What is your most anticipated movie of 2011?

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It’s fair to say that 2011 is close to bursting with highly anticipated movies — for one thing, Steven Spielberg has two movies coming out in practically the same week next December. But when I asked you, PopWatchers, which films in 2011 you simply cannot wait to see, these seven titles rose above all the rest: Scream 4, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Hangover Part II, Green Lantern, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. But which of these semi-finalists will emerge as your most anticipated film of 2011? Well, that’s up to you; vote below, and then sound off on your choice in the comments:

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  • Lex


    • murkey

      what the hell is wrong with you people we’ve had a harry potter movie like every year for the last DECADE

      Scream 4 is going to be so meta … it’s going to re-invent the game yo

      • Rashad

        Scream 4 is gonna be FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!

      • Mike

        As much as love the first Scream I have doubts about this. Craven hasen’t made a decent movie in a while.

      • yeah

        ummm this is the LAST harry potter there will EVER be…when the 7th book came out we were excited because there was still a lot of movies to come out but this movie marks the end of an amazing journey.
        so yeah..i’m excited for the harry potter movie

      • Brooke

        Hoping SCREAM will be good, wish Patrick Dempsey was in it!

      • Bazinga!

        HP7 part 2 marks the official end of childhood and magic. Too bad there’s nothing on the horizon to take it’s place.

      • joe

        uh did u see scream 3? That was a reinvention for a bowl of shit

      • Nick T

        Yes between those two, I chose HP. It’s the end of an era. Still pumped for Scream 4 though.

      • Theresa

        ummm hello its Harry Potter!!!! obviously its going to win

      • Michelle

        I hope Scream 4 will be good. But I know Harry Potter will; Haryy Potter FTW!!

      • Michelle


      • Ana

        exactly, this is the end, it’s going to be massive, theee eeennnddd!!!

      • Douglas oman sparto

        Every1 vote scream 4

      • LC1

        Wat! Harry Potter frigging awsum. Wat r u smokin?

      • AngelaMostWanted

        Lol ok scream so old school twilight is what’s hot and in and is still following a story. Like screams story ended what more can they do with it

      • nikki

        Scream has had a couple too, I’m looking forward to Scream more than HP, the 6th one was shit and I haven’t seen the first part yet but I don’t really want too, Scream is the end of an era and has been and is going to be amazing.

      • Ashley


      • farrah

        since it was supposed to come out but since it was moved to 2013 ><…
        MY CREYSSS

      • tomomi

        It’s Harry freaking Potter
        you don’t understand–he’s a legend, man, to us all.

      • lucy

        ^^^^^^^^ aaahh yes! it’s harry freakin potter we dont prefer gandalf, merlin, or oz!

      • Clar

        Every son and daughter safe from You-Know-Who all because of you.

      • Sarah

        Yeah, so?
        This is going to be the last one! The one that sums up the purpose for the first seven! So suck on that!

      • andres

        A HP movie nearly every year… are you concious that this will be the last HP movie? Apart from that, only the first Scream was good, the others sucked. I believe this one, the 4th, will be like the latest friday 13th movie… a waste of money and time.

      • Jason

        It’s the LAST film, thats why. Scream can fuck off.

      • marwoo.tumblr.com

        someones a bit cranky…. tumblr always wins sowwy kiddo. enjoy your movie muahhaa

      • Christine

        Are you an idiot?

      • Stefanie

        i know, isn’t it great?

      • MadelineTwilightHaterHPOTTERLOVER

        We have NOT had a Potter movie every year! They are different each time, and scream 4 is kinda not the best movie series of all time, (like HP)

    • b

      Unsurprising poll results are unsurprising!

      • Brian

        Where to find the cheesiest pizza in town!

      • bethanymae


        I’m looking forward to Restless. Shame it’s not on this list. I can guarentee it’ll be better than a number of these…

      • Jessie

        Haha Brian, that’s Ellen Degeneres! Love itt

      • cyan

        Harry POtter!!

      • Amy


      • Grace

        people are actually excited for scream 4 what the eff you guys are retarded.
        harry potter ftw.

    • LOL

      The Green Hornet!

      • Paula

        How bout Green Lantern???

      • sarah

        green hornet comes out this year i thought? christmas?

      • B

        Green Hornet comes out January 14.

      • kelsey

        Yes! Agree :)

      • thin

        I was excited for Green Lantern until I saw the trailer. Looks terrible.

      • thin

        Whoops, forgot to add that I *am* excited for Green Hornet.

    • Jerv

      Wow. One Part II, Three Part IV’s, and One Part VIII. Gooooo originality.

      • datruth82

        Bwahahahahaha – best post on here *_0

      • Terry

        Yeah, superheroes and sequels. There is not one film on this list I’m looking forward to.

      • Meso Soup

        THOR b*tches!!!

      • Koozebane

        I agree. Hollywood needs a year full of Original Films…not endless sequels and crap.

      • andres

        Yeah, original films.. like Avatar. Your comment reminds me of lovely James Cameron.

      • Jason

        Who’s to say a sequel can’t be original. Example: Deathly Hallows.

    • Gossip Gurl


      • Dr. 2011

        This comment FTW!!

    • Alice

      Accio July!

      • marwoo.tumblr.com

        harry potter, bow down

    • melissa


    • Kaline

      BREAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!

      Be Careful HP! We Closer and we’ll win …AGAIN and AGAIN haha

      • Tia Johnson

        Agreed lool I luv it

      • loly ahmed

        I can’t frickin wait 4 Breaking Dawn!!!!! i wana see Jacobbbb^^
        U guys hav gotta b kidding me with scream4!!

      • Raven

        (: love twilight!

      • liz

        twilight is ass lol the books suck and they have no personalities
        there should be no movie

      • Jodi

        I’ve re-read the Breaking Dawn book so many times I’m wearing out the paper! Can’t WAIT for the movies!!!!

      • Sami

        Oh wow. Breaking Down can suck it. Harry Potter all the way. It will beat Breaking Dawn. All the freaking way.

      • crystal

        Breaking dawn all the way harry potter sucks its the worse movie iv ever seen

      • tomomi

        Twilight has been winning though…

      • Jenny

        Breaking Dawn will consist of sex, blood, and pointlessness. Why is this even being made into a film…? Definitely one movie I will never, ever see. HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! I prefer good triumphing over evil as opposed to zombie vampire babies and pedophilia.

      • lucy

        i have nothing against twilight but SERIOUSLY! breaking dawn won’t even compare to harry potter! its the end of an era! its the end of my childhood! but watch breaking dawn will big for like a week and then the twilight mania will be done but harry potter will always be around! there is no getting rid of harry potter or its fans!

      • anon

        harry potter: the end of an era, a series that teaches about love, friendship, bravery, courage, and the power of good triumphing over evil, all wrapped in a magical adventure that will remain classic for years to come.

        twilight: a series that basically tells you having a boyfriend is the most important thing in the world, presented in a manner such that a girl is essentially choosing between necrophilia and beastiality.

        i think we all know who the winner is

      • minnie mouse

        for one i can not wait for this movie :DDDDD but the reason im comenting in the first place why do people who dont like twilight ALWAYS have to coment on something about it if yu dont like it why waste yur time sayin dumb immature shit . nobody bad talks HP i for one cant wait for either , i love them both :D

      • SOFIA

        BREAKING DOWN FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • pedro

        harry potter is verigood é demais

      • Jason

        LMFAO keep dreaming. Twilight will never be as popular and as loved as HP. It’s already fact, stop trying to make it seem like Breaking Dawn has a chance.

      • Liam

        Win what? Twilight hasn’t outgrossed any Harry Potter movie. The highest Twilight movie doesn’t even touch the lowest grossing Harry Potter movie.

      • Trinity

        I am so agreeing with you hp is dead .we have been waitin for a decade people!it’s old!vote for breaking dawn

      • Jeremy

        Hellz ya twilight 4 EVER

    • Sammie

      Long live Harry Potter! xD

      • Trinity

        We all know what happens at the end of hp.Harry wins and voldemort dies that’s it .a whole decade of anticipation wasted!at Least twilight has good fans who appreciate what they have

    • DANI



    • DANI

      los vampiros son mas
      sexis que los magos
      con lentes

      • diego

        como una persona puede estar pensando en lo sexy , harry potter no tiene q desnudarse para ganar a mas fans.

    • DANI

      los vampiros
      mas sexis

      que los magos con lentes

    • silmara

      harry potter is perfect

    • joshua potter

      i super duper ultra mega love harry potter too..:]]]whoa!!
      harry potter is awesome compare to twilight,..

  • Lorena Haro

    Harry Potter all the way!!!!!!!!

    • MOVIEgeek


      • Clar


      • Jason

        TinTin? Lmao.

    • Nemo


  • Danuka

    Harry Potter and Captain America even though it wasn’t on this list.

    • david

      That would be a good mash-up!

  • JM

    Harry Potter is the only film I’m really desperate to see as soon as possible.

    • rebecca190

      Agree! Harry Potter definitely! :D

  • apolloallyn

    Harry Potter and Scream 4!

    • Checo

      Scream 4…Can’t wait to see it, but Twilight..boring…

  • a person

    Harry Potter!!! its taking tooo long!!!

    • sum1

      hey, a least this is the last 1

  • MysterE

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Trey

    In order:

    Harry Potter
    Scream 4

    • Laurie

      I agree with that order… that’s my order of must-see too!

    • MCS

      I agree

    • Brooke

      Gag me on Harry Potter. What a waste.

      • Bazinga!

        @ Brooke – so very sorry you missed out on an amazing experience. I feel very sad for you.

      • Kevin

        You want to gag on Harry Potter? S!ut

      • Jane

        @Kevin Bahahaha That’s hilarious!

      • david

        Harry Brooke and the Deathly Boner?

      • Sarah

        What a waste? Bazinga! is right.
        It is an amazing and well written series. You are truly missing out on a wonderful story. I pity you.

    • jodipo

      I approve this order, but would also add Green Lantern at #4 and a tie for #5 for Fright Night and X-Men First Class

  • Ben

    London Boulevard is my most anticipated…

  • yodelmuffin

    Honestly I’m most excited about Zach Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”. That movie looks amazing. From this list I’d have to say Pirates and Thor are my top picks

  • Doomofman

    Battle: Los Angeles

    • Nathan


    • Jeremy

      I thought they renamed that one Independence Day Copycat Part 12.

  • megan

    Breaking Dawn part 1

    • Hed

      no. why is it even on the list?

      • Alice

        Because even though people won’t like it it will be one of the biggest movies of the year

    • Heather P

      I just watched Eclipse last night for the first time. Of the book series it was my favorite. (not that that is saying much about a mediocre series) I was unimpressed with the movie. I’d heard it was more action-oriented that the other too. I plugged it in and started watching it with my husband. He got up and left the room 10 minutes in. I watched it just so I could see it but I have to agree with him. It was boring. Breaking Dawn was easily the worst book of the series, I’ll not be in line to see it. Though I may catch in on Netflix like I did for Eclipse.

      • tomomi

        YES, I actually haven’t read Breaking Dawn yet because I got tired of the series after the third book. I really don’t know why so many people can like it… it’s horrible.

    • Ellis

      Ugh I can’t believe they are even making this travesty into a film, much less TWO films! As a fan of the first three books and someone who enjoyed the films for the silly fluff that they are, the fourth book is TERRIBLE! It seriously reads like bad fanfiction. I like to pretend like it was never released…

      • TGS


      • Ellis

        Haha sorry if I shattered any illusions you might have had about our collective insanity. But for real, people take it WAY too seriously. And I’m including the haters in that statement. It isnt the best series of books this decade, nor is it indicative of a mass trend toward acceptance of misogyny. The books are just a fun fantasy. So what if women like the idea of being romanced by a grogeous alpha male? That doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be with one in real life. Most women who “love Edward Cullen” would actually slap him in the face if he were their real boyfriend.

      • Christina

        Ellis- I agree with you that the Twilight series isn’t the best seris ever (more like the worst) but I fear you might be underestimating the power of the misogynistic crap Meyer wrote. Like when Edward forcibly stops Bella from seeing Jacob, her best friend (slash only friend). I mean, to me, it is really, really disturbing that this relationship between Bella and Edward is treated by Meyer as perfection and utterly flawless. She even writes on her website that none of the accepted romantic heroes of classic literature can compare to Edward! She clearly has no clue that Edward is an abusive d-bag, and to me it isn’t much of a stretch that a 16 year old girl could be obsessed with Twilight and if her boyfriend started being possessive she might even be happy, thinking “OMG he’s acting just like Edward who’s totes the best BF ever!!” or whatever. That was a long sentence, but you get my point. I hope you’re right, and that that would never happen, but I’m not so sure that impressionable young teens wouldn’t see Edward’s abuse for what it really is.

      • Mia

        Lol at Edward being abusive. The guy basically rolls over for Bella, he’s so wipped it’s unreal. If anyone is abusive in that relationship it’s Bella. At least Edward acknowledges his mistakes and seeks to rectify them, Bella on the other hand continues to do things without giving a crap about her boyfriends feelings.

      • Brianna

        Totally agree on the bad fanfiction. Breaking Dawn should have never been written or being made into a movie.

      • Clar


      • Sarah

        There is NOT enough meat in that book to fill up TWO movies. It would be fine with just one.

        Anywho, Harry Potter all the way!!

    • Jenny

      Harry Potter Part 2
      Breaking Dawn Part 1
      Green Lantern

    • betty vesikula

      yes i am looking forward to seeing breaking dawn part 1.i seriously loved reading the books. so i cant wait to see the movies.

    • iltnmebd

      You’re awesome :D

    • lucy

      why is breaking dawn even being made into two parts. harry potter needs it because there is so much necessary information that can’t be excluded. but breaking dawn???? its basically just bella getting pregnant, jacob falling in love with bella’s daughter and then a big “fight”(if you can even call it that) at the end where no one actually does anything but stand around except for a few people! and then i think there is somewhere in there about jacob complaining about bella and edward, but when does that not happen anyway

      • tomomi

        um WUT. It’s being made into two parts? Oh dear God. That is so unnecessary.

      • Ana

        i agree with you! why is breaking dawn even being made into two parts!!!?
        i love your point of view!!

      • Angela :)

        I totally agree with you.. breaking dawn it’s completly unnecesary to do in two parts!! I read a little bit of this book and all is the same thing bella crazy about edward , jacob crazy to find someone to love, and the same fights all the books of the saga of twilight are the same!

  • Tha Phoenix

    Harry Potter


    Hangover II

  • Kiki

    ScREAM 4!!!

  • Jenn

    EW remove Green Lantern and add Cowboys and Aliens.

    • Nathan

      No kidding, Green Lantern looks like all kinds of lame.

      • Tom C

        Gotta love that circa 1996 CGI they’re using, looks like friggin Spawn!

      • Will

        Green lantern looks amazing what are you talking about!?

    • chocolateislove

      Lol Cowboys and Aliens looks either epicly awesome or epicly lame. Either way, I’m definitely seeing it!

    • Brett

      Leave Green Lantern on the list, lose “Hangover II” and the latest “Twilight” and add “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

      • Boo Radley

        This, exactly. Hangover was funny the first time, but it’s not a repeatable plot device. Twilight-ew.

      • Katyo

        Yeah, I’m kinda nervous about Hangover II. Boo Radley is exactly right, how can you use being roofied and forgetting your entire night more than once?

    • s

      The title is Cowboys and Aliens. What more do you want?

    • Koozebane

      Beware: Cowboys and Aliens is directed by John Favraue from the God-Awful Iron Man 2.

      • Anloymith

        Right, but he also directed the actually pretty good Iron Man 1.

    • Pete

      Cowboys and ALIENS(July)

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