Conan apologizes to Kimmel for similar Palin-Rudolph bit (but not for not watching his show)

In case you missed it amidst your holiday preparations, Conan O’Brien took to the Internet last week to apologize for his TBS show doing a video bit about Sarah Palin shooting Rudolph two weeks after ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live added audio of Palin hunting caribou with her father from her TLC reality show over the animated holiday classic. “So, of course, we apologize for that, we weren’t aware,” O’Brien says of discovering the joke was a popular one only the morning after Conan‘s aired. “The staff member responsible for the piece has been fired, and, I hear, has been immediately rehired at Jimmy Kimmel. So I think everything worked out,” he deadpans. He then cites three other examples of his show playing copycat. (Did you know his sidekick Andy Richter was once a sidekick on another show?! “I mean that show was such a piece of crap, I didn’t feel it was worth mentioning,” Richter cracks after a picture from their early days together flashes.) Watch the mea culpa below. Classy move, Coco. The video of Conan‘s bit also appears to have been removed from the show’s site.

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  • Roger

    It’s ok Conan, nobody cares. You are on basic cable.

    • Ben

      I care.

    • Jason C.

      It’s funny you should think that nobody cares about late night hosts on basic cable. I recall back in October a couple of basic cable late night hosts held a rally in Washington. That rally, the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear held by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, attracted over 250,000 people. People do care about basic cable late night.

    • dylan atkins

      your obviously a stupid ass

      • Roger

        I am neither.

      • Branton

        Ha! You don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Yet you tried to insult Roger’s intelligence.

      • Jason C.

        Really, Branton?! You’re going to use a common mistake that even professional writers make on occasion to refute someone’s stance. While I don’t agree with using the internet to insult someone’s intelligence because of their sometimes ignorant beliefs, I think the people who point out grammar are being even more ridiculous.

      • Sarah

        No, Jason, it’s “refudiate.”

      • Jason C.

        Thanks for the grammatical advice Ms. Palin, I’ll take a look into that.

      • Zakry

        No, he’s a hack. He thought his comment was funny. Sad for him. How about expressing an opinion and quit be a desperate attention seeking child?

  • yummycupcake

    I love Andy.

  • PJ

    It would have been more classy to come up with his own joke.

    • Jason C.

      You really think it’s one person writing all the jokes for a late night show? There’s a whole staff of writers writing the jokes. If a staffer really did copycat that joke and did get fired then it was all right. I think the firing bit was a joke though, and I think the whole thing is a case of great minds thinking alike. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who have thought about a Sarah Palin/Rudolph crossover when watching the holiday classic this year.

  • Ptooey

    Don’t go away mad, CaCa. Just go away.

    • Will

      who’s “CaCa”????

      • Icon

        C.C. Babcock.

      • Roncon


  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    If you watch multiple talk shows you’ll see lots of overlap and outright duplication in the jokes being made. It’s not plagiarism; it’s just the demands of quickly cranking out 10 minutes of comedy 4 or 5 times a week.

  • AD

    One night I was waching Letterman and he made a joke about some political thing or another; I switched to Leno and he made the same exact joke. I felt as if I was in an alternate Universe. I guess it happens…

  • Gary

    Unlike Jay Leno who has been ripping off Howard Stern bits for the last 20 years, at least Conan is classy enough to admit to a mistake or similarity of a joke or bit.

  • Steve

    Gary is so right. Leno has been ripping Stern off for years and never gives him credit. Leno is such a fake but Letterman is a total jerk. Conan is better than either.

  • Dicazi

    Nothing the matter with having the same idea……but Conan’s was no where near as funny as Kimmel’s. Just like I found his Tonight show to be nowhere near as funny.

  • dale

    conan….just shut up…

    • Tom

      dale… just shut up.

  • Christopher

    Conan needs to just stop he is not funny nor attractive to watch, I shutter even seeing his commercials I have to turn the station he is just VILE !

    • liz

      You shutter? Learn to use periods.

    • nezzo

      LOL @ “shutter”

    • maryanne

      haha “shutter”
      that’s great.

    • cat people (putting out fire)

      @Christopher needs to just stop he is not funny nor attractive to read, I shutter even seeing his blogposts I have to turn the screen he is just VILE !

    • tamby

      apparently conan fans are pedantic d-bags.

      • Jason C.

        You say that like only Conan fans are like that, sorry, it’s a phenomenon that lies all across the internet. I have a feeling it’s only among lowly entry level employees who have no other chance to assert their so-called knowledge to anyone other than when they come online and find someone talking down about a subject they take an active interest in with bad grammar. Unfortunately, it shows their lack of ability to move up in the world because they only worry about the trivial aspects of life and lack the opportunity to look at the big picture and formulate an argument beyond, “You used their instead of they’re so your opinion is wrong.”

  • Lou

    I guess it’s too late to ask Johnny Carson to apologize for ripping off Jonathan Winters Maude Frickett with his Aunt Blabby and most late night hosts for ripping off Steve Allen. Conan has once again shown that he is a class act.

  • Joseph

    Who cares? When either Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O’Brian tells a joke, it isn’t funny because neither of these jerks are funny. Why they are still on the air is a question I can never answer.

    • Jason C.

      They’re still on the air because there are many people who do find them funny. Kimmel doesn’t appeal to my tastes, but I love O’Brien, and while I understand he doesn’t appeal to everyone, he does appeal to me, and while Kimmel doesn’t appeal to me I understand there are a lot of people who find him funny. That’s what intelligence does for someone though, it allows someone to see the appeal of something even if they don’t find that thing appealing.

  • John

    Well I can see why Team Coco missed the Kimmel version. Is anyone watching Kimmel anyway?

  • George B. Feist (DUKE)

    Conan is really lame these days…I have seen several shows and have never laughed once. Did he fire his writers when he lost his NBC gig? What is he doing with the $40 million dollars he took with him?

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