Here come the Christmas commercials: Bah, humbug

I’d like to take this time to tell my wife that she will not be receiving a Lexus or a diamond for Christmas. Read the full post.

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  • Diana

    That Folgers commercial is my all-time favorite Christmas commercial, eventhough I was maybe the same age as the little girl when it first aired!

    • LOL

      Peter spiked the coffee so his folks wouldn’t lose it when he comes out of the closet later that morning.

      • m.eliot

        @LOL – good one!

  • Hilary

    I can’t believe all the hate of thet Target lady. I love those commercials. It just makes me laugh at how ludicrous it is. :)

  • Don

    OMG… How crass is this… after you post you message here… you’ll get a Buick commercial.

    • Kate

      Exactly, the irony of this page is that I had to reload it so I could read it as I couldn’t get the effing Buick Regal advert to close.
      JMJ very aggravating to say the least!

  • JAM

    all the commercials make me sick. The toyota commercial with the kid thats embarrased that his parnets have a minivan instead of an awesome Toyota, what the hell are we coming to? Where’s the Santa Claus from Futurama when you really need to give society a reality check on the meaning of Christmas. It’s not even Christmas anymore, it may as well be called X-mas or better yet $-mas. spend, consume, follow the herd, mooo.

    • pastafarian

      X is Roman Catholic shorthand for Christ, so don’t get overoffended by that. But yeah, Christmas is all about Stuff these days.

  • AJ

    These postings really cheered me up! I just spent 3 hours buying shampoo, soap, etc., for a local homeless shelter Christmas drive. The luxury-item ads make me sick. The Christmas ads I’ve always loved are the GAP ads – don’t even make them anymore. Happy holidays! (I’d rather have two cans of Maxwell House than a Lexus…)

    • Kim

      I know what you mean. I walked into a Hallmark store on Friday that had a little tree set up with tags on it for gifts for seniors. What were these people asking for for Christmas? Grocery store and pharmacy gift cards (food and medicine!), hats, mittens, and fleece blankets (just to stay warm in Minnesota!), word searches and crossword puzzles (for a little bit of entertainment!), sugar-less candy (a small treat!), etc. It broke my heart. My daughter and I were almost in tears reading them. We picked two, and even though I lost my job last year and have been using my credit card a little too much, I figured, screw it! If I can still buy stuff for Christmas and stop at Starbucks on my way to the mall, how can I not? What’s a little more on the ‘ol Chase at this point, right? The jewelry and car commercials really need to get with it and realize what it’s really like out there. Oh, and that Highlander commercial? Puke! I bought an ’05 just before I lost my job, because my old vehicle was closing in on 250,000 miles (husband still drives it to work and will til it dies). My old vehicle? A 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan bought brand new. Yep, my daughter is in collage now and the Highlander is a good size for me, but I made her spend her formative years in a minivan! Oh, the horror!

  • Jenny

    All the Christmas shopping commercials are so tiring. Only time worse than now is during the election campaign.

  • Flyer

    I love the M&Ms Meet Santa commercial (“He DOES exist!” “They DO exist!”). However, I think my all-time favorite is the 70s Coke commercial where all the people from different cultures sit on a hillside, holding candles and singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” until the camera pulls back and reveals that they’re sitting in the shape of a Christmas tree. It’s just really peaceful and festive, and reminds me of the simpler, more innocent time of my youth.

    • Diana

      To this day my brother and I still go to each other, “uh, Santa?” while going on our tippy toes. And we’re 31 & 27 LOL.

    • 70’s kid

      I agree…that Coke commercial was the best christmas commercial ever. Still gives me goosebumps when I hear that song.

  • SK

    So what does Madison Avenue do? Go out on a massive drunk then make Christmas commercials?

  • CoolWhipLite

    The Target Lady is so disturbing. If I witnessed that behavior in a Target, I’d report it to security.

    I’m also sick of “I don’t wanna grow up…” Toys R Us ads. In the olden days, the jingle was bearable. The modern-day jingle is whiny and annoying.

    Cars and jewels for Christmas…oh please. A Snuggie is more suitable in this economy.

    • Janice B

      I find the “I don’t wanna grow up” jingle annoying too… but probably because of the number of adults who lurk about in the video game department buying for themselves.

  • Heather

    My favorite Christmas commercial is the Coca-Cola polar bears, they are just so darn cute. I agree with everyone else…the Target lady needs to go

  • David

    I loved the Norelco electric shaver commercial that ran for years. I am talking about the one with Santa riding down the hill on the shaver. When I was a kid my little brother and I would laugh hysterically at that one.

    • Jim

      I loved that commercial. That was the official beginning of the holiday season for me.

  • Mckenzie

    I think it is Folgers, but the one where the sister that is putting the bow on her brother who came home from West Africa….it is sweet that he is the gift. Catches the meaning of the season.

  • Anson

    I could do without the Beemer commercial that suggests that Santa makes them in his workshop. And then there’s the one that has a car appear IN the living room.Just how did it get there?

    • ks

      It is TV land afterall :) I do however LOVE the Harley Davidson commercials.

  • Tony

    USA’s comercials for the movie “Elf”. Not only is it an absolutely abysmal excuse for a movie, the mental midgits took some of the most annoying scenes possible, cranked up the volume, it lets it lose every 10 minutes. I have stopped watching USA entirely until after the holidays.

  • Brooks

    I hate any x-mas commercial (including DeBeers and Lexus), that essentially tell you “If you REALLY love your significant other you will buy them a (fill in the blank) that costs more than most Americans make in a year. Because we all know that love is only about how much you can spend. Us poor people are apparently incapable of love.

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