in this episode! I need to take SamiJo on my shopping trips – who knew a 15-month old had so much fashion sense and we share the same love for “special juice” – now if she likes to smoke and gamble, we would be total BFF’s!

    • harry

      best response evar!!

    • Heidi

      these quotes are so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh. Seriously though who would bring a disabled puppet to help her daughter dance better? I just can’t figure it out. Or stop laughing.

    • etm


    • Cathy Pitcher

      you are right on.

    • lena jones

      Prison would be to good for u. Ur about the worst himam being I can think of. U should have to register as a sexual predator. And when I find out what city and state u live in. Welfare will be involved. Hopfuly they will put this beautiful little girl in a decent home. U pervert!!!!!!

      • lena jones

        Let’s see what kind of holly wood deal u get when welfare takes ur kid and ur in jail for being a sexual predator.

      • lena jones

        I petition to stop watching the station that aired. These traior trash child molestors. Editor of this station must be perverts to

    • kathy mcferrin

      Love this !!!

  • James

    Two words: Child abuse

  • Jess

    Can we please take this show off the air!!! These pagent mom’s don’t need to have their behavior encouraged by having a reality show!!! Someone start a petition to have this show removed from TLC’s lineup.

  • Kim

    U need to have her removed from your home. Fix your own face first.

    • She

      Child services doesn’t act on white people, sorry…

  • talkin’

    This show portrays child abuse.

  • Hobbes

    I sit here feeling literally physically ill from reading the above quotes. Do the camera men for this program carry around there own barf bags while filming? Why do the producers put these people on TV instead of getting them the mental health care they so obviously need? Oh I know, the money they make from the show is more important than the lives of the children they are helping to exploit. Making money from the work of children; I think there is a name for that – child slavery.

  • Winona

    I was in pageants for 2 years – ages 4-6. I honestly don’t remember it being as bad as this show portrays (but this was 30 years ago!), but I do remember asking my parents if it was okay if I didn’t do the pageants anymore because I didn’t like the way some of the girls acted.

  • a

    I’m disturbed by the fact that EW can’t take the time to cover some great tv shows, but there is always time for crap like this.

  • kross

    I think TLC stands for Totally Loser Crap because that is all the have anymore. craptv

    • Lynn

      A perfect eample is the show about strange addictions. Showing women eating caustic powdered cleanser, or rolls of TP makes a mockery of those who fight real addictions. Just had a thought could the powdered cleanser have been “pixi-stik that they called “Pagenant Crack” on one show?

      • Kat

        I’m not sure what you’re saying. Are you implying that the weird addictions like eating cleanser are fake? Because there are actually people out there who have uncontrollable urges to eat things that are not food. It’s a psychological issue, and it’s real.

      • Lynn

        I’m well aware of different kinds of additions. My ex relapsed after 15 years clean. I know people who are addicted to some strange things. But the 1 time I watched it their stories seemed more for shock and awe than anything else. But thats my opinion.

    • She

      Americans are so stupid that this actually may qualify as learning.

  • Pslightly Psycho

    These aren’t parents;they are pimps. Lost, pathetic, narcisstic, greedy pimps whoring out their toddlers to compensate for their lack of identity. These “Moms” and “Dads” will burn in Hell. And I will see them there.

  • Mercedes Bobbitt

    Excuse me “Annie on twitter’ this is mercedes, Jaclynns sister and i have you know my grandfather was at an auction and happend to find that hadicapped puppet and he braught it home to Jaclynn WITH the wheelchair and she decided to naem it Arnold. We knew nothing about the history of the puppet untill one of the filming crew members ( Jason) told us information about it. How when he was a kid thye had people travel around to schools teaching them about hanicapped children and they used puppets like Arnold to demonstate. She was four years old and now five. Why in the world would she “Make” her own puppet handicapped. So next time you want to try and trash talk on a little girl i would really appreciate if you had your facts straight! We compete in pageants and its our hobby. Jaclynn decided all on her own. We dont enter her in them unless she specifically asks us if she can do a pageant. Just thought i would state the truth and clear things up! Thanks.

    Jaclynns sister,

    • It’s confirmed, crazy is hereditary.

      • kathy mcferrin

        HA!!! You are correct!!!

    • Tenor

      Wow.. try spending more time in school and learn about grammar…

      • ann

        Boy you said exactly what I was thinking as I read Mercedes comment. The moms are living their dreams through their kids and it really can be considered abusive behavior. Unbelievable.

    • aymzer

      It’s Annie Barrett, not Annie on twitter…that’s if you want to follow her on Twitter…which I don’t think YOU do.

    • *sigh*

      Apparently, someone’s had too much “special juice”.

      • Mercedes Bobbitt

        Nope Just thought yall should know the truth and not be brain washed by people. yes i agree their is some physcotic mothers, however thats not what were about. Jaclynn truly loves competing in pageants and being on stage cant you tell ? Thats not just her on TV thats her true personality. I couldnt have asked for a better sister. She looks up to me and sees that my hobbies are being on stage and she shares the same interest. I am not here to bash anyone trust me ive seen enough of it, im just here to state the truth so that no one is confused. Keep in mind we were filmed for three days. LONG hours and quite the experience. They also do ALOT of editing so please keep that in mind while watching other girls. I hope this clears up a few things and if you have any questions i would rathher you ask me and get the %100 truth from me rather than just hear say. Thank you

      • icedredtea

        Wow people … does bashing a 15-year old girl (who is simply trying to defend her kid sister) make you feel better about yourselves? “Yay I outsmarted a teenager on the internet!”
        Mercedes, I loved you and your family! You don’t have to justify anything to those trolls anyway.

    • L

      I remember those puppets! I immediately recognized him. We loved them at her age too.

      • kathy mcferrin

        @ icedredtea..GOOD COMMENT..too much criticism of these young people when it is the mothers who deserve the criticism!!

    • Debbie

      Hello, Mercedes, you seem like a truly sweet girl and your sister, Jaclynn is quite a cutie. It may not be my choice to spend time and money on pageants, but the comments here are outrageous and judging. I also may not agree with the television show, but we obviously all watched it! Keep your chin up and don’t feel as if you need to defend yourself to others–you don’t need to do that and they won’t understand, anyway!! <3

      • Mercedes Bobbitt

        Debbie i really appreciate your positive comment people really do not know what its like unless they have personaly have experianced it. We REALLY enjoy competing in pageants and will continue doing them as long as she and I want to do so. We work together as a team. That little girl means the world to me and i would do ANYTHING for her! She brings joy to everyone she meets!:)) Thanks again


      • kathy mcferrin

        I agree with the posters who are defending Mercedes….her family was the most normal of almost any thatI have seen on this dreadful program (that I dvr..so what kind of hypocrite am I???)I do not like the bashing of the little girls or this nice girl Mercedes who is naturally defending her sister…Howevr I’m fine with giving it to these crazy shallow awful mothers who are teaching their little girls ALL the wrong thigs about what is important!

      • lisa

        umm; i did:nt; nor would i watch this ridiclicous show .its obvious these moms are living out THEIR childhoods thhrough their kids. disusting.i wish they”de take it off the air. cold day in hell i’de have my gorgous 7 yr old with her beautiful waist long hair and mile long legs on ANYTHING like this!

      • @lisa

        You sound as sick as some of the moms on the show! You’re probably bitter that you can’t be on it with your brat. We don’t care what your kid looks like! And the way you describe her is very disturbing. Mile long legs? Are you a pedophile?

    • Denise

      Mercedes, I think your little sister was THE most charming child I have ever seen on this program. She clearly is a happy little girl, and that, at the end of the day, is what matters. She was never cutesy, disaffected, nasty, or rude in her episode. While I’m not a fan of pageants, she really does sparkle, and not simply from rhinestones. Lastly, the fact that Jaclynn fell during her routine and had the poise and sand to get up and finish her little dance? That is more valuable than any crown she could win. There are plenty of adults that don’t pick themselves up after failure, so to see a little girl do this was breathtaking. You don’t have a thing to be ashamed of.

    • kathy mcferrin

      One of the most disgusting things on this show is the behavior of the “MOTHERS”..I use the quotes on purpose..these women do not represent ANY mothers I know..at least an good ones…just horrid how they are teaching their little girls what is important in life is shallowness and unkindness towards others..the mothers who specifially trash their little girl’s compeditors really make me want to barf!They should all be ashamed of themselves..I used to have a sister i law who put her little girl in pagents from 6 mos till about 5-6..just horrible values were taught and my ex sister in law was the personification of the worst of all these pagent mothers..interestingly her daughter got pregnant for the first time when she was about 16 as I recall….hmmmmm…

    • Cherry

      Your little sister is sweet and I enjoyed watching you and your mom working with her. It seems to be honest fun for all of you!

    • Deeann

      Hi Mercedes,
      I think you and your family are so loving towards each other. You can tell that you all enjoy being together. Jaclynn is adorable! She is such a beautiful little girl. I loved the part where you are all trying to show her the routine at once! What a fun loving family. You are a great role model. Good for you and your family for making the pageant a fun family hobby.

    • She

      She didn’t ask you to do pagents, no one believes in your hillbilly lie.

    • Mimi

      The Kids on the Block, Inc. originated in 1977 in direct response to US Public Law 94-142, which required that children with disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment. For many children, this meant being included in a classroom with their non-disabled peers. Mark Riley, who represents a child with cerebral palsy, was the first puppet character created to fill the need of children with disabilities to have their non-disabled peers understand and accept them. Through Mark Riley, the children learned about cerebral palsy and began asking questions directly to Mark. The Kids on the Block, Inc. was launched because of this enthusiastic response from the children. Now internationally acclaimed, Kids on the Block has continued to grow over the years and offers programs on disabilities such as spina bifida and visual impairment, medical differences such as childhood cancer and HIV/AIDS; educational differences including learning disabilities and ADHD, and social concerns including sexual abuse prevention, and alternatives to violence.

      Mark Riley

  • Rev. O.J. Flow

    FACT: “toddlers & Tiaras” = child abuse

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