James Bond returns! And not a moment too soon!

new-bond-movieImage Credit: Karen BallardSomewhere in a hollowed-out volcano, a bald guy with a cat on his lap is doing a spit take. No matter how many times it looks as if James Bond has been killed for sure, the super-suave secret agent always manages to bounce back to life. Today’s announcement that the long-delayed 23rd installment of the 007 franchise was finally gearing up for production — with a release date of Nov. 9, 2012 — was the narrowest escape Bond has had since Goldfinger almost circumcised him with a laser beam. Last April, money troubles at debt-hobbled MGM forced Bond’s producers to suspend the film’s pre-production “indefinitely,” which triggered an avalanche of speculation. Would Bond ever return? Or would the most successful action series in motion picture history be tangled up for years in lawsuits and bankruptcy proceedings? 

In the end, MGM made a deal with Spyglass Entertainment that saved Bond not a moment too soon. Since the suspension, Daniel Craig has been filling up his date book with lots of other projects, like Cowboys and Aliens and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Squeezing a six-month Bond shoot into his schedule was only going to get more and more difficult. Sam Mendes is still slated to direct, but Peter Morgan, who was writing the script for Bond 23 before the suspension, has apparently been replaced by John Logan, the ex-playwright who penned the screenplays for The Last Samurai and The Aviator. Of course, there’s no word yet on what the plot of the next James Bond movie will be, but for now it’s relief enough to know that there actually will be a next James Bond movie. Because no, Mr. Bond, we don’t expect you to die. Ever.

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  • Dan uff

    Awesome to hear. Can’t wait.

    • Ken S

      I agree – can’t wait – Craig is the third best Bond behind Connery and Bosnan

      • mep

        Craig is soooo much better that Brosnan! Craig and Connery are the BEST!

      • Meh

        Craig is better than Roger Moore. That’s the best thing I can say about him. He bores me (in his other movies too). Connery and Brosnan rocked.

      • EP Sato

        I thought Brosnan was okay, Connery was aces. Craig, like Dalton before him opted to play the role closer to the “book” version. It worked for Dalton’s “Living Daylights”, one of my personal favorite Bond films of all time. However, it failed miserably in “License to Kill”, which was one of the worst Bond films of all time (save for maybe Octopussy and that god awful Man with the Golden Gun).

        Actually, exempting Roger Moore I’ve liked all of the Bonds. Even Lazenby was better than Moore IMHO.

      • tristan

        I like Craig the most so far. The Bond films had started to get goofy with Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan… I like the way it’s being done currently.

      • Lily

        Agree with you, Ken. Connery #1, Brosnan #2, and Craig #3 – Casino Royale with Craig is one of my favorite Bond movies ever.

      • Joe Skeen

        I would have to agree in that Craig is the second best Bond and Connery the best. Brosnan was tremendous, but he fell inline like many before and played the role as many others did. Craig broke away and made the statement that a new interpretation of the character had arrived. But I do respect your opinion about Brosnan.

      • Great!

        The last movie I will watch before the end of the world (Dec 21 2012 for you non-believers)! Couldn’t have planned any better myself!

      • fiona

        IMHO, Brosnan’s performance as Bond was stellar — but the franchise didn’t give him truly good scripts to work with. For the most part, he shone, but his Bond films didn’t. I’d have loved to see what Brosnan could do with something a little grittier and more complex.

    • sexyroseseekingxz

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      • JP

        maybe james bond can rid the world of you and your spam …

      • DK

        hahaha well said JP

      • Bond Fan

        I really like the direction of the new movies, getting it back to the man and not toys… Maybe the next movie can be about hunting down the mad man who spams everything, would be nice…

    • Lady Gaga 4Ever

      Oh, please. No one’s going to see a movie of this fossil character. We want real entertainment, no this junk.

      • tristan

        Let me guess, you’d rather see a big-budget slasher or disaster film with no plot but a whole bunch of explosions… yawn.

      • sheppard

        So then why are you even wasting your ‘precious’ time reading this article and then posting a comment? Hypocrite.

      • Rick

        Artistic critisism from you who has an I.D. “Lady Gaga 4ever”?
        What are you, 13?

      • Lady Gaga 4Ever

        I am the American viewing public. I am who the studios listen to. As for reading and commenting, your filthy One-Term moron hasn’t taken away my right to comment… yet.

      • Monty

        You’re not Lady Gaga, you’re IMPEACHOBAMA in disguise!

    • Tom

      Maybe this one will be fun. BRING BACK THE GADGETS! We already have Jason Bourne…

    • Liz Lemon

      2012 will be a BANGING year for movies. Wow! New Batman, new Bond, all those other superhero movies, The Hobbit, Star Trek 2, everything is coming out that year! :D

  • james anderson


    • Rock Golf

      I’m stirred, but not shaken.

  • ebr2

    I thought Jason Bourne buried James Bond forever.

    • Leo

      Hello ebr2 isn’t Jason Bourne kinda like the same character of James Bond.

      • Steve

        That was the point of the post…Bourne is the NEW Bond.

      • Mike

        Daniel Craig is the new Bond. Bourne doesn’t get laid, he can’t compete.

    • sheppard

      Next to Bond, Bourne is a Bore.

  • Jon E

    I was excited until I saw that Mendes was attached. I had hoped they would have learned from the Marc Forster disappointment that hiring a faux-art film director is not such a good idea for an action-adventure film. They should have brought back Martin Campbell.

    • Glenn

      Jon E….exactly correct. They need to have a director who has experience filming complicated action scenes.

      • Buddymoore

        I agree. They should have gotten someone like Michael Bay to really balance a great storyline with some complicated action scenes.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Hiring Michael Bay would obviously be a horrible idea (and I’m 60% sure you were kidding), but I’ll admit I’d be curious to see how he’d fit in a gratuitious shot of the US flag in a Bond movie.

      • Mr. Holloway


      • EP Sato

        I felt they did a good job with “Tomorrow Never Dies” and that had been directed by an arthouse film guy.

    • ryley

      remember John Glen? He directed every movie in the 1980’s. Martin Campbell should do the same. He is an amazing director… just look at his movies; GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

    • Kitty

      Totally agree, Jon E. Quantum of Solace was very heavy and no fun but Casino Royale was brilliant! Martin Campbell directed CRoyale. I’m worried about Mendes as a Bond director too. Oh dear.

  • Max Zorin

    Nobody does it better than Bond.

    • sheppard

      and nobody does Bond better than Connery. Craig is a good second though.

  • Marie

    James Bond always will return, it just may happen to be a year later than expected!!
    Funny opening line, but Blofeld is dead and that volcano is so blown up(unless Blofeld really hasn’t come around yet and James Bond has started all over*confusing*!!)

    • BP

      Well wasnt Casino Royale the first book? Maybe it IS a redo, like Batman.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Bond. Never. Dies!

  • Grace

    “Hallowed-out” volcano??? Is the editor MIA?

  • Sarah El

    Please let the next installment be better than Quantum of Solace. I’m not a big fan of Craig as Bond, but I’m less of a fan of that last installment. Snooze-fest of chase scenes. Real plot – I don’t even care if it’s as ridiculous as Moonraker – please!

    • Frank

      Watch it again, its actually a really good movie just not typical Bond. Its got some exceptional moments and great acting. Its one of those movies that grows on you the more you see it.

  • keven johnson

    Been a James bond fan since 1980, I was 6 at the time. Can’t wait! I love how the characters are always reinvented but yet always keep 007 alive.

  • doo00d

    I like Craig as bond. I grew up during the Pierce Brosnan era, but Craig is good… Casino Royale is just such a great movie.

    • Marie

      I agree! I grew up watching Pierce Brosnan as Bond, but I like Craig as Bond very much. CR and QoS are amazing movies!!!

    • Joe

      Brosnan is to James Bond what GW Bush was to international diplomacy

  • MojoJojo

    So happy I could cry! (eyes welling up and lips trembling)

  • bigbadjock


  • RorySparrow

    I hope Rachel Weisz is in it. I heard she was Rumored to be. Plus, she and Craig are an item now.

    • Bert

      item ??,,you mean they are married now !

  • Tony

    Bond may be shaken or stirred or both but Bond Never Dies.

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