Kate Gosselin goes camping on 'Sarah Palin's Alaska': My body is refudiating this teaser clip

The idea of watching Kate Gosselin and ex-governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin together is a little like drinking a can of Four Loko. You know it will be disgusting, but you can’t resist it — even if you will likely black out the whole traumatic experience anyway. (Or at least want to.) So, needless to say, it will be tough to avoid watching the Kate Plus 8 star appear on this Sunday’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, in which the subjects of tabloid fodder go camping and attempt to out-do each other when it comes to high-decibel sentence delivery. (I’m with you, Kate.) But here’s a selling point, guys: There are bears. Watch a promo for the episode after the jump.

I think little Piper Palin’s manically faux enthusiasm really says it best, don’t you?

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  • Karate Pants

    Was an invitation extended to Dick Cheney? That would round out this hunting group nicely. Muahahaha!

    • Kebert Xela

      This is proof there is no god.

      Why not invite Tila Tequila, too?

      • Pary

        Kebert is that a transvestite name? I wonder how you will feel when you are burning in Hell.

    • mjinmd

      Great idea. Maybe he could do in Sarah Palin and Kate Goselin at the same time

  • asdf

    Piper Palin, yikes! I thought it was the baby who was retarded.

    • doris

      ok. that’s more than a bit rude, but the kid does look creepy with her highlights and adult sarah palin hairdo…

    • Leave Piper Alone

      Way to attack a minor child. Disgusting.

      • Skip182

        nah, she’s far to young to be working in a mine.

      • amylovesnewwave

        That would be funny if he or she had misspelled minor. But nice try!

      • AdamS

        Saying a kid displayed “manically faux enthusiasm” is some kind of disgusting act in your world? That’s really odd.

      • FredEvil

        Be nice now amy, this is a Palin defender, they probably aren’t cognizant of the difference between a minor and a miner anyway!

    • robsmom


    • msyellarose

      Wow, does it make you feel big to pick on a baby?

    • Hed

      *snorts while trying to suppress a laugh and look offended*

  • googie

    I can’t believe people will watch this!

    • Linda

      I agree. first it’s dancing with the stars? and who is the star? Now this and rumor has it Tod might be on DWTS.anything to sell a book

  • Shuler

    EW – PRETEND Not to be so biased. I wish both of these women would take a media break but the tilt of the article is ridiculous.

    • jj

      why can’t this person (hate to tell you, but EW is not and does not purport to be a borglike entity instead of a website that hires people with different opinions) make fun of these two media whores. whether you love or hate them, you have to admit that both of these women are guilty of overexposure. if you love them, you probably don’t care. if you don’t, then you probably feel like making fun of em like this article does. it’s supposed to be a free country (at least for now…)

    • Skip182

      there’s actually not any political bias there, just personal bias. nothing wrong with that.

      • Liz

        Shuler didn’t say anything about political bias just a general bias. Cool your jets, babe.

    • FredEvil

      Dude, it’s EW, why in the world would they not be biased? That’s like asking Faux News to be ‘Fair and Balanced!’ It’s simply NOT what they do.

  • tracy bluth

    Great, now I have the “Come and get your POPCORNNNNNN!!!!!” thing from The Soup replaying over and over in my head.

  • el chango

    I have Palin fatigue. Could someone start a Facebook page that all us can join. She’s so overexposed.

    • Linda

      What it’s not workin for ya? as Sara would say I’m way over it

  • Mr. Holloway

    Go bears!

    Also, as far as “it will be tough to avoid watching the Kate Plus 8 star appear on this Sunday’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska”…I’ll do my best, but I think I’ll somehow manage.

    • Mocha

      Same. (Although a drinking game involving the number of times mama bears are mentioned over the course of the camping shenanigans could be entertaining.)

  • Peter

    “She’ll be comin’ o’er the tundra when she comes… “We’ll eat muktuk and agootuk when she comes”'” Dewt-dee-dewt, yee haa!!

    • Linda

      Yee haw lol

    • sammy

      that’s very recist

      • Dave

        Can’t anyone on this blog spell?

      • mjinmd

        Dave, only you and I.

  • rhonda

    Andy Warhol did not make a prediction when he said in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. He cursed us all.

    • Fewch

      Surely it’s been 15 already? Seems like years!

  • Shellibelli

    wth Ew?? you guys have something every week on Palin and Gosselin’s
    but nothing on TERRIERS?? and now its canceled!

    If only you guys would have given it more love then this crap!

  • jj

    why does that kid have highlights in her hair? oh, yah, sarah. you and your family aren’t “fake” like the hwood types. you’re SOO common sense conservative… with highlights in a kids hair…. riiight…..

  • fedupwithhypocrisy

    Aww, cute, little Palin breaking in her bumpit.

  • plogan721

    OK, I might be OK with Kate in Alaska, BUT…You throw in sarah Palin,and I am going to barf for sure. I still think that Bristol was in there because on Mom and the tea party movement. I will still watch DWTS, BUT they better not pull that stunt again.

    • Mee Hee

      Well, she’s still got a husband and couple a kids — prepare for a Palin each DWTS season for the next couple years.

      • Mee Hee

        And by then, Kate’s kids should be old enough to cycle through.

  • JD

    Enough with this leftist media bashing of Palin.

    Why don’t you mention Obama saying ‘Corpse Man’ (which he thought was a military rank multiple times) when talking about The Walking Dead.

    • plogan721

      Because he is a lot smarter than that fake twit. I will bask her all I want. this IS AMERICA

    • Cause

      You’re a tool. That’s why.

    • Mike

      Hey idiot…it’s not leftist bashing…it’s anyone with half a brain cell and a bit of taste. These classless hillbilly media whore family have become a disgrace to the american culture…and they’re disguising themselves as caring politicians…it’s crap. They’re money grubbing hypocrites who shamelessly pimp their kids for $$.

      • Dave

        Can someone tell me why a leftist can’t speak logically instead of personal bashing and calling everyone that doesn’t agree with them stupid or a moron or…..

      • Kebert Xela

        And calling someone a leftist isn’t name calling?

        You make a major assumption there. That guy could be right-wing for all you know. Calling out the ignorant is and never should be the same as personal bashing.

    • dreaderthandread

      You don’t have to be a leftist to realize how much smarter Barack Obama is than Sarah Palin. How can someone who two years ago wasn’t sure why North and South Korea are two different countries (never heard of the Korean War? Really?) seriously consider running for President of the United States. If wanting a president who is smarter than me (or at very least smarter than I was in 3rd grade) makes me a leftist, then I don’t want to be right.

      • christian

        yes. thank you for defending my country. the GOP should be disbanded and tried for treason. this woman is an affront to everything american, and a racist plain and simple. she is completely disgusting and we will have a national revolt if the right wing idiots continue their campaign to force her upon us. give me obama anyday. the fact she expects to be taken on the same level as a man who graduated from both Columbia and Harvard Law School is beyond ridiculous and is, in fact, racism. how many colleges before she got a blockhead gimme degree? she wounds america.

      • hfg

        You are an idiot – plain and simple. You betcha!

      • Karen

        I thought this blog started out about Palin and Kate? Now it’s gotten into name calling of minor kid’s, rude political banter, and misspelled words. Katie will do anything for a buck. She needs more than an R.N.’s salary to continue the fat sucking procedures and the face spackling jobs and that’s that! You don’t have to clutter every topic with politics.

  • PaPatty

    What is the infatuation with these two women? It’s bad enough watching one of them, let alone both of them now raking in the dough for being idiots…

    • John Thomas

      I would love to be the meat between these 2 pieces of bread!! (if you know what I mean)

      • Karen

        You’re a hot dog – putting it mildly.

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