'The Sing-Off' finale recap: And the winner is...

sing-off-lacheyImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBCAfter three weeks, five episodes, 65 performances, and 957 puns, the joyous celebration of terrific, autotune-free vocals known as The Sing-Off came to a close last night, and a winning group was finally crowned. Who was it? [SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know who won, don’t read on!]

It was COURTNEY! Just kidding, it was Committed! Yes, the gospel sextet from Alabama earned the most viewer votes and clinched the victory over Nashville rockers Street Corner Symphony, who came in second place. What did Committed win? According to Nick Lachey, three very important things: “$100,000, the Sony Music recording contract, and this Sing-Off trophy!” But we didn’t get to see Committed receive the prestigious trophy right away. First, we had to wade through an hour and a half of tepid filler — repetitive montages, guest performances, and treacly charity visits — all the things The Sing-Off had so refreshingly neglected all season! Honestly, it made for a rather disappointing finale.

Part of me wants to let the show off the hook. After all, it’s a lighthearted program about a cappella that’s really more of an appreciation of singing than an intense competition. However, the entire first half of the finale completely undermined the competitive nature of The Sing-Off by refusing to focus on the actual contestants! It was infuriating! Our remaining vocal groups were relegated to be nothing more than stool-swaying backup singers for the likes of Boyz II Men, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds (who I still love), Sara Bareilles, and Neil Diamond. The only guest performance that I actually found enjoyable was Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town’s duet with Nicole Scherzinger. Their soulful take on “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” felt like a true artistic collaboration, rather than a celebrity spotlight-steal. If producers had wanted six performances during the first hour so badly, why not showcase the six previously eliminated vocal groups? I sure would have preferred one last chance to hear their blends instead of all that bland.

But before I get too critical, let me give some credit where credit is due: Nick Lachey did a great job last night. PUNMSTR looked positively giddy when he got to join the finalists on stage for Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means to Me,” and he sort of stole the whole performance! (But not because he dominated the arrangement.) His crisp vocals, beaming disposition, and sweater-wearing-team-player attitude were an absolute delight to see/hear, and throughout the night, he seemed more confident and at ease than he had all season. He even took the time to successfully mock Ben Folds. Speaking to a live audience definitely helped him out. Bravo, Nick!

Eventually, our four final groups got to perform individual “songs of hope,” and while the subsequent performances were mostly solid, their effect was marred by extended packages showing each of the groups doing acts of good will for the holidays. They’re helping kids play guitar! They’re decorating Christmas trees! They’re singing after school! These Idol-esque segments felt contrived and took away the attention from the singing, the very thing The Sing-Off had been so focused on all along! I hope these boring packages aren’t a sign of things to come if The Sing-Off gets a longer season next year. But let’s get down to the actual performances:

The Backbeats — “Firework” by Katy Perry
Wow, I wish we had heard Kinton solo earlier! His light, flexible voice glided perfectly atop this pop smash, and some sharp choreography accentuated the build to the chorus. Unfortunately, Joanna’s distinct alto stood out like a sore thumb, and though the Backbeats finished on a beautifully complex chord, they never really exploded with energy. Plus, I got sort of annoyed how much the camera kept focusing on Courtney. I have nothing against the girl, but WE GET IT. SHE BEATBOXES. THE JUDGES LOVE HER. AND SHE HAS SHORT HAIR. Courtney’s face kept popping up the whole show! B

committedImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Committed — “Hold My Hand” by Michael Jackson and Akon
Controversial song choice! The solos sounded slicker than ever, but the very watered-down arrangement left a lot to be desired. Things were mostly in tune, but the biggest flaw in the performance was that it was pretty boring. It was a wise move getting the audience to clap along near the end of the song. B-

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town — “Love Train” by The O’Jays
This was a standard Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town performance in every way, but it had a new cane thrown in for good measure. Jerry howled, the accompaniment bopped along tunefully, and then the whole group stepped up to the front of the stage — it’s their big choreography every week! Completely fun and completely inoffensive. B+

Street Corner Symphony — “Fix You” by Coldplay
This performance was leagues ahead of all the others. The dramatic back-lighting definitely helped make things feel epic, but the singing was truly exemplary. Jeremy’s falsetto gave me goosebumps in the beginning, and the imitation electric guitar was stunningly impressive. Then, everyone came out! Why? Who cares! There was a huge wall of sound coming straight at me, and I loved it. And then the camera showed Courtney for about five seconds! During Street Corner Symphony’s performance! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER? A

The first elimination of the night saw Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town and the Backbeats head home, but the two groups left the stage with smiles on their faces. Jerry Lawson seemed particularly excited — as he hobbled down the staircase, cane in hand, he looked at a woman in the crowd and shouted, “I don’t wanna go, but I gotta get out of here! You’re very beautiful!” It was strange and amusing. When the Backbeats were eliminated, Nick didn’t interview star singer Joanna, but instead COURTNEY about their experience. Somewhere, a producer was crying that she hadn’t won. (Still, it was nice to see Joanna take a back seat tonight, no?) Committed and Street Corner Symphony were left standing on the stage, and I felt pretty certain that Street Corner Symphony would take the win. They had been growing increasingly exciting and polished throughout the competition, whereas Committed seemed like they had peaked with their original performance of “This Love,” but had been rather boring ever since.

But we all know how things turned out. Committed won it all, thanked God, and ended the show with a not-quite-exhilarating performance of “We Are The Champions.” Though I was rooting for my Nashville boys the whole time, I really have no problem with Committed taking away the victory. They sound awesome — they just need a little showmanship. Now the “church boys,” as they were so often called, are off to make an album, but they claim that they’re hoping to tour with some of the groups on the show. If that happens, sign me up! Nick Lachey could be the opening act and warm up the crowd with some of his wordplay! On that note, it’s time for:

PunWatch with Nick Lachey!

“Committed has amazed Shawn with their immaculate sound. Now he’s about to join their heavenly harmonies with his own group.” (We’ve heard “heavenly” almost every episode, but I’m fairly certain that Nick just referenced the immaculate conception in an intro. WOW.)

“Let’s see how they spruced up the holidays for some pretty remarkable people.” (Introducing Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town with a Christmas tree pun!)

“When we come back, Street Corner Symphony fixes in on Coldplay” (Preparing for a performance of “Fix You”)

“Two groups are just heartbeats away from going home.” (During the elimination in which the Backbeats were eliminated)

And so ended a wonderful season of a wonderful show — a breath of fresh air in the rerun-laden December schedule. But now I want to hear what you think. Did the right group win? Was Street Corner Symphony robbed? Were you as frustrated by the over-produced finale as I was? Will you be watching The Sing-Off next season? So much to talk about! Sound off in the comments, and check out our interview with Committed below.

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  • Will Ediger

    Yes, I was happy to see Committed win, although Street Corner was the maore seasoned group. Some of their earlier pieces just gave me goose bumps. It’s nice to see America doesn’t always vote the Hollywood way and let a true accapella group win.

    • Swerds

      I’m confused. Which of the groups wasn’t a true a cappella group?

      • Andie

        Did he mean like a college a capella group?

      • Barnie

        Yes, that confused me, as well as intimating that Streetcorner was “Hollywood/”

    • Rolo Tomasi

      I knew the old monkeys would win. They were old and minorities, they simply won the sympathy and affirmative action vote!

      • KM

        Your racist comment doesn’t deserve a reply, but you aren’t even paying attention. It was NOT the older group who won.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I don’t deserve a reply and yet I get one. Kim you are not too bright are you?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        K idiot M

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Anyway they are still monkeys, old or young

      • Justin K

        I am so glad that those monkeys won! and I’m glad that you, you dumbass racist sorry ass excuse for a human being, who apparently is visually challenged- knew that it wasn’t the OLD group that one.

        PISS OFF.

      • T

        Justin and KM….I wish you guys commented more often because then you would know that person you’re replying to is a pathetic, nothing better to do, attention whoring, troll. They make comments just for reaction. Don’t let it get you worked up. :)

      • Tarc

        Fun to see that you’re an all around bigot. *rolls eyes*

      • Sue

        I’m truly offended that your comments were allowed to be printed. These gentlemen were awesome and truly humble and kind and talented. Shame on you for your rudeness. Also, they didn’t win, Committed won.

      • Bee

        Your mommy must be very proud of you.

      • JC

        Ignore Rolo T. He purposely goes from board to board and writes outrageous and stupid comments so he can get attention. When people directly respond to him, it just gives him more fuel.

      • Keanamalia

        Guidos hate everyone. What a waste of space.

      • X

        In response to Romo Tomasi with the monkey reference – these young men were the most talented; it had nothing to do with affirmative action. Your remarks doesn’t offend me, it only serves as a remembrance that some people choose to be ignorant while others become enlightened and move on. Hopefully you’ll as well as others will choose to the road to move on.

      • no comment

        okay your comment isn’tt very respectful to the winners. You should be happy for them. We are equal. If they can sing, and have made it this far, then they are clearly good enough to win! Did you ever think of that?

      • Jamelle

        People why are you giving him the time he wants. Stop replying, it’ll bother him. people like him wants attention, they feed off that. Honestly, some people has not grow out of racism and it’s sad but there is nothing we can do. Let them be miserable and hateful… I think that’s the worst punishment for them. One thing I notice about a racist person though, they will ONLY say racist comments on the internet with no face pictures, you’ll NEVER find a person bold enough to actually say this in public in front of people. You call us a monkey but you’re a scary b@#$%! something like a chicken then!

      • denise

        they have white monkeys too

      • Ria

        I am going to guess that if the inspirational, talented members of Committed are monkeys, then, you sir are obviously an ass. I suggest that if you are planning on spending much more time in this world, you start looking through someone else’s view because you are going to miss a lot of wonderful things, if not. May God bless you with understanding and wisdom. My you have a Merry Christmas and hopefully a change for the New Year!

  • Jenna

    I’m so disappointed. Committed did not deserve the win. They’re not bad, but they are nothing special, and they have some serious pitch issues. Street Corner Symphony really deserved it, and it’s a shame they didn’t win.

    • Grace

      I was surprised Street Corner Symphony did not win as well. They were the only group to get songs into the Top Singles Chart on Itunes and did it multiple times.

    • Heidi

      I felt the same way. SCS blended so well and Jeremy is such a great talent. I even liked their song with Ben Folds, and their harmonies were amazing with the Neil Diamond song. I really thought they would have won and wished the voting could have taken place AFTER last night’s performances.

      Also, I thought Nick was a great host and it was nice to hear him sing again. He’s good!

      • Jenna

        I agree. Last night was a true testament to who should have won. I watched it after I found out who won, and as I listed to Committed, I kept thinking, “Really???” SCS was so incredible. Sad.

    • Brenda Barrett

      BORING finale. SCS should have won. I won’t watch next season.

      • EM

        yes you will. don’t act tough.

    • Jacks

      Well, as with AI, sometimes it’s better to come in second place. The ‘Bubs came in second last year and are now on Glee. Nota (who?). Now SCS is free to make their own deals.

      • liz

        the Bubs are not on Glee, but they do make albums and touring ,and have been doing so for years.

      • Andrew

        Yes they were. They were The ‘warblers!’

      • TJ. Church

        But they won’t get any deals, as they will be known as the group that lost to these losers.

      • Bill

        The Bubs are indeed the voices behind “The Warblers” on Glee. Also since the show they have performed at the White House and many other opportunities have come their way as well. They don’t need any “deals” anyway.

    • Judy Miller

      Agree, Street Corner was the best and should have won! Don’t understand why they didn’t.????

      • DivaSoulSista

        Because people didn’t vote for them. It wasn’t up to the judges, it was up to the people that voted.

      • RG

        It wasn’t up to the judges but they made sure everyone knew who the wanted to win. They need to be better judges and stop pushing one group over the other. The season long you had to know who would be im the top and from the first night I knew committed would win because of shawn. Why compete?

      • DivaSoulSista

        Honestly, I thought the only group the judges pushed was Jerry Lawson and Talk of the town. I don’t think any of the judges every made a critical comment about them. They just gushed about how legendary they were.

      • TJ. Church

        B/c people didn’t vote for them… Or, more likely, the show lied about results. (Much like Amazing Race did recently, for the sake of history.)

    • KS Dallas

      I agree. VERY disappointed!

    • Tarc

      Exactly. To be honest, their backing vocals are superb, but their solos are not great – at all. Often weak and pitchy, they often lack the ability to reinforce the melody line, which is the entire point. SCS was MUCH better, and their lead vocals were magnificent. I’m very, very disappointed.

    • Shawnuel

      Committed was INCREDIBLE IMHO, and I don’t mean to sound obnoxious but they KILLED on harmonies, both simple and complex and they EASILY had the best pitch of all the groups. Their blend was special. I really disagree with Grady about Committed peaking with the first performance. I thought Apologize and That Way were just as good and “Let’s Stay Together” while not exciting was incredibly executed and soulful. These guys were the class of the competition, withstanding the hard charging Street Corner Symphony whom I also thought was terrific.

      • Jenna

        You must be crazy. Their pitch was by far the weakest.

    • denise

      All you white haters can got to hell

      • TJ. Church

        Behind those who voted for Committed, haters of true talent.

  • Kate

    Once again, thanks for recapping this show – it was a breath of fresh air! And I’m glad you’re feelin the love for Nick Lachey as well – he was on fire last night! I will certainly watch next season, although I agree 100% that the best thing about ths show (beyond the incredible talent) is the lack of over-production and filler. Just give me the music, please. And – hands down – best group of judges on any reality show I watch. Great chemistry, genuine enthusiasm, and actual and legitimate humor. Amazing!

    • asdf

      Yeah, Nick Lachey did surprising good. But he still needs to cut down on those puns.

      • Tarc

        LOL! Until the animated performance at the finale, the puns were the only thing that let us know that Nick was not animatronic. After watching his live performance, I couldn’t help but wonder where all that charm was in the earlier episodes.

    • Steve

      I agree with all the criticisms of the finale in the recap. The entire first hour was a joke, turning the talented finalists into backup singers for the vastly inferior talents of the judges. The bizarre obsession with Courtney. The addition of guitars to an a cappella competition. NBC ruined everything that had been great about the show up to that point. My interest in next season dropped about 50% thanks to this almost unwatchable 2 hours.

    • TJ. Church

      If Nick Lachey is on fire, nobody put him out. He is just like Paula Abdul, except she got to be a judge, & all he got to do was host. Bye, bye, bye, Nick.

  • D. W.

    I wasn’t nearly as annoyed with the “over-produced finale” as I was with this article. If you think it was over-produced, mention it once. Mentioning it through your entire typo-layden critique was, ironically, over done.

    On another note (with no intent to make the “pun watch”), I was absolutley thrilled to see Committed win. Jerry and the guys were great, but predictable, it was annoying from day one that The Backbeats were a manufactured band, and Street Corner Symphony, though awesome, had some big let downs through out the competition.

    • Mole

      What’s more annoying, harping on an article about typos while making one yourself (I’ll let you find it), or being the guy that decides to pick on you for this?

      • Swerds

        Well played.

      • George

        Actually two typos were made not one. This is fun who will be the first to spot 3

      • realitybytez

        i counted three typos in d.w.’s post. ironically, one of them was his misspelling of “typo-laden”. d.w.’s post was “absolutely” “overdone”.

      • Joe

        Wow I missed that over and done had a space in there…
        Yes the funniest, or perhaps saddest, part was the misspelling of typo-laden

    • Shawnuel

      I’ve re-watched the shows a few times. Please point out where you think SCS had some “Big Letdowns”. I just don’t see it. They were exceptionally consistent. The criticisms they got on the Beatles medley were REALLY picky and, frankly, incorrect as far as the rhythm problems Shawn mentioned…..unless of course they were edited for TV and not broadcast…..cause I sure didn’t hear any. Jeremy was conducting, but I thought it was part of the song, as Eleanor Rigby has a classical, orchestral feel.

  • Kara

    I do think SCS got robbed…BUT I was happy the Committed boys won. They seem sweet and Genuine. Actually no matter who won, I would have been happy- such a wonderful show. Hellz yeah I will be watching next year-

    • Lucy

      yea, Grady you sound like a scrooge. Nick is such great eye candy and that one singer from SCS will definitely go far! I figured Committed would win.

      • TJ. Church

        Lucy, that one singer tried to go far, & ended-up in a group. This is the best it gets for him.

    • asdf

      Don’t you get the feeling that Jeremy Lister could go solo soon? He is the best soloist in Season 2 and thank goodness that he was on Singoff. He would not have shined like he did if he was on Idol or other reality show.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Yeah, I enjoy Street Corner Symphony, but if I heard sometime down the line that Jeremy had decided to go solo, I would’t be surprised. Not even a little bit.

      • Alina

        Jeremy should definitely get picked up by a label. The guy is amazing. It’s a good thing he didn’t go down the American Idol road, he’s too talented for that lame show.

      • Dave

        He already had a contract and it went no where. Not sure why, he is very good. Hopefully with some national exposure and some word of mouth he will do better the second time around

  • Winona

    SCS was robbed, but Committed was quite good as well – the final four were all amazing groups. It’s a pity we have to wait one whole year for more Sing-Off!!

  • Babs

    You missed Nick’s “Hold that note” when he went to commercial break. I really thought SCS would win. I agree it would have been more fun to hear the previously eliminated groups instead with the exception of Nick’s Christmas song. That was great!

    • Jerry

      Don’t forget asking Jerry if he had any “final thoughts.”

  • Brett

    I’m glad Committed won! I think the person who wrote this article needs a real sound check if they think that the SCS was better. Granted, they’re good, theyre really good…but the closest they’ve ever come to really competing with Commited was when they sang last night. Committed version of “Too Late” set and smashed the bar… SCS only rose close to that bar last night. Next you’ll be saying they’re better than Boys to Men…lol As far as next season, I’m all in…provided it’s as entertaining as it was this season, they had some really talented groups. The group comprised fo the music teachers also has great potential…

    • Jenna

      Clearly you didn’t hear all the wrong notes in Apologize.

      • Suzanne

        Jenna, Dissonant chords are common in a capella, and are deliberate. There WERE no wrong notes in that song.

      • Jenna

        I know what dissonant chords are. The soloist was horribly flat.

    • Blame Leno

      I think both groups had some hit or miss moments. I liked them both and thought both were deserving of the win.

    • Zakry

      How do you know they were wrong? I love how everyone is a music expert all of a sudden! Its one thing to say “I didn’t like it” but another thing entirely to accuse of wrong notes. Show your credentials!

      • Jenna

        I have 2 degrees in music – one in vocal performance and one in music theory. How’s that for credentials? Committed has serious pitch issues.

    • Joe

      Yes you are correct Brett, the closest they came to competing with committed was last night, because the rest of the time the destroyed Committed.

      Sorry I just didn’t get all the love for Committed, not sure why and I won’t say they are bad. Just not to my liking.

      • Tarc

        Committed has a strong knack for making interesting, complex backing vocals, and a lot of facility for executing them. It’s just too bad they do not have good lead vocals. I’m very surprised they won over SCS.

    • Tarc

      Clearly you didn’t notice the consistently weak lead vocals/solos and the pitch issues. SCS turned in vastly superior overall performances each week.

    • B

      Clearly you missed CREEP – the most epic amazing song on the show?

    • Shawnuel

      Totally….Groove for Thought is a musically sound group. They were a little less……photogenic and perhaps a little anachronistic for what the show wanted, but they SUUUUUURE can blow!

    • Barnie

      Committed actually don’t even have a performance in my top 5 favorite performances from this season.

      1) Streetcorner: Creep
      2) Whiffenpoofs: Grace Kelly
      3) Streetcorner: Come On Eileen
      4) On The Rocks: Kyrie
      5) Backbeats: Love Shack
      5) Groove For Thought: Cooler Than Me

      • ajmalzx

        I have the exact same list!!

        Committed is good, but they are just not memorable enough. Kinda vanilla flavor.

  • reb

    Thank you for noticing that The Sing Off has become The Courtney Show– I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, and she does have that trendy Justin Bieber haircut, but really, someone on the production staff is in heart with her too much. And I have to say that I kinda liked the Neil Diamond appearance– not because it was at all relevant, but just because I like Neil Diamond.

    • moonbeam

      I would also rather have seen the Whiffs or any of the other groups perform rather than the guest stars but I did really enjoy Neil Diamond, not so much the others.

  • Christopher

    I began nodding off in the middle of Sheryl Crow’s number. Yeah… seemed like NBC panicked at the end and thought “special guest stars, deeds of good will- STAT!”
    And when I saw actual musical instruments brought onstage, I silently whimpered.

    • Toby

      Thank you for bringing up what it seems no one else noticed. Although I’m pretty sure it was Sheryl Crow who panicked at the thought of shamelessly plugging her new song without her trusty guitar… on an a capella show.

    • asdf

      I think we all knew going in that there was NO WAY that Sheryl Crow would go acapella. NBC should have brought in performers who were okay with going the acapella route.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Yeah, the guitar annoyed me to no end. ALMOST made it a whole season with no instruments on stage. (I believe last year Ben Folds performed “Why Can’t We Be Friends” on the piano.)

      Was also kinda hoping they’d bring back Bobby McFerry for another demo. He’s fantastic! Would much rather have seen that.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Bobby McFerrin*

    • cheryl74

      Couldn’t believe they had a ‘guest’ with instrument…surely there was another who would’ve embraced the genre. On another note-pun intended-I loved Neil Diamond’s performance with SCD and Committed. The smile on his face said it all!

    • denise

      Shame on Sheryl Crow and her guitar. She needed the show more than the show needed her. Instruments should be banned in the future.

    • Zakry

      The Sheryl Crow number was my favorite of the show. I loved that look of awe in her eye when Jerry Lawson started riffing with her. I know the folks like to call him old, as if that’s all that is of note about him, but his voice stirs my soul, and I love that a music pro felt the same way.

      • Shawnuel

        Amen! I thought the give and take moments between Sheryl and Jerry were the show’s highlight as well.

    • Charece

      Yeah I thought the same thing. I don’t think anything justifies having any physical instrument on an a cappella show.

    • bootsycolumbia

      I wasn’t at all surprised that Sheryl Crow didn’t sing a cappella. She has a small voice with not a lot of range, and there’s no way she’d dare sing without her guitar. However, for that reason alone, she shouldn’t have performed. The producers should have found someone else. And props to Neil Diamond; he was great!

      • Regi

        I agree, if Cheryl Crow wasn’t going to sing a cappella then she shouldn’t have performed. Neil Diamond’s and the Pussy Cat girl’s numbers (sorry can’t think of her name right now) were the best of the “guest” performances. However, I would have preferred hearing all the eliminated groups perform again.

      • TJ. Church

        Nick announced Neil getting into the Hall, & Neil made us all wonder why.

  • Cyn522

    I was hoping Street Corner Symphony would take the win but knew it was going to be Committed. SCS was definitely the better group and I am very glad I was introduced to them. Here’s hoping they play Nashville soon!

    • Bea

      I actually don’t think they were better, just different. Two absolutely distinctive styles on stage and the voters just preferred one over the other. Both were equally a joy to watch.

      • CG

        I completely agree

      • Blame Leno

        I agree as well. Different people have different tastes but I think both were very skilled in their genre. I actually voted for both groups and was glad they made it to the top two.

  • DC

    Hey Grady, I’m totally with you about Courtney. She was in the competition with another group last season, and they focused on her then as well – and I couldn’t stand her back then either! I just don’t get why the producers of this show think she’s so special. It’s not like a girl beat boxer is a novelty these days, right?

    I was okay with the win for Committed but thought it would be SCS because of the lead singer’s backstory (had a recording contract, dropped by label, etc.). But hopefully they will do fine now because of the exposure on the show.

    • AltDave

      I think the Courtney focus is based on the old “it” factor. She has “it”, and the producers chose to focus on her. I found my eyes being drawn to her even in the full-group shots. Her eyes, her smile, her moves, her attitude… as the old saying goes, the camera loves her!

      • mscisluv

        I agree…Courtney has “it” (whatever “it” is). She draws the eye, she’s talented, etc.

      • Shawnuel

        Perhaps……I thought Joanna had “It” as well. The guy I thought the producers were forcing down our throats was Kenton. He got the group together and such, but man was he a self promoter. If the Camera managed to find Courtney alot, Kenton always managed to find the camera. He always positioned himself on stage where the cameras were. He was just a little too eager for me. Kinda gave me the creeps.

  • Peggie

    Neil Diamond did a great job!

  • jones

    I would have been happy to see either of the two final teams win, but I was pulling a bit more for SCS. Committed peaked early, while I think SCS kept getting better each show. No matter, b/c I think SCS will get a record deal due to the show. I have been annoyed with the judge’s praise of Courtney and the focus on her. I think her beat boxing sounds the same on all the songs and is too loud. And I love that Nick picked “Coming to America” and sang a bit of it during the Neil Diamond intro. I love his cheeseness/dorkiness.

    • The Wheezer

      Agree with everything you said 100%. The best performance of the night was “Fix You”.

    • Monica

      I agree with almost everything you said. While the judge’s praise of Courtney grated a bit, I thought she was more deserving of it than Joanna. Courtney’s far less annoying to listen to and watch (I enjoyed getting to hear her sing a bit last night).
      Nick is indeed all kinds of cheesy/dorky, and I adore it. I enjoyed his mockery of Ben Folds, too.

      And speaking of Ben—I’ve seen him in concert, but I was disappointed by last night’s performance. I always enjoy listening to him speak, though. He’s witty and charming and intelligent, and I’m looking forward to what he brings next season.

      • jones

        Yes, I forgot that one of my favorite moments from the show was when Nick mocked Ben. Also, I agree about Ben. I heart him, but he sounded off in his performance. I’ve seen him in concert too and he was great then.

      • Shawnuel

        Wow! I thought Joanna was, perhaps, the most remarkable single talent in the whole competition. Right up there with Jeremy, Jerry and Therry.

    • Shawnuel

      Also, Jeremy Lister has an album coming out in January.

      • TJ. Church

        I like lots of acap. groups, & hate it when their members record solo.

  • Kerry

    That was some bull! Committed had the most missed notes and harmonies of all of the last five or six groups. Sympathy Vote! Bullcrap… Street Corner & Oregon smashed Committed!

    • Zakry

      Oregon? What the hell show were you watching?

      • Go Ducks!

        On The Rocks is from the University of Oregon. They’re the reason I started watching the show in the first place! I agree with Kerry, OTR and SCS were both much better than Committed. I was rooting for OTR(so proud of my fellow Ducks!) but I loved SCS’s cover of “Creep”, it almost brought me to tears!

    • Shawnuel

      Matter of preference, I guess. Committed had the same effect on me as they did on Shawn. Their blend and amazing arrangements had me in tears several times, as did SCS. On the Rocks (please don’t call them OTR…that will forever be Over the Rhine)was my least favorite of the final 5. I thought that if they had been in the same bracket as the Whiffenpoofs, they would have been eliminated sooner. I preferred Whiffenpoofs AND Groove For Thought more.

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