Joel McHale signs on for two more years of 'The Soup.' Donka doo balls, this is good news.

Joel-McHale-spaghetti-catImage Credit: WireImage.comGuys, it’s official. Tonight, I’m making myself some chicken tetrazzini. Why? Because EW has confirmed that guilty pleasure TV’s hero, Joel McHale, has signed on for two more years of The Soup. (Deadline first reported the news.) That means two more years of spaghetti cat, two more years of ribbing Mike Hawk, and two more years of good-natured, and well-deserved, mockery of television’s most ridiculous moments. Oh, here go hell come, TV!

Of course, McHale will continue to split his time between The Soup duties and NBC’s Thursday comedy Community, making him just one step below Seacrest (so their heights can match up, of course) when it comes to the hardest-working men in Hollywood. But Soup fans like myself haven’t been this happy since Rod Blagojevich joined The Celebrity Apprentice! And what great timing — the E! program just celebrated its 300th episode, and counted down the viewer-voted best moments. Of course, I have to disagree with their top three. My choices for the three best Soup moments:

3) Whitney Houston tells us to “Kiss my ass!”: The early moment set the tone for Joel’s tenure heading The Soup, and lead to one of the most quoteable lines in Soup history. Enjoy — the Being Bobby Brown scene remains as funny as it was about five years ago.

2) Chicken tetrazzini: I never thought I would say that Maury would make me hungry, but this clip made The Soup universe famished for more and more chicken tetrazzini. And Joel happily obliged.

1) Spaghetti Cat: Most of the time, we TV fanatics are well aware of the clips Joel showcases on The Soup. (Dancing With the Stars‘ Bruno, American Idol‘s Sanjaya, etc.) But it’s when Joel finds a hidden gem that the show really shines. (See also: Donka Doo Balls and anything with I Love Toy Trains.) And, by far, Joel’s most precious gem was spaghetti cat, featured on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. It truly was, as Joel said in his introduction of the clip, art.

How psyched are you for two more years of The Soup with Joel, PopWatchers? Are you, like me, wondering how long Lou’s contract has been extended? And what are your top three moments?

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  • tracy bluth

    My Top Three:
    “The search for Elle Woods?” “No.”
    The endless Ryan Secreast, Tyra, Tony Danza, and Larry King jokes
    Chicken Tetrazzini and Spaghetti Cat (tied)
    Best news I’ve heard all week!!!!!!!

    • Wow.

      OMG, I see absolutely no negative comments about this post. What is going on in the world? :-O

      • rerun

        Yeah, my wife doesn’t come to or she would have a negative comment.

      • Just Being Bobby Brown

        No negative comments? :/ Well here’s one. I’ve been a fan of the Soup since I was in 8th grade (I am now in college) My friends and I LOVED watching a little show called “The Soup”: an awesome show that seemingly no one watched or had heard of at the time. It brought us much lolz and laughter tears… lately, though, I feel like the show has lost the feeling it had in the beginning. :( I know this is a complaint many have with shows that run long into many seasons, but I especially feel this way for the Soup… I used to never miss an episode, but I actually haven’t watched one in months D: I still love me some Joel McHale though…

      • Ro

        Giiirl, please. it’s because we all love us some Joel.

    • Fog cue

      Where was that VH1 clip where a mother is trying to teach her daughter how to sing “Son Of A Preacher Man”, then asks her if her tampon is showing?!

    • shit

      Terry Bradshaw just farted on national TV. Check the tape, ity’s chewey!

  • KC

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Joel and The Soup!
    Favorite lately: “Giiiirl, Please!” and “Oh, here go hell come”

    • jackJack

      bahaha the “Grrrrrrrrl, please!” is like the new ‘Kiss my ass!” And spaghetti cat? EPIC.
      I do miss the ‘It’s Lindsay’ smoker voice. I always did love that.

      • KC

        I forgot about “It’s Lindsay” that was a fave for a while – chuckled out loud each time.

    • sarah h

      I am so happy that “The Soup” has finally come back to Canada! The first show I saw was the 300th – not the best, not one of the ones I laughed nonstop at, but a thin Soup is better than no Soup! Great double dose of Joel with Soup and Community.

    • Thais

      The “Girrrrl please” is priceless! I hope they never stop using it.

  • Mr. Holloway

    FANTASTIC news.

    Hopefully McHale will still be doing “The Soup” AND “Community” in two years’ time.

  • jasmine

    i love joel mchale and the soup/community!
    my top three are:
    -anytime he insults regis
    -the tribute to tyra collage
    -donka doo balls
    and because i just can’t just choose three: “aw hell no. whaat!?”-ryan seacrest

  • DJ

    Soooo happy. Joel McHale is hilarious and I love The Soup. Not sure if I have a Top 3 but I love the fairly-new (when compared with chicken tetrazzini) Nancy Grace clip about Lindsay Lohan: “Booze and Hot Pants!!”

    • Allison

      I’ve actually used “Booze and Hot Pants” a few times in conversation. Hilarious.

    • JCK

      My friend and I say “Booze and Hot Pants” all the time! It’s simply the best and Nancy Grace is whacko. We cracked up driving in D.C. recently when there was a liquor store next to American Apparel the the mannequins had hot pants on. We almost got in an accident.

    • angeler

      Yes!! My husband and I use that one all the time. :) Although I’ll fully admit “donka doo balls” is also in rotation at our household. I love Joel McHale!

  • Dave

    SO happy. I thought maybe he would be calling it quits on The Soup soon.
    Hopefully, he will also be doing Community for at least that much longer.

  • whatevs

    Joel + Lou = <3

    • KC

      I love that little doggie too! Loved the past week’s one we got a nice clip of a couple Lou yowls – cuteness infinity :)

    • sarah h

      Lou is the only chihuahua that I will ever LOVE.

  • Aaron

    Top 3 – Scream Queens Nude Scene “And by record, I mean VAGINA!”
    – Hugh Hefner “I’m a boat captain!”
    – Giiirl , pleease!

  • Cameron Yarde Jnr

    This is great news. I didn’t think anybody could return the show to the greatness of the Greg Kinnear years, but Joel has.

    • chattypatra

      So true. Maybe he’s secretly related to him!

  • Cris

    I always loved the variations on “It’s Miley!”, like when she was dating the 20-year-old and the shout would be “It’s still illegal!”
    Great news, though. I was worried he’d bolt The Soup for Community, but I’m thrilled he’ll continue to do both.

  • taylor

    anything making fun of Tyra Banks

    • JayNYC

      And to a slightly lesser extent – Wendy Williams.

  • DW

    Dunka do balls, this is great news!

    • Annia

      I’m still laughing at “dunka do balls.” I also love it when he makes fun of Wendy Williams. Now she’s a hoot. A little dizzy but still a hoot. Oh, and when they showed the clip of a gay guy, (I can’t remember his name, but he and his ex-boyfriend, Chip were on THE AMAZING RACE at one time) trying to sing. That was painful & embarrassing to watch, and yet, Joel made that painful to watch clip laughable. I laughed until I cried.

  • Jeff

    The best moment in Soup history is the Hamwinkie.

    My favorite recurring joke is when he describes Kim Kardashian as being famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.

    Tied for third is any time they show a clip from a ScyFy original movie.

    • nancy

      I love when the says the other Kardashians are famous for having a sister with a big ass & a sex tape

  • CinephileSandra

    YEAH!!!! This news just MADE MY WEEK.

    My top three:
    * Spaghetti cat – I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.
    * All the Tyra jokes. My personal fave? “But what am I saying? Anyone who gets close to Tyra, gets absorbed into Tyra before they get the chance to talk. That’s not cellulite on her thighs; it’s the screaming faces of the lost.”
    * “Review this record, warden. And by record, I mean VAGINA.”

    HM to Gary Busey: “I’m going to pull your endocrine system out of your body.”

  • Anna


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