Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin break up. Who knew they were together?

culkin-kunisImage Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesThe recent announcement that Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin broke up left me stunned. Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin were going out? For eight years? How did I miss this? I read People‘s Star Tracks each week. I sneak USWeekly inside my open New Yorker when I’m trying to look smart on the train. Is it possible that my eyes saw them together in the glossy pages and my brain just refused to recognize the reality of their relationship? I mean, I understand he’s 30, but he’s also forever nine years old, due to his cheek-slapping performance in Home Alone. And if you’ve seen Black Swan, then you’ve done your own cheek-slapping about Kunis, but somehow, it’s not the same.

Did you know they were a couple for eight years? Why didn’t you tell me?

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  • Kevin

    Dude, we thought you knew.

    • jj

      Seriously. How do you people get your jobs at EW if you know nothing about the entertainment industry. It was no secret these two were going out. They even had a short lived tv show (it was them and their friends playing poker if i remember correctly). Just because they managed to be celebs that didn’t constantly hype their private life for the paps (which i’m sure he especially coveted after being so overexposed as a child star), doesn’t mean they were being secretive. it only means you are a bad entertainment reporter.

      • pat

        oh shut up.

      • zoomma

        oh shut up

      • THGhost

        “No secret”? Yeah, the fact that absolutely *nobody* knew about it makes it “no secret”…

      • Jason C.

        THGhost: I can understand a layman not knowing they were together, after all, they didn’t keep it secret but they didn’t show up in the tabloids either. But I’ve read interviews where they’ve both talked about how they were homebodies, how Culkin cooks for her every day, etc. That’s information a journalist working at a reputable entertainment publication should know. The fact that a journalist doesn’t know boggles my mind. I’ve been working for amateur entertainment publications and I knew that information because I keep up on entertainment news to be able to do my job properly.

      • Raheem Hosseini

        What’s a Culkin?

      • Heidi

        I love that they were totally absent from the public eye and just lived their lives. I did know they were together and I have also seen Macauley in enough complex adult roles to think of him as a man and not a boy

      • Erin

        ““No secret”? Yeah, the fact that absolutely *nobody* knew about it makes it “no secret”…”

        Nobody? I knew about it and as others have said they’ve mentioned each other in interviews plenty of times. Just because they weren’t famewhoring it up the red carpet in People magazine.

        EW is well behind the 8 ball these days.

      • Christie

        TOTALLY, jj. Everyone knows that every journalist, no matter what part of the field they cover, should know absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about said field. Ergo, EW writers should definitely know each possible detail about the industry, the celebrities, their projects, the deals, even the birthdays of the actors’ dogs.
        They really need to fire this Lebrecque dude and find someone like you and self-proclaimed amateur Jason C to show them what’s what.

      • Jason C.

        Nice way to be pretentious Christie, you’re showing us that we need to be less of know-it-alls by acting like a pretentious know-it-all yourself, how clever! How’s that working out for you?

        My point was that I don’t make as much money, I don’t write for as high a profile of a publication, but because I aspire to I make sure to check multiple entertainment news sites for news. I’m not interested in gossip, but sometimes legitimate entertainment news includes bits and pieces of gossip. I’ve skimmed through interviews with both Culkin and Kunis where they both mention their relationship, I’ve seen this for years. To me, a responsible journalist will review anything in their field in an effort to break a story. Journalists should aspire to know everything about their field, just like critics should try to know everything they can about movie trivia to spice up their reviews and make well assessed critiques of cinema.

        Then again, that may be the reason why publications have started to seek me out despite my lack of formal education in the field: I have a passion and an understanding for what it takes to write and crack stories.

      • Prue DiCresta

        I think the article was written the way it was (“Why didn’t you tell me?”)to emphasize how under the radar the couple was and how Macaulay Culkin has remained a child in so many people’s eyes. Tongue in cheek muchly.
        Anyway, I knew about Mila because I think they dated soon after the news came out that Macaulay divorced Rachel Miner.
        Yeah, that, too.

      • pam c

        oh, lighten up JJ.
        It’s not like he didn’t know DeNiro from Pacino.
        It was a funny post mortem on a rare, low-profile celebrity couple.

        And I did know they dated. Didn’t realize they were together all this time!

      • Angelo Barovier

        Seriously. How do you people get your ‘jobs’ on EW comment sections if you know nothing about understanding tongue-in-cheek articles. It is no secret this wasn’t meant in any serious way. He even talked about trying to look smart on the train (by hiding a scandal rag inside the New Yorker, if I remember correctly). Just because he managed to be open about his ‘ignorance’ to the coupledom (which I’m sure he especially coveted as a commentary on how much significance we place on the ‘dirt’ about celebrities), doesn’t mean he is a bad entertainment reporter. It only means you are of ill-temper and far too vested in the confetti of life, JJ.

      • Guest

        By the way, it was not Macaulay and Mila who had the own show together about playig poker with friends. It was the couple from The 70s Show.

      • Kris

        Agreed. I knew they were together years ago. They didn’t shove it in the media’s face but they certainly talked about their relationship often in interviews. Its understandable that someone who doesn’t follow Mila or Macaulay’s career wouldn’t know this but for an entertainment journalist to not know this for 8 years and then openly admit it is pretty sad.

      • Aly

        Wow angelo, Cris, et. all. In case you guys haven’t noticed EW is increasingly pandering to the lowest common denominator and probably get a lot of their story ideas from twitter trends…where one of the TTs was people not knowing they were together until news of the breakup. Chances are the reporter knew they were together but wrote this article as a joke, and to get hits. In short, you’ve been trolled.

      • Angelo Barovier

        Aly, darlin’, did you actually read my post? Methinks thou but skimmest mine milk and thy custard suffereth in this folly.

      • Jason C.

        Yeah, part of this was a joke, but not all of it. If the writer really had the intention of satirizing the idea they would have done it as a different way, I know I would have. Instead, they made fun of the fact that they didn’t know what was going on. Why play dumb, though, and no acknowledge you were playing though? The answer would be because they were not playing dumb.

      • simps

        I don’t comment about this stuff often, but I’m too overwhelmed by the outrage JJ and Jason C. seem to feel about the author’s lack of knowledge regarding this relationship that I only know about because my gawker-reading girlfriend told me a few weeks ago. Lighten up, stop caring so much about these celebrities (even if you are an “amateur entertainment journalist”, yeah, you and me both buddy). Not even stop caring so much about these celebrities- just take it for what it is- you gossiping about people you don’t know and never will know.

      • Jason C.

        simps – You don’t understand what I’m trying to say at all. I don’t care about celebrities, as a matter of fact I didn’t happen on the information that they were dating by checking gossip sites. I found out they were dating by reading interviews for projects they were doing like Saved! and Party Monster. My issue (and this is a big issue I’ve had with EW in a while) is that if this writer paid attention or sought out news on entertainment, not even looking for relationship gossip they would have known about this much earlier.

        This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen EW way beyond the curve, and if their journalists aren’t able to stay ahead of what’s going on in the world of entertainment then how can their journalism be trusted no matter how trivial. It seems that the only writer there who even remotely dug for info is gone (I’m referring to Ausiello).

      • Jason C.

        simps – PS: Am I to assume that you actually write for an entertainment site, not one that you created, or a blog you keep but a site that sought you out? When I say I’m an amateur entertainment journalist I mean that I’ve had publications seek me out to write for them. Which is also the reason I saw what I do, because I know what it takes, and a lot of EW writers are lacking it.

      • Rachel

        Entertainment Weekly, the actual magazine, isn’t really about celebrity gossip, it’s about entertainment. They talk about upcoming shows, movies, books, and music, but other than the one page of married/divorced/arrested/dead, they don’t really cover all that much personal movie star stuff.

      • tfs

        Jason C if you’re actually a legitimate columnist, I just think it is strange that you try to prove yourself on these message boards. If you want EW to hire you or ask you to write for them, send in your resume, don’t insult them on a stupid message board.

      • Jason C.

        tfs – I have no interest of working for EW, and I’ve moved beyond wanting to work in the field of entertainment journalism. I’m doing it while I’m finishing up my bachelor’s in film studies and I’ll continue as I progress to graduate studies. I’m not trying to prove myself either, there’s no need for me to do that. I was trying to tell simps at one point that I do actually legitimately write in the field of entertainment journalism, and my point is that if this writer did any journalistic work to further their position in the field they would have known about this. My personal goals have moved from the field of journalism into the field of academics though.

      • wino

        Jeff, but as a staff member of EW, if you didnt know about Mila and Maccualay, then you are must be an 18yr old intern or a total idiot.

      • yummycupcake

        Jason: EW is an ENTERTAINMENT magazine, not a gossip magazine. The articles are about TV, Movies, Music, books and video games. There may be a little bit of gossip thrown if it makes big news (like Sandra Bullock and her big divorce) but it’s not a gossip rag like Us Weekly or In Touch. So yeah, I am not surprised that some people on staff probably didn’t know they were dating.

      • Jason C.

        yummycupcake: Do you read before you comment or just comment based on the tone of what you read? If you had read you would see that I’m not into the gossip aspect of entertainment news, I knew about this from reading interviews with Culkin and Kunis concerning projects they were in. If you did some research on their projects, and read interviews about those projects you would hear about the relationship. I’m not saying that they’re a gossip magazine, I’m saying if they were paying attention to movie/television news and read interviews and stories about their subjects in an effort to find real entertainment news they would have known about this relationship.

        In other words, my point is that this person didn’t know because they appear to be lacking in their job.

      • SXiPPY

        No, don’t shut up, it’s true!! WTF!? Jeff, I hope you realize you just singled yourself out as EW’s resident dumb@ss; seriously!? If you love all things entertainment, yet you remain sheltered to old news like this; you don’t deserve to even be doing an internship. At least make stuff up and pass if off as true, if you are that in need of a story to post about.

      • AD

        I can’t believe you people are foaming at the mouth because the columnist didn’t know Culkin and Kunis were dating. Are you serious??? I hate the term “get a life”, so I’ll amend it to say, please, find a more important topic to get heated up about. You really are pathetic. I’m switching from EW, not because of the content, but because I don’t want to be associated with pathetic losers such as yourselves.

      • Jason C.

        AD: You really expect things to be different anywhere you go? Welcome to the internet where everyone’s able to voice their opinion, and just like a-holes everyone’s got one. Of course, had you read the comments some of us actually tried to put logic behind our reasoning. You might not see the same logic, but for me it’s about the principle not about not knowing the couple. The principle being that with a little bit of responsible and legitimate journalism, not even searching for gossip or info on couples, they would have known they were dating. Even if you’re just researching their projects, you’ll look for a little bit of info about the people in the projects in an effort to possibly find a motive behind their choice in project and what they’re bringing to the role. My point is that a little investigative entertainment journalism would have given them some enlightenment, instead EW as of late seems to be more about regurgitating the same tired information you can gain on any news or entertainment news site. On many occasions I’ve found an article on say Rotten Tomatoes or Yahoo and then the article appeared in EW a week or two later. They should learn to do a little research is my point.

    • Ron

      YA cuz everyone cares about hollywood couples

      • Art

        This isn’t exactly The Economist website. It’s been out there, but haven’t exactly been a couple to watch.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        WHO GIVES A CRAP!!!

      • Kevin

        For the record, I was just answering his question, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    • Chelsea

      don’t feel bad, i had NO idea either and i have to admit, i keep up with these things.

      • Sarah

        Same here. Had no clue.

      • Bkwurm1


      • Mels

        ITA. I had no clue too.

      • Liz

        No clue, 90% of the bookmarks on my computer are entertainment related sites. I had no clue that they were together. I just remember him getting married and divorced when he was like 17.

      • Lisa London

        Same here, had no idea whatsoever.

    • Chris

      Ha! Perfect response.

    • Chanel Versace

      They did go to Michael Jackson’s funeral together, didn’t ew cover that event?

      • Lauren S

        Michael Jackson died?!

    • andrea

      if i knew you didn’t know, i would have definitely told you.

    • Ben

      I think it should be more like “who cares” instead of “who knew”. Culkin’s career is done. Mila’s is on hanging on by a thread.

      • the yapper

        Ben…You’re right Culkin’s career is done. Don’t you think Mila’s just beginning?

    • Holly

      I did know they were going out because I had just looked Mila Kunis up on Wikipedia. But I was shocked. I think that was the EW writer’s point. It is just such a surprise that they were going out, kinda like when Megan Fox married that Brian Austin Greene guy.

  • Cameron Yarde Jnr

    They were at Michael Jackson’s memorial at that was the first time I’d heard about them together. Eight years is an eternity in Hollywood these days.

    • kimmy

      i had no idea prior to the MJ’s funeral. MJ and Mac’s “friendship” has always been well publicized so of course there were articles about it when MJ died.

  • Jay

    How in the hell did Macaulay land HER? She’s way out of his league

    • Mel

      Amen! I never understood how they were together that long. Have you seen her? Have you seen him?

      • Heidi

        Have you seen him in Kings or Party Monster? He’s no boy in spite of the babyface. They made alot of sense to me, too bad they ended things.

    • Gregory

      This is exactly the question we shud be asking first!

      • AAA

        I think she met him through Wilmer Valderrama and Seth Green who both did a movie with Culkin called Party Monster, but they may have met prior to that, I’m not sure.

    • Chris

      I mean she’s pretty, but not THAT pretty.

      • Heidi

        and he’s got more money than God LOL that can make a man look twice as interesting, at least in Hollywood. Don’t mean to say Mila was with him for that (I don’t believe she was, they seemed to be great friends and had a really lovely relationship). Just saying that money may add to the hotness factor, hair may not matter so much :)

      • Kris

        She is THAT pretty.

      • Eric

        Actually, she is that pretty.

      • Woot

        I agree. I’m a gay man, but seriously I would turn for Mila. That scene in Black Swan was freaking hot.

      • GayButStraight4Mila

        You’re right. She’s not ‘that’ pretty…. she’s FREAKING GORGEOUS!

  • Ceballos


  • Trixie

    I dunno, I knew.

    • lefty

      I’d JUST found out last year.

    • Erin

      Yeah, I knew too. I first knew about it a couple years ago when they did this celebrity poker thing.

  • Mr. Holloway

    It’s too bad that they’re broken up, but I find it incredibly refreshing that I didn’t know. (Meaning they didn’t go out of their way to court attention.)

  • Cameron Yee

    I think I first read about their couplehood in, of all things, Entertainment Weekly. So much for reading your own magazine. :)

    • Prue DiCresta

      Re-post: I think the article was written the way it was (“Why didn’t you tell me?”)to emphasize how under the radar the couple was and how Macaulay Culkin has remained a child in so many people’s eyes. Tongue in cheek muchly.
      Anyway, I knew about Mila because I think they dated soon after the news came out that Macaulay divorced Rachel Miner.
      Yeah, that, too.

  • Zzzzz

    What I want to know is why MC’s hair always looks nasty.

    • tiff

      Lol I was thinking the same damn thing. Maybe his hair is why they broke up. The greasiness just kept piling up.

    • LOL

      He’s terrible.

  • paige

    ive known they were together for years. sad to hear they broke up but its refreshing how seamless they were able to not have their relationship under the public’s microscope… until now

  • Kiyana

    i never knew his name until i saw this article on yahoo plus i knew nothing bout him or her going out except him playing on lots of good movies when he was younger lol

  • elysa

    I did not know neither!! How cute though (them being a couple and for so long) :)

  • Kiyana

    plus i didn’t know he was that old :D i’m 20

  • Kelli


  • ricothe2nd

    i believe they began dating when seth green and culkin did party monster and mila kunis is greens friend thus got them together, they have been in magazines on and off for all the years since then, in no way is this out of nowhere

  • Becca

    Yeah I thought the same thing when I heard they broke up…no idea they were even together in the first place

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