'Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things': 5 Facial Expressions of Near-Terror on Monday's show!

favorite-thingsImage Credit: George Burns/Harpo ProductionsIt wasn’t OHHHH-VERRRRRRRR! On today’s Oprah, Ms. Thang delivered a message from on high (her metaphorical perch atop a pile of solid gold iPads) to announce to the studio audience that THEY TOO would be on the receiving end of Santa Winfrey’s sleighful of presents. First, she baited a lady in a hot pink blazer to admit how disappointed everyone probably was because they’d just seen those lucky bitches from the previous taping (that had happened just before theirs) pile out with tons of new stuff.

And then. [A single ornament rolls out.] What’s this? “I got an ornament!” [It begins to snow.] “Actually….it’s beginning to look a lot like….FAVORITE THI-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!”

‘Oprah’s Favorite Things': 5 Facial Expressions of Near-Terror on Monday’s show!





Hold me, new friend! Mama’s not gonna make it!

Hidden gem: The extra-long “piece of snow” that remained in Oprah’s hair as she presented her Ultimate Favorite Thing: What else but an iPad?!

“Now I can watch O Magazine come to liiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiife on my iiiiiiii-Paaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

UPDATE: Everyone’s getting….the brand new totally redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle!


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  • nycyachnas

    Love it!

  • maddie

    i want that iPad!

    • Katie

      just curious- they all have to pay taxes on the gifts, right? I am not trying to be a kill joy, because she is still being very generous, but I know I would have to turn everything down because I couldn’t afford the taxes.

      • lph

        I asked the same thing . . .

      • april

        Yes, it’s called gift taxes.

      • Avi

        She’s paying the taxes too.

      • Fan

        Not necessarily. The Oprah Show may be grossing them up for the gift taxes. It’s easily done, although expensive.

      • Angela

        There is always a gift tax. The value of the gift is added to your taxable income at the end of the year – but why would you turn down the gift? Even if the tax was too much, just sell it and pay the tax, keep the difference. Use yer noggin’ people!

      • maiv

        Yup, there’s that tax. That’s why some of the people were complaining about the new cars they received a while back.

      • dilyn

        A gift tax is payed by the giver, not the recipient. If the amount given to each person is less than $13,000, there is no gift tax and the recipient doesn’t have to pay any income tax on it.

      • BFD

        That car is over $13,000 alone.

        How about a show where Oprah helps people get jobs that have been out of work for a long time, instead of giving away a whole lot of luxury items, most of which she isn’t paying for anyhow.

      • dilyn

        I hadn’t even seen the car yet. For just 2010, there is no gift tax because everything else was less than $13000 but in 2011, when they receive the car, it’s still the giver that pays it and depending on how they classify it, there may or may not be an income tax. It’s actually Volkswagon that is giving it.

      • B

        Unless it’s considered like winning merchandise – then the recipient pays. If it is really a gift, then yeah, it’s the giver.

      • Brandon

        VW said they’re paying the taxes and fees on the cars

      • Elsie

        Winfrey owns and drives a New Beetle and approached the automaker to arrange giving away the cars on her show, VW said in an announcement.

        Volkswagen donated all the cars, plus money to cover taxes and fees for all of the audience members, the automaker said.

      • JD

        i think it’s been widely publicized that for at least the last year or two, Oprah also paid the gift taxes.

  • Katie

    The fact that people sob, scream and cry over receiving free stuff is really one of the saddest and most horrific things I’ve ever seen. How about some perspective, people?

    • caryn

      getting presents is fun. especially when you might not have money to give people things, it’s great to be able to make other people in your life happy.

      • Katie

        Yes, fun. Not sob and scream worthy.

      • liz

        A new car is sob and scream-worthy in my book.

      • bobby

        this is the best answer i have read why can’t people just be happy for someone else and appreciate the small blessing we receive in life… i’m just saying stop hating.

    • Tracy Murray

      If I won an iPad , I ‘ll probably squeal for a second or two , quickly regain my composure , and say , ” Wow , cool ” and that’s that .

      • Mindy

        I, too, would likely squeal over getting an iPad. Maybe a small shriek of joy. (Especially now that I can use it on Verizon.)
        Cry? I hope not.

    • barr

      It’s the fact that they cry before they even know what they’re getting that disturbs me.

      • MeMe

        COME ON, if you were about to receive a butt load of free Oprah stuff, you’d crap yourself too.

        Or at least triumph at the amount of money you could sell it for.

    • A

      Hey, I was screaming from my couch. I’m hoping to get tickets for one of her final shows. I already told my boss that I’m calling out if that happens.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Oprah’s last few Favorite Things audiences have been full of deserving people. A couple of years ago, it was an audience full of teachers. These last two audiences were full of people who do a lot of community and charity work, and don’t get or expect a lot in return. I agree that some of the reactions were a bit over the top, but at least the audience members seemed like they deserved some luxury in their lives.

      • Katie

        That’s great that they deserve it, and I wasn’t saying they don’t, but ALL of the reactions are over the top. It’s just freaky that people get so crazed over STUFF. I bet if Oprah announced that she was giving a thousand dollars each to a charity of their choice, they wouldn’t be screaming and crying, there would be polite clapping.

      • bobby

        exactly good answer if that money went to the place they were volunteering at they would not be sobbing

  • Dallas Lowe

    Oprah Looks So Beautiful!
    Anyone That Watches knows those aren’t faces or terror, its merely an “ugly cry.”
    happens to All of us…

  • Michael (in) Awesome Yellow (shirt)

    Sorry, but I’d rather watch our favorite Teen Activist dance nekkid between a greased-up Derek and Mark than deal with Orca, the killer talk show host, and her screeching hordes.

    After watching less than one minute of the Friday’s show, I can now safely say that I know what a trumpeting moose sounds like.

  • Meg


    • MCS

      Thankyou. That was amazing

  • Sarah

    I love the first one “Oh no, I’m already so rich!”

    • Jen

      Me too!

  • mike the best

    Wow, is this website racist or what? Why you put “violence” behind the afro-american picture? that’s bad ew.com, you’re assuming because they’re black, they’re violent, this site is racist!

    • Ari

      I don’t think it was meant to be racist. I think they were saying that the guy looked as if he was going to attach the lady. I just watched this and that particular guy was hilarious when it came to the iPad and car. He was running across to hug her because he couldn’t contain his excitement.

  • Keith

    Hahaha!! Awesome. Love the insanity of it all. It’s just bananas.

  • breck

    aren’t there starving people in the world? these oprah giveaway shows are pathetic.

    • A

      I’m sure Oprah has given heaps more to the starving people in the world than you have.

      So stop…seriously…stop.

      • breck

        stopping…seriously….stopping. at least oprah is going off the air soon. sadly some people won’t know how to choose books though.

      • A


        Your posts reek of jealously. Good luck in life though! :-)

      • A

        And another thing. Why would she need a show when she’s getting her OWN channel?

    • WTF?

      You really think Oprah, one of the richest people on the planet, hasn’t given money to oodles of different charities, including those for starving children? Come on now, your jealous is showing!

  • breck


  • april

    Not exactely FREE, there is a gift tax on all the prizes even trips.

  • Allen

    I think she’s aware of the gift tax. I wonder if she doesn’t donate or give them the tax money too…

    • Susan

      If she gave them the money to pay the gift tax, then they would owe tax on that too in addition to a tax on the gift. Seriously.

  • Mountain Flower

    I missed it! Did she really give them the Volkswagen Beetle?

    • WTF?

      well, the keys. She model she’s giving them doesn’t come out until next May, so she just showed a silhouette of the car as a teaser. But yes, they really are all getting the newly-designed 2012 Beetles!

      • WTF?

        Sorry, *THE model she’s giving them!

  • stu

    y can’t she play santa after the show. i turn the channel because watching these crying yelling adults make me puke! i am sure they r coached to act like idiots like the ones who go to Price Is Right.

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