Jeff Probst blogs the 'Survivor: Nicaragua' finale

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It’s late so this will be short:

I’m delighted that Fabio won.  He was the clear audience favorite. The crowd in the studio went wild when his name was announced. Kids seem to gravitate to Fabio. I think it’s his goofy honesty. He doesn’t filter much and though at times he is a bit scattered, there is an undeniable charm and it’s nice to have him on the list of Survivor winners.

I was really impressed. I’d never heard Chase play before but I just had a feeling it was worth a shot. He played once during our walk thru before the show and it sounded so good we asked the band to join in as well. I wish Chase well in his music endeavors.  I could see him having a lot of success in Nashville.

I think she held back a little bit from her true self during the live show. She had a bit more self-control last night, but she still came through with some colorful answers. I was most curious what her mom would be like and I was pleasantly surprised that her mom was so even-keeled and honest about her daughter.

That’s how you do an interview. His answers were great. That’s why he makes a lot of money working on television. He’s a pro. Loved what he said and that we were able to share the story of how Survivor helped save his life.

What a gift to have Bradshaw in the house and willing to let us ask him a few questions. Having Bradshaw gave us another element and a bit more insight into why someone like Jimmy Johnson would want to play Survivor.

As I said in the show, it was a BLOWOUT.  She had 60 percent of the vote. The next closest were Holly and Fabio at about 10 percent. I’m happy for Jane. I think she will use that money to help make her life a bit easier. Two years worth of salary is a lot of money. What I like most about this award is that it’s based on fan voting, nothing else.

I owe Rob an apology. I tried to squeeze in too much content before getting to Rob and as a result we were late on time, and so the band started playing as a cue for us to go to break and Rob did his best to rush through the story. That was my fault and I accept full responsibility. But damn, that baby is cute. That is three Survivor babies that have come from Survivor couples.  Rob and Amber have two and Jamie and Erik (from Survivor: China) have one as well!

I do believe this is our biggest twist yet.

I do believe it will change the game in a huge way.

I do believe you are going to love it.

Give it a chance.  Have some faith that we know what you guys want and expect from your favorite show.

If after 6 episodes the majority of you do not love what is happening with Redemption Island, you can let me know and I will vote myself off the show.

How’s that for stakes?

I hope all of you have a great Holiday!!

See ya Feb. 16 for Survivor: Redemption Island.

Check out an exclusive deleted scene from the finale in the video player below as well as our pre-game interviews with the top five. (And below that you can click on the audio icon to hear Jeff on the latest edition of the TV Insiders podcast: or download it here.) Also, make sure to read what Jeff has to say about the new Redemption Island twist and how it is different from the Outcasts, and head on over to read Dalton Ross’ Survivor: Nicaragua finale recap.


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  • Quexinos

    >>If after 6 episodes the majority of you do not love what is happening with Redemption Island, you can let me know and I will vote myself off the show.<<

    I'll hold you to this Jeff :P

    Anyway, in all honesty, pretty bad season. Not the worst but… idk, this season was just kind of a let down. I am however, estatic that Fabio won. That just made my night right there and redeemed the season quite a bit.

    I think next season will be fun. I'm curious about this Redemption Island. I look forward to the blog posts as well. Thanks ^_^

    • Quexinos

      holy cow, did I get the first comment? Are you kidding me? Awesome.

      Oh and I wanted to add that after the Reunion Shows, people never seem as bad. Even Naonka doesn’t seem so bad anymore and I’m glad Kelly doesn’t hold any bad feelings toward her.

      • Kevin


      • A fan

        I honestly think that people forget how taxing and real survivor is. They are sleep deprived, starving, withering away and such. Of course their whole demeanor is going to be different on the reunion show. Their happy, warm and fed.

      • Al

        How can we forget when they whine about it all season?

      • Richard2442

        Agree. The stress factors of Survivor is certainly an integral part of the game, affecting personalities and decisions.
        While I did not start watching the series from the first year, I did catch up with DVD’s later and appreciate the variety of locations and new twists that are introduced to keep the show challenging and fresh. Redemption Island? Sure, let’s see how that works out. Combining immunity/reward challenges? I wonder how that works; winner gets both, a choice, or wins immunity and gives up reward? Lot’s of ramifications.
        Final 3 vs. final 2; hmmm, I see Jeff’s point of more diverse entertaining activity at FTC. Ties can easily be handled by a Fan Vote, if necessary.
        IMHO, every season has been good. Different strategies produce winners and congrats to all. The player selection (yeah, I’ve applied a few times) is a nice mix (heros, villians, quitters, mactors, celebs) and after the game starts you make a show from what happens; it isn’t predictable but it’s great entertainment that I’ll be watching ’till the end. I missed the open water challenges this Nicaragua season (ugh, what’s with the green pool) but perhaps the next location will offer more swimming, diving, boating, and spear fishing.

      • Leafburner

        Umm… no.

      • yup

        Your a moron.

  • Christina

    So happy Fabio won and enjoyed watching him play the game, while everyone was scrambling and back stabbing, he just played along and I said “you watch, when he needs to win, he will smoke everyone” and he did! Made for a very exciting season finale and very much looking forward to Redemption Island, always fun to see people have to deal with their actions! Thanks Jeff another fun season, you have become such a fun host to watch!

    • Probst4ever

      That was a fun finale. Jeff did a great job with the reunion as well. I would have like to have seen more than a glance of Russell Hantz, though. Congratulations to Jane, she’ll probably spend it more wisely than Fabio’s million. Terrific finale!

    • darclyte

      Fabio winning that puzzle challenge was impressive. The alliance of 3 had all started before him, but he passed them all and won. The dude was focused. He also was focused on those coins. I kept waiting for his teetering tower to fall but it didn’t. Way to go, Fabio!

    • etm

      I don’t see any reason to apologize to Boston Rob. This wasn’t his season, his reunion. He’s received plenty of air time over the years. Jeff didn’t even talk to some of the survivors from this season (Dr. Jill, for example), and he’s worried about cutting off Boston Rob’s story?

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Don’t fix what is not broken! They tried bringing back people that were voted out in Pearl Islands and everyone hated that idea? That made it the worst season ever. When you lose, you lose. Why would it work this time around? Sure you have one crappy season like this, but Survivor is still the best game. Why change it? Just imagine with a crappy season like this you have one of these lousy players get a 2nd chance. Please Jeff. No need to vote you out, we still love you.

      • wtf

        your dislike of this idea is the reason I think it will be ok

      • Joe

        You seriously need to calm down! You have posted this same comment on every single Survivor story today! Your presumptive name aside, you are just plain annoying! If you ever get on the show, you’ll be the first voted out.

      • Ian

        How twisted, lonely, and clueless does one person need to be to post this same comment in every story (multiple times!)?? Seriously dude, between your screenname and your insistence on proving you have no life makes me dislike the show a little. Get over yourself and go do something constructive for a change of pace.

      • simon

        actually, the redemption island twist has been tried before in the philippine version of survivor (2nd season). it was good TV especially because the first castaway voted out (a transsexual) kept on winning the redemption island duels until she was put back in the game when there were around 9 people left. she went on to place second.

        the only difference between the philippine version and survivor 22 is the players in the philippine version did not know of the twist beforehand, and the remaining castaways were all shocked that the first person voted out had to play again, but after the rules were explained and they were shown footage of the redemption island duels, they all thought that it was fair play.

      • Todd

        Can we send this guy to Redemption Island? Give it a chance before you bash it.m I believe this was filmed or at least started filming before the current season aired, so it wasn’t based off of this being a bad season.

      • MeLoveJane

        Hey Best Player,
        I think you’l like the twist. Think about it this way — maybe you like a certain player and they get blindsided — they have a chance to go to redemption island, win the duel, get back on the show, and get revenge on the “traitors” that turned on him or her. Or…maybe a player gets voted off in the very beginning just based on judging a book by its cover — that player will have a chance to win the duel, come back and show the other players how good he or she is. I would personally have liked Kelly B to have had the chance to go to redemption island and then come back. She was a great physical competitor and got blindsided. Just imagine the drama of her coming back and kicking Naonka’s butt — whoa — that would be some serious drama.

      • Bestplayer2NeverPlay

        MeLoveJane- I hear what you are saying. I just feel if you lose you do not deserve a 2nd chance, but we will se how it goes.

    • musica1

      I’m so excited Fabio won! He was a great player, doing exactly what he needed to win! I’m just sad that Jeff had to have his fan-boy time with Jimmie Johnson AND Terry Bradshaw which took away time that could be spent talking to people who actually played the game. I grew up a huge Terry Bradshaw fan, but if I wanted to hear football talk, I woulda been watching the football game instead of the Survivor finale.

    • como

      Please, please, PLEASE shorten the season finale to 90 minutes and lengthen the reunion to the same. I have thought this for many seasons; however last night was the worst reunion ever! hardly anyone was able to speak. And i REALLY could have done without the Chase guitar crap and the even worse Terry Bradshaw.

      90 minute reunion!!!!!!!!!! There is so much that could be cut out of the season finale. First up – the walk of the dead remembrance.

    • James

      Hi Jeff. In future Survivor finales could you please show how the jury votes. That is my one complaint about this show, is that you don’t ever show which jury member voted for which final contestant. You could show the votes when the winner is announced and they go to hug their family. As a faithful and devoted fan of the show, I am always a bit disappointed during the finale when you don’t show how the jury voted. It doesn’t make sense that you guys would omit that information when every episode we get to see how the players voted. Why not at the finale then?

      • James

        PS. I think Redemption Island is going to be awesome! I actually feel slightly depressed when Survivor goes off the air. I’m happy that February is right around the corner and we don’t have to wait that long. Also, please don’t leave Survivor. In alot of ways, YOU ARE SURVIVOR. If you go, i may leave the show too. Sorry, but its my honest truth.

      • Hold On

        Hear, hear! I agree with James. Let us know how the votes went down, please! As James said, you could even do a crawl at the bottom of the screen while the winner is hugging everybody. Also, the bit where you ask who would’ve voted who IF the #4 person was there instead is always interesting.

      • Sue

        I was thinking the exact same thing when I was watching the show! We spend all this time trying to guess how each person would vote and we only get to see a handful of the more obvious ones. I think that would definitely be an easy way to improve the finale.

    • John

      I agree… This season is saved by a good winner. Last season was a big disappointment with Sandra winning again… Fabio is like a new generation Colby and even won the game something that Colby never did back in his season.

  • Pete

    Thanks for the recap Jeff. I wish you’d asked the jury how many would have voted for Holly if Fabio had taken her to the final rather than Sash and/or Chase.

    Although I’m not a fan of the Redemption Island concept (it smacks of the Outcast concept to me), I do not want you voted out of the show. We want you to stay, even if Redemption Island has to be voted off.

    Along with the same “Outcast” concerns, I also suspect that will take more time away from character development among the people still in the game. We get little enough of their non-challenge, non-tribal interaction as it is.

    That being said, still love the show and will give RI a chance.

    • LMNOP

      Jeff, I hope you read Pete’s post and take it to heart when editing the next season. My guess is because you’ve publicized the Redemption Island concept so thoroughly beforehand that it may be more accepted than other ideas you’ve implemented on the show. IMO, exile island was a great addition to the strategy element of the show. RI may work the same way since everyone knows about it ahead of time; it will become an additional strategy element. But PLEASE still make time for character development.

      Ecstatic that the Russell vs. Boston Rob rumors weren’t true. Please don’t ever make that idea become reality! Boston Rob is the best player to ever play survivor. He has nothing left to prove. (No disrespect to Sandra–love her!)

      • MCS

        I wouldnt cross it off the list just yet. The cast still hasnt been revealed, just the location/concept.

      • Terry

        I don’t know that I’d call him the best, but he was still good. Still, I would’ve preferred more from the current season players(why not ask Naonka why she seened to hate Kelly’s leg so much, she talked about throwing it into the fire) I mean good for Rob for having another baby, but who cares? He’s a past contestant who never won, so lets move on.

      • KarlHall

        If B. Rob plays, it’d be the FOURTH TIME.

        Please no.

        On top of that, Amber was pregnant, so I don’t think he went and left her alone.

    • CBGB

      Jeff. These two comments are great. Yes, there are ways that the game can evolve and become more complex. Redemption Island could be a great new twist. But PLEASE don’t mess with the game’s numbers. The mortal sin you guys have committed is the Final 3 concept, because it undermines the structure of the game and removes the best challenge of the game – the move from three to the Final 2. I really hope (but I’m doubting) that Redemption Island will allow you guys to get back to the original Final 2 game. PLEASE!

      • Annie

        Oh yes, for the love of god, PLEASE bring back the Final 2! I have no problem with your Redemption Island twist, but the Final 3 just sucks and is wholly anticlimactic. I had thought it was going to be a one-season experiment, but sadly it looks like it’s staying. Why on earth??

      • Ashtrash

        The votes usually come down to between 2 people anyway, I don’t see what the big deal is. Having three people adds more drama – the jury gets to cuss out three people, not just two.

        Did anyone actually think Sash would get any votes last night? Heck no. But it was sure fun to watch everyone rip Sash a new one!

        Keep it up, Jeff Probst!! We love you!

      • musica1

        I love the final 3 instead of final 2. It makes the finale an actual competition. It had gotten to be such a blowout because the good player would bring the most lame person and leave the 2nd best behind. This way you actually get to have two good contenders in the finale and usually one lame one who gets no votes. Keep the final 3!!

    • Stephanie

      Agree – Jeff, don’t vote yourself out! Your after show blogs are one of the reasons I came back to the show after several years of not watching. I didn’t love the cast this year either, but the last couple episodes and the finale were exciting and interesting. Redemption Island sounds promising.

    • coulterite

      Perhaps with the addition of RI, we can finally consider getting two hour episodes?? Please!!

      • Ashtrash

        Dude. If Biggest Loser can have 2 episodes of people working out, we should get 2 hours of Survivor!! PLEASE, Jeff!?!!??

    • Pete

      After viewing other comments, I thought I’d weigh in on one or two other issues. I too was disappointed in the amount of time given on the reunion show to people who weren’t part of the season. It may be interesting that Terry, Rob, and Na’Onka’s mom were there, but there is too little time on the show to talk with them. I’d rather have heard about the fire from Tyrone (and his allegations of racism), about why people voted the way they did at FTC, why they got rid of Holly, and particularly from Dr. Jill, who was an intriguing cast member caught in a twist.

      I’m not as opposed to a F3 as some others, but am as curious about what happens in the event of a tie.

      I would also love to know if/when you will decide about signing on for more seasons. I agree you are this show’s biggest personality.

      • Peggy

        I know he has some fans but CBS might be surprised at how few people really care hearing or seeing Boston Rob.

      • Big Daddy

        Agree definitely. Stick to the current Survivors. Much more interesting. And, no more waste of time musical numbers from the contestants.
        Did Mr. Bradshaw have an incidence of flatulance while speaking with Jeff? Sure sounded like it…

    • T

      Jeff, I have an idea: 16 Americans from different walks of life, stranded together. They vote one person off every three days until only one remains. All the twists and gimmicks are neat, but ultimately, us loyal fans still watch the show because of the basic concept. You don’t need Redemption Island or Exile Island or tribe swaps or even HIIs to make us watch-the drama is in the essence of the game. I’ll still watch Redemption Island and give it a chance, but please don’t let the show chance from it really is supposed to be.

      • marco

        we saw that on Tocantins…and look how that borefest turned out

      • Skyler

        @Marco: I liked Tocantins :P

      • Chris B

        T. Great comment. Well said. The essence of the game is what makes it great. Tacking on artificial bells and whistles only takes away from the game. I do think, however, that one or two hidden immunity idols were necessary to flip the game if one group dominated the numbers. Otherwise, please lose the Final 3 and give me back my REAL Survivor.

    • 190

      Check the Ponderosa video and you will see the answer. Noone would speak to Holly, so its doubtful they were going to vote for her. Funny thing is everyone there loved Dan, so maybe he would have won.

    • newlocays

      I think RI is a fairly good idea, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a disaster once we get to it. Speaking of new ideas, hopefully the production team can think of some interesting locations for 23 forward as opposed to the usual – maybe even stay out of the Pacific Ocean for more than 2 years, that would be great.

  • Karen

    I wish they would show the final votes for the million we can see who voted for whom!

    • survyveraddict

      it came be seen at wikipedia; the 2 quitters voted for Chase otherwise it wud have been a landslide for Jud.

      • Ashley g

        Not true, nayonka voted for fabio

    • James

      There is only one thing that I dislike about Survivor and it is that they never show who on the jury voted for whom. I don’t get it. The show is tight in every other way, and then at the finale, they don’t show which jury member voted which way. They could easily slide that in when the winner is hugging their family. Anyone else agree?

      • Hold On

        I agree, but it’s not true that they NEVER show who voted for whom. On occasion, Jeff has verbally stated how the vote went, usually during the time when everyone’s hugging the winner. But I guess with a split vote like this, he felt it would’ve been too complex?

      • Skyler

        @Hold On: True, I remember for Tocantins, Jeff said that JT won every vote. However, since the votes were split, I’m much more interested to see how the votes went!

  • Justin_I

    OK, so how did the final voting go? I’ve been searching around and I cant figure out who voted for who, other than the 4 that were showed on TV. Anyone?

    • Justin

      Holly, Dan, Benry, Kelly, and Marty voted for Fabio. Jane, NaOnka, Brenda, Alina voted for Chase.

      • Al

        So the two quitters split their votes and had no impact. If Kelly had switched to Chase, the two quitter votes would have swung it.

      • cmlaywer

        Are you sure? I find it hard to believe that Jane would have voted for Chase. She was giving him the serious evil eye. On the other hand, I was sure Holly would vote for Chase- she seemed to understand why he voted against her and accept it. SO: are you stating fact or opinion?

      • Dave

        Wikipedia states that Dan, Benry, Kelly, Naonka and Marty voted for Fabio, though they don’t yet cite a source.

      • Robin

        The source may be Fabio’s interview with EW where he said that the three guys and the two quitters voted for him.

      • ChuckLaw

        Holly said on Reality Online that she voted for Chase because he was going to give $100,000 to charity. And, that means the two quitters were necessary for Fabio’s win. Too bad, because I thought Chase played a poor strategic and social game .. vascillating with his alliance and then voting some of them off.

      • Todd

        You guys aren’t supposed to talk about who voted for whom after the final Tribal leading up to the reading of the votes, but the reality is that everyone always does, and you seemed extremely confident — until Chase went up 4-2. You get a little nervous there?

        Dude, yeah! Of course! I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this isn’t what I heard through the grapevine.’ What I think happened is that Alina said she decided to vote for Chase because she didn’t think he was going to get any votes, and Brenda did the same thing. So it was accidentally really close.

        We know you got Marty and Dan’s votes, and I’m guessing Benry’s as well. Who were the other two?
        I believe I got Marty, Benry, Dan, Purple Kelly and NaOnka. NaOnka’s was the one that had 420 and a volcano on it.

        Wow. Who would have thought that NaOnka would have voted for you to win the million dollars?

        I don’t know, but she is so off the wall that I didn’t put it past her. Obviously I needed every vote so it had to go down like that.

    • musica1

      Fabio also said that Alina and Brenda told him they only voted for Chase because they thought he would get no votes and they felt sorry for him. How bad would they have felt if their pity votes actually won it for him.

  • jess

    I do believe this is the final season I will watch.
    I do believe it will change my life in a huge way.
    I do believe I am going to love it.

    • ichorwhip

      I do believe nobody cares. buh-bye

    • CaptainStimpy

      Good for you. Get off the couch & do something outside w/ friends & family. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure you will be sorely missed…

  • Kevin

    I for one am excited for the new twist! I just hope a good cast was selected this time. There really weren’t any likeable players this season. Can’t wait for Feb 16!

  • TorontoTom

    Great job as usual, Probster! Glad you cut Shannon off – the dude has issues. Looking forward to next season but I was hoping for the rumored Boston Rob vs Russell concept that had been floating around. Having strong leaders that can’t be voted out until the merge would be the best change yet. It would be all about keeping the numbers solid – strong players would be valued and kept longer and under the radar types (Dan, Sandra Diaz,etc) would be cut loose early. Consider it for the season after Redemption Island – I think it’d be EPIC!!!

    • cmlaywer

      Glad they are not doing the team captain thing- partly b/c it just reminds us that all of these “spoilers” on here are just people’s guesses. How many spoils were really right?

    • freckles

      agreed with the cutting off Shannon thing. What a tool. Jeff you are the best. Will continue to watch Survivor!!

    • Pat

      I still don’t understand why people think Sandra flew under the radar. She did as much as physically possible and worked her ass of to get rid of RH, but his alliance was too strong. But she also knew when to be quiet and let the troll hang himself. (If she had said one word against the egomaniac and he found out, he would have said, “She thinks she’s goan talk about me? She’s gone!”) I don’t know what more she could have done. Except play a better social game? What a concept.

      • Exile Island

        I think everyone seems to forget that in Heroes vs villains sandra orchestrated coach getting voted out. she went to Russell and told him a lie along the lines of “Coach is mad Rob got voted out and he wants you gone” then coach goes home. Had sandra not done that then Courtney would have been voted out instead of coach and then sandra after her just before the merge

      • musica1

        Amen, Pat! Sandra worked hard for that million on Heroes vs Villains. If Rupert et al had half listened to her they would’ve done much better.

    • wtf

      if epic means stupid, then i agree

      • TorontoTom

        Well, let it stay the same and enjoy season after season of players like Dan getting to the final night. A change that would cause teams to VALUE strong players and STOP hanging onto weak ones that they know they can beat in the end, would indeed be EPIC. When was the last time Survivor got to the final 2 or 3 shows with a real contest instead of “which one of them do I dislike the least”? Read through the posts – viewers are tiring of the way it keeps going down. Read through Dalton’s review of the various seasons – how many end up with dead weight at the end that wins just because they were “nicer”. Time for an EPIC CHANGE…

  • fojoy

    Jeff – LOVED how you dealt with Shannon. What a tool!

  • dave lev

    Great show as usual. Going back to the quitting issue, I think a possible solution should be , if you quit you are off the show completely. Too many players want to stay and get voted off. I would let the last player voted off come back and replace the quitter, this way the jury numbers remain the same. Looking forward to the next season already!

    • Daniel

      Probst hedged his comments about players quitting. He didn’t actually say “you quit, you’re off.” Instead he said “you quit, we have the right to kick you off.” In other words, nothing changes. The producers get to decide depending on when it happens during the game, the circumstances and how it may impact the rest of the game.

    • wtf

      Quitters will always have to come back for the reunion show. For the idiots each season, the final show is not a priviledge. Many probably wouldnt show up without the threat of being sued

    • musica1

      A better solution would be that if you quit, you get NO MONEY whatsoever. When you sign up, part of the pay is that you have to stay until you’re voted out unless you have to leave for medical reasons or family emergency (like Jenna in Allstars).

  • Bruce in NC

    From Wiki

    Fabio – Holly Dan Marty Benry Purple Kelly

    Chase – Brenda Jane Alina Naonka

    • Dan

      It also states on Wiki: citation needed.

    • nope

      reverse naonka and holly

      • Hold On

        Yeah, I think that’s right. Still can’t figure why NaOnka voted Fabio when she gave her idol to Chase, but since when have we ever been able to understand anything she has done…

  • Bonks

    I love Jimmy J. Super stud and great guy. Jeff . . . you are a fantastic host. BRAVO for another great job well done.

    • Stevex

      I wish Jeff had gone back to Jane and Dan about their comments about Sash. Or, just a cage match between Jane and Sash’s mom. Jane dropped a few notches in my opinion with her insults on how Sash was raised.

      • Melanie

        Totally agree. Jane should have left her contempt unspoken. Her eyes said it all.

      • josh

        I agree, Jane talking about Sash’s mom was low class and showed her ugly side. Also, Jeff should apologize to Sash for ruining his night at the Reunion show. Totally bad judgment asking Shannon to respond and humiliating Sash that way. I don’t like Probst, a weakness there…

      • Mon

        I think she might have been so irate because of the allegations about Sash trying to bribe her and one other person to swing the jury.

  • Soap On A Rope

    Jeff. You’r the best. One thing I found to be disturbing was when you were talking to Naonka about her inappropriate behavior, and laughing while doing it, it appeared to me that Survivor was endorsing her bad behavior. If you just had to talk to her, I would like to have heard you say that her behavior on the show set a bad example for any young people who were watching. It would not have been hard for you to have said it on national TV. I understand that it’s all about advertising rates and such. but there are some things you just cain’t put a price on.

    • LMNOP

      Jeff, you are an irreplacable element to Survivor. But I agree with SOaR. It looked to me like you were giving Naonka an out for her over-the-top behavior. Talking to her mom, the way you treated her. I remember Jerri flipping out over how badly she came across on the show, and how she was given a chance later to redeem herself. She was very upset with her social game and insecurity seemed to be at the heart of the cause. If that’s the same with Naonka, the only thing I can think of is you were handling her with TLC in order to prevent her from snapping. But she’s right up there with Russell, perhaps worse, when it comes to judging their comments and their behavior on the show. Worse than Johnny Fairplay.

    • Carol Rosendahl

      Been watching Survivor since the beginning and this season had the least interesting characters I’ve ever seen. Thought crazy NaOnka was going to be interesting, good one to hate, then somehow the nastiness falls out of her and she ups and quits. Seems like much more interested people in earlier seasons. Too much choosing of model types, or loopy older types. Too much editing but maybe with the contestents getting more bland and boring that’s a necessity.

    • Nomad

      Still love Survivor but it’s suffering more and more from bland, uninteresting contestants. Maybe it’s the criteria you’re using to choose them and maybe it’s because they know Survivor too well and they mute everything they do on the show. I think it would be interesting to go out in a mall or something and find interesting looking people who never heard of Survivor and offer them some on-the-spot compensation and they’d have to decide right then and there whether to be on the show or not. Seems like that’s the only way to get some fresh spontaneous responses out of people.

      • argo

        Dan didn’t apply. He was spotted and asked in a bar to do the show.

  • ferretrick

    Come on, Jeff. I realize you can’t badmouth your bosses right now, but you’ve been quite vocal about how you felt about Outcasts and Redemption Island is pretty much the same thing. I realize you like your job and don’t want to be fired, but you could just keep quiet about your views instead of flat out lying.

    • CBGB

      Dude, learn a little bit about how TV works. Probst is an executive producer. Yes, he has bosses, but he is also one of the bosses. Redemption Island is not happening without Jeff Probst’s input. RIght now, Probst has huge power in this production. He is the face of a major TV franchise, and Probst, I so admire that you are smart enough to not get bored, not get a huge ego and to stay committed to success. You get the Bob Barker award, and that is a compliment. That dude was a legend.

  • connecticut bill

    where is redemtion island? where is the next survivor going to take place? anyone know?

    • Jerry

      The same location, Nicaragua.

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