Anna Faris won't be in 'Ghostbusters 3.' Who would you call to star in the sequel?

Contrary to internet speculation, Anna Faris has not joined Ghostbusters 3, her rep tells EW. And the rumor that Bill Hader and Will Forte will be the next generation of stream-crossers is currently nothing more than that. But just because this long-awaited sequel still lacks its fresh, younger cast, an official start date, or even a greenlit script, there’s no reason fans who grew up wearing plastic proton packs can’t still get excited about the future of the franchise. Let’s help sort this out: Bill Murray has joked (?) that he’ll eventually sign on, as long as his character gets killed off in the first reel. But as funny as his demise was in Zombieland, I’m not sure I care for a Ghostbusters without a full serving of Dr. Peter Venkman. As far as casting the Ghostbuster newbies who can take the franchise forward, I think Sony could do a lot worse than Bill Hader, who seems to share a lot of comic DNA with Dan Aykroyd. (Sorry, MacGruber.) In fact, I’d team Hader with Jason Sudeikis and Will Ferrell for a killer SNL-bred trio who could match the chemistry of the original gang.

Was that so hard? Let’s start shooting this thing Friday.

If Sony insists on handing off the original Ghostbusters to a new generation, who you gonna call? What actors (or actresses) would look good with a little ectoplasm on their shirt?

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  • Mr. Holloway

    If this thing MUST happen, my picks are:

    Bill Hader (next-gen Aykroyd)
    Joel McHale (next-gen Murray)
    Masi Oka (next-gen Ramis)

    • sean

      I would watch that movie

    • Melody

      Good choices, I’m in!!

    • J.

      Why not come up with some new character types, since the original guys did those characters so well. Unless you’re looking for an uninspired sequel.

    • Nicole

      Throw in Donald Glover as a next-gen Zeddmore and you’ve got a deal.

      • Kj

        Hell Yea I’m fan

      • Nick

        Donald Glover is a GREAT idea.

  • Mike

    Jason Sudeikis could work . . . he even had a Dr. Peter Venkman joke in 30 Rock!

  • dantown

    If anyone is taking over this generation’s Billy Murray card it’s Paul Rudd

    • sarah d

      Mmmmm. Paul Rudd isn’t a loveable douche, he’s a loveable everyman who’s really funny. I can’t decide who this generation’s loveable douch is…

      • dantown

        Rudd is always playing the cynical and dry smart-ass in every movie. He seems like a born fit for a Bill Murray type role

    • Carl Spackler

      Bill Murray is a comedy legend the likes of which we’ll never see again. Paul Rudd pales in comparison, and is better suited as the straight man (a la Harold Ramis)

    • Kj


    • Will


  • Dave-O

    Anna Farris not being in this is like being too late for a ticket on the Titanic…

    • alan of montreal

      I respectfully disagree–Anna Faris would have been the zany ingredient this film needed

  • Henry

    Get. Over. This. Fantasy. And who cares about this artifact of a movie?

  • Zoe

    Oh God, not Will Ferrell. I have no problem with him, but his shtick is getting old and I fear it would overtake the movie (it would become a “Will Ferrell movie”). Hader and Sudeikis are fine, though, and Joel McHale would be genius. Keep the main cast to guys who are talented, but still fly a bit under the radar. And PLEASE get Aykroyd, Murray, and Ramis all in!

    • CMU

      AGREEEEE. I love will Ferrell, but he is all wrong for Ghostbusters. He’s way, way, way over the top. Not the same kind of humor. Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis and Joel McHale would be awesome.

      • Nicole

        Why is everyone forgetting Zeddmore?? Donald Glover, done and done. Glover, Hader, Sudekis and McHale would probably be my dream cast.

  • Brian

    Bill Murray as a ghost would work if Venkman’s just as “meh” about being dead as he is about a lot of other things when he’s alive.
    As for new characters, Dana’s son Oscar’s gotta be one of the new team, maybe played by Jesse Eisenberg.
    Amy Acker and Joel McHale would also be awesome next-gen Ghostbusters.

    • Brian

      Also, Matt LeBlanc might work as a Ghostbuster. Maybe.

    • LBtwo

      Brandon Jackson as Winston’s nephew
      Eliza Dusku as Egon’s niece
      Michael Cera as new recruit or Oscar grown up, THAT SEEMS LIKE A GOOD STARTING POINTING.

  • PK

    I thought Simon Pegg would be pretty good.

    • isolde

      He would be awesome!

      • Brian


  • LOL

    Mila Kunis in the Annie Potts role.

    • Chase

      Why not put Annie Potts in the Annie Potts role?

      • LOL

        Because we’re going young here.

    • ivan

      They aren’t re-casting… just adding younger ghostbusters.

  • Michael Sacal

    Well, two out of the four Ghostbusters originated in SNL (John Belushi intended to be play Peter Venkman). Maybe the next GBs will be found on SNL (I believe that at one point Aykroyd mentioned Farley as a potential GB).

    How about Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudeikis, and Abby Elliot or Jenny Slate?

    • steve

      god i hope not. SNL sucks and so does its current and recent cast members.

  • Jesse

    Seth Rogen, Donald Faison, Jason Sudeikis, and Kristen Bell. Perfection.

  • beau

    eliza dushku, i need to see her in a ghostbusters jumpsuit. i just do.

  • Wolverine7

    My firt choice would be Vince Vaugh as a Venkman type character, second Choice maybe some action guy like Christian Bale or someone like that, then someone like Zach Galifianakis (Oscar Maybe jajaja Sygorney Idea) and the girl must be some action actress more than a comedian i think someone like Zoe Saldana.. Wlv7

    • Hawk27

      Vince Vaugh is the best Suggestion so far! I’d pay just to see him trading lines with Bill Murray

  • Chase

    I won’t get into the male leads because while there may be some that won’t be terrible, there really isn’t anyone that can fully replace the originals.

    But for the rumored female parts, I wouldn’t mind them being filled by the Ellen Page’s, Rosario Dawson’s and Kate Micucci’s of the world.

    Names like Eliza Dushku, Summer Glau and Alyssa Milano get throw around the fandom a lot, as well as whoever the flavor of the month is, and while I don’t necessarily dislike them as actresses, I think their inclusion is very telling of what direction the franchise might be heading. I think crap like the Resident Evil movies and Terminator Salvation have already cornered the “girl kicking ass while looking hot” market.

    • Hawk27

      Thank you for saying that about the “girl kicking ass while looking hot” hollywood obsession. It’s been beaten to death! I also pray it does not turn into a live action “Extreme Ghostbusters”

  • Frank Anderson

    Kevin James…

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