Lea Michele joins PETA to denounce horse-drawn carriages in NYC

Lea Michele is lending her celebrity to PETA to convince people to boycott horse-drawn carriages in New York City. “Horses in the carriage industry are deprived of everything that makes their lives worth living,” Michele says in the PSA. “Don’t get taken for a ride.” Does Michele look like a fairytale heroine alongside her noble unicorn in this picture? Well, she doesn’t not look like that…. (Lavender bridle FTW!)

Hey, that video is super depressing! Well done, everyone.

Celebrities, PETA PSAs — does it ever end, PopWatchers? [PETA]

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  • Silk Spectre

    I’ve never taken a horse and carriage ride, never will. It never looked right to me, and this video proves that it isn’t. Good for you Lea!

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Stop your moral preening. Stop telling other people what to do!

      • kiuri

        These PETA people are ridiculous, animals in the wild eat each other, treat each other poorly and don’t whine about it, what makes us different, using animals responsibly is okay, PETA people to get a life while I go eat my delicious steak with turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken

      • pastafarian

        So since animals suffer in the wild, they should also suffer in captivity? Anything to prevent wild horses from eating each other I suppose >_>

    • J

      this video “proves” nothing. that is a sad comment.

    • JAM

      “I’m famous now so i can tell you what to think” step off your soapbox and enjoy your money and show. we don’t care what you think.

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    I think this is a good cause, but I think horse racing is worse.

    • Patrick

      you are also forgetting to mniteon how PETA is against the testing of medicine on animals, and yet PETA Senior Vice President MaryBeth Sweetland is an insulin-dependent diabetic.how were the effects of insulin first discovered? testing on the pancreas of a dog. (i am an insulin-dependent diabetic as well, so i thank the little dead doggies every day)where were the first insulin injections taken from? the pancreas of a fe6tal calf.how can someone be against testing on animals and use something that came directly from testing on animals? while some may believe it is money that makes the world go round, i believe it is hypocrisy.

  • Grace

    Oh, Lea…I love you but this seems like a pretty silly thing to get behind. Horses have been “beasts or burden” for hundreds of years. I hardly think that they will all eventually live in fabulous green pastures and spend their entire lives grazing and galloping in slow motion.

    • S.


    • Jack

      Yet they do this in several areas of the United States. Horses aren’t “workers,” and they never had a job until some human gave them one.

      • ree

        giving an animal a job is not a bad thing.

      • Sean

        Better to have a job than to be food. People used to eat horses. They still do outside of the US.

    • topazbean

      Surely the point she’s making is that they’re overworked and kept in poor conditions, not that they shouldn’t be used to help humans at all. Much as I get tired of PETA’s stunts, and suspect there probably are examples of horses working on NYC’s streets being kept in reasonable conditions, I think it’s a fair point to make that many aren’t. However, if Michele really wants to do something worthwhile, lets hope she makes another video against exploitative working conditions for people in the future.

    • Sean

      Set them out to pasture? Pasture WHERE exactly? These horses would be processed as food. Peta doesn’t care if they are well treated, they care about the appearance of an animal “working” for humans. They also don’t like seeing eye dogs for the same reason.

      There is no abuse here. The ASPCA would criminally prosecute if there was. There are laws in place to do just that. There are strict rules for these animals (they get mandated vacations and health checkups routinely, by NYC law and there is a police branch of the ASPCA that enforces this)

      Peta are crackpots who mangle the facts.

  • Jill

    what a hypocrite!! doesn’t she eat meat? and yet she has the nerve to tell us what to do with our horses. child please. go back to singing that song about believing in you dreams, because they will never become a reality!

    • Jeff

      eating meat has nothing to do with creating an environment where animals endure emotional and physical abuse for human pleasure.
      That’s akin to comparing eating a free range steak to dogfighting…

      granted, you shouldn’t be eating meat anyway, but that’s for another day.

    • Mollie

      Actually, she’s a vegan.

      • Sean

        Who eats fish. (eye roll) So, not much of a vegan.

    • S

      She’s a vegan…

  • Jeff

    I’m not a fan of PETA, but as a New Yorker, this PSA is absolutely on the money. The horses that line CPS are the saddest domesticated creatures I have ever seen. It’s all beautiful and what not during the winter to take a ride in the park, but the suffering these creatures endure is TOTALLY not worth it. Should have been banned years ago.

  • Sandi

    yes lets go with nature where horses in the wild can starve. They should video Glee Fans suffering through repeats of the Madonna or Britney Spears episodes, now there would be some sad creatures dealing with an unfair burden.

    • Sandi

      Watched Video,
      Has she spent anytime in low income housing in large cities. Or in the schools many children are forced to attend? Heck has she worked in a cubicle in a downtown high rise? Lets look at people in the cities, before worrying about taking jobs away from the people who run the horse cabs. Maybe some regulation.. yes but eliminate them, misguided

      • Lisa Simpson

        I agree. Some regulation seems to be needed, but these horses will not be sent to frolic in green pastures when they are out of a job. And horses have been part of the human environment for millenia, and most of that has involved back-breaking work (for both man and beast). And, yes, many humans do live and work in worse conditions.

    • Sean

      There is a huge problem of horses starving to death in quite a few states in the US, especially in winter. Do a google search on horse sanctuary + starvation.

      This girl is delusional and ill-informed. A horse is an extremely expensive animal to keep and they live a long time. These horses have a better shot at life as a working animal.

  • TQB

    I can’t stand her, but I was once almost RUN OVER while crossing a street in Boston (I had the light) by a horse drawn carriage. Apparently in addition to mistreating the animals they also have a pretty loose interpretation of traffic laws.

    • PJ

      Too bad the horse missed.

      • TQB

        Too bad you’re it’s a$$.

  • Mollie

    1. I agree the horse-and-carriage rides are terrible, but also for the fact that they really make the city smell bad (especially in the summer).

    2. I love Lea, but PETA is a joke. They are also against pets and service dogs and actually euthanize most of their animals. There are better animal rights organizations she could support.

  • Vicky

    I’d respect her a lot more if she was supporting this cause NOT through PETA.

    • Mollie

      Definitely. I know she’s been involved with PETA for years (as in, before she was famous), but I wish she would find a better organization.

    • Sean

      Agreed. If this was the ASPCA I would believe it. Peta lies too much.

  • MP

    There are CHILDREN in this country who are starving, are abused, and have no roof over their heads. Let’s get things in perspective people.

    • EF

      So it’s okay to abuse animals?

      • @ef

        i hate comments like yours. you must have a pretty broad interpretation of what constitutes animal abuse.

      • Casey

        No one said that. She’s just saying we seriously need to get our priorities straight. Animals do not come before people.

  • Eric

    Someone asked Sarah Jessica Parker, “why the long face?”

  • UGH

    I hope she’s never going to be against doggy-style.

  • alice

    That’s not a bridle. Bridles have bits. That’s a halter.

    • Slimer

      What I came here to say. Why is it that people take the likes of PETA and animal rights supporters seriously when they have proved time and time again that that they really don’t know what’s going on? What gives them the right to preach at people when they are so clueless?

      • Sean

        They do the same thing with “abused” seeing eye dogs. The harness doesn’t hurt the dog, and the dog isn’t getting yanked “cruelly”; the dog is steering the person, so if reality the dog is “abusing and yanking” the blind/disabled person.

        They never know what they are talking about, assume and make up things that they interpret as cruelty, and just lie most of the time.

        A trained working or service animal is not automatically abused. They are often treated better than most pets. Oh, and Peta is against pet ownership too. All animals should just be wild and free according to them.

  • Kel Varnsen

    Of all the different types of animal cruelty out there I bet horse drawn carriages probably wouldn’t even rank in the top 100 worst. I mean unless they aren’t feeding them or are beating them in the stables, what exactly is the problem compared to every other horse working on say a farm?

    • Jack

      There’s quite a huge difference. Horses aren’t neck-and-neck with exhaust fumes from cars, aren’t pounding on hard pavement, and aren’t forced to live in incredibly small stalls in buildings not designed to house them.

      • Sean

        There are ASPCA laws, that mandate all aspects of care, down to the size of the stall, how often they are fed, vet records kept, vacation (3 weeks) for the horses, type of equipment, type of horse shoes for the pavement.

        This is all checked by the police branch of the NYC ASPCA, and these are laws with steep fines and jail time attached if there is a violaton. The horses also cannot go anywhere in the city, they are limited as to interaction with traffic, and you need to spend some time on a working farm if you think that horses don’t interact with cars and traffic. Ever stood next to a tractor?

  • Ben

    Go get another tattoo, Lea.

    • Katie

      If it were not for racing and the use of horses for industry such as carriage rides and other equine sports, there would be NO MONEY or reason for financing of equine veterinary medical research. That pretty white horse would end up in a can of dog food. So SHUT UP, PETA, and get the celeb-retards to be spokesmen for something real.

      • PS

        First of all, you can’t lump horse racing together with other equine sports. Horses used in horse racing are “disposed of” after 2 or 3 years because they are too old and/or no longer peak performers. The industry is the problem. Get your facts straight. Equine medical research has nothing to do with anything.

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