Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann to reprise 'Knocked Up' roles: What other supporting characters deserve the star treatment?

knocked-upImage Credit: Suzanne HanoverPaul Rudd and Leslie Mann are getting back together for a movie! I adored them in Knocked Up! His boys’ night out to Vegas. Her girls’ night out to dance. Her flirtation with Jason Segel. His flirtation with fantasy baseball. But … there’s more! Variety reports that the duo are actually reprising their Knocked Up characters for Judd Apatow’s next project, set for the summer of 2012. Holy Aldous Snow!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Not-a-Forgetting-Sarah-Marshall-sequel-but-sorta, Get Him to the Greek, but I’m open to this idea. Their married couple was sweet, hilarious, and real, and if Apatow, who’s writing and directing, has more for them to say and do, I’m more than willing to take this trip with them. But spinning off a sequel, instead of making a straightforward follow-up about a hit’s main characters — Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen are not confirmed for this go-around — made me think, What supporting characters from my favorite comedies would I most like to see (or have seen) get the star treatment?

Since you (or I) asked, here’s my list:

1) Carl Spackler (Bill Murray), from Caddyshack
2) Chazz Reinhold (Will Ferrell), funeral crasher extraordinaire, from Wedding Crashers
3) Healy (Matt Dillon), the putrid P.I from There’s Something About Mary
4) Dewey Oxberger (John Candy), from Stripes
5) Lili Von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn), from Blazing Saddles

In a perfect world, which of your favorite supporting characters would get their own tangential sequel?

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  • Jane

    And the point of this…? Oh yeah, Mann is Apatow’s wife and doesn’t have a career yet.

    • Mr. Holloway

      ..don’t forget their kids (who played Rudd and Mann’s characters’ kids). This gives Apatow and Mann another chance to foist their two daughters on us.

      • Buddy

        I’d kill for the ability to put my wife and kids be in movies I make. You would too. Good for you, Judd!

      • Mr. Holloway

        Just because you (or I) would do it too doesn’t mean other people would (or should) think that it’s quite so great!

      • Mr. Holloway

        …for me, it’s a bit like showing other people pictures of my family vacation: Sure, I think they’re fascinating and awesome, but it would probably get old pretty quickly for other people.

    • Joe

      You both just sound jealous.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Jealous that I can’t shoehorn my wife (I’m not married) or kids (I don’t have any) into my movies (I’m not a filmmaker)?

        Yes, that must be it!

      • MSD

        Though I’m not always a fan of Leslie Mann, their daughters cracked me UP in Knocked Up— it’d be a different story if their kids didn’t shine on screen….

      • Mr. Holloway


        They WERE actually pretty fine in “Knocked Up.” (I particularly love when Paul Rudd sees Katherine Heigl after she’s hooked upw with Seth Rogen and tells his youngest daughter, “Don’t do what they did”, and she responds, “I’m gonna do it!”

        Unfortunately, my last impression of them (and Mann) is in the tortorous second half of “Funny People.” That’s what’s REALLY making me say, “Do not want.”

      • tracy bluth

        Can we…forget about Funny People? I think it would be for the best.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I’d like to, but I actually didn’t think “Funny People” was entirely awful. I thought there was an interesting movie in there about young, struggling comics trying to make it in show business and how they hone their craft. It’s just too bad THAT movie ended when the touchy-feely, self-indungent second half featuring Apatow’s family began. (At least Eric Bana was there.)

        I just don’t like how this is going. I loved “The 40-Year-Old Virgi”, and I really liked “Knocked Up.” In my opinion, Apatow’s movies (the ones he directs) seem to be getting worse as he goes further and further up his own a$$. I call it the Shyamalan Effect, which culminated with casting himself as a writer whose book is destined to change the world for the better in “Lady in the Water.”

  • Michelle

    Craig Robinson’s club bouncer. A whole other side to that story!

    • BlackIrish4094

      He was hilarious and has kept that up in Pineapple Express and Hot Tub Time Machine.

  • Dave

    I’ll see Paul Rudd in pretty much anything. Just say no to the Heigl, though. Wretched beyotch.

    • Nicole

      Something tells me she won’t be appearing since she slammed Knocked Up in the press and most everyone involved seems to hate her now. I’m interested to see how they handle it. Will her and Rogen’s characters be totally uninvolved? Or will Rogen appear with his child, Heigel’s character having been killed in some fantastic manner, or maybe in prison for something terrible? They could really have fun just destroying her character as payback for her awfulness.

      • reason

        oh enough already! Heigl’s comments were not that bad and completely blown out of proportion, not to mention they were kinda true….lets move on!

  • Francisco

    Please god no. I did not like these two characters from Knocked up at all. The actors are fine just create entirely new characters.

    • ericalina

      agreed. whenever i watch knocked up on tv i change the channels when she is on. she’s dreadful imo.

  • Baxter

    Mitch Henessey from The Long Kiss Goodnight. His character was the best part of the movie, and its my personal favorite Sam Jackson performance.

  • Mr. Holloway

    Since “Anchorman 2″ doesn’t appear to be ever happening, how about an “Anchorman” re-telling focusing on Wes Mantooth?

    It can chronicle the origin of his hatred for Ron Burgundy, explore the relationship with Dorothy, his saint of a mother and give his news crew a chance to say something! (Plus, Vaughn’s last three movies have been “Fred Claus”, “Four Christmases” and “Couples Retreat”, so it might give him a chance to be funny!)

    • Andrew

      Why can’t his station finally be # 1? Who’s behind rigging the numbers? I see a conspiracy thriller.

      • Mr. Holloway

        You know those rating systems are flawed. They don’t take in account houses that have, uh, more than two television sets, and other things of that nature.

      • tracy bluth

        THIS. It could be like “Network”! Also, I think Champ actually did take his mother out to a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.
        Brick would have to show up though.
        Also, I’m still crying about no Anchorman 2!!!

      • Mr. Holloway

        …maybe take a detour to the Toilet Store for a shopping montage?

      • tracy bluth

        Even the guy who can’t think said something!

      • Amy

        I hate you, Ron Burgundy. I HATE YOU.

  • BlackIrish4094

    Paul Rudd is good in almost anything but Leslie Mann is unfunny and just comes across as a Bee-atch in anything she is in. If she wasn’t Apatow’s wife I doubt she would be getting comedic work. Maybe a background pain in the @ss character but nothing significant.

    • mscisluv

      I actually thought she was quite good in Funny People. It was more of a dramatic role than a comedic one, but she did some darn good acting.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I haven’t seen that so I will reserve judgement. I’ll have to give it a look, thanks for the tip although I do still find her unpleasant.

      • mscisluv

        The movie as a whole isn’t great; it’s actually really depressing…but it’s different, and the cast does the best they can with some subpar writing, so I appreciate the effort!

  • MSD

    Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) in I Love You Man was brilliant. A leading storyline for him would be hilarious.

  • Mike

    John Candy and Madeline Kahn are no longer with us, you idiot.

    • Mr. PeterBiltah

      Its a list. I’m pretty sure he knows that.

      • Jeff

        Then why say that these are characters he’d like to see in movies of their own? The way the article is written, it sounds like these are movies that should be made in the future.

      • Jeff M.

        He said “in a perfect world”. He knows they are dead.

  • sparkle the gym bag

    D-Day from Animal House at end of movie when all others got a “flashforward” update his was “whereabouts unknown” very funny..but let’s found out the great Bruce McGill (Memphis Blue)who played D-Day would be great again…

  • saint of E. 69th st

    Tucco, “the Ugly” from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Eli Wallach (90!) would be cool to watch as he “reflected” (ala Dustin Hoffman in Little Big man) about Tuco’s career…

  • Joe

    Guy, Crewman #6 from Galaxy Quest. Sam Rockwell was awesome in that role.

    • Sue

      Because I DIED in episode 81!!!! Oh, man, I love that movie.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Awesome movie!!!

    • Jeff M.

      I agree but i would really like to see another whole cast movie first.

  • i like to poop

    Rusty and Audrey from the Vacation movies…cameos from the big stars of earlier “Vacation” film, but focused on those two with all the actors/actresses who played the two parts being involved…that would be funny…funny stuff…maybe “Permanent Vacation” playing Rusty and Audrey

    • Nee Nee

      Which ones? They were played by like 20 different actors. Ok, that’s exaggerating, but you get the point.

  • Terry

    Well, they’ve done this before. There was US Marshals, which was the right was to do a sequel to The Fugitive, instead of the usual way which would’ve had Kimbel go on the run again. The film was not as good as the first, but it was okay. I remember a lot of people were upset that Ford wasn’t in it which made no sense. Too bad it wasn’t a big hit, would’ve liked to have seen more. And of course Get Him to the Greek. If you’re gonna go back a ways, I always liked Wilford Brimley in Absence of Malice. He came in at the end of the movie and just stole it(“I’m gonna have someone’s ass in my briefcase.”).

  • Nicole

    Paul Rudd’s character Andy from Wet Hot American Summer!!! I love when he plays an ass, and he was so funny in this movie. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in Andy’s world? Other than the many kids who die on his watch, obviously.

    “You taste like a burger. I don’t like you anymore.”

    • Carrie

      Awesome movie! It’s a great comedy and I think that it gets overlooked too much considering the great cast.

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