Joan Rivers, I love you, but you're bringing me down

It was just months ago that we were all losing our shizz over how great Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work is, and now the upcoming Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? kind of ruins all that. How fake and depressing can one two-minute clip be? Let’s find out!

Well, that was pretty fake and depressing! First, Joan Rivers is associating herself with Joe Francis? Aaargghghhh. Gross. Second, is this supposed to seem “real”? This makes The Hills seem like Intervention. Finally, ha ha ha, it’s so funny to take pictures of people naked when they don’t want you to! Ha, ha. Ha.

Joan Rivers, you are better than this. Are you as skeeved out as I am, PopWatchers?

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  • nunya

    I wish they would bring back “How’d You Get So Rich?” instead.

  • Fit

    I’ve always found her funny in Fashion Police but yeah I agree that was fake and depressing.

  • Sven

    She is willing to wh*re herself out for her daughter’s sake. Melissa needs her mother in order to make it, so Joan keeps lowering herself into the depths of depravity.

    Well, you can’t deny Joan would do anything for her child.

  • tracy bluth

    I practically worship Joan, so I’m putting the blame on Melissa.

  • Henry

    They should rename it “Weekend At Joan’s” where the vapid daughter of an ex-celeb must carry around the dead weight of her mother’s memory (in the form of stretched skin) until she finally realizes, she’s not funny, talented or even interesting, changes her name back to Melissa Rosenberg, gets married and finally leaves the viewing public of America…..alone.

  • shlepcar

    Is Margaret Lyons 13 years old? Her writing creeped me out more than anything. You’re an adult, you can step up your writing a little bit. I know Entertainment Weekly thinks its core audience is the lowest common denominator of the population that made it through high school, but you needn’t talk to us like you’re getting language tips from your niece.

    • Henry

      LOL. Ouch. (please forgive the use of ‘LOL’.)

    • Poop Mouth

      Shlepcar: really? I don’t think I need to remind you that this is ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and not an article on Chaucer. But, I will remind you to please get over yourself.

      • shlepcar

        Right back at you “Poop Mouth”. I’m glad that they are catering to your level of sophistication. Jeeezus. Thanks for proving my point. And I will remind you that being willfully stupid to cater to people such as yourself is plain sad. I will remind you to please raise your game too.

      • What?

        What, shlepcar? You’re using an EW comment blog to make an argument about the quality of online writing? Ah, America.

    • Ugh, old people

      What are you, like 85? Get a sense of humor and stop being so smug. Your comment is insulting to smart nieces and high school graduates everywhere.

      • shlepcar

        Smug? Tell me how your reply isn’t? And while you say that I insult “smart” 13-year-olds everywhere, you seem content in insulting someone of advanced years. The tone of the piece is fine for intelligent 13-year-olds… Are you one? If so, I apologize. Otherwise, don’t be so dismissive of someone whose opinion may differ from yours by wielding the word “smug”.

        Like Joan Rivers or not, but to basically insult her with the language and tone of a tween, is insulting. Entertainment Weekly, blog or not, is not comprised solely of people who need everything dumbed down. I never once said it needs to be scholarly, but I also don’t think that if you’re going to judge the work of someone, it is too much to ask to not treat it like you’re texting on the playground.

  • shlepcar

    Hey, What? I think that Margaret Lyons went out of her way to make a lame comment on someone she says she “loves” and did it with a style that Tiger Beat or 17 might not even embrace. Entertainment Weekly has grown to employ a lot of lame writers like this- the “oh my god” types- and it is lame. What is worse, is the way that it is embraced, and that any criticism of it, seems to rile up people to defend it. So, a comment section isn’t a good place to make a comment? I should save it for what, my private diary? Seriously, why such defense of low standards? The writer doesn’t need to make her article sound like a term paper- but come on, are you suggesting that she shouldn’t be criticized at all for writing like a tween? Do you think or just react, What?

    • JHF

      Go, shlepcar! I’m with you 100%.

    • ABC

      It is meant to sound conversational. I think this style of writing is perfectly appropriate for an entertainment site blog although it wouldn’t be elsewhere. I think people react defensively to your comments because it appears as though you are calling anyone who enjoys this type of blog entry unsophisticated and uneducated and people generally don’t like to be insulted.

  • shlepcar

    “Perfectly appropriate” vs. “wouldn’t be elsewhere”. A little loaded, but what you’re also saying, I think, is that the style of writing is acceptable. And that is my main gripe, is that while, yes, it is acceptable, it is about equal to saying a C- is passing. She can step up her game, so can Entertainment Weekly. It has more than enough quality writers to make her gossipy-style, OMG, comments on the work of another seem juvenile, and frankly, deserving of criticism, yes, even within an entertainment forum.

    As for people feeling insulted, this is the same kind of mentality that leads people to vote for candidates who remind them of people they know…this embracing of mediocrity is tiresome, and I we shouldn’t constantly lower our standards so that some people can feel better about themselves.

    When it comes to 30 Rock, people have no problem calling it elitist or what have you.

    Ah, America, indeed.

  • Patricia

    I don’t even watch Joan Rivers on tv anymore, after she demonstrated how mean she can really be on the Celebrity Apprentice. She was one of two finalist, the other being a well known female poker player (don’t remember her name). She went on a tirade that was beyond mean. So I just feel she is not a nice person at her heart. At least she can’t make any cracks about someone having too much plastic surgery. I bet she has to sleep sitting up.

  • lvoutlet

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