James Van Der Beek: I was well aware of 'crying Dawson'

JAMES-VAN-DER-BEEKJames Van Der Beek says we’ve just seen the beginning of “Van Der Week” on Funny or Die. First there was James Van Der Meems. Then there was A–hole For Hire. And coming up later this week? “Me endorsing a line of DILF khakis,” he laughs.

“I’d been poking around [Funny or Die], laughing at all the stuff, and I wanted to join in,” he tells EW. One of the writers there tentatively said, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a five-second GIF of you crying?’ And I said, ‘Oh, I’m well aware of it.’

Van Der Beek first discovered ‘crying Dawson’ when he started using Twitter. “People would tweet stuff like ‘classic @vanderjames!‘ and I’d expect it to be, like, something heroic from Varsity Blues or a cool shot from Rules of Attraction. But inevitably, it was always the crying gif. It would happen quite often, and I’d always fall for it. And I’d always laugh.”

Van Der Beek says he feels “so detached from Dawson” these days it’s easy to laugh at himself and the character. (The crying? Unscripted! Pure, pure Van Der Beek.) “If it was someone else, I’d be like, ‘Oh man, that poor actor. This was probably a really difficult scene for them,’ or whatever. But because it’s me, I can look at it without any pity.”

Crying Dawson might be a product of the Internet, but “A–hole for Hire” came from Van Der Beek’s regular life. (Contains NSFW language.)

“People I met…especially guys, were always saying that,” says Van Der Beek. “We’d be having a beer or something, and after the third beer, they’d say [in a drunk voice] ‘You know, I gotta say, man, you’re a cool guy, but before I met you, I f—ing hated you! Because my girlfriend loved you!'” He laughs. (I laugh, too. The guy does a really good drunk voice.)

So what’s next after Van Der Week? “I’m really open to jumping back into everything,” the new dad says. “I did the last 10 episodes of Mercy, and I really fell in love with television again. It’ll be interesting to see what pilot season brings up.” Van Der Beek says he and Dawson’s Creek creator Kevin Williamson have lunch often, but haven’t talked about an appearance on The Vampire Diaries. “People on Twitter are always asking about it,” he admits. “It’s never come up, but I wouldn’t rule it out.”

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  • maggie

    This is so funny! and dayyyyyy-ummmmm is he FINE!!

    • Brandon Routh IS Superman

      Joshua Jackson was the only good thing to come out of that show, he has proven himself to be a good actor, maybe if the script were better, he should have been Anakin Skywalker.

      • Alia

        Ummm… okay?

      • maggie

        Agreed, Alia. There’s just not a lot to say to that… ..

      • Robyn

        Yeah, of course Joshua Jackson was the only good thing to come of the show. He’s not like that loser Michelle Williams who can’t help but perform brilliantly in acclaimed movies where she gets tons of awards and nominations. Thanks for enlightening us about how Joshua Jackson is so vastly superior to a wonder like Michelle Williams.

      • Drew

        @Robyn, I think I love you.

      • jennifer

        Robyn, you are awesome.

      • so funny!

        This was great. I think BRIS is confusing Joshua Jackson with Jonathan Jackson who was up for the Anakin role back in the day. Michelle Williams deserves a second Oscar nomination btw!

      • Heather

        Joshua jackson did not come out of Dawson’s Creek, he came from the Mighty Ducks!

    • Myra

      The locals who live in the Puget Sound know never to trust the weetahr man. It’s not his fault, the weetahr’s just hard to predict in this neck of the woods. The forecast can be 100% chance of rain, however it rarely lasts all day and there are periods of clearing.

  • Rob

    good for him for keeping a sense of humor about himself!

  • Kevin

    That was great! I would love to see him & Katie Holmes do a Dawson’s Creek 10 years later spoof…

    • JumpingJackie

      Xenu will not allow it.

  • TL

    Maybe Klaus?

    • Amy

      KLAUS! Yes, Van Der Beek would be perfect!

      • Boo Radley

        That would be so oddly unexpectedly awesome.

      • Jamie

        I am a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries but I think casting JVB as Klaus is a horrible idea. Casting unknown Daniel Gillies as Elijah was a great move. He is perfect in the role & becoming one of my cast favorites. It would be hard for many viewers to look at him & not see whiny Dawson. He played an ass of OTH (yet I still saw Dawson) & played an ass on Mercy. His role on Mercy was decent. I would love to see him on a more mature primetime drama rather than another CW show. I’m sure having a long time relationship with Kevin Williamson might help him land a part easier. KLAUS is supposed to be a BAD ASS- feared by all. I don’t want a mental image of JVB’s p*ssy cry when I see KLAUS!

  • Emma

    Brilliant. His bit on Mercy really redeemed him from Dawson for me and this only gets better.

    • Alia

      Agreed! He was fantastic on that show.

    • Amy

      Mercy showed his sexy, edgy side. Loved it.

    • Sandeep

      Tony – I have a question for you: Would you raehtr pick a race which has a really brutal course but features only the top 5 (lets say) of the top 20 ultrarunners in the US or would you raehtr pick a race which has a relatively easier course but is significantly more competitive?

  • Lisa London

    Oh Dawson, you just redeemed yourself for years of pathetic behaviour… Nice one!

  • Gigzy

    this is really funny!never liked Dawson leery though..so annoying.
    i think he’s good looking now after he grew up and became a man!

  • Jess

    Funny stuff!!! I loved Dawsons and it’s pretty cool seeing him poke fun at the role that gave him his break…

    • Shilfa

      If Fred is my gradnson that means Pat is the sire. Gotta say they rblsmeee Pat more than me! In all seriousness thou,you were never really that cute Pat. So lets get back on track and get mean and ugly again. Love, Dad

  • Sheila

    I loved Dawsons Creek. Please don’t tell any body! This was really funny and i will watch them all.

  • irg19

    Oh James you’re effing hilarious. Nothing better than a person that has humor for themselves. I hope he guest stars on The Vampire Diaries. I miss him on my TV screen :)

  • Chris

    Definitely Klaus.

  • JW

    Pacey was always the one I loved.

    • Lulu

      Heck yeah! Dawson was always a little too sensitive for me, but Pacey was the vulnerable one ;) Love that JVAD can still laugh at himself and appreciate the character that made him famous though. (shout-out to Pacey-Con too)

    • vanka

      Pacey was always the one Joey loved!

  • onlymystory

    I think the videos have been hilarious but every girl I know was always in love with Pacey, not Dawson.

  • maiv

    I really like him. He actually plays a really good a-hole, like on HIMYM.

  • Kim

    He doesn’t actually sound as humble as he’s trying to. Men hate him because their girlfriends LOVED him, but now those men think he’s really cool? Okay. Great sense of humor about yourself!

    • wtfnyc

      Agreed. Sounds completely false (and douchey) to me.

      I haven’t seen the gif of “Crying Dawson.” Can anyone link it?

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