Aaron Sorkin: 'Sarah Palin is deranged'

sorkin-palinImage Credit: Munawar Hosain/Fotos International/Getty Images; Gilles Mingasson/DiscoveryAaron Sorkin doesn’t like Sarah Palin. I know, stop the presses! In a wondrous rant on HuffPo today (Please, Aaron, get your own real blog! They’re easy to set up!), Sorkin called Palin out for her caribou hunting. Palin had already written, “Unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight’s episode.” But Sorkin sees it a different way. “What she did [was] heart-stoppingly disgusting” and tantamount to a “snuff film,” he writes. “You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals.”

Hey, I’ve heard that one before. On Sports Night.

Season 1, episode 3, “The Hungry and the Hunted,” is about, among other things, Sorkin’s distaste for hunting, and he communicates it through the sweet, nervous Jeremy, who’s sent on an assignment to produce a segment for a hunting show. He has panic attack and is later forced to admit why he didn’t want the assignment in the first place. The video is here, but since it’s not embeddable, I’ll transcribe part of it:

Jeremy: …Later at the hospital, [the hunter/host] was telling me about the nobility and tradition of hunting, and how it related to the Native American Indians, and I nodded, and I said that was interesting, while I was thinking about what a load of crap it was. Hunting was part of Indian culture. It was food and it was clothes and it was shelter They sang and danced and offered prayers to the gods for a successful hunt so that they could survive one more unimaginably brutal winter. The things they had to kill held the highest place of respect for them, and to kill for fun was a sin. And they knew the gods wouldn’t be so generous next time. What we did wasn’t food, and it wasn’t shelter, and it sure wasn’t sports. It was just mean.

Also, not for nothing, but Sorkin’s zinger, “What a uniter you’d be — bringing the right together with the far right” also made an appearance on The West Wing. President Bartlet said it to Governor Ritchie in the debate in “Game On”: “Actually, what you’ve done in Florida is bring the right together with the far right.”

We’ve all read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and we’ve all had to consider its implications, particularly as it pertains to factory farming and the capacity for animals to suffer. It’s tough to argue that the fate of Palin’s slain caribou is necessarily worse than a cow in a Temple Grandin-designed slaughter pen, and even the debate-happy Sorkin seems to dodge that one. His beef — har har — boils down to the fact that Palin actively enjoys hunting, and he thinks that’s disgusting.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Is it a coincidence that Sorkin and Maureen Dowd both wrote about this today? Is there a Sports Night or West Wing moment you’d rather see reenter the political discourse? For me, it’s the “I’m not embarrassed my son was gay — my government is” scene from “Take Out the Trash Day.”

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  • Rolo Tomasi

    If you don’t like hunting, don’t hunt.

    • hf

      I don’t have a problem with hunting, most of my family are hunters. But we always eat what they kill. It is pretty sick to kill an animal just for the thrill of killing it. I haven’t seen the show, did she really kill the animal just for fun? If so, that would make her one twisted individual.

      • Jay

        I didn’t see the show eaither, but I read somewhere that her family does eat the meat.
        Nothing wrong with that

      • jp

        She did eat the meat. They went on the hunting trip to fill their freezers for the winter.

      • Liza

        They trimmed the carcass and stored the meat for the winter. I don’t understand the big deal.

      • Anne

        no, they eat it

      • SisterZip

        while I dislike Ms. Palin and pretty much everything she stands for, we don’t know what happened to that caribou. The meat may have been donated to a shelter or food pantry.

        That said, Mr. Sorkin is right. She’s crazy.

      • Mac

        Hunting licenses bring in more money for federal conservation than anything else. Way more. Most hunters and outdoorsmen are bigger environmentalists than Hollywood types will ever be. IF hunting can be sustainable, there is nothing wrong with it, even if it’s just for the sport. I HATE Sarah Palin and she is deluded, but anti-hunting crusaders need to get their facts straight: Legal hunting is part of the solution to saving God’s Green Earth.

      • wtf

        As long as someone eats the meat, its all good. I don’t hunt, but I love the meat.
        Any1 who watches her show should be hunted like an animal anyway

      • dan

        Nathan thanks for the smile!

      • Jeff

        It was not just for fun. After skinning and field butchering what they could carry out from the tundra and get on the plane. Later it shows the hunters back home, packaging and freezing the meat. There was no “Trophy Hunting” here

      • Howard

        The big deal is that Sorkin hates Sarah Palin, and when she did something that he disapproved of, he jumped on her with both feet. Aaron, you’re a great writer, but every once in a while, keep your mouth shut until you know the facts (oh, and don’t go back on the crack).

        And Margaret, I’d love to see a political figure that has the gift for language like any of the characters in Sports Night. The first season of that show was GOLD.

      • Aaron

        Actually, she most likely kept the meat this time.. When she shoots wolves from a helicopter, she does that purely for entertainment.

      • Pastor D

        Sarah Palin is a twisted individual anyway. Anyone who would vote for her would have to have an I.Q. below that of a snail!! She’s a quitter, not very intelligent and disgusting!!

      • bailoutsos

        She was actually very smart to stay out of the tax cut issue. No matter which way it goes no one will remember, in 2012, that she did not take a stand on something that affects millions of Americans. Hiding in Alaska when there are tough issues.

      • Everett Spangler

        They are like most hunters they hunt for the meat to help feed there family just like you and me Watch the show they fish and smoke it to save and eat.

      • JapesMacfarland

        HF, no Sarah did shoot it with the intent to “fill her freezer” Sorkin just lied because he is a leftist, and leftists will near always lie if it supports their agenda. The left does not hold truth as high a value as the right. Its true. ;)

      • JapesMacfarland

        Hey Pastor D, you wrote:
        “Sarah Palin is a twisted individual anyway. Anyone who would vote for her would have to have an I.Q. below that of a snail!! She’s a quitter, not very intelligent and disgusting!!”

        For attempting to take away the humanity and demean the person-hood of another, for unjustly ridiculing millions of people that support her, and again, trying to demean their inherent dignity, God has decided that he doesn’t like you anymore. Your fired.

      • JapesMacfarland

        Hey Aaron,
        You said that she shoots wolves “purely for entertainment”
        I don’t know about Sarah, but I’m sure that you know that this culling is done to save other animals lives and often to protect people and help balance the ecosystem. Or how could you not know this when you shared your negative presupposition of Sarah’s motives?
        Perhaps you are lying, or trying to project a distortion which you believe will further your overall agenda of capitalizing on compassion to gain more power? Oh yea, you’re a leftist and I understand that therefore you do not prioritize truth before your agenda. That’s pretty sick, man. Don’t you know that people who unjustly, dishonestly, judge other’s motives are, by definition, scumbags? How could you do this to yourself?

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
        Dennis Prager

      • tv fan

        She killed the caribou and then she and her dad cut it up and took it to garage to wrap up all the meat for the freezer. Yep, I’d say it was for eating — she even thanked its spirit for bringing food to her table.

      • nuser

        She killed the animal for the episode.

      • Males Macfarland

        the peole here who are saying she did it out of cruelty (getting pleasure from another’s pain) or for ratings of the show are likely lying because they are leftists. This has long been an advantage the left has, which is their willingness to lie for the sake of a greater good. Ie. Situational ethics.
        Yet anyone who watched the show and knows anything about that family knows that she made a big point out of giving thanks for the animal, and that it was to be used completely and gratefully. How many time does she have to say that they fill their large freezer for the winter with meat, and that this is not an uncommon thing for people of that area of The US to do. yet, again I don’t think the people here who are pretending like those facts I mentioned don’t exist are stupid, just dishonest.

      • danabob

        She doesn’t need the food, but she does need the ratings, so she did it for t.v., nothing else. How come people are so against anyone who has a negative comment about Palin, but is all right when she says unfounded things about others she doesn’t like, it is just one more example of the hypocrasy of the narrow minded right wing. It is okay to threaten any elected official who doesn’t vote your way. Whatever happened to “write your congressman”, not threaten, vandalize or shoot your congressman?

      • mike

        You people make me sick. You damm rights we shoot wolfs in alaska. Two years ago we had a teacher in a village outside Point Heiden who got killed while taking a walk in the village by a pack of wolfs. This year they in came in and ate
        dogs that were on there chains.You people who run your mouth like having a bad day in the bathroom have never lived anywhere eles then Fred Meyer. And to talk about trig the way you do you people are deranged. Your no better than that guy that did what he did in AZ. on Saturday.

    • SLB

      Hunting does offend me but Sarah Palin does. The woman is deranged.

      • Nathan

        Like to set up a hunting trip to shoot me some Palins, starting with that little tard Trig!

      • Marlene

        @Nathan – I bet Trig has more sense and compassion than you do. Go play in traffic.

      • Donna Rose

        Nathan – I can’t stand Sarah Palin but your comment about her son is downright disgusting.

      • Mark T

        No point hunting Trig, the meat wouldn’t be nutritious at all.

      • Nathan

        In the old days, a kid like Trig would have been discarded and used for Lion food, these days they end up in Congress.

      • Sarah

        calling someone a little tard how disrespectful

      • Sue

        Nathan, you are pathetic.

      • Calif. gal

        ITA and passed it on to her potty-mouth girls!

      • Brad in Edmonton

        Nathan = funny

      • Adam

        Nathan you are a funny man, shoot me some trades lol…. Thank G-d we don’t live in a country where the mentally disabled are killed but I do think that Trig is probably more intelligent then his mom the nutjob of America.

      • Richard

        You may want to get a life. Palin will never be President but Obama should have never been President! Chew on that one for awhile

      • George

        Nathan, thanks for a much-needed laugh.

      • JapesMacfarland

        Hey Nathan, re your calling Sarah’s baby a retard and wishing he would be shot dead.
        You are a bad person and are, effectively, already dead. How does it feel to have a spirit the size of a dried, burnt up pea? lol :)

      • JapesMacfarland

        So can anyone here tell me why the those on the Left are overwhelmingly full bile and mean spiritedness? I thought you guys were the “compassionate” ones, or is it that you just capitalize on compassion for the sake of power? Yea that’s what I thought. You won’t win by the way.

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
        Dennis Prager

      • JapesMacfarland

        You want to shoot Sarah’s children, Nathan? Well don’t worry. A time is coming soon when you’ll have a chance to murder people on the right. You just have to be patien, you’ll get your chance; and yes, they’ll be plenty of children for you. (also the retards will mostly be from conservative families since they’re less likely to kill them before birth)
        So yes, you’ll get to do some killing soon. I just hope you’re taken out before you get the chance.

      • onechance

        Yeah and i would like to put my foot up your low life ass Picker head.


      All liberals and worshippers of the One-Termer are deranged.

      • sara

        they let you have computers in the mental institution??

      • Nat

        Doesn’t this comment belong on Fascist News…um I mean Fox News?

      • Alex

        If we ever really do see the words “President-Elect Sarah Palin”, I think Canada’s population is going to spike by about 300 million.

      • Sue1

        Her rabid fans might support her, but powerful Republicans do not. She may well have cost McCain the election…Thank God.

      • mia

        I am Canadian and you are more than welcome if that crazy lady gets anywhere is politics. I was scared to death last election and I don’t even live there!

      • zz

        As opposed to worshippers of the HALF termer?

      • wipeout

        Good one, zz!


        You’re screen name scares the bejeezuz out of me.

      • Idiots on Board

        Go to Canada please. This country will be awesome with out you.

      • Alex

        @Idiots on Board – Yes, the country would be better without the majority of Americans that are terrified of the prospect of Palin having the nuclear codes. /sarcasm

      • Barb

        of your meds again?

      • Alex

        I don’t know anyone that’s of their meds. ;)

      • @ Alex

        LOL. Come on up. We’ll need all the help we can get when she decides that WE are Russia cause she can see us from her doorstep. (sigh) And as much as I love Aaron Sorkin’s shows and hate Sarah Palin’s megalomaniacal grip on American Media, he was WAY off base with this one. Like Ted Nugent (who hunts old style with bow and arrow), her family does use the meat from their kill. Don’t know what they do with the skin, head or hooves, but I’m okay with hunting for a reasonable purpose.

      • Elizabeth

        Nathan, you are a disgusting human being. Do not say that hideious word about an innocent child. I am sure your mother and father would be so proud to hear you speak to unkindly. You are disgusting.

      • Calif. gal

        @PESP: AHA! You sound like a worshipper yourself – imbibing some of Sarah’s Haters tea.

      • wtf

        We dont want no more Americans up here.
        But hey, if 300 million americans move up here, ill move to america.

      • Pablo

        President of Jizz Swallowers of America

      • Kelly

        Amen! That’s the truth.

      • Bubba

        What one-termer? Pretty likely Obama will be re-elected, so you can’t mean him. Not Palin, ’cause she’s the half-termer.

      • Adam

        I said that if Bush got reelected I would move to Canada, but my wife at the time put her foot down. Well now I am divorced and I swear to the all mighty if Palin is elected president I will move out of the country. Canada is probably where I would end up but they speak english in Australia so who knows where I will end up, but seriously I am gone if she wins.

      • Cara

        Funny if you all weren’t so threatened by her you wouldn’t be making the comments. Hunting is legal by the way, and they do eat the meat. I think the biggest thing liberals do not like about her is the fact she cares more for babies living than animals. Pro-life and pro-hunting, think about that one. Most of you care more about a moose than an unborn baby, why?

      • Adam

        Cara, I am not against hunting and could care less if Palin does it. Would I do it hell no. Am I a fan of abortion, no but the Supreme Court has ruled off over 30 years that it is a right women have in this country. The thing that I don’t like about Palin and many right wing Republicans is that they think being smart or intellectual is a bad thing. They want to elect people that are just like the guy next door. Us liberals want to elect the brightest most intellectual person we can find. And in truth many Republicans feel this way as well and don’t like Palin either. She is not intellectually curious and that is frighting. I value the opinions of Republicans who use their brains such as Buckley or David Brooks or George Will. But the extreme right Palin supporters are tearing down the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Shame on them.

      • PurpleOnka

        Not intellectually curious is a nice way of putting it.
        She is stupid. I guess her IQ to be 90 at best, but probably closer to 85

      • anb

        The hypocrisy of so many posters is stunning, as usual. Adam above is classic: “We want to elect the brightest, most intellectual person we can find.” My intellectual friend, because you are so intelligent, I am sure you have studied the high correlation between IQ and performance in office. Of course, the left tends to ignore evidence when it doesn’t fit their predetermined view of the world, so maybe not. The right is intellectually honest and cohesive, but also recognizes that other qualities are important in elected officials. So you keep mumbling to yourself about how smart the Left is, and I’ll keep watching Maxine Waters and James Carville and try to be inspired by their, and your, brilliance.

      • jon

        McCain will be forever cursed for turning Palin loose on the world. Someone needs to just drive a stake through her heart and end this all. Still think Trig is Bristol’s.

      • Matt

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure Trig is in fact Bristol’s child.

      • mark bottasso

        i hope that the libs do move to canada if sarah palin is elected it sure would make life a lot easier to get rid of all that trash
        the us would then be a far better place to live thank god!

    • Brenda Barrett

      I think people that like to hunt should hunt each other.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        Excellent comment.

      • Jim

        You can to be the prey.

      • Justin

        Then I hope you enjoy hunting, because I am an excellent marksman.

      • Pablo

        You are right Brenda. I love hunting “accidents” One less yahoo!

      • Piccolo

        Maybe they could just have an island where they send all of the convicted felons currently on death row and that could be the new season of Survivor.

      • JapesMacfarland

        He Pablo, you wrote:
        ” I love hunting “accidents” One less yahoo!”

        Actually you are the “yahoo” or, worthless person, for wishing death on another person. You have become what you hate. How does it feel? lol :)

        “The bigger the citizen the government the smaller the citizen.”
        Dennis Prager

      • Hometown Buffet

        Maxine Waters and Carville are not smart? A helluva lot smarter than Bachmann. Palin, O’Donnell, Steve King, Palladino, DeMint, Boehner, Tancredo, Shrub and the rest of your bigots.

    • Mandy

      That’s like saying “If you don’t like murdering people, don’t murder people”. Okay, fair enough, but I can still be upset when other people do it.

      • YH

        Mandy FTW

      • Moo

        Mandy: animals aren’t people. Sorry to burst your bubble. Humans have hunted and eaten animals since the beginning of time. Do you get mad when a cheetah takes down a gazelle in Africa? Cause that’s just mean, isn’t it?

      • Jay

        Humans are NOT animals. Humans have been hunting animals since the beginning of time. If everyone thought like you did, humans would have died off millions of years ago.
        Why dont you do us a favor and off yourself before you reproduce

      • Andrew Lincoln

        Fyi… Humans ARE animals. Mammals anyone?

      • Just sayin’

        We sure as heck get mad when a bear or a mountain lion or a shark takes down a human for food.

      • Moo

        @ Just sayin': we get mad? Honestly? You get MAD when that happens? You say, “Oh, that bear is so mean and heartless for killing that human?” I sure don’t. I say, “The bear was hungry or frightened and that’s nature taking its course.”

      • Dave

        @Jay: suggesting that someone kill themselves is grounds to be convicted of manslaughter if the person does do it. Suggesting it also can open you to prosecution for assault. STFU.

      • Aaron

        Suggesting someone commits suicide is NOT a crime Dave. Nice Try. Only assisting.

      • Just sayin’

        If systematically hunting down ‘problem’ bears (or wolves, or whatever) and killing them qualifies as getting mad, then yes, ‘we’ collective humans get mad.

      • Jack


        Animals hunt other animals to survive…not for sport.

        When the bears are armed with high powered rifles and can hunt from the sky via helicopter, we’ll call it even.

    • Tom

      Sarah Palin is deranged. And Ricky Martin is gay. And you need food and oxygen to live.

      • Katie

        HAHA EXACTLY!!!

      • Kelly

        In a nutshell, Tom. Bingo.

      • JapesMacfarland

        And you’re a moron who can’t back up your pathetic attempt to dehumanize another. Oh yea, and Canada is pathetic compared to America, always has been, everyone knows it and you’ll likely be stopped before you get to fulfill your dream of murdering conservatives. Sorry Tom tom., haha :)

        “The bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
        Dennis Prager

      • Hometown Buffet

        I don’t know if you realize it but Canada is in a lot better shape than we are from real estate to health care. The problem with arrogant ignorant folks like yo i syou think we are number 1. The right has done a good job of deregulating and dumbing us down. You are a prime example of America’s not so finest.

      • Japes Macfarland

        @Hometown Buffet

        What you don’t seem to realize is that we’re all on the same side. It is when government becomes too big that the real political problems begin. It isn’t about Canada vrs America. It is about freedom for all individuals from the State; as much as possible and over egalitarianism. Let charity be charity and it will flourish.

    • Mark

      If you don’t like hunting & killing defenseless animals, don’t hunt??
      How about If you don’t like abortions, don’t have an abortion?

      Got it.

      • Basia

        @Mark – No, it’s more like “If you don’t like abortions, adopt a child.”

      • AuntSassy

        I agree – if you don’t like abortions, don’t have one and leave those that do alone.

      • Daniel

        @Mark – I love you…

      • Pablo

        I wish your mom had one Mark

      • Nathan

        I think Pablo’s mom tried to have one, but it was only 70% successful.

    • Nathan

      If they need meat so bad, they just harvest Bristol, she’s bound to have more meat on her bones than any caribou on earth!

      • Pisces228

        You’re an effing moron. Go crawl back in your hole.

      • Riley


      • Zombie Jesus

        Knockin me out with those “American thighs”?

      • Pablo

        She’s too gamey. The fat B$#@*

      • George

        This guy is on it today … Hilarious!

    • Chandler02

      The idea that they did it to “fill their freezers” is ABSURD. It cost the Palin’s nearly $50,000 to go on the hunting trip. If you REALLY needed to fill your freezer, getting meat from the grocery store is far cheaper.

      • joblo

        So buying meat at a store is okay, but hunting it is deranged and barbaric? It’s all dead animal, people. And it’s no worse dead from a human hunter than a bear or a wolf. Dead is dead. I don’t think a lot of people here understand Alaska (and other hunting regions). Hunting is just a part of life. She’s not doing anything that an average joe doesn’t do regularly up there. The idea that it’s deranged is obnoxiously out of touch and arrogantly snobbish.

      • Hold On

        Exactly, joblo. And since her show is supposed to be ABOUT Alaska, that’s why she showed that aspect of it. It wouldn’t be a realistic show about Alaska if she DIDN’T show that. But you’re right, clearly a large percentage of people in highly-populated areas don’t comprehend that. And you’re also right about the snobbish aspect of it … I don’t understand why is it OK to think “I don’t need to hunt to eat, so therefore nobody else in the world should be allowed to hunt, either.”

      • captain

        actually the production co.probably paid for the ‘hunt’. but at a million dollars per episode sarah could afford it.

      • B652

        $50K? Where do you think she went hunting, Mars? Even if she rented a plane, she was looking at $500 to $1,000 depending on where she flew to (probably from Wasilla to the interior, where the caribou herds are) If she got a full grown male, she brought back over a hundred pounds of meat. From a cost benefit it is cheaper to get meat from hunting than to buy it, just a lot more effort.
        And I agree with joblo and Hold On. To liberals in California this seems like some sort of a hobby, that people in Alaska just walk out their back door and start shooting at any animal they see. Hunting is very strictly regulated in Alaska, and only a few people every year are allowed to hunt the caribou. As a result the herds are thriving, numbering in the 100’s of thousands.

    • ktwolf

      She didn’t hunt and kill that caribou for the meat… she killed it for her own self-aggrandizement.

    • lostidol

      The author of the article definitely seems to have a pro-hunting or anti-Sorkin slant. So he plagiarized himself. One of the great things about his writing is that they are applicable to real life. And Sarah Palin doesn’t hunt because she and her family need the food. She hunts because she likes to hunt. Any other excuse is just window dressing.

      • Abbey

        No, I think she’s very much pro-Sorkin. Hence her calling it ‘wondrous’, saying he should get his own blog (which he should), and quoting his TV shows.

    • LOL

      Television for Teabaggers. A national embarrassment.

    • jim

      If you don’t like his opinion, don’t read it.

    • EEK

      Can I just say that I think it’s cool that your screen name is Rolo Tomasi?

  • KS

    My favorite quote is from Sports Night: “If you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. And if you’re smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.” I use that quote to this day.

    • Honest Abe

      Me, too! So many great, quotable lines from an under-appreciated show. Nice one, KS

    • bob

      It’s a good saying, but I wish more people, including Sorkin, followed it. The biggest problem in the country today is the inability to have a rational discussion about differences of opinion without resorting to namecalling. Example: every other comment!

      • bee

        i agree with you bob. name calling may seem like a good way to vent frustration but does it really contribute to the conversation? i have ended an occasional post with a name call and i always felt foolish after hitting enter. i am going to make an effort not to do so in the future. THANK YOU!

      • Pablo

        I’m speaking for the caribou she murdered. You Stupid Bitch! Why did you kill me?

  • Zachary

    it’s basically to the point now where no matter what Sarah does she will get hated for it. I’m not a Sarah fan by any means, but really the constant criticizing of her every move gets annoying and often enough out of hand.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      It’s becoming a cliche.

    • SLB

      Maybe because everything she does makes her look like an idiot.

      • Zachary

        That’s true, but why keep posting it or commenting on it (myself included) if we just ignore it then eventually she’d just fade away. I don’t know all this seems to do is just keep her in the spotlight, really I think people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if there wasn’t a sarah bashing post to comment in, haha.

      • Bungo

        What makes her look like an idiot? Does hunting make her look like an idiot? Are all hunters idiots? What really looks idiotic are all you liberals/leftists who gnash their teeth and bite their pillow at the very mention of Sarah Palin’s name or her image on television or the printed page. What is it about Sarah that literally makes these people poop their pants? Unbelievable! Get a life people. This is just one person, albeit a real person who has accomplished a lot, not a socialist, community-organizing, blow-hard lawyer who was annointed to the highest office in the land to do as much damage to what’s left of our once great nation before his one term is up.

      • Alex

        I don’t know that I’d consider quitting being the governor of Alaska half-way through your term an accomplishment, but hey, to each his own.

      • Sue

        I think that people are annoyed with her because she is an idiot – as a woman I find her ignorance embarrassing. What was the latest? Oh yes, let’s charge a non-American with treason.

      • xgirl

        hmmm…so the best you can come up with alex is that she quit being a gov of a state that you probably don’t even live in? wow…as opposed to the guy that was elected president who voted “PRESENT” everytime instead of committing to an actual decision. i don’t like either obama OR palin, but you can’t fault one for doing something when the other one was basically doing the same thing.

      • blaaake!

        why don’t you just come out and say it, Bungo… the reason you hate Obama is because he’s black, period. You are a racist and a delusional one at that. What’s so fantastic about Sarah Palin who knows NOTHING about the world she lives in, nothing about foreign policy, nothing about hunting.. a real hunter wouldn’t need to take six shots, use two guns and have instructors showing her how to shoot. Yes, I watched the episode.. if only for comedic fodder.

      • Alex

        xgirl – It doesn’t matter whether I live in Alaska or not — her reasons for quitting were bogus. She didn’t NEED to decide to not run again half-way through her term. She could have accomplished a lot without (or with) the “lame duck” status. She quit. Period. As for Obama, it would be wise to get your facts straight. For example, Obama didn’t vote “present” every time in the Illinois State Senate. He voted “present” 129 times. That equates to LESS THAN 4% of his total votes in the State Senate. So I’m not faulting Obama for the same thing as Palin — the President actually did his job.

      • Alex

        FYI, I got the >4% fact from Fact Check. I’m not making things up.

      • @Bungo

        That “annointment” you speak of? It’s called a democratic election, and President Obama won it fair and square. Unlike some previous candidates. And I’m with Sue–as a woman, I find her ignorance embarrassing and her obvious pride in her ignorance to be even more so.

      • xgirl

        well, alex, et al. i’m sure sarah palin is just SHAKING in her boots at all you haters out there. does it really matter what she does anymore? if she suddenly fell off the tv, would that make you hate her any less? i doubt it. the bottom line is she could cure cancer, end all wars, AND save the polar bear and you all would still find some way to hate on her. i am sick of seeing her and she isn’t my favorite person, but at what point are you gonna give it a rest? she isn’t DIRECTLY bothering any of you with her “crazy” talk or her hunting. you better be more concerned with what your actual elected officials are doing instead of freaking out over every little thing the palin family does. furthermore, i could care less what your specific data is on obama. HIS problem is he tries to be everyone’s buddy istead of actual leading. if memory serves, he has about as much ACTUAL WORKING GOVT EXPERIENCE as palin since he would campaign to get a job and then immediately leave to campaign for another (i think they both are media created darlings who didn’t really know what they were doing). when he decides to climb out of his own azz and make a decision for himself for once, i will start to respect him a little more. so far, he is just a whiny crybaby who wants to blame everyone else for his problems.

      • @Alex

        Okay, if I hate Obama because he’s black and not because I disagree with his politics and the direction he’s going in, then you hate Palin because she’s a woman. I’m so tired of being called a racist or bigot, I just don’t like our president. Sheesh!

      • Alex

        @ @Alex – I’m assuming your comment is in regards to blaaake!’s statement, as I never said a word about anyone disliking Obama simply because he’s black. And for the record, I don’t hate Palin “because she’s a woman.” I wouldn’t even say I hate her. I strongly dislike her because I think she has a very, VERY narrow view of America and the world.

      • Blaaake!

        I will be so happy when that dirty black muslim gets lynched.

    • tiebaojin

      She’s put herself in the spotlight so everything she does is fair game. By the time she runs for President, everyone will be so sick of her and her stupid statements she won’t stand a chance.

      • Grace

        “President and reality show star Sarah Palin”.

        Surely world leaders would be impressed by that, right?

      • @ Grace

        You betcha! :::wink:::

      • Who saw this coming?

        Well how about President and B movie star Ronald Reagan?

      • Blaaake!

        @ Grace

        Yeah just like the darkie in the oval office who can’t keep his dirty face out of the camera.

      • Richard

        well said. Palin is never going to be President but Obama should have never been President either

    • Juneau

      She brings it on herself by mixing politics and reality TV. She is shameless.

    • Bob

      The point I believe , is she does nothing. She quit the job she as elected for and the motivation seems to be money. She exploits her kids. You admire that?

    • teresa

      If she went away, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Pablo

      Zachary you you tool. She invites it by being the stupidest person on television. Very hard to do. People criticize her because she deserves it.

  • john

    that woman is an idiot! To hunt anything, with a high powered weapon and to enjoy the kill-especially for sport, is disgusting. Sarah Palin can afford to go to Kroger and hit the frozen meat section. Sarah Palin is a heartless murderer. And, Temple Grandin brought some decency to the slaughter…she didn’t turn it into “fun and games!” I hope Sarah rots in hell-or better yet, is chased by a caribou….

    • Ted C

      Um John…do you realize that in Alaska there are no Krogers with frozen meat sections? Are you aware that in Alaska its common and normal to hunt wild game in order to feed your family. Do you know that winters in Alaska are brutal and its not easy to get to a place that sells food. Perhaps before you start insulting someone, questioning there way of life and generally being the idiot here you should educate yourself and then actually watch her show. Give me a break dude.

      • Bob

        You should remove the stick from your A** before commenting.

      • david

        It should be “…questioning THEIR way of life…” Just pointing out the irony of you having a typo in a comment where you are calling someone else an idiot.

    • Mmmm, caribou..

      John, Millions of people enjoy hunting in this country for sport. You just hate it because you have this unrational hate for Palin. I’m not a big fan of hers, but jeez, everything she does gets the panties of every liberal all in a bunch. It’s really kind of deranged. And the next time you go down to Krogers to pick up some fresh kill, just remember that you’re an accessory to “murder”. you know, it’s weenies like you that can’t stand even a little bit of violence or anything that makes you uneasy that are wussifing things like the NFL or hunting for the rest of us normal people that aren’t obsessed with butting in on what everyone else does. Mind your own business.

      • quieteye

        A sudden impact, pain shoots throughout the nervous system, blood gushes out of an exploded wound – a destruction of muscle and bone prevents the will to live – to run and escape. The heart races. Shock is felt of life ebbing, pain, blood… Hearing fades. Money well spent?

      • Louise Thomas

        “Millions of people enjoy hunting in this country for sport” Really! MILLIONS? I used to when I was about 20 but matured & let others kill my food. Then, I further matured & gave that up as well & became a Vegan.
        Google rules for displaying the American flag & you will see Sarah Palin writing her name on the flag of our country. A true American!

      • Cara

        Ditto, do you eat meat? Wear leather shoes?

    • Sara

      Where do you think the meat in the grocery store comes from? I am FAR from a fan of Sarah Palin, but I have no problem with hunting for animals you are going to eat. At least the animals got to live in the wild and die relatively humanely, unlike mass-produced processed meat.

    • Gail

      I’m a teapartier and a classical liberal but I’m horrified by Palin’s cruelty towards animals. She does not need the meat. They are rich. This is an affectation of hers, something she’s made part of her self-image and pulic image and she thinks it enhances her. I agree with her fiscally and in constitutional government. I want to like her for those reasons. She would be better than the annointed one we have now for the economy. However, every time I’ve flipped through her show I’ve seen animal cruelty and had to turn it. I was already mad about the aerial wolf shoots. She’s shown halibut clubbing which is revolting and she’s shown needless caribou hunting. She is revolting. My Republican extended family do not like her treatment of animals. Don’t know why Conservatives think it’s a win to corner the market on animal cruelty and revel in it. Disgusting. We will not vote for her even holding our nose.

      • Alis

        I’m not a hunter, but I don’t care if SP hunts, whatever her motivation. I didn’t like the aerial target practice…not very sportsman-like. I had nothing against her until she spoke. So far, she doesn’t seem bright enough or knowledgable enough to hold a national public office. Quitting her term solidified my opinion of her character. She will do anything that will increase her income and power. I’m not bashing her by stating the obvious. Willful ignorance is disturbing. My question is: what logical reason do you have for thinking she could be presidential material?

      • notafancuban

        Maybe it is because she is concerned that the intellectuals have driven the vehicle of state into a ditch and is afraid for the future of our country. Reagan wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box but he had character, moral fiber and common sense. In my opinion, Sara is made of the same stuff.

      • JapesMacfarland

        Hey Gail, do you eat meat? Do you think factory farms are kinder than this? Do you think dying of starvation would be better for those wolves, or would you like Alaskans to not cull wolves and let them hurt people and unbalance the ecosystem by killing off much of other kinds of wildlife? I can’t believe you’re this ignorant so I must believe you’re lying about not being a leftist. I am SO sick of liars. ):

    • JapesMacfarland

      Umm, John, she said it was to feed her family. Why are you lying? Why do you say she enjoys the killing when she didn’t say that she does? Why does she pray with her kids before hunting; praying thanks to God for the sustenance and then they use every bit of it? Why John? Is it because she deserves to “ROT IN HELL” as you have wished for this person. This Mother, whom you hate, and her kids love. I wonder who it right, you or them. Are you God, John?

  • Ryan

    I love Sorkin. I was raised Catholic but even though I had a gay uncle who died of AIDS and a gay couple he knew remains friends with my family over distance, my parents still hold onto their church homophobia. My mother says she is accepting of gay people but the church shouldn’t be made to have them marry or whatever.

    Anyway Bartlett’s speech to ‘Dr. Laura’ on the outdated hypocrisies of the bible, including it’s homophobia helped wake me up. Sorkin and The West Wing helped open my eyes and after reading some more I realized that I wasn’t happy being a 16 year old homophobic Republican. I became a Democrat just after Bush’s 2004 election (was watching Wing reruns to catch up before season 5 or 6). Never looked back. The man is so eloquent. He should write an actual book on the state of our country and the people in it

    • Brian

      So basically what you’re saying is that you let a tv show do your thinking for you and that was your great epiphany in life? Way to go. That’s no better than just believing whatever your parents say.

    • Donna Rose

      Ryan, glad to hear that you were open to hearing the other side of the debate. Doesn’t matter if it was in the form of a TV show or not. Congratulations on weighing both sides and making up your own mind.

      • Ryan

        No what I said was I realized that the other side made sense too. For example, I’m the one Democrat I know who fights against abortion. ‘Women’s right to choose’ etc… is a bunch of crap in my mind. I was adopted. What if I’d been aborted. I’d never have been a son, friend, lover, or a teacher’s assistant. I’ve made an impact on this world. So I pick and choose what I believe in. I would actually say I was maybe more center right until I saw the difference between McCain and Obama. I simply let my mind be open and decided what made the most sense to me. I also vote across party lines. This election alone in my state, I voted for Democrats, independents, and one Republican. Why? Because I took time to research the people. Please don’t accuse me of blindly following. Thank you.

    • JapesMacfarland

      Ryan wrote:
      “Please don’t accuse me of blindly following.”

      Yet you did follow Sorkin’s irrational logic in this letter. It is not about opinion, but truth you should follow. The truth is he did not look at nor respond to this SP scene in a cultual context not with honesty and in fact mislead others by suggesting she did not shoot the caribu for food. That was a disgusting lie because it’s intent is to project a misrepresentation of Sarah’s motives and thus character as a bloodthirsty, sadistic woman. Public humiliation and slander is evil, and this is what Sorkin attempted.

  • Lisa Simpson

    The think is, she’s not really hunting for food. And posing for a picture with your kill wearing a cheesy grin on your face kind of undercuts your ‘one with nature, just like the Native Americans’ argument.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Lots of people take pictures with their kills. Get over it.

      • Katie

        Get over it? Way to raise the discourse, Rolo.

      • Sue

        Just ignore him – he’s loves hunting and he’s afraid of gay people.

      • Jeff

        Right Rolo, we should all do the Avatar thing every time we hunt and kill something. Get with the times! (sarcasm)

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Go to any hunters house and there will be pictures of them with something they killed. Leave your glass bubble sometime and stop being naive.

      • Bob

        Can we use you for bait next time she goes hunting?

      • @ Lisa Simpson

        Um, you haven’t gone fishing lately have you? All fishermen (especially sport fishermen) take photos of themselves with their catch, especially if they let it go because they are doing it just for sport. It’s for the memory as well as bragging rights.

      • Gail

        Why is it an accomplishment to kill an animal with a gun? Get down there an kill it with your bare hands and you have something to crow about. Otherwise, it’s a cowardly act. Poor defenseless animals.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Bleeding hearts make me laugh.

    • Kerri

      People who intentionally antagonize others with silly comments make me laugh. :D

      • Zing

        You mean like Aaron Sorkin did?

    • PicklePancakes

      Heartless people make me sad.

  • Dave Keller

    Aaron Sorkin would only appreciate Sarah Palin if she was a liberal drug addict.

    • Nicole

      EXACTLY. Wait…what?? No, make that, NO-ZACTLY. What a stupid comment.

      • dan

        I do not hunt, nor would I find it enjoyable, but Sorking calling someone deranged is slightly humorous…That man openly talks about his drug addictions so I am assuming he is slightly unhinged in some fashion or another…

    • Brett

      Actually, that’s exactly right. Sorkin needs to reality-check himself daily to make sure he’s not having flashbacks to his days of constant ingestion of hallucinogens.

  • Caitie F

    There is a difference between hunting for food and hunting for fun. I am 100% fine with anyone who does it for food or their livelihood, but when you kill animals for fun, there is a problem

    • Tom Strong

      Your crazy headed problem yes

      • Carrie

        If you kill for fun, in my opinion, you’re only a few steps away from being a murderer. It’s still killing something pure and defenseless. And, I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t wear or sit on leather.

  • Elizabeth

    Here’s where “reality shows” get tricky: if I turn on RealOutdoors Sportsmen on Saturday mornings on ESPN, I know what I’m getting myself into. But I’m still trying to figure out what the point of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is: a tourism video? An opportunity to hang onto those 15 minutes?
    I can’t really fault her for hunting – to each their own – but if she’s hunting because it would make ‘good TV’, I’m not as forgiving.
    You can take PETA & Sorkin for what they’re worth, but I’ve got an issue with just going out and killing an animal cause it would be cool for a reality show.

    • Moo

      Ever watched Man vs. Wild? I love that Bear Grylls. He kills animals ALL THE TIME because it’s cool for a reality show.

  • outside agitator

    killing a defenseless animal with a high-powered rifle is cowardly. taking delight in killing small animals is evidence of a sociopath but delight in killing large ones is for “sportsmen”? I eat meat etc., but an appalled at gun nuts and their weird obsession with shooting stuff.

    • DGH


      • outside agitator

        I don’t think you proved your point rationally which makes me wonder about your ability to negotiate a 4 way stop let alone a deadly weapon. killing a defenseless animal isn’t a “sport”…it’s cowardice.

      • Gail

        Another born-again Christian I see.

    • Zip

      Factory raised cows, chickens,and pigs are way more defenseless. They have no where to run, and their lives up until slauter day are terrible. If humans were treated the way we treat livestock it would be considered the worst form of torture. I suggest you watch some videos of the way the animals you eat are actually raised and killed before you condem other people. Turning a blind eye to the truth of where your food comes from does not make you better then hunters. Watch the videos do the research then examine the reasons why you eat meat and I think you’ll find they are just as shallow as Palin’s.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        No, why do the research when we can take the word of one guy with a liberal agenda.

      • Elli

        And that’s why conscientious people find out where the meat they’re eating is coming from and ensure that they’re not buyng from factory farms. Sorkin didn’t make this comparison and raising this point does not at all negate his correct assesment about Palin.

      • daria

        Oh, and you have no agendas, Rolo Tomasi? Have you read your own comments?

    • Zing

      You’re right. It’s much more humane to drive a bolt through an animals brain to kill it like they do in slaughter houses. Or to let animal populations grow to the extent that they are starving to death. Question: When was the last time you drove down the highway and didn’t see a dead deer along the shoulder. I mean, where I live, I see at least 3 a day! That’s much more humane though, right?

  • TorontoTom

    The best thing Aaron Sorkin could do about this Palin Situation is to use his brilliant writing talents to pen a horror movie about a deranged women who gets elevated (by the media!!!) to the presidency and ruins the world! And makes sure it gets a release date just before the 2012 election.

    • Donna Rose


    • jj

      Go for it.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Waaah, they killed Bambi’s mother. America is becoming a bunch of whiny little girls.

    • PicklePancakes

      Thank god we have macho men such as yourself to save this country.

    • Gail

      You’re probably a born again Christian. Your utter disdain for God’s beautiful creatures gives it away.

      • Brooke

        And the non-Christians have distain for the unborn babies. Which is more important? An animal’s life or a baby’s?

      • Carrie

        That depends, Brooke. Will the baby grow up to know that it’s “babies” and not “baby’s”?

      • hmm

        Actually, baby’s is correct there.

        Which is more important? An animal’s life or a baby’s [life]?

  • Rolo Tomasi

    One of our greatest President was an avid hunter for sport.

    • Chris

      And lover of nature who started our national parks system!!! Go, Teddy!

    • PicklePancakes

      And he was 10 times the man you’ll ever be.

      • Pow

        And you know this how?

  • Zoey

    I love Aaron Sorkin and the West Wing was one of my favorite shows of all time, but this really annoys me. I remember that Sports Night episode, and it just seems so hypocritical. Is Aaron Sorkin a vegetarian? If not, he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on. No doubt the animal Sarah Palin killed lived and died in a more humane way than the animals killed in our factory farming system. Sorry to get all preachy, but I truly think that opposing hunting when you eat meat is hypocritical.

    • Carol

      You are right! If everyone of you could see how the Cows we eat were killed You would never eat meat again. I watched the show and I did not see palin do anything wrong. She stated she was going to stock up for the winter. Even Vegetarians eat Fish and they have a face and life to live. We all need to eat to stay alive in case you have not noticed.

      • pretzelgirl

        Vegetarians do not eat fish. Vegetarians eat vegetables, dairy products and some eat eggs. Vegans eat veggies and DON’T eat dairy products or eggs.
        If people eat fish and veggies and dairy products, they are pescatorians. I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan, and I don’t eat fish and it can be a problem when people (like host/hostesses) assume I will. If it has a face, I don’t kill it or eat it after someone else did.

      • llevinso

        I don’t really have a comment on this whole Palin v. Sorkin thing but I have to say: vegetarians (real ones at least) do not eat fish. That would be a pescetarian. It’s different.

      • KC

        The definition of a “vegetarian” is someone who abstains from fish, flesh, or fowl. There’s a huge difference between embracing vegetarianism and being a good Catholic on Fridays during Lent…

        Besides, I didn’t eat fish BEFORE I went vegetarian. Why would I do it afterwards? Bleh!

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