'The Bachelor': ABC celebrates Brad Womack hatred with slap-happy promo

The Bachelor‘s Brad Womack, the man who notoriously rejected both finalists, wants another chance at love and lucky for him (and us?), ABC is more than willing to make that happen. But are the single women of America ready to forgive and forget? Not exactly. ABC’s new promo for the upcoming season reveals that the emotional wounds Brad inflicted on our hearts back in 2007 still haven’t quite healed. Acting on behalf of jilted women everywhere, one of his potential soul-mates-to-be left her mark — and possibly a hand print — during their in-no-way-rehearsed introduction. Check it out below.

With all the rumors swirling around Brad’s possible return to rose ceremonies, rose lovers everywhere had one question: When, exactly, did these bachelorettes learn that they’d be taking their “journey” toward “love” with Bad Brad? “The women did not know for sure until they got out of the limo,” said an ABC executive in an email to EW.com. “The rumors about Brad were out there and some of the girls had seen them and were prepared for Brad but for a majority of them, it was a surprise.” According to the exec, the initial rumors about Brad’s return originated from a tweet by similarly loathed Bachelorette contestant Wes Hayden, further evidence that The Bachelor is an incredibly twisted, incestuous family.

Would a slap be your greeting of choice if you were ever to meet Brad, or would you go straight for the sucker punch to the solar plexus? And how excited does this slap-happy promo make you for the new season: Very excited, or very, very, very excited?

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  • Who cares

    I think the repeat Bachelor Brad Womack is going to be the death of this franchise (and it’s about time). He swears he will find a wife this time around and blah blah blah. I won’t be tuning in at all for this installment.

    • wino

      death of the franchise? if jake couldnt put the nail in the coffin, i think brad will do just fine. for the most part, its rarely about the bachelor, its more about the crazy women they cast.

      • Faith

        RIGHT!!!!JAKE was the biggest tool/ publicity whore there was ,indescribably so, not only that he has A MUCH HOTTER relative that he refused to be seen around, pathetic BTW that rel’s name is Jessie Pavelka CHECK HIM OUT ! he needs to be the bachelor

  • Iliana

    Wow. Once again, ABC finds a bland, dull, charisma-free white douche to be their BACHELOR. And this time, they’d rather use a recycled one that everyone hates, rather than use a man of color. I find it hard to believe that no Asian, Black or Latino men ever audition for these things.

    • Hope

      @Iliana – if you took a poll you would find the percentage of Batchelor/Batcelorette watchers to be predominantly white which is why you won’t see a man of color. Unfortunately we’re stuck with the same-ol’ white guy with a token black/Latino/Asian female thrown in until they make their inevitable early exit. ABC is not willing to change it up because it will affect the ratings. Unfortunately that’s the rotten truth.

      • Gaby

        Unfortunate, but true.

      • Liz

        It is outdated and weird to think that white people could not relate to a minority person’s search for love. I don’t disagree with Hope’s reasoning, but I do think it’s wrong that the networks think this way.

      • Heidi

        What I don’t get is why race and culture matter so much in todays society. I would think if the male or female is attractive, there shouldn’t be an issue with the person being Asian, Latino, Black or White. I am always surprised how there is one, maybe two in the mix who are not white. Religion normally plays much more into the mix than race nowadays, at least where I live!

      • Faith

        there wasn’t even a token latina asian or black in the bunch.

    • Allison

      I don’t watch “The Bachelor,” because I think the concept is pretty horrid, but I’m genuinely curious – are their similar shows on any of the channels that have a predominantly non-white viewership? Maybe single people in other cultures would rather just meet people in a more natural way.

      • Liz

        For the love of Ray J.

      • Wilma

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    • Angeleen

      As a black person, I am beyond pleased that there have been no black/asian/latino Bachelors or Bachelorettes.

      This is not quality television, and in some ways the inequality of diversity probably benefits us. lol

      • kate

        actually there are some “looking for love” bachlor like shows featuring black men – they are all just on MTV

    • Teri

      Iliana, maybe because most of us white girls have absolutely no interest in seeing a “man of color” trying to hit on blond white girls which is what they prefer. If they’d cast 25 black girls with him, that would be fine. I wouldn’t watch either way.

      • BW

        So I take it you are one of those people who believe people should just “stick to their own race”. Let me guess you are from what? Alabama, Texas, or mississippi?

      • Samantha

        sorry but yes i do believe people should stick to their own color only because its not fair to kids to bring them up biracial in a world filled with so much hatred and give them one strike before they ever begin their life. hate me if u want, its sad but true.

      • Maureen

        @Teri: Your dumbass-ness is showing.

      • greta

        Oh boy – and we wonder why the US is suffering so much – can’t get by the race thing. You people have a long, long way to go. Peace out.

      • jared4ever

        Samantha, it’s people like you who create all the hate. Shame on you.

      • Shell

        You’re seriously telling me if they cast a great looking guy, someone who looked like, say, Taye Diggs or Shemar Moore, white female fans of The Bachelor wouldn’t watch??? You must be crazy. I don’t watch The Bachelor – but this “white girl” might watch if someone like that came on! LOL! Don’t be so small-minded.

      • Shell

        Oops let me correct myself – I’ve occasionally watched The Bachelor – but I might catch it more regularly if they brought in someone as great looking as Taye Diggs. Ha!

      • WTF?

        So, according to you, Samantha, I should have never been born? I’m a lost cause because my parents fell in love and had me, a biracial child? Wow, just wow. Also, can someone tell our biracial president that he just just give up, that nobody will accept him OH WAIT.

      • Heidi

        Wow – okay I wrote above that I don’t see how race really plays into dating that much anymore but clearly I was wrong. I’m canadian- is it different here? Maybe its a small town issue rather than a large city base? So many of my friends married a spouse of another race or bi-racial. My children who are all basically caucasian stand out in their class though not as much as the blonde ones, they are rare! I never thought about race when dating. I thought most felt the same in 2010 but I guess that’s not the case….sad.

      • Heidi

        oh and Shell, I’m with you!!! They are H-O-T Hot!!

      • Penny

        @Samatha. Don’t cry for us “poor” biracial individuals. I grew up very happy and was easily accepted by my peers. There was no strike against me. I’m 28, kids born today to interracial couples are going to have it even easier.

      • Lily

        As a child of biracial parents I gotta say the issue of my race has hindered my life in every way! I have a great job, a college degree, and a wedding in a few months.

        On second thought, it sounds like my race never affected me! Go figure…

    • Angela

      Your right why hasn’t there been any ethnic bachelors!

      • Liz

        Wasn’t one of them Spanish?

      • Lily

        Spelling and grammar isn’t important when on the internet!

    • kate

      actually there are some “looking for love” bachlor like shows starring black men – they are all just on mtv.

      • Widhaa

        I’m just jealous that maple syrup is local for you!I love eantig locally and our grocery stores do a lot to provide us with local farmers produce. I also garden, run a community garden and go to farmers markets. We don’t have year round farmer’s markets here but I try to can and freeze my garden goods to help offset how much I have to buy.

  • cbwrob

    I don’t see all the hate. He was brave to “go against the massess” and not pick a person he didn’t think would be right for him. Having him back, the jury is still out on that one but no reason to hate the guy. I watch ths show with my wife for entertainment as obviuously this show isn’t succesful in getting couples together for the long run. You have to admit it will be a fun watch.

    • LoliRyder

      I agree – don’t understand why this guy is hated for refusing to buy into the franchise ending everyone complains about later when the “happy couple” breaks up.

    • cupid’s victim

      Agree! I’ve always thought he was the smartest, wisest bachelor they’ve had on.

      • Allison

        I was impressed with his ending until he decided to give the show another try.

      • Bev

        Yes! I totally agree too.. why hate on the guy when he just didn’t see a future with either gal left! I admired his “balls” to stand up to the shows premise of picking the ‘best of’ only 25 “women”. That being said, I don’t know why he is coming back for more… the “women” they have picked for him are all too young! and there are usually about 15 dingbats! Good luck to Brad – I’ll watch.

    • Art

      Totally agree. And the woman who slapped him should be the first one to go. Picture some guy getting out of a limo and telling Alli “You picked your career over LOVE!” and slapping her in the face.

      • Lily

        That would be awesome!

  • Bazinga!

    I think it took real stones to NOT pick a girl then break her heart later. Hopefully he is ready, but honestly, going on a show to find a soul mate is probably not going to get you true love forever as evidenced by the track record of the show so far.

    And, really, that was the wimpiest slap I ever saw. Scripted, scripted, scripted……

  • merilee

    Maybe it’s just me, but I saw his twin brother on one the episodes when Brad was the bachelor. This looks more like his twin than it does Brad.

    • RaRa

      Makes you go “hmmmmm…..” Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the producers were pulling a switcheroo on everyone and didn’t tell anyone (even the “ladies”) until he popped the question! I can see the producers pulling a stunt like that.

  • Lisa

    I for one was furious at him for NOT picking anyone at first. I felt sorry for Deanna but now after seeing Deanna’s Bachelorette stint and seeing her face Brad years later I understand. He did the right thing and if Deanna doesn’t hold a grudge we shouldn’t either. I still wish they would have started fresh with a new person – not a prev. contestant/bachelor but I’m sure I will watch!

    • AA

      Furious, really? It’s just a TV show. Try not to let it get to you too much! :)

    • its goldie

      People read brads biography he is biracial. womack! oops check his bio.

  • BA

    I never understood the hate either. I thought it was brave and honest of him not to chose anyone. He was the only one with the cajones to do it! I would not have slapped him, I would have thanked him for his honesty. That being said, I do believe this was rehearsed.

  • Iakovos

    Brad had the balls to walk away at the end when he was not feeling the love. I am not sure coming back for another chance is a good move, but he is easy on the eyes.

  • Siansonea

    Why do people think this show is real? It’s like professional wrestling for middle-aged women, the romance novel of reality television. Pure fiction, folks. Sure, every now and then a couple of these fame-seekers actually fall in love and stay together for varying lengths of time, but that is an accidental by-product, the TV industry equivalent of an office romance.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I don’t watch this show, but I did see the promo last night. I think it’s a bit presumptuous of the fame-whore to think that she speaks for every woman in America.

  • Jan

    It is too bad that it won’t be a little more original… I would love to see someone new…ANYONE any color!!! I agree, my first impression was …this is not Brad but his twin?!!!! They look alike but the twin…?name has harsher features and I swear that is him not Brad????? Wes, what a loser!

  • BW

    As someone who only catches a few episodes here and there, I too don’t understand why people hate him. He didn’t find love, and he didn’t want to lead either girl on and say he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them. Women need to decided what they want. Do you want a guy to pretend he loves you when deep down he dosen’t? Or do you want someone to be honest with you? This isn’t exactly a natural relationship where you have time to let feelings develop, you basically have to decide after 4 weeks if you love someone.

    On a separate note, I will never understand why its considered ok to show a woman assault a man and make light of it, like in this promo. However, showing a guy hit a woman (like Jersey Shore) is considered so awful.

    • JL

      Total double standard. Had the roles been reversed no doubt assault charges would have been pressed. I hope she can afford to hire a good security service. There must be lots of people anxious to return the favor accross her face.

      • don

        yeah a slap from a 105 pound women is just the same as a slap from a 195 pound man. give me a break.

  • Deborah

    Bad decision to have him..I won’t watch this season—yuck–over-done and rude

  • MiaS

    I think if ABC picked a Bachelor that wasn’t boring and white and put it on in the summer, it would be a BIG ratings hit.
    And if not, ABC could blame it on lower viewership in the summer.
    I believe it would spice up this tired show.

  • Samantha

    so i gotta know, did the girl that slapped him stick around? haha. also brad is so boring anyway, even if he hadn’t done that to the two girls who would want him anyway? and finally why should he have HAD to choose one of them, if he didn’t love either one then he was right to let them both go. i didn’t know it was a REQUIREMENT to take one of em.

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