Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, and Rico Rodriguez: Our bonus Entertainers of the Year covers

1132-inset-covers-hammJon Hamm feigns disappointment, joking that 2010 was supposed to be The Year We Make Contact, but his 2010 may as well have been subtitled, The Year He Made Contact. To the 2.9 million viewers who tuned in each week for season 4 of Mad Men, Hamm peeled away even more layers from Don Draper, his crumbling ad exec who somehow managed to emerge from the depths of self-loathing sober, smiling — and engaged to be remarried. In his spare time, he gave his left arm — and right — to play Liz Lemon’s gorgeously dimwitted ex on 30 Rock, hosted Saturday Night Live (twice), and sang Springsteen at the Emmys. On the big screen, he played tough, as a steely fed tracking a gang of Boston bank robbers in the hit drama, The Town. “My eternal pessimist comes out whenever things get as good as they have been,” Hamm tells EW. “However,  I will say that 2010 was the best year I will ever have.” Hence the reason he’s one of our Entertainers of the Year.

Check out our other bonus magazine covers, featuring Glee star Jane Lynch and Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez after the jump:



For more with Jon Hamm and our 14 other entertainers of the year — including Taylor Swift, James Franco, and Katy Perry — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, Dec. 3.

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  • Justin

    These are a whole lot better than the main chick. Shame on you EW for putting Taylor Swift up there. She’s overrated and you know, little girl.

    • re


      • Amber

        That is an awesome shot of Jane Lynch. She should be the cover over Swift.

      • Karate Pants

        Her dress is pretty amazing too – just noticed there’s an upside-down Adidas logo, left hand side toward the back. Must be assembled from actual pants/jackets!

      • I Demand A Re-vote

        Ugh, believe me I am no T-Swift fan, but I am SO SICK of seeing Jane Lynch in a damn red tracksuit and megaphone making a stupid goofy face. WE GET IT. I actually like the Taylor Swift cover, but I did a major eye roll when I saw the rest of the covers… red tracksuit-dress?! ANOTHER megaphone pose!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

      • Mary

        COMPLETELY agree!

    • K

      Why the hatred?

      • Miss Talk

        Because it’s crystal clear EW put Taylor on the main cover just to keep people talking (Kanye, Gyllenhall, double platinum CD,…).
        Errrbody sells out nowadays.

      • Why Do I Even Bother…

        My eyesight must be bad because I didn’t detect a single ounce of “sellout”. It’s called Entertainment Weekly. These people are popular entertainers, thus, they make the cover. I don’t see anyone complaining when they put Glee, American Idol, Lost (before it was over), or actors like Johnny Depp on the cover every other week. People LOVE to talk about them so does that mean EW is selling out when they feature them on the cover, hmm?

    • Amy

      Justin, you hit it on the head, pal! EW totally screwed up. Any of these covers would be a better fit.

    • Aracely


      • W0000p!!


    • Nerdista

      I disagree, Swift was everywhere this year, it’s her year. She wrote her album herself and it’s good, whether you like it or not. I love Jane Lynch and would have been happy to see her at the top but either way it’s good. If anyone thinks Swift is overrated I can name as many people who think the same of Jane Lynch.

      • You Go Glenn Coco!

        AMEN! Well said, and you can DEFINITELY put me in the Jane Lynch is overrated category.

      • wtf

        you must hang out with a lot of idiots if they think Jane Lynch is overrated while Taylor Swift is not. AND please don’t hide behind the old “it’s my opinion” B.S., Jane LYnch is a million times more talented than Tswift. Tswift is beautiful girl who has mediocre talent. There’s a million of them in hollywood.

    • Kalie

      Why shouldn’t Swift be their choice for entertainer of the year? She’s an extremely popular singer and she did a fantastic job hosting SNL.

      • Nathan

        That was 2 years ago.

    • cyan

      hands down!!

    • Nathan

      Yep, I’d take any one of those over the swift cover, especially Lych and Manny!

  • Mr. Holloway

    I understand why Swift got the nod, given the phenomenal amount of commercial success she’s had this year…

    …but I personally find each of these three people more entertaining than her (and these covers more interesting).

    Just sayin’.

    • nodnarb

      It’s funny… these represent the 3 I kept arguing for in that Taylor Swift thread! And furthermore, these covers are far more artistically interesting than the real one.

    • Karate Pants

      I couldn’t figure out what bugged me about the Jon Hamm cover…but it’s that he’s smiling.
      And today is the day that I realized that I’m not in love with Jon Hamm, I’m in love with Don Draper. OH NOOOO

      • Mr. Holloway

        If it makes you feel any better, it shouldn’t last too long.

        I hear that guy only likes the beginning of things.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Can I be in love with both Jon Hamm and Don Draper? The man and the illusion?

      • tracy bluth

        Well, Lisa Simpson, I am.

      • Karate Pants

        I thought I WAS in love with both the man AND the illusion…but now I’m not so sure.
        And Mr. Holloway, I’d settle for getting just a couple slaps in before it was all over. ;)

    • Anna

      I agree. I’m not a fan of Taylor and she would not be anywhere near my personal top 50 entertainers. However, a million in a week has always been a big deal. It is an even bigger deal these days when an artist can have the number one album with less than 100,000 sold. The industry is not what it used to be but she is selling records like it’s 2000. That can’t be ignored.

  • mscisluv

    Are these covers available on stands? I would absolutely buy one with Rico!

    • Katja

      Rico’s made me laugh aloud. Fantastic.

    • deedee

      Rico? really? Entertainer of the Year? Come on already

  • Couchtime With Jill

    But she did entertain a lot of people this year. I think it’s an understandable choice.

    • Lisa

      The only way Taylor Swift would ever entertain me is if she fell off the stage from whipping her head around and around like she does when she sings. THAT would be entertaining.

  • CH

    Holy wow, I hope I get the Jon Hamm cover. Lovely shot of him.

    • maebe

      agreed! if i get ms. swift i will be majorly disappointed.

      • Jill

        everybody gets all covers–they’re attached.

      • Dick Whitman

        Here’s your solution: Rip the Taylor Swift cover off and the John Hamm cover should be behind it. He trully deserved the title of “entertainer of the year” not just for Mad Men’s best season, but also for rocking it up on the big screen (The Town) and in the world of comedy (hosting SNL a 3rd time and 30 Rock).

  • mNC

    Subscribers should get to choose. I’d definitely take Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch or Modern Family kid over Taylor Swift.

  • Art

    It always goes to an entity that was constantly covered by the media in a given year. See list of past EW Entertainers of the Year.

    Bart Simpson (1990)
    Jodie Foster (1991)
    the cast of the television series Saturday Night Live (1992)
    Steven Spielberg (1993)
    Tom Hanks (1994)
    the cast of the television series Friends (1995)
    Rosie O’Donnell (1996)
    Ellen DeGeneres (1997)
    Leonardo DiCaprio (1998)
    Ricky Martin (1999)
    Russell Crowe (2000)
    Nicole Kidman (2001)
    Denzel Washington (2002)
    the cast of the film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
    Jon Stewart (2004)
    the cast of the television series Lost (2005)
    the cast of the television series Grey’s Anatomy (2006)
    J. K. Rowling (2007) (the first entertainer named known primarily for writing)
    Robert Downey, Jr. (2008)
    Sandra Bullock (2009)

  • Kate

    I think Taylor Swift deserves credit for her phenomenal commercial success in 2010 but I think these three covers are all miles more interesting and the three performers featured on them significantly more entertaining to EW target demographic (though perhaps the demo has shifted considering all the Glee and Twilight coverage- not a knock, just an observation).

    Anyway, three very charming covers. I hope the interviews are equally engaging.

    • Eric

      Should be “undeserved” commerical success.
      There sure are a lot of dummies out there.

  • fancypants

    I love Jon Hamm and think his face look great on the cover but I wish he wasn’t wearing that bowtie. The bowtie is a bit….effete.

    • Nerdista

      Effete or not, it’s hot. Love me some bow-tie.

  • Mike

    Much better picks-I don’t even watch Glee and I’d rather the title go to Jane Lynch…
    Rico Rodriguez on the cover is just awesome.

    • kramer

      Ricooo!! Suave!

  • Linda

    I’m having major Mad Men withdrawals!! Love Jon Hamm!! Please come back soon!

  • cla

    These are all so much better than Taylor Swift. And throwing Betty White into the mix would have been okay with me too.

  • LOL

    Don’t be dissin’ Swifty!

  • Eleanore

    I’m drooling over Jon Hamm’s cover!

  • Bonks

    Jon . . . I need you.

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