New Snuggie commercial celebrates Hanukkah: Oy!

Snuggies are soft, comfy, and clearly non-denominational. So says their latest holiday-themed commercial, which attempts to move some more units during the Jewish festival of light. But is it kosher to co-opt a traditional Hanukkah song for such a noble cause, only to cry “Oy!” in the middle? As Hanukkah Harry might say, “Stop it! You’re embarrassing yourself!” Take a peek.

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  • Jen C

    Wow. Just sorta in shock, that was just wrong. I’m not actually Jewish, but my husband is so we celebrate Hannukah at our home, and if I have to watch that too many more times it might ruin my holiday spirit. I’m glad Hannukah isn’t really a sacred holiday, or I might actually be somewhat offended.

    • scotty

      I cannot understand why your embarassed about the snuggy chanukah commercial, I have to listen to hundreds of xmas ads and I like them all and yes chanukah is a sacred holiday. It is the miracle of lights when there was just enough oil for 1 night and it lasted 8 to commemorate the destruction of the temple.

      • person

        As a pretty seriously practicing Jewish person, I have to say I disagree with that. Hanukkah is a festival, not a holiday. Most Jewish people do not take it as seriously as others. It’s really just a celebration to most Jews that I know, and an excuse to get together with family and give gifts. Definitely not in the same league as Passover or Yom Kippur. So no, I would not consider Hanukkah a “sacred holiday.”

      • Fred

        Chanukah is NOT a “sacred holiday.” It is a celebration that was always a minor one in America…not close to Yom Kippur of Passover…and not even a gift-giving celebration.

        The anti-Christmas liberals want to elevate Chanukah to compete with Christmas. However, Christmas is the ONLY national holiday in December, and the only traditional gift-giving holiday in December. Attempting to massage Chanukah into something it’s not is an affront to America’s Jew, such as me.

    • Nory

      I think it was nice to see anything about Chanukah on the television. I am so tired of hearing and seeing things about Christmas. My boys and I were ready to go and buy them just to support the effort-I guess that is the idea behind the marketing.
      It is funny that people not Jewish are offended. We just want to hear that someone even knows there is a holiday.

  • Mr. Holloway

    The inevitable Snuggie/Kwanzaa commercial should be interesting.

    • gigi

      Dashiki Snuggies for Kwanzaa! Sooo wrong, but so right!

  • MJay

    I am Jewish and thought it was funny. Hanukkah or Chanukkah is really a nothing holiday that is onyl celebrated because it is so close to Christmas. If the commercial was about Yom Kippur, I might feel different.

    • Dee

      I suggest you learn a bit more about your own religion before you say ignorant things like that. Chanuka has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christmas. How sad that you think it does.

      • Amy

        I think what MJay was trying to say is that traditionally/in Israel, Hannukah isn’t that big deal of a holiday, but in the U.S. with all the commercialism of Christmas Jewish families have made it into the Jewish version of Christmas, giving presents to their kids so they don’t feel bad about not getting Christmas presents. (I’m Jewish, I’m obviously not trying to offend anyone, I’m just stating the facts of the history of Hanakkuh in America)

      • tcc

        Actually Dee all these religious holidays have something to do with each other. They all correspond to the winter solstice which is an actual event unlike all religious holidays.

      • Mjay

        Dee, think before you write. It is a fact that Hanukkah is a minor holiday. It is a fact the only reason it is celebrated is because of Christmas. I am sorry that I thought you could understand simple facts. Next time, I will use pictures.

      • Judd

        “It is a fact the only reason it is celebrated is because of Christmas”. Are you actually serious? Is that they way it works in your world – something is a fact because you think it is so?
        Not to mention that chanukah has been celebrated since circa 165 BCE which might predate Christmas (December 25th Christmas)by about 400 years at least.

    • scotty

      What do you mean chanukah is a nothing holiday and only celebrated because it is close to xmas. This year it starts on the 1st and xmas is the 25th. It is the miracle of lights a something holiday.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I’m just offended by a room full of people wearing Snuggies.

    • Nelson Muntz

      Ha Ha!

  • peh

    At first I thought you meant the little fabric softener bear! OOPS That’s SNUGGLE!!

    • tvgirl48

      I am so glad I’m not the only one who instantly thought that. I was so ready to see Snuggle bear celebrate Hanukkah for some reason.

    • Michelle

      I was just getting ready to say that! I had to read it a few times before it clicked. I just kept picturing that cute bear with a yarmulke on!

      • wha?


      • Kat

        Yarmulke = the little cap that you see Jewish men wearing sometimes. People usually pronounce it like “yamakkah”.

    • TQB

      I would definitely buy Snuggle if the bear turned out to be Jewish.

  • Sean

    The best aspect of this commercial is the camera movement. “Yes, we must get the old folks in the back, then make sure we get the majority of the group when they all scream OYE.” I have nothing against the product but this ad was just just about the worst thing I have ever seen.

    • MR. Me

      Yes, because the ad itself is the important thing, right?

      Not what the ad was about. Not the product it’s advertising… stupid Americans.

  • grandpajoe

    I think it’s cute we are so overwhelmed with the christmas commercials I found it although corney quite refereshing

  • Jen

    I actually think it’s better than the “We Wish You a Snuggie Christmas” commercial!

  • SBG

    I like how it ends with sleigh bells.

    • Kat

      I liked that too! I suppose it’s meant to sound wintery, like Jingle Bells (which is really just a winter song), but…I’m sorry, I associate sleigh bells with Santa’s sleigh. So that made me laugh while watching the commercial.

  • Katja

    Hey, it’s no worse than HIMYM’s Barney’s use of the dreidel song! “Ted has a little sister, gets hotter every day…”

  • Sue

    It is true that Channukah is really a festival rather than a Holiday (as in Holy Day). Think of it along the lines of St. Patrick’s Day. It has been blown up here in America due to its proximity to Christmas.
    The Dreidl song is a fun little kids tune, NOT a sacred song. Using it to sell a fun little product is OK, no worse than Staples using “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” to celebrate back to school time in August and September.

    • scotty

      chanukah is not a holiday like rosh Hashanah but is the miracle of lights. No connection at all with xmas just goes by the lunar calendar and that is why it falls on a different day each November and December. It’s a happy holiday. It is so wonderful to have a commercial that creates so much interest. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • MR. Me

    Wait… where are all the pissed of christians claiming that this is THEIR season!?

  • Sally Mischief

    Who cares? Theyre selling a product, period. But here yall are hyping up the product for the Snuggie people. Good job!
    Oh and the commercial was so bad I watched it twice.

  • nikki

    you people are so dumb.Kwanzaa isn’t even a real holiday.nobody celebrates it,not even black people,sorry!

  • Latigo

    What a cheesy, yet GREAT commercial!
    It does what it sets out to do – Get your attention!
    Up till I saw this, I wouldn’t have a Snuggie on a bet. But I’m changing my mind.

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