Susan Boyle stops mid-song on 'The View'

Susan Boyle stopped singing mid-song on The View this morning, apparently due to a frog in her throat. She cringed, paused, and tried to signal for the music to stop before Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg swooped in. Boyle was on the show to promote her new album, The Gift, but she couldn’t make it through “O Holy Night.”

Boyle is scheduled to sing at tonight’s tree-lighting ceremony being broadcast on NBC.

Uh, yikes, PopWatchers? This just makes me feel a little sad.

UPDATE: Sorry, West Coast Viewers: Boyle retaped the segment for the West Coast feed, according to a rep for the show.

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  • Capo

    Good. I think we’re at about 14 minutes and 30 seconds with her?

    • Henry


    • JFWilder

      2-hours more like it.

      • Boo Radley

        Yeah, I’m charging her for overtime now. I about choked on my Lucky Charms when I read that she got a Grammy nod.

    • ihatefags

      Frog in her throat? How about the frog on her face. Wait that IS her face! LOL

      • Joy

        Your comments are uncalled for & shows your ignorance.

      • etm

        I feel sorry for you.

      • kevininphx

        you’re entire identity is to hate one group of people; truly, you’re a sad person.

      • john

        What a pinhead. Does your mother know how you introduce yourself in public. What a proud moment you imbecile.

      • Ted Sheckler


      • jkg

        You are an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Peter must be Miss Universe or something even more beautiful to feel comfortable putting others down in such a way….

      • artdude102

        Bet you’re no prize either princess!

      • Man

        Let’s be honest. She fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. She’s one fugly broad.

      • Carmen

        You guys are sooo freaking rude!! I’m pretty sure some of you are not that good looking in the first place!!

      • lilarose1941

        Those of you making stupid, really childish and stupid comments about Susan Boyle must just be stupid…or jealous that she has become famous for a great talent having dealt with many roadblocks to get there. But I doubt you idiots can read this.

      • Michael O’Boaill

        You should be ashamed of yourself, calling people names, you pig.

      • Run4DaHills

        Inappropriate username and comment reported. Others may also report this user by clicking the “e-mail us” link under the “ADD YOUR COMMENT” section.

      • Amy

        Did you know those who are most openly homophobic are usually repressed homosexuals themselves?

        Grow up. People are different. Get over it.

      • mtw

        Sounds more like you hate yourself.

      • Sam Datum

        ihatefafs-I think you’re problem is u r 1.
        Focus-focus on something other than yourself.

      • Ihatedipsh*tz

        How long have you been so phallically inclined that you require a screen name like that?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        You really shouldn’t hate yourself like that. It’s okay to be gay, and you shouldn’t call yourself a f ag. Self loathing is for losers.

      • rosie

        So people that are homophobic are repressed gays? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
        Using this logic all KK-K Members are really black jews.

      • ihatemen

        this must mean your ugly @ stupid

    • Liz

      Things are crazy with this woman. So far 7 pages of comments on her stopping a song on the View? Really who cares?

      • SXiPPY

        (In Joy Behar voice) So she had a frog in her throat mid-song and stops singing because she wants to do her best; so what, who cares!? She’s trying to be a consumate performer who only wants to give her fans the best she can give. Who cares, so what!?

      • Joy Behar

        So What? Who Cares?

      • Joy Behar

        Dammit you beat me to it!

      • Diane

        you, apparently…

      • Sofriggin’good

        hahahaha!!! i just always picture Fred Armisen’s version of her on SNL. “So my panty-line shows through my pants, so what? who cares?” mwahahaha

      • Liz

        No Diane I don’t really care. This came up as one of the most commented articles of the day. So I thought maybe there was some big controversy. But there isn’t. I’m still confused as to what all the fuss is about.

    • Laurie

      I really love her – her voice and her story. She’s an inspiration to many. Boy, are some people who make comments on here a little vicious and unforgiving.

      • Maggie

        I’d say more than a “little” vicious; more like downright nasty. She has such a beautiful voice; it’s too bad that people belittle her so much just because she doesn’t look like Miss Universe and instead just looks like a regular person.

      • tim

        Maggie you are giving “regular” people a bad name.

    • Steve

      So sad for you Capo that you have never experienced one second of fame.

    • Donnie

      Sounds like a lot of jealous people still hoping for their own 15 minutes of fame. As far as being a singer Susan has one of the best voices singing today. Until any of you could do better I think you you should save your childish comments for Youtube…

      • CroShayLady

        Donnie–I am so in agreement.Thank you for what you’ve said.

      • Daisy Steiner

        No, she doesn’t have one of the best voices today. She has a very average voice, but reality tv has made her a star. If not for Britain’s Got Talent, she’d still be singing karaoke at her local. That’s about all her voice is suited to. And before you get your panties in a twist, I’m not a ‘hater’ and I’m certainly not jealous of her. It’s just sad that this is what is considered ‘great’ today. Our low standards have given her a career.

    • Bluto

      I always think it’s funny when people come rushing to SuBo’s defense, as though she were made of eggshells. The woman is a professional singer and as such, should be held to the expectations and criticisms that other professional singers are. That means you slog through a performance and learn to laugh off a mistake. It also means that you are compared to similar singers WHO MAY BE BETTER THAN YOU. The whole idea of “well you probably can’t do any better” holds no validity here—remember, she entered into a contest to become A PROFESSIONAL SINGER. And no, Susan doesn’t have “the voice of an angel,” or some otherworldly talent, so quit trying to build her up into something she’s not. When Susan develops stage presence and passion and becomes a true singing star, then call me.

      • Tash

        It goes to show there’s a huge difference between a gifted amatuer and a professional musician. I kind of agree with you, Bluto. She’s supposed to be a pro, but no one treats her like one–including herself. If Mariah or Beyonce did this, it’d be all over the media. It’s unprofessional to stop. You keep going, you work it out–while you’re performing.

      • Ellen

        She isn’t a trained singer, with years of study & live experience – she’s an amateur with talent & a lot of luck behind her. She’s only a professional in the sense that she earns money. There is no way a real professional would stop mid performance like that. While it’s fantastic that she’s become so famous, she obviously doesn’t have the technical skills or emotional stability to back it up. It always makes me feel a little sad when I hear these (numerous) stories about her having problems at performances & public appearances. I hope she’s enjoying her fame & not totally miserable & exploited. It’d be sad if she became the Anna-Nicole of singing.

      • Genie

        Right on Bluto and Ellen, I totally agree!

  • Marie

    This lady needs to seriously stop singing in public. She either never makes it or she has something wrong happen with her voice!!

    • Mimi in Ottawa

      total nonsense!
      Just because you are not a fan.
      She’s had many many appearances and they were all perfect. You are just talking out of your rear end.

      • Blacky Blackerson

        And by “all perfect” you mean “she just choked in full view of a few million people watching “The View,” right?

      • WHAT!

        She’s had several mishaps. Not all of her performances have been “perfect”. Take note of the article preceding this discussion.

      • tommytomted

        You tell them sister!

      • lori

        NO SELF respecting PROFESSIONAL singer (which she is), STOPS singing and then doesnt finish! SHE NEEDS TO FIND A NEW LINE OF WORK!OR at the VERY least NOT expect to be paid!!!

    • Charlotte

      Susan Boyle has a really beautiful voice that is blessed with tremendous emotive capacity and a lovely tone quality. What she lacks is the slow and careful learning curve of gradual exposure that most of us benefited from as we developed our singing careers. This only comes with experience and she does not have a bulwark of a couple decades’ worth of experience under the world’s scrutiny to fall back on when something isn’t quite right. NO singer, especially a relative novice, is immune to the stresses of performance and none of us is always flawless. Give her a few more years and she will be better able to cope with these inevitable surprises. Of course snarky and ignorant losers who say nasty things about her just because they themselves know absolutely nothing about singing, are also inevitable. She has a great instrument, but her poise has not had time to catch up with her God-given talent. Marie, you clearly are not a musician and have never learned anything about the rigors of a performance career. You, and those like you, should take Will Rogers’ advice: “Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.”

      • KL

        Well said, Charlotte!! Thank you being so eloquent!

      • WHAT!

        You’re right about the necessity of time and experience. Which is exactly why she shouldn’t be performing for large audiences. She should say no.

      • JZ

        No offense to her fans, but despite her obvious talent, she has no more musical ability, nor a voice any better than hundreds of aspiring performers. The ONLY reason she ever made it this far is because her appearance isn’t typical of today’s performers. Reverse “looks discrimination”.

      • RK

        Charlotte, I agree with you!!! She has a beautiful voice. I have no problem with what has happened because to me it shows she still sings “live”. The public would be shocked if they realized how many artists lip sync or even use software to improve their voice enough so they can sell records.

      • Greg

        She also hasn’t learned to lipsync like most live performers do.

      • TimH

        Well said, Charlotte. These third-graders who dismiss her needed to hear the voice of intelligence and humanity.

      • Rush

        True, but as a performer you have to press on through the difficulty. That’s the hallmark of professionalism. Boyle will always be percieved as the plucky amateur who made it unless she starts behaving like a pro.

      • lori

        WOW! I, in fact, am a singer AND stage performer. While NO ONE is “flawless”, MOST Professional performers (which, again, she IS. SHE gets PAID to make albums and for appearances), have the where-with-all to “perform” THROUGH their not so great vocal moments. Your point is well made that she lacks the experience of a seasoned stage performer…so get off the stage!!

      • Kristian

        Charlotte has a valid point, but what she’s failing to acknowledge is that Boyle was on The View to sing ONE song, not an entire concert. I understand that vocalists have difficulties that the average person is not aware of, but a three minute single-song performance should not be a strenuous feat for a professional vocalist to manage. Perhaps Boyle’s handlers should consider getting her a vocal coach and putting her on a diet and exercise program. As it is, I don’t imagine her being able to make it through a fifteen- or twenty-song set without difficulties. Not all of us who are commenting on Boyle’s vocal troubles are doing it out of spitefulness or immaturity. Some of us actually have logic and common sense.

      • RPH

        What is a knowledgeable, articulate person doing using a blog? Right on!

      • susan

        Thank you Charlotte!
        Who are these people on various online posts who have meaningless lives that they fill with writing nasty comments?

      • Hannah

        Well said. You have hit it exactly. Of course she should not have stopped, but that’s what you learn through training and experience which she doesn’t have.

      • Maddy

        Dittos for Charlotte’s post.
        The world would be a better place if we could all remember that none of us are flawless.

      • camille

        We also don’t know why she stopped.
        I’m proud of her even if she never sings another note.

      • tim

        A few more years? Her five year plan is don’t die.

      • Linda

        She also made a boat load of money, by just being honestly herself and sharing her REAL talent with the world that wants it. Don’t see any of the critics here having the balls to use their real names or provide evidence that they have provided ANYTHING of value or worth!!!

      • Sam

        I like to think I have good taste in music. Sadly Susan Boyle just doesn’t do anything for me. I know she has a big fan base but it’s one of those things that really has nothing to do with her music but more to do with her image. She is the poor womens “britney/keisha/heather..whatever” the obsession really has nothing to do with her talents as a vocalist which is really just sub-par to being really bad. Her range has nothing to do as a vocalist but just someone who should be in the backround who can hold a note because she does have the lungs to extend a note better then most. She lacks so much of the passion the lyrics hold on the songs she records but no one has ever realy noticed until I pointed this fact out to them.
        Today, people tend to forget the true vocalists who are famous for their talents and not because you are told to like her because she’s the image of the “everyday women” . I’ll put anyone’s Susan boyle’s xmas cd vs Rosemary Clooney’s xmas album and I know I’ll win everytime.
        Susan Boyle lacks sooo much passion that it’s shocking how that goes over people’s heads.I suggest people remember the true artist and vocalists.
        Sarah Brightmen
        Diana Krall
        Rosemary Clooney
        Ella Fitz
        Billie Holiday
        Sarah Vaughn
        Boyle doesn’t pay tribute to these women. She insults them…

      • CroShayLady

        Thank you for your wonderful comment. I couldn’t have done as well. You’ve given us a lot of information about public singing that the majority of us had no way of knowing. Thank you.

      • purpledancingskirt

        Excellent comment Charlotte.

      • Boo Radley

        By “tremendous emotive capability” you mean “does a pretty good impression of one of those singing dolls from Disney’s Small World ride” right? Because I have a pet rock that sings with more genuine emotion.

    • bmcause

      Most “Professional” singers lip sinc their live performances!!

      • nja

        What?! Most?! Think before you make a comment.

    • Alex

      Oh really, Marie? And how many voice lessons have YOU taken?

  • Karate Pants


    • nodnarb

      LMAO! Poor Mister Whiskers

      • LOL


      • Karate Pants

        Ha ha ha! Nice kitty. :)

    • Beth


    • Angela Gabriel

      Karate Pants you are mean.

      • Karate Pants

        Maybe. But I don’t actually mean to be malicious. If anything, I feel sorry for the woman. She’s an emotional wreck who was probably much happier at home with her cat friends than she is performing around the world. In fact, by NOT buying tickets, I’m supporting her wellness.
        I’m just having fun. You should try it sometime.

    • Ted Sheckler

      Imagine if you dare what that kitty down below looks like. AHHHH THE HORROR!!

      • Earl

        your face, right?

  • Flyer

    I actually feel a lot of sympathy for her. She has an amazing gift, but I don’t think she was fully prepared for everything that goes along with the fame (and certainly not the way it was “instantly” thrust upon her). She got plucked out of obscurity, and now it seems like there’s tremendous pressure on her to perform to perfection at every turn. Hey, even Pavarotti cracked notes at times! I hope Ms. Boyle is able to take this in stride without letting it affect her emotional well-being.

    • Karate Pants

      She seems to have had some pretty serious breakdowns and seems to struggle emotionally. I don’t know why she continues to do it, she could easily afford to just drop out of that limelight that makes her SO uncomfortable and slink back into obscurity. So why doesn’t she? Is she being exploited by execs? I don’t get it.

      • Mimi in Ottawa

        karate Pants, you seem to just want to have some fun and get Susan’s fan to react to your silly comments. You wish you were her, that’s all. Just fess up to it.
        You are just not very original in trying to get some negative attention, and I don’t get you.

      • Karate Pants

        Wish I was her? Not really – although I’m completely tone def and a bit of singing ability would be nice – but I wouldn’t trade anything for the unhappy existence she seems to endure. Don’t you think she despises the level of fame she’s found herself at?
        And yes, I am just having fun. Lighten up. No one brings down a party like a SuBo fan.

      • p_sla

        Unfortunately, Susan is a product. A Simon Cowell product and marketed as such. It seems Susan is more about acceptance and Simon is more about $$$.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Susan’s fan? You mean she only has one? I love typos.

    • susela

      I worry about her, too. She seemed quite uncomfortable on stage. And Simon Cowell thinks she should sing at the royal wedding! Shame on him for exploiting her so terribly.

      • Lore

        you worry about her?…not about world hunger, poverty, wars, diseases, global warming? get a life…

      • Joe

        So Lore, susele has to pick one thing to worry about? Jeesh, out of the choices you gave. I’ll go with Susan Boyle.

      • Lisap

        Lore, I tend to feel the people who are “concerned about global warming” who have absolutely no informed knowledge about the subject insufferable and I often wonder why THEY don’t get a life.

        I also worry about diseases, you know as a whole. That people get them and that they can be bad.

        I also worry that you think a message board on an entertainment site is really the place to lecture someone on getting a life and finding more important causes.

    • @Flyer

      You have to be a moron of the greatest proportions to be talking about Pavarotti and Boyle in the same breath.

      • Mimi in Ottawa


      • Kiki

        No kidding. Boggles my mind that anyone would make that comparison.

      • gsxrmom

        Pavarotti began singing as a child with his father coaching him, and began touring as a teenager. The point being, we should feel sad her raw talent wasn’t discovered and molded like his. Let us support her to see what she can do. And to others no she is not a beauty but neither is Pavarotti, use your ears not your eyes.

    • carole

      Flyer; I agree; this was a homebody woman who lived with her mum and the fame that was thrust upon her at this late stage in her life has obviously been a strain on her emotionally. She has only been singing “in public” for a short time and perhaps does not have the control she may have in a few years; that is IF she doesn’t have a breakdown and give up her career. She certainly can afford to at this point.

      • Kiki

        Fame was not THRUST upon her.

        She entered a television competition of her own volition. She SOUGHT out fame. She got it.

    • Rush

      Hasn’t it been like two years since that talent show?

    • Sonia

      Why all the negative comments? This woman is talented and is selling her voice not her sexy body as alot of female artist do. Does Cheryl Cole has a great voice? No she doesnt, but what makes her so popular? She is pretty and sexy! Dont confused sexy with being talented. This woamn is talented, but she is not liked or popular simply because she is not sexy. She is a singer and just like her for her voice.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Who’s Cheryl Cole? I’ve never heard of her.

  • Hail to the Redskins

    She sounded great up to that point. That’s what a long, trans-Atlantic flight and singing out in the cold the night before will do to you. Continue keeping it real, Susie!

    • genevieve

      whatever happened to the rule your mother gave you ?”if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”

      • leslie


  • MC


  • Lipton’s Tea

    This kind of thing happens to people who sing well and sing live. Judy Garland stopped her Carnegie Hall concert for a coughing bout and Ella Fitzgerald had all sorts of adventures on stage – frogs in the throat, forgetting the words, what have you. If you want real – instead of canned – singing, this can happen. By ALL accounts, Boyle sounds MUCH better live than on record. Her live performances have all won her praise.

    • Henry

      She is neither Judy nor Ella. Let’s come back to reality.

      • Katja

        No one said she was. Lipton’s Tea just pointed out that these kinds of performance mishaps can happen even to the very best.

      • buffybot

        I’m sorry but Judy Garland lost her voice about 20 years before she died. Alcohol destroyed her voice but we have her daughter who can’t sing a lick and yet everyone loves her. Susan Boyle is a better singer than Judy Garland and I’ll back that up till my end.

      • @buffybot

        you are clearly off your rocker

      • @buffybot

        Are you seriously saying that Liza Minnelli can’t sing? Are you crazy. Have you ever heard sing live? She is awesome.

      • lilred

        says the president of the Britney Spears fan club.

      • Mandy

        Judy Garland had the richest voice and most beautiful vibrato ever. She worked her ass off until the end. I don’t ever recall her stopping mid song. How many performances did she sell out compared to this hag I wonder.

    • Darlene

      Thank you for making this point. I remember seeing Bill Withers on some awards show many years ago and he literally had a coughing fit mid song that lasted quite awhile. He eventually finished the song and received a standing ovation from his peers who no doubt understood the perils of performing live. I thought Miss Boyle handled herself very well.

      • Katja

        I just wish she had been able to finish. Cough, drink some water, keep on rolling. People would understand. But you’re right, I think she did handle it fairly well overall. Perhaps she realized that it would take longer for her to recover from whatever was bothering her throat than the song would last, so it wasn’t worth trying to continue. Shame – that’s my favorite Christmas song.

      • xxxxxxxxx

        Actually, I believe it was Lou Rawls. And yes, he carried on stoically.

      • Kiki

        Katja — I agree with you. If she had gone on to start the song again and finish it, I’d be applauding her professionalism. But she did not so I’m not applauding.

      • Wendy

        She did handle it well. AND for all the people who said she was unprofessional in not finishing…if you actually watched the show, you saw her mouth to whoever was playing the music off to the side, to restart the music at a certain point so she could finish. Sherri and Whoopi came on stage right after that and the music was stopped. It wasn’t her not finishing, it was the show. Give the woman a break.

      • kevin conway

        Except Sherri Shephard is an idiot for reading the script and not even addressing it as Whoopi did in a classy way. I’m surprised Sherri didn’t segue into talking of son Jeffrey as she does ad nauseum.

      • Chez

        Before I start, I will say I am not a fan of Susan Boyle’s, and I did not see the programme/issue being discussed.
        Yes, Susan Boyle is a product, yes, she is in an arena where she is likely to be judged on her presence and appearance. And yes, as a professional she should be able to continue a performance regardless of hickups that occur. However, nobody seems to remember this woman actually has learning difficulties. She would think and react somewhat differently to the majority in certain situations. It is this fact that has actually propelled Susan into the position she currently holds. Tell me how many singers have made it thus far within an environment that is so critical and judgemental about trivial things whilst she is sporting what would be percieved as a disability? Susan carries the banner for people who would never normally be allowed such a career. Not because they lack any talent, but because of the prejudices of the executives and the customers. Her music is not my usual thing, hence I am not a fan. However, it is the sort of music I could listen to if I needed to relax.

        Everybody is allowed a dream, regardless of how rich or good looking you are. I am glad for Susan that her dream has been realised. Although she does suffer from emotional issues, I think she is capable of deciding for herself when she has had enough…and I am not just talking about performing.
        To me Susan represents those people who could but usually would not because they are aware of what the general consensus would be about them, and not their ability and therefore they do not want to face yet another rejection.

    • right

      exactly. at least she still sings live, unlike all the others… remember ashley simpson? ;))

    • LaGBa1

      Yes, this can happen to anyone, whether they have been singing for decades or a year. I hope they explain on tomorrow’s show why they did not allow her to start over. There would have been enough time to finish the song if they hadn’t spent so much time with Whoopi and Sherri talking to her. At least the East Coast audience should be told that the rest of the country got to hear the whole song.

    • Lisap

      I find it funny that she chose to sing live and had a human moment (yes those people on your TV are actually humans occasionally) is resulting in comments inferring she shouldn’t bother singing live.

      Yet Ashlee Simpson is still being mocked of for her unfortunate lip syncing incident on SNL.

      So you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • ashley

    wow!!! people are being so mean about her! mean. I feel bad for her, and I agree w/ Flyer. she seems unprepared for all this fame. I love her voice and am buying her new album for my mother for christmas.

    • Henry

      Then, she should stick to recording and stave off live performances.

      • xgirl

        geez, henry. no need to be an azz about it. she seems like a nice lady. leave her alone. just because YOU are having a crappy day you don’t have to bring the rest of us down.

      • lagitha

        I don’t think that’s being mean, it’s just trying to use her strengths and weaknesses to her best advantage. There are many performers who primarily release music without touring, esp. those elder listeners who may not be inclined to go out to a lot of concerts.

      • lagitha

        those *with* older listeners

      • kevin

        The woman has song her ass off,and if she stopped(unlike Whitney Houston)It was because what she said it was. She’s been provin her worth for quite sometime now and she deserves nothing but the Highest Praises,Cause she is the consumate Performer and a all around Nice Lady..I respect her to the fullest.. And Im a hip hop,soul music person.. Go Figure.

  • Joy D

    Hey, she missed a note. That was all it was. No one is perfect. It doesn’t mean she needs to go back into obscurity. For Pete’s sake.

    • Karate Pants

      No, I suggested she head back to security not because she missed a note, but because she’s an emotional train wreck who does NOT enjoy fame.

    • Karate Pants

      *obscurity, not security. I guess I had a frog in my keyboard.

      • Juneau

        Guess you’d better stop posting comments, you obviously dont have the emotional fortitude to handle it. ;-)

      • WHAT!

        Funny. Riiibit.Riiibit.

      • Karate Pants

        Juneau, cute comment and all, but my comment about her emotional fortitude had nothing to do with this particular incident, but rather with other past breakdowns.

    • tim

      i wish she had never left obscurity

  • sockigal

    Wow! Sounds great up to that point. What a great lady. Hope she gets over it and moves on quickly. Happens to all singers. Didn’t Fergie pee her pants on stage? Everyone has mis-steps. No biggie.

  • Ken

    I think this can happen to anyone and it doesn’t mean anything at all except that as humans, we’re not always 100%. She sings superbly and this is coming from someone who has spent 20 years singing and writing music, playing guitar, etc. You can’t sing with a frog in your throat and allergies and sinus problems can play a huge role in success or failure. Very few singers are lucky enough to NOT have any of those problems.

    • Judy

      Bless Susan.. she has a wonderful voice and is allowed to have a bad day once in a while!!

  • bb

    Ship that divatroll back to her cave.

    • Angela Gabriel

      bb you should be shipped to h*** for being so evil. What a jerk you are.

      • Karate Pants

        See?? I’m not as mean as some. Your efforts are best directed elsewhere.

  • jodipo

    I dont think she is emotionally stable. Since becoming famous its breakdowns and tears and canceled shows. Some people should not have fame simply because they cannot handle it,ans this woman is one of them. She would have been happier with her cats

    • graeme

      LOL, why are people talking about her emotional stability? She had a frog in her throat and decided not to continue. What’s the big deal? She didn’t freak out. She even laughed at herself when she wasn’t able to hit the one note.
      And how can people say she can’t sing live? She won a freakin live performance competition. These are probably the same people that love Kesha and Katy Perry.

      • A different Mary

        Well, technically she came in second on “Britain’s Got Talent,” but I digress. She had a minor slip-up singing live – it happens. But I think she could have collected herself and finished the song.

    • Mimi in Ottawa

      Jodipo dearest, which university granted you your degree in psychiatry? Go get your money back because you can’t even read body language. Susan didn’t show any signs of mental instability, you are just circulating idle gossip and don’t even have an original opinion to add to the discussion. Go adopt yourself some cats already and be happy. ;)

  • lotus

    Well, first of all, she is a human being. Why is everyone SO judgmental about perfection? I was an entertainer for years and muffed up a few times. It took awhile, but it finally didn’t bother me because what Is, Is. Are entertainers EXPECTED to be perfect. Obviously so. Tell me you never messed up anything,EVER, on your job. Susn has feelings too.

  • Doubt it

    She definetly has a face for radio…

    • Angela Gabriel

      Doubt it: What does your face look like since you are anonymously posting on here. Beauty is only skin deep, your ugliness and that demonstrated by others posting on here is to the bone.

      • Mimi in Ottawa

        Angela Gabriel…you took the words right off my fingers! :)

      • e martin

        Come on everybody!! I would be running scared if I were this lady—most of the press has nothing good to say about her—-she is gifted like not many people are! How many of us could stand up to this continuous beating the press gives her. I, for one, and many others, think she is the best voice to come along in a very, very long time. Kudo’s to her!!

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