Which cartoon character do have you as your Facebook profile picture?

LuciferImage Credit: DisneyLast night, 28 of my closest Facebook friends (I barely know most of them) changed their profile pictures to cartoon characters, according to my news feed. After a quick Google search, I’ve concluded that the madness can be attributed to one of the following: 1) To show your support for the fight against child abuse because someone out there on the internets said it would make a difference. (As one of my friends posted: “Change your profile picture to a cartoon character for da month to make a stand against child abuse! Keep it gooooin’!!!!”) (Um, I mean former friends.) 2) To get all the photos of ugly people off of Facebook. Or 3) To honor your childhood.

Regardless of the reason for the meme — all are good causes, especially No. 2 — I was game. 

Shockingly, the decision wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated. I immediately weeded out every Disney princess — because unless we’re talking about their hair, they’re not all that interesting. I wanted an unsung hero of the cartoon world, a side player worthy of lauding.

I briefly considered choosing Miss Miller from Alvin and the Chipmunks because we share a similar love for blush, and I’ve wanted a pink car like hers for more than two decades. But she wears blue eye shadow. Unforgivable. The clear best choice was Lucifer from Cinderella, who taught me when I was a tot that it’s important to smile when I screw people over. Plus, how awesome is his kitty dance?

The deadline to replace your profile picture with one of your favorite cartoon is apparently today. But it’s a meme. We can make this go on forever if we choose, PopWatchers. So tell me: Have you gotten into the action? And which cartoon did you choose?

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  • mlwinchell

    Marci from the Peanuts. When I was group up I always got teased that I looked like her.

    • Jailyss

      The Garbage Pail Kids… babbling brooke!

      • BLT

        Smurfette! She rocks.

    • Ashley G.

      I have Lady Lovely Locks as mine! No one seems to remember her or her pixietail friends, but I remember loving her show as a kid.

      • Vicki

        I totally remember lady lovely locks. I still think that I have the doll.

      • Ashley G.

        yeah I still have my maiden fair hair doll (her brunette friend with the blue dress) although her chipmunk sidekick was lost a long time ago

      • Liz

        I was Rainboe Brite and nobody knew who she was and I died a little inside.

      • Liz

        Oops, I meant Rainbow Brite.

    • Wickeddoll

      Marci with the glasses? She’s cute! I’m alternating between Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian.

      • Brandon

        I am using Marvin the Martian its great!

    • Shout Your Lungs Out

      YEA Marci is awesome!
      I chose The Beets from Doug
      Killer Tofuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Derek

      My Pet Monster!!!

    • Josie

      Psyduck from Pokemon :D

  • SXiPPY

    Do you mean “memo”?

    • skiball


      • SXiPPY

        Okay, I’m sorry. I guess I am not down with douchey abbrevs or the current lings peeps R sayn. ROTFLMAO! EROYS (Eyes Rolling Over Your Stupidity)! Just made that one up, guess there’s hope yet.

      • goat

        I love how he got mad when he was told he was wrong. A quick google search would have answered his question anyway…seems like the problem true problem here is laziness

      • Peter

        Talk about douchey. “Meme” is an actual “word”, much older than the Internet.

      • Stacy

        Hmmm. I’ll have do agree with goat, it looks like SXiPPY found out what it means and got embarresed

      • Stacy

        Oh F!! I hit summit comment before I could correct my spelling:(. Oh well

      • Kel

        Did you do it again, Stacy? lol

        I chose Pocahontas. She’s one of my favorite Disney princesses – and her hair is awesome! :)

      • Len

        Peter is correct – the word ‘meme’ has been around since before anyone one of us was born. The meaning hasn’t changed, just the context.

      • Alexia

        Sorry Peter and Len. Meme was coined by Dawkins in 1976. And the first commercially based dial up was Telenet in 1975. Sorry to be horrendously pedantic.

  • Bethany

    bobby hill!

    • DawninDenver

      The milk’s about to go bad….and there is goes…love Bobby Hill

      • lettergirl

        my fave bobby line!! thanks!!! :)

      • DJ

        That boy aint right.

      • ohyeah

        And maybe, just maybe, they’ll have fruit pies!

    • jules


    • Cindi

      Hank: Bobby! Do I need to make you smoke another carton of cigarettes?
      Bobby: I think you do.

  • DawninDenver

    Gossomer (sp?) the red monster from Bugs Bunny “Monsters are such interesting people”

    • jj11

      My fav as well. Love that guy

    • Uschi

      Gossamer…and me, too. “Such an innnnteresting monster should have an innnnnnteresting hairdo!”

    • justjack

      yeah! I’m Bugs Bunny…

    • Dave

      “Well my stars! If an interesting monster can’t have an interesting hairdo… What is this world coming to???” One of the best Bugs Bunny lines ever.

  • He Bleeds Glitter

    Wow, so many to choose from. Well, if I were to go according to my current mood, I’d choose Eeyore. Always melancholy and manic depressive, he and I share more than just being an ass. Charlie Brown too, because his friends never fully understood why he was always frustrated, nor did they care. However, since I am too fabulous for my own good, my decisive final answer would be Vanity Smurf. He was such a style maven and knew how to accessorize all the right accoutrements to his outfit like that flower. I’m pretty sure it was vintage Halston. He and I are like one!

    • Tori Tink Tink

      I chose Natasha (of Boris & Natasha).. she just had the attitude. Loved her!

  • jpatm

    Luigi- from MARIO BROS- Cartman and Fozzie Bear

    • mary q contrary

      Luigi is a good one. I’ve always been more Luigi than Mario. I don’t have Facebook anymore, but if I did I would totally be Helen/Elastigirl from The Incredibles. Or Merriweather from Sleeping Beauty.

  • el

    when i first signed up for facebook, I had Chicken Little (from Disney’s animated version). It was perfect.

    • Katja

      My husband’s first picture was a cartoon too! He hated the idea of facebook, didn’t want to sign up (but I did it for him, so he could post pictures for his parents and keep in touch with his college friends and stuff) and so I think he wasn’t immediately comfortable with putting his picture on the internet….so he went with Darkwing Duck. Personally, I’d have gone with a character from The Last Unicorn, the seahorse from the Little Mermaid, or David the Gnome. Love them all!

  • Tygor1

    Right now, mine is Gigan, from the Godzilla Films….Just because, he’d rad.

  • Michael Sacal

    The Thundercats.

  • Lysistrata

    I’ve been using Jem & the Holograms. Who needs Hannah Montana? Jem & the Holograms did it first. And better.

    • Allison

      Plus, Jem is truly outrageous. Truly, truly. ;)

    • Mary

      “We’re the Misfits, our songs are better, we are the Misfits, the Misfits, and we’re gonna get her!” Man, I used to love Jem.

  • steve

    Thumper, ’cause his Momma always says if you can’t say somethin’ nice about someone, you shouldn’t say anything at all, and I am all for that!

  • Libelula015

    Regardless of the reason, I thought it
    Was super cute!

    I chose The Thundercats cause I had a
    Mad crush on Lion-O!!!

  • Marie

    A while ago I made a fake myspace account and had a picture of Fish out of Water from Chicken Little as my picture. Seriously he is one of the cutest animated characters ever and he is the only good part of that movie beside Don Knotts!

  • annie

    Mine was Dot from Animaniacs. It was also a very easy choice.

    • Marie

      One of the great shows when I grew up!!! But Pinky and the Brain was on right before and was better!!

      • Jenn

        Wasn’t Pinky and the Brain one of the sketches in Animaniacs?

      • Kit

        @Jenn – it started as a segment on Animaniacs, then spun-off to their own show.

      • mary q contrary

        Pinky and the Brain was SO not better. It was fine before it got it’s own show, but I always thought if anyone deserved their own show it was Slappy the squirrel. She was a hoot. Yeah, Pinky and the Brain kind of sucked. Then again, I actually preferred Tiny Toons over Animaniacs, too. It was the first of the three, and I always loved it.

    • Amanda

      That’s the one that I picked too lol. I loved that show when I was a kid!

  • sant

    I changed mine to the Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park for a few days

    • Kara

      I loled

      • wagner

        Rocky and Bullwinkle because it’s more than a cartoon. It’s satire and I’m old.

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